Post Op Day 25- Some More Pics

Hi All! I'm a newbie to the site... I've been...

Hi All!

I'm a newbie to the site... I've been stalking it for awhile but I finally convinced myself to sit down and make an appointment. I'm team Salama! :) I'm so anxious but he isn't available until August 2013! I'm so nervous and hope I made the right decision! I can't wait to share in my journey with you girls!

I've been considering a BBL for the past couple of...

I've been considering a BBL for the past couple of years but have decided that I'm just going to go for it now... I have the tendency to always procrastinate and put things off... but this time, I'm tired of it and want to just go for it! I've always been unhappy with my apperance and now I'm 27 and I feel like years are flying by.

So i've decided to just go for it and stop making excuses. I want to be happy with my appearance, I want to feel confident. When I feel confident in myself, all other aspects in my life are positively affected and I'm tired of feeling sorry for my apperance or wishing I could look different... its time for a change!

I'm so excited but SOOOOO nervous!! After reading a lot of reviews on this site, many girls have given me a boost of confidence to just go for it! I can't wait and glad to have a support group with the girls on RS. Unfortunately I have to wait until August 2013 with Dr. Salama :( I'm SO willing to switch with anyone for a sooner date!

check your inbox
I have an 4/29/13 date. If interested inbox me
Hey welcome to the bbl sisterhood, this journey will be very exciting keep us updated n fingers crossed that u get a sooner date.  Have u researched any other drs?

Hey Everyone!! I haven't posted in awhile... so I...

Hey Everyone!! I haven't posted in awhile... so I thought I'd write a quick something... Hope everyone is doing well!! I'm still looking for an earlier date and would be willing to pay for anyones date.. Please let me know! Hope everyone had a great holiday!
I have a January 24th date and need to swap for later date.

Hi everyone, I was able to switch with someone...

Hi everyone, I was able to switch with someone (THANK YOU COFFEETIME!) for a February 1st date. I was wondering if anyone later in February/March or April would like to switch? I thought the February 1st date would be perfect, but given the short turn around, I am in need of a couple weeks more time to gather up the money. If this date works for anyone, let me know!!

thanks :)

Hey Girls... Okay i figured its time to post my...

Hey Girls... Okay i figured its time to post my pre-op pictures... ARGGG i do not want to... its so gross, but its only a week before surgery and its time I post! I've been reading everyone else's stories and looking at pictures... so its only fair that I post mine too.. lol... Okay here goes!!

Also- here's a little more info on my... i'm about 5'7'' and 185 pounds... (DISCUSTING).. I normally weight about 165 but gained some weight lately and its been hard to lose it! Nancy actually told me that I was at good weight currently and that I didn't need to lose any (If i want, i can lose about 10pd but no more than that)... well my goal was to lose 10 pounds but being that its only a week away... well thats out the door! ha.. Since I switched my surgery date and it came so quick, i wasn't able to get my body down to what I would like... but... at this point, it is what it is... I'm just nervous that i'm still too heavy and not going to be happy with the results :(... We will see!!! Alright ladies... I'll be updating more often in the next couple of weeks, sharing my story!
You already have a shape, so I'm sure you'll come out looking great :-D xxxxxxxxxx
Thanks girls!! :)
He will make you look amazing, he's good at what he does. Good Luck on your journey.

Okay here is a little more about me... like you...

Okay here is a little more about me... like you can see on my pre-ops... i'm 185lbs... AUGH.... and 5' 7''. I just measured myself... here are my measurements

42 (chest)-32(waist)-39(around belly button)-46 (butt)

I can't believe i'm going to be in Sunny florida in 3 more days! woohoo... I will make sure to post pics after surgery!
Good luck w everything!!

So I arrived in Florida this morning and went...

So I arrived in Florida this morning and went right to Dr Salama's office. I met Cynthia and Nancy... They are awesome! Love them! I haven't met Dr. S yet but I will meet him tomorrow before surgery.. Ahhhhhh I can't believe it's tomorrow!!! Im so nervous! I will post pictures as soon as I can....
My prayers are with ya Sistah...keep us posted!
Good luck :)
Good luck

Well ladies.... Post op day 1! I made it :) it was...

Well ladies.... Post op day 1! I made it :) it was a rough night but mostly just the aftermath of the anesthia.... Pain wise it's not too bad... Definitely tolerable. My butt is so hard!!! Haha they put me in a 2xl garment and it doesn't feel very tight. Did anyone put on a waist syncher so soon after surgery? I have an appointment tomorrow so I might wait til then, but I was just trying to stay ahead of the game and not get a sermona. And yes....peeing every 2 hrs is soo annoying! Lol. Im also very swollen everywhere.... My face is so puffy that my eyes are almost swollen shut.Thank u all your well wishes. I will post pictures in a couple days!
I didn't wear a cincher until I was cleared to use my board at two weeks post-op. You're still so early in the recovery period...just focus on getting as many massages as you can to prevent fluid build up. Your foams and garment are more than adequate at this time. Good luck!
Great thanks for your help!!
You should wait on the cincher. You will get foams and then a smaller garment. I think gradual is the way to go. Congrats and happy healing . Take it easy!!

I tried to post pics but i cant post from my ipad...

I tried to post pics but i cant post from my ipad or phone!!! Arggg... can anyone upload from their ipad?
Good luck on your healing process
Don't you need a USB cable from your device to your computer to post from your phone or ipad on here? I am not sure but I thought someone had mentioned that in another thread.

Hey girlies... So I'm flying back to Maryland on...

Hey girlies... So I'm flying back to Maryland on Saturday and I was wondering from anyone who went to Dr Markmann or in the Baltimore area... Where did you get your massages done? I could always go to Massage Envy but I'm hearing mixed reviews... I was wondering if Dr. M's office uses a certain place. Thanks!!!
Nt a Dr. M patient, but I ddnt know him to require them....but he also has in house ppl that do spa like services. There are therapists in Maryland or u can c where Rodriguez sends his ppl.
Thank u for the help!! :)

Hey girls!!! I just wanted to send a quick warning...

Hey girls!!! I just wanted to send a quick warning.... Cecila cut my garment after my second massage because it was too tight around my butt .... now both sides have ripped so bad when taking the garment off and on... that now its not holding my butt up correctly... i dont know if this has happened to others but its so annoying!! I have a garment coming in the mail because the office didnt have any mediums left before i headed back home so Ruban said they should have some in tomorrow and they'll ship me one... i need it asap now that this garment is no good..(well for the butt part) .Anyways... i got home yesterday and im going to somehow try to go back to work tomorrow! I have a desk job but bought a stool that im going to sit on with my butt hanging off and ill probably kneel and stand as much as i can.

Added pics of how I'm managing at my first day of...

added pics of how I'm managing at my first day of work! lol
Happy healing
Wow.... thanks for the info. I'm putting that Gold's Gym roller on my list of supplies needed. I also have a desk job and was wondering how I was going to sit all day after surgery. Is that the 18" one? I'm looking on and they have one for $14.77.

So I just wrote a whole long post and went to...

So I just wrote a whole long post and went to submit and it wiped away!!! ARGGG... All I was saying is that I made it past day 1 back to work! I tried to stand and kneel on my boppy pillow as much as I could. I would rest by sitting on my chair with the foam roller or my stool. Today I bought a yoga mat to sit on my chair to try that out. Its actually working out better than the roller. The only downside is, it doesn't sit as high as the roller so i have to lean on my thighs.... the downside of the roller though is that it tends to move while i'm trying to sit. I'm going to get another yoga mat and wrap it around this mat, maybe that will give me a good height. ARGGG i can't wait for this post op process to be over... I HATE the garment and HATE sleeping on my stomach... I still don't sleep through the night and wake up stiff and so sore... but still... no regrets!!!! Oh I finally took some pics lastnight... I'm going to post! Let me know if you girls have any questions. Thank you for all your love and support, this is really a great community!
You look great how is the healing going I'm excited now just 3 weeks out till I go to get salamafied
Hey! Healing is going okay! Its more of just a nuisance now more than anything (i.e. sleeping on my stomach, not being able to sit, etc.) Pain and everything else is fine! Just taking it a day at a time. Hope all goes well with you!! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Thank you I'm sure I will have allot

So I made it one week back to work!! Only 4 more...

So I made it one week back to work!! Only 4 more weeks before I can sit! HAA... ( Salama said I could sit at 4 weeks but recommends 6 weeks, so I'm waiting 6 weeks) It's feeling like an eternity! The first week wasn't too bad... I just stood as much as a could!!! Nothing really new here... I'm still in my Large garment... Ruben was suppose to send me the Medium (they didn't have any in the office before I left) last week and I still don't have it so I've been wearing a garment that is too large!! Hopefully the medium will come today! Well anyways... pretty much same old same old... I still can't sleep through the night.. I wake up every 2-3 hours to pee or just to stretch... I HATE sleeping on my stomach! Does anyone notice their elbows hurting?!? My elbows have been killing me from laying on my stomach and have my arms bend under my head all the time... Besides all that....I still have NO regrets!! Just anxious to be over with this recovery period!! Hope all is well with everyone!!!!!

Just one more thing... I wanted to add that Dr. S...

Just one more thing... I wanted to add that Dr. S gave me 1200 cc's in each cheek! I should have added that earlier!
U look great Hun......
u look great we kinda have the same body pre op hope i look like you!!xoxx
Hey I just checked out your page... Yea we do have kinda similar body shapes... but yours is better so YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK AMAZING!! Good luck and well wishes! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Hey All... Just wanted to upload some more pics....

Hey All... Just wanted to upload some more pics. Before my surgery I loved when people would update post-op pics... so hopefully you will find these helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions! Sorry for the dark pics... Its hard to get a good pic and these pictures really dont even do justice! Anyways... all is well here... Just anxious to sit and stop wearing this garment!!! My stomach and back are still really stiff and hurt to the touch. Not really too painful, just annoying. Still no regrets!!! Oh by the way, my measurements are now...

29.5 around waist
33 around belly button
49 hips/butt

See ya girls!!
Did you take your pics down? I don't see any...
Hi scheduled in 11days with Lagrasso, not sure if I asked before, did u get any cc in hips?
wow you look perfect..i can totally see the progression on days 25 you are so much tinnier, and what a beautiful many CC did he inject?
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I've been searching on the internet for a very long time. It came down to a few different doctors and finally I took the plunge and went with Salama!

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