it's so frustrating while trying to get in contact with dr. duran!

Hi thought long and hard about this and it's a go...

Hi thought long and hard about this and it's a go And I've decided to go with dr.salama if both procedures can be done together which I highly doubt...if not I've decided to go with Dr.wendell for the my question to Dr. salama is can these be done together or no?

Been calling the office after sending my pics a...

been calling the office after sending my pics a week ago only to hear they received my pics I sent Nancy is always busy but very nice lady...come on guys I need a date for may/june before dates run out jeeze!!!Dr. salama.

I mean didn't recieve my pics.

I mean didn't recieve my pics.

Hmmmm now that I'm really looking at Dr...

hmmmm now that I'm really looking at Dr.Jimmerson's work I'm Starting to rethink because dr salama office seem so busy no can get back to me the dates are going I like jimmerson's work aswell any thoughts out there on jimerson?



Just set my date with Nancy super emotional and...

Just set my date with Nancy super emotional and now realizing I'm on this jouney as most are lets hope by the grace of God and with prayers everything goes well....

Oh by the way Dr.Salama advised me on loosing...

Oh by the way Dr.Salama advised me on loosing 50lbs which I had originally planned on doing so I can achieve better resulits and I'll also be getting my arms and inner thighs lipo'd.....which was an additional $1000.00 let us for me :).

I read somewhere that dr. salama does not like...

I read somewhere that dr. salama does not like giving hips and now that I'm looking into the pics he did on here there's really no one with hips and I must admit I would really need that has I have none and the fact that I already paid my deposit I'm really staring to second guess And to think that jimmerson does great work on the hips and ass is riding my mind,,,,but one thing that had me with salama was the fact that he does aggressive lipo ........CONFUSED CAN SOMEONE SHED SOME LIGHT HERE PLEASE!

My greatest fear with this bbl thing is coming out...

My greatest fear with this bbl thing is coming out with a square butt it's look that says I had work done my hope is that my dr. can give me that crease that that fluff.....reinking dr's I see a little too much box butt....DAMN I'M LOVING JIMMERSON'S ASSESS HE MAKES NO MISTAKES WITH BUTTS AND HIPS!!!!

In the process of losing this 50lbs it's not easy....

In the process of losing this 50lbs it's not easy.....and I have to loose by march for my breast lift in march does anyone has any methods that has worked for them that maybe i could try I HATE THE GYM!!! I can't focus on a diet....and for best results on both surgery i have to lose at least 50LBS.....arrrggh YELP 0_0

What is up with real self cant get into my inbox ,...

What is up with real self cant get into my inbox , ask for a password change no email with the new password tried a million times nothing,contacted yhe cpmmunity manager and all i get is check ur onbox aumm i cant o have mo password

All because of a title that wasn't eareased,...

all because of a title that wasn't eareased, titlthat was over and done with days ago since ruben and I spoke but noooooooo... all i said is i see square butts and all hell broke loose because some thought i was reffering to my dr. where in which i was reffering to several dr.s i've seen where some look the same as their before pic and some with awful results and simply voiced my concern that i donot want to look like that only to be called fat by this woman without her reading that im in the process of loosing mind you with my tittle no no names were called i just voiced my concern.....but sometimes i forget that some preffers to be lied to over hearing the truth me on the other hand has no problem with the truth in fact ill be the first to ponit my flaws out before you do prevent you the bully from hirting my feelings yes i know im the one with enouh gutts to really say what i felt and sayn my now yah gang up i could give two shits!!!!

All this talk about me needing to be realistic...

all this talk about me needing to be realistic about my results is soooooo motivating me to loose the weight to be at my ideal weight my shoulders won't be broad for long and i wont be over 200lbs for long the bad and nasty comments has motivated me thanks! out of bad came good watch me do this!!!!! 70lbs to go!!!

So it has been a while since I've posted, alot has...

So it has been a while since I've posted, alot has happened since my last post the hurricane kinda took a toll on me didn't have light,heat nor hot water.... internet access was limited then the gas situation got me all out of whack but I got over it as soon as my light and heat came back....On the weight loss issue, my plan was to start the gym on November 1st but that has to wait as my gym has been flooded (zone a resident NYC) butt!!! it's not all bad news Iv'e lost 8lbs in two weeks....that's big because I have so many months to go I can just imagine what I'll be like on the day of here goes.... I've been lingering the thought that If I got skinny enough and love my body I won't be touching my butt lol! I think my meds that I take is why I'm starting to think straight as to loving what I have and not be so vein... but then when I look at some curvy girls I ask myself if I'm nutts for thinking I don't want those hips and ass... then I see really skinny girls that look so good in everything they wear(I was one of those girls)... my new butt/hip would hinder me from wearing certain couture brands...confused hah? yep me too! and there's days when I see girls like delishous and k mitchele and all I see is that they are limited to certain comman assault fashion eg.leggings, bodysuits and jeggingsctc etc... which is not at all what I'm interested in.. truth I'm skinny girl trapped inside a big girls body simply because I've always been skinny and I refuse to love someone I don't know.

About my meds that I take which I just started two weeks really one of the reason I am losing weight simply because one of the major side effects is major weight loss( it supresses my apetite) sometimes greedy me forgets to eat and because of these same meds I make better choices when it come to food like I said somewhere on here that I'm a over eater and can't focus on diets or any task given read bet the lines yes as of now I'm still going for sugery hope my mind doesn't change and still having my breat lift either way with Dr.perry....and a few info I left out in my first post is that I'm 5"6 over 200 lbs cup size 40DD waist 12/14 ideal weight should be anywhere from 130-150 I'm shooting for 140 so as to not have a huge dunk but a nice small waist after lipo and nice round butt and now that I've gotten time to think and review what is most important to me believe it or not is a small waist ....until then I'll be catching up on the post ops that I've missed and the pre ops as my self that's yerning and dreading the pain at the same time lol.

What if our minds change and wants nothing to do...

What if our minds change and wants nothing to do with this site anymore? one should not dictate that we cannot remove photo's!!! because after procedures some simply do not wish to stay here. we were given that option before and we need it back! deleting pics should be ok because they are ours, written journey can always stay but pics are and should be our private option to put up or remove ...This site has gotten out of whak I should just leave the forum and continue this journey like a regular person and go ahead without real self updates... but then there are people that needs that support from post ops patients.Hoping it's a computer error then dis regard this message lol! but if not I think the ponit has been posted that people aren't happy!

Hopefully he doesn't loose focus and hopefully dr...

Hopefully he doesn't loose focus and hopefully dr.salama takes a break recoupe and refreshes his excellent work he's kmown for because truthfully he is one of the best but imo i just think he needs to cut back from having so many surgeries daily though i vioce my truth which alot don't like it is still obvious that I still have faith in Dr.s because im stoll not convinced enough to switch just holding out for him to make small changes. Excuse my typos on phone

I've seen asian booty pics and she looks amazing...

I've seen asian booty pics and she looks amazing the way her butt and waist was shaped out looks amazing... I mean she had a great shape before but now she even looks better and seem to be wearing butt out garmaents alot which as some of the bbl girls and my self thinks contributes to a great shaped butt it even looks like she got hips...would love to see more pics of his work though Hope he reads this and put up more pics girls more on the thicker side as well ....QUESTION? IF ANYONE KNOWS.... HOW MUCH DOES Dr.RAMI CHARGE OR IS IT THE SAME AS Dr. SALAMA? AND DOES HE GIVE HIPS? NOT LATERAL...FAT TRANSFERED TO THE HIPS...

I lost 15lbs in 5 weeks and still didn't start the...

I lost 15lbs in 5 weeks and still didn't start the qym...but being more active due to the extra energy has contributed to that and at less than a 1000 calories per day I was bound to loose it this fast....determined!

Will write a review as soon as I can just busy...

Will write a review as soon as I can just busy with life....loving my drs results lately I started the new year on being positive and pray for the best can't wait to see dr salama for for my sx I'm getting there ...PS I may want to switch dates for a later day in June...

Ohhhhh thanks for putting the delete button back :))

Ohhhhh thanks for putting the delete button back :))

Originaly planned on getting breast lift in march...

Originaly planned on getting breast lift in march but I'm in a loop trying to save money by avoiding taking two trips down three months apart My breast lift dr. said he had a patient that did it 5 days apart but I'm afraid I'll meet hell not being able to sit or lay on my tummy arrrrgggh Has anyone done this and how was it for you? I know it won't be easy but if you've done it before would you do it again or was it unbearable...oh lawd one way I could save is to stay at my ex's house but I'm trying to avoid that cuz I can';t stand him but just trying to save but I want to be as comfortable as my plan would be do my bbl first with dr. salama then 5 days later my breast lift what yah guys think?

I've decided to have my breast lift in March after...

I've decided to have my breast lift in March after all The date has been set Bookin my flight tom with spirit saw tickets for 217 from Nyc to fort lauderdale and to save I'll be staying with my ex 0_0 he was more than happy to have me but I can't stand him for too long lawd help please! so there I save on hotel and having to rent a car.Omg I'm getting nervous two months away then the BBL in june it's coming so fast last year I was like oh it's far away but jeeze it's already the ninth day in january Excited and nervous can't wait to see the new me sh't I'm getting emotiona! and thanks for the support from you girls good and bad it is very motivating I've done my fair share of the negative talks as well and I must say I'm over it! moving on after all we are here for support, the good, the bad, and the in difference...Love the kind and encouraging words you guys sent my way during this wgt loss jrney God knows it has made me unhappy nd insecure nd I feel so much better about myself THANK YOU GUYS....

I'.m getting pretty nervous for surgery on March...

I'.m getting pretty nervous for surgery on March 20th (bl) God I can't wait for a new me, I feel great ,I'm in greater spirits except a few personal obstacles. My dear daddy got sick over the holidays (tearing up) my dad was more than the average dad he's our everything our angel and to see his health declining killed my spirit for a min but my family got down on our Knees and begged God to help us and he answered he's still with us! That's why I started looking at things in a more positive way I'm smiling more. everyone's noticed my drastic change.Don't take things or people's feelings for granted anymore...I don't know if my healthier lifestyle has anything to do with me being this image has changed,I'm fitting size 8/10 clothing from 14/16 who would'nt feel this good?............

I start my day of with fruits, yogurt, a glass of 2% milk and a few nutts...take vitamins,and relax a little then lunch a healthy sandwich,salad or soup and water which I skeeveeeeeee but I'm over it, for dinner I'll have 2 boiled eggs sometimes (don't judge me I'm weired) and even probably drive up to wendy's drive thru and have a small chilli and 4 pc nuggets lol (blankstare)! I've limit my sweets intake as well (cake my down fall i bake em) but you get my drift smaller meals in a healthier form plus that medicine I spoke about plays a big role in my weight loss because the major side effect is that it supresses my apetite so it helps with me being satisfied...damn I was super depress from being over weight... but I'm getting my mojo back I'm staring to go out again and getting more attention I imagine I gotta cover up when I get that small waiste I dream of so much... Hah? God I hope I come out great! hell I am gonna come out looking faaaaawwbulooooooossssss lol! Omg can't wait! On prepping I don't think I'm gonna go crazy and by all sorts of nonsense just the necessities because this already is too much damn! lol...a few things i see that will be helpful for my bbl are the:

Arnica gel
Sponge for bed and cut the butt out
Black garment bootylicous spoke of
Waiste clincher
Maybe the brace to put behind my back so I can sit on the boppy and staighten up without leaning on my truck seat saw one lady do it a vet don't remember her name
Bicorneum for scar
Pineapple juice for swelling
Chair cut out via Foreverbooty etc...
plus lots of gatorade and soups for recovery... 40 lbs to go it is important for me to be around my ideal weight just to make sure I don't have rolls anywhere.... just want make sure I get the results I'm hoping for.thanks ladies ttyl...

This back support( pic above) plus the boppy...

This back support( pic above) plus the boppy should be helpful after BBL... found it on amazon for 90 bucks plus the mattress foam topper but can't seem to find any 6" thick one's... only 4" thick but I'm hunting as these are very important for me to have because I do alot of driving due to my catering biz..If anyone find any thing better and cheaper please feel free to chime in as well...

Not an upd shes on abc nyc surgery gone wrong this...

Not an upd shes on abc nyc surgery gone wrong this shit is scaring the shity outta me...

Will attemt to write a review as soon as i...

Will attemt to write a review as soon as i can,alot has changed in my life good and bad..and i also see alot of changes here too lol. Wanted to add more food and diet pic but phone's dying i'll do it later just thought since i'm sitting at my dr's office not doing anything i'll share my weightloss pic update....

Is going over seas and the drastic cut in price...

Is going over seas and the drastic cut in price really worth it? at first when I came on real self I was totally against it until I came across yilly's work and jokingly ask myself should I?with doubt in my mind ofcourse, caught myself and asked if was crazy then I saw a horrible review about her and I said Hell nooo! then duran came and up until yesterday when my fear was realized that the standards and care aren't the same as in the Us whether we'd like to believe it or my opinon it's not! Going overseas is extremly risky...
1).It's a foreign country unless you're from there It can be scary especially when something goes wrong one is in fear of speaking up...
2).communication... unless you're fluent in spanish
3).outdated equipments
4).How certain are we about the surgeans qualifications and if they do say they are what proof do we have?
5).what's post operation care like?
6) risking getting infections that we know surgeon's in the us are weiry of touching only to be left deformed or even worse
8).worse case death,what happens now? though it can happen here...what does our family do? some of us don't even tell our families what we're having done and what we're doing think about it...where we're going..
May sound foolish but alot of shit runs through our heads and as women we must follow our instincts avoid trying to save just to rush and have it done when you want it done... simply because you don't have the us price cash and opting for O/S because it's cheaper and have the cash on hand for O/S advice is be patient until you can afford a dr. you can, and it seriously gives you time to think over the procedure and ask yourself if it's all worth it, me I rushed in 6 months ago and choose the first famous guy I saw without doing my research and now that I have rethought and collect myself and I made a decision on canceling my surgery.

Yes I canceled my surgey! the main reason is because my dad is terminally ill and I decided this is not the right time to be doing surgery and the other reason was because I simply wasn't confident in his work anymore and if I'm not comfortable with my dr. or I have the slightest doubt then you better believe I will not be having that dr. performing such major surgery on me.... simply too many pts we're complaining and still are...I wasn't ready to risk that and until I'm comfortable with another then I'll choose.... which gives me time to make a decision on whether a bbl is in my future or not... breast lift is a must and yes like many of you it is quite emotional one min I want this so bad the next is IS IT WORTH IT?!.

One I've lost so much weight and still going and if I look great enough that I'm happy with I won't touch my body but If I'm not I will be doing this bbl... just trying to be as honest as possible the one thing I think most of us should be is patient it truly pays to be patient and I won't come on here telling people what to do this is just my thoughts and opinion at one point I wanted this so bad don't get me wrong I still do but now with all these risk and the live written truth facing me daily when I browse through is extremely scary there's much more I'd like to say but I'll say it when I deem it fit that's all for now Goodnight or Goodevening depending on ur location :)).

PS. by the way For the ladies looking to loose weight I recently started the green juices for detox and weight loss it works! you loose so much water weight and fat get yourselve's a juicer and use's amazing.......

Added pics of juicing Macy's has great prices for...

Added pics of juicing Macy's has great prices for juicers if not use a blender then use a cheese cloth to strain.

I need my youth back lol!

I need my youth back lol!

And for those "people" talking about being...

And for those "people" talking about being realistic , please take a pill on that word... enough! u are neither God nor a dr !!! When i first came here I was taken down with that word and thought i could never do it ! And guess what ? With the ongoing weight that i've lost and still continue to loose i would have never thought i could look like this again so yesss @#%$# remember me ? I dropped 50 lbs 20 more to go now i can say for @#%#%$ sure i will damn sure look like my wish pics... now what ?wait till after this bbl !! I don't know what i'm thinking sometimes lmfao yessss i know im confused, who isn't? i need this small waist and round tush!!!! Heyyyyyy 50lbs now what @#%#%$!? Some of you are familiar with my story some aren't.... but if some of the vets wish to be truthful and honest they can vouch for me being called fat and hated for pointing out square asses out which was true but hey... but i was basically told by a psuedo "dr" on here,that with my body type it was impossible to look like my wish pic and from that day until today i refused to be called fat again!! You would think with my dad being sick i'd laspe back into my old ways but no no i'm stronger than that! So for youz who think u can throw that word around, you! Need to be realistic and realize nothing's impossible!.

And for those who wants to know the story scroll...

And for those who wants to know the story scroll down to the begining of my journey some things were erased and some not.

If you're familiar with my post you'll know I'm...

If you're familiar with my post you'll know I'm not a fan of the gym so i look for methods to avoid it, with this 50lbs i've lost i did all by eating right and taking 1/2 hour walks around my block and taking the stairs more often, on my juicing method what I do is juice about a 1/2 gallon of juice for the day have that in between i'll snack on nutts or even the fruit itself just anything healthy! Then late evening i'll have a healthy dinner salads with grilled chicken , soups, sometimes seasoned whole grain rice with shrimp fish etc etc, Im a chef ,& a pastry chef that owns my own catering biz so in a way shit's hard to do cuz I'm always cooking and baking but i make sure to not be hungry when prepping food and cakes when i tatse i spit out so in way its good and bad cuz im always around food but i can also cook great tasty healthy meals and be satisfied listen it aint easy i won't come on here and act as if it was during this phase i tried many diets and all have failed but just eating healthy and watching my calorie intake is what i really realize will work and probably easiest to mentain i stay away from sweets and sugar and i eat nothing white everything is whole grain and yes i do cheat and i dont have a special day to do it its whenever i feel to eat i will but knowing when to stop is key. Anymore questions feel free to ask i'll answer unlike some that u message in there inbox and they read the message and act as if they don't see it fyi we know when messages are read! i asked someone a very important ? And she just read it and blew it off not nice!!! Lol.

My dad had brain cancer was very ill for 5 months...

My dad had brain cancer was very ill for 5 months it was so rapid we couldn't act on it, dr's gave him six months he lived 5 fighting like lion he passed yesterday my world has fallen apart..thanks in adavance for your well wishes.

I wanted this surgery in July but because of my...

I wanted this surgery in July but because of my dads passing and the way i feel now which is like i have knots in my stomach im worried if u feel this way by then if i'll be able to withstand or even deal with the emotions that comes after surgery the feeling i have now is undiscribable it's so many different feelings : hurt , guilt , anger , could i have done more so much shit!!!! I guess my qyestion to anyone that may have gone through this is when does the healing process begin? I know u never get over losing someone you're close to but do i feel better with time confused...never lost anyone this close..

Weight loss is going well still just thought I'd...

Weight loss is going well still just thought I'd update some pics and thanks to everyone for your support at a time I need it, still not emotionally healed still going through days confused looks as if surgery won't be this summer again ughghhh it's always something,but as some would say it just wasn't meant to happen at that particular time, and I refuse to go in under this much stress and the nonsense that sorrounds me now. I've missed so much but I'm trying to catch up but you guys understand.: )) once again thanks for the support.

Still trying to figure out dates and docs i know...

Still trying to figure out dates and docs i know its def not july as i had planned, on the weightloss since i dropped the weight i noticed a liitle loose skin and i currently jog 5-6 days a week and i do weights in my home at my own pace because i simply don't like the gym:)),cant weight to have a small waist and a little tush on this athletic body ughh cant stand my weired top heavy body... so dissapoonted that surgery won't be summer. :((

hello booty people it's been a whlie ....

I don't check in that often because I was in another world I have one foot in and one out ...but I think i'm ready to take that step into the butt and hips world now again I'm still not 100 but I'm getting there I think somewhere around December. I'll be doings both surgeries with dr perry breast and butt...can't wait I'm still managing my weight very well I haven't seen much on here because i never check in but I'm gonna start again want to catch up on the old and new comers how's everyone doing?








It's so depressing to see all my old mates getting there surgery and moving on with life and for me life just hits me with everything from left and right ,I'm literally in tears because it's hard watching everyone change and I'm still stuck because of obstacles and being in a depressed mood ever since I lost my dad and having to give my mind time to heal so I can be as healthy as possible for surgery of the reasons I had to set the date so far away I'm so annoyed. ..I know it sound very selfish but this is something I've wanted for awhile now...I hope from here everything goes smooth ....#sad




I suggest getting on a diet that works for you and try to stick to it,it's not easy ,I know! but it is best if you want your imaginary results...sometimes we think in our heads we look a certain way until you take a pic and see what you really look lik5 this has happened to me quite a few I see alot of complaining about results after going in overweight and it absolutely not fair to the drs because they can only remove so much fat in the us, so as a former overweight candidate dr salama had suggested that I loose 40lbs , in which had planned on doing before he even suggested it but even after losing the 40lbs I realized I was still over weight at 5ft6" so I decided to go further I've met my share of obstacles my dad , but the biggest problem was something called plateauing, I knew of it but never understood it until I was really getting frustrated after 4 long months and not losing not 1lb it was miserable but Google it I can't explain here . But like I was stating if I hadn't decided on dropping the weight and thought about going into surgery at 230lbs I myself would have probably gotten out and blame drs as well. To fully understand this bbl and lipo u must fully do researches I realize from being here and reading for a year that most are still as to thinkinng its going to change your weight no it doesn't. ..

With lipo I've read that the most drs will get out is 5-7 lbs if that much.... to me lipo is an enhancer or as I like to think of it a tecnique to contour imo, at my bmi at the time I was 80lbs overweight that a big effing deal and when I think of I wonder how does one person at my age and being a beautiful girl get to this ? I had to change...and at one point before knowing much about this lipo thing I myself thought it was a Weighloss fix... but soon after I found that not to be so and I'm still not there i was stuck 50lbs until I realize I was in plateau stage so I had switch up my calorie intake again to fit with a slimmer physique because my body was holding on to fat because it thought I was in starvation mode and that is why I hadn't lost a 1lb in months I realize that the Skinner you get the harder it is to lose weight .

I'm not an expert on weightloss but I'm recommending that you lose it because it is healthier anesthesia wise as well and you just look and feel better...I'm still gunning for 30lbs more and the fact that I'm a food addict doesn't help! No joke I'm a diagnosed food addict story of my life I see food I start sweating and I'm around it daily how nice but its because I'm determined to beat this crap ..don't get me wrong being on this diet I've had days I just binge eat and later regret when I gain 5lbs then I jump right back on let me tell it's not easy fat or being a overeater is something I wouldn't whish on my worst every it's a constant daily battle sometimes I look around and see others just being normal with food but I can't be that person because I have this paasion for food it pisses me off! But goodluck on your weight loss journeys.


Excuse the typo's and missing words, it's something I do all the time because I'm always rushing or my tablet will just put whatever in auto correct but we get it lol.

omg I can't wait

Jeeze now that I'm getting my butt groove back it's time is taking it's sweet time lol let's go time I need this ! I dream it when I walk down the street I can see guys mouth and eyes open when I face them but as soon as they walk pass me and look behind they're dissapointed by my no behind self gone are the days when a pretty face and lovely attitude gets the boys in the,because if I say so my self I'm really an attractive girl specially when I get dressed up and hit the night scene but lawd it seem like the girls with small waiste and big butt and naked gets the boys and go home and I the good single girl leaves empty hearted lol jeeze Iit seem like us good aren't attractive anymore oh lord what do we do

what happened to the vets?

And just disappear on us is one of thee most dissapointing experiences I've had on realself. I know lifw does go on but jezze! Others helped you guys to get through this preop phase , we've all asked questions , got answers from other vets but I realize that most of the more uninformative vets have just disappeared on us, don't you think it would be nice to pay it forward? I look at so many reviews and either they erased pics or almost immediately after surgery you disappear, it's frustrating as I'm on here looking for people I've known since last year and it's either they didn't update many moons ago or they simply forgot where they were supported preop... it's just frustrating I hope I don't one of those lol! Excluding people that has major issues or bigger priorities than real self I get it because I've gone through it where ii even turned of all notification from here just to heal...but I'm sure this nit the case for everyone. I'm just saying give us something jehsus! :((


Informative... not uninformative

so my friends trying to convince me to go to dr duran ------->

What do you guys think? As some may know I'm very scared to go overseas but I showed them her work and everyone was like go wirh her! I need opinions good and ugly and if you're silently thinking about it too hit my inbox we'll talk lol... I just need to know what you guys think.


dr duran

My friends and I decided on dr duran but to get to her is driving us crazy! Any advice duran girls?
dr perry or saltz

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Hey loved your story so true about the weightloss....the smaller or closer you are to your goal the better you will look! Im up in June w/Perry! Im currently 220lbs and 5 9 Im gonna lose 20 even though he told me not to lose Ill feel better if Im atleast closer to 190 a good goal weight!!I will follow your journey hopefully you'll be going soon!!
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you can hire bella vita to get in touch w/duran if you're really dying for a quote. I'm almost about to suck it up and give her the 150 for a reply. last time i talked to duran she emailed a generic reply the 25th of Jan and hasn't responded to my 4 emails, lol.
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What's the update? Do you go to Dr. Duran?
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Haven't heard from her. .. researching other drs.
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Contact Jazmine of Bella Vita consultants if you haven't got in touch with Dra Duran and want to schedule a surgery date. She got me a qoute in less than 3 hrs.
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Wow,I know this is old,but as far as being plus sized and going into surgery,Mamacita87 made me change my mind about losing weight. Others have said DRA Duran does better work on plus size women
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Read your story and I'm very proud and happy for you. The haters can kick rocks. I'm also 5'7 weighing 195 your story is very motivating for me. I'm also thinking about Duran :) but yes I'm nervous also
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 wanna think about it together! ? lol! If I'm doing it overseas I need a good support and surgery buddies system I refuse to do it alone lol everyone thinks her results are amazing.... me too but the overseas thing ?! Lawd i even try swaying peopleknow myself but I guess I wasn't being fair to the overseas drs thing though is the quality and how they prioritize each and everyone that goes over there you know the standards.
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Oh and thank you.
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Wow, you look great!! Our girl Bklynbeauty will be going to Duran--she is a Sista who is on her game--so she could help you out
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Thanks gurly I'm gonna check her out...
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Wow you have come such a long way. I am soooooooo proud of you! You look amazing. I remember reading all your posts while I was on my journey. I had my BBL now moving on to further waite loss and I just got approved for a Breast augmentation.. Wishing you all the best with an upcoming date. Will continue to follow.
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Thank you girl hard work....
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Bby gurl.....u ndd to gain some weight?? Im here for you! But real talk from a vet...we offer new comers great sounding advice w true facts but they dont accept it and they try to go for cheap accommodations, care and skip many corners that one shldnt ever COMPROMISE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR CARE AND LIFETIME INVESTMENT so we VETS back off unless you come over to our page and ask a ? So its up to u but i wld go with dr yily and contact your RS SUSTAGURLFRIEND NJPRBEAUTY just opened her own RH FACILITY FOR JAN 15,2014 425.00 total package and she organizes everything and works closely w dr yily!!! How can u go wrong? Love ya!
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Wait I'm not sure I understood what youre saying can you rewrite I'm not sure lol sorry .
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Wait now im confused??? Whi is the oic of the girl n da blu jeans? Did u loose weight ? Just thinking where was tbe doctor going to get tbe fat? I thought that was u!
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Lmao that's meeeee I lost weight I don't need to gain I'm just posting an updated pic of my journey... 
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I'm still updating and I'm almost 6 months
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I agree very good topic.. I'm still here as well. Team Dr. J still loving results. I will post 2 month review soon.
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Great topic ja! I plan too hang around becz there a few RS SISTERS/SUSTAGURLFRIENDS THAT PAVED THE WAY FOR ME and HELPED ME and that is my way of saying THANK YOU! ALSO i hope we all can meet up for a reunion wearing a t shirt w our PS NAME on front...TEAM PANTOJA! example)
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I'm still here! 8 weeks post op bbl 8 months post op tt!
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Hey yassie, how are you?!! I see you.... but what happen to your pics , did I miss something ,cuz i was I mia because of my family issues. ..
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That's awesome!! Wish more of our ladies were able to stay.....or at least to the one year mark and then check in periodically
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I couldn't agree with you more on that! Especially when you feel like you made a connection with someone....and then poof....their gone....or when ladies seeking information from a vet appearing like they care about nurturing a sisterhood.....their hot and heavy with interactive posts....they get the sought after information and poof....their ghost...can also be disheartening
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