7 month update *PHOTOS* #TeamSalama

As far as 'apple shaped' girls go, I am less...

As far as 'apple shaped' girls go, I am less extreme than some girls, but in many ways thats made me more frustrated with my figure, because I imagine how good my figure could be if I just had a little less fat on my belly and more fat on my hips and butt. In the right clothes I can almost trick the eye into thinking I a balanced figure, but its just an illussion. :-(....so my frustration led me here. I'm a little scared about the surgery but reading your experieneces, fellow BBLers, has really helped, so thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site. I feel weird at the prospect at getting this done at 23 but its something I've been researching and considering for a long time, thanks in large part to the excellent content and information on this site. Now its a matter of raising the funds and making an appointment with teh doctor himself. I think due to the consistency I've seen on this site, I'll go with Dr. Salama....anywayas, I'll update this as I go....I suddenly feel a little shy now about utting my photos even though I've been stalkign this site for months! X-D But here it goes

Geez, I thought I was 54 kilos....I just weighed...

Geez, I thought I was 54 kilos....I just weighed myself and apparently I'm like 56 kilos....:-/. Not happy AT ALL about that. I haven't been this big in a while. I know for most women thats nothing but I'm only 4 foot 9.3 (gotta add the point 3!!! X-D) so thats a LOT! I and every kilo counts! I took this recent bikini photo after being at the gym, and apparently I need to go a little more than I thought!! I'll probably try to get back to around this weight for the surgery after summer though because it gives me a good amount of fat for the surgery.

Also, my cuurent stats as of June 2012: 35-30-37 Bust-waist-hips
Weight: 56 kilos/ 123.5 pounds
Body Mass Index: 26.6 (da f----)!!

OMG. Sh-- just got real! Loool O.K, I just made...

OMG. Sh-- just got real! Loool O.K, I just made the deposit and Nancy gave me a date of 21/05/2013, if anyone getting it done in April would like to swap, please please contact me ASAP. O.K, now I'm off to have a nervous breakdown BYE!! (jks)

Many Thanks,


This site has me on an emotional rollercoaster and...

This site has me on an emotional rollercoaster and I haven’t even had my surgery yet….I swear, its like, I’m checking twice a day and when I see girls with great results I get sosooooo excited, and when I see girls disappointed and going for round 2 and such I get so so scared and start questioning myself all over again, like is it even worth it? What if I waste my money? What if I have too much fat? Or too little? This site is a blessing and a curse, it sends me on such huge highs and lows its like I’m experiencing it all along with you guys….

Anyway, what I think I’m realising is that it’s about the individual girl. I’ve seen girls I expected to have banging results come out just O.K, and looked at some girls who I thought weren’t going to have good results, come out looking like a whole new person. It has me soooo confused! And all I can do is wait…I’ve saved up nearly half the money now, hopefully will have paid it off by the end of the year as long as keep getting temping work. I just hope my results are what I’m really wanting though, I’ve been through a lot recently, and although I know I shouldn’t be, I’m putting a lot on this surgery emotionally….I just so badly want a change in my life after feeling stuck in a rut for so long, I just want to do something to change things for myself, and tis surgery is a big part of that…. Anyways, just wanted to share my progress with you guys, and as always thanks to all the girls who post reviews, all the info is a great help- despite what it does to my emotions at times ;-)!

Take care xxxxxxxxx

A quick question here about finding a place to...

A quick question here about finding a place to stay: Whats are the cheapest options? I'm thinking of renting a condo but they're all coming up as about $650 dollars a week....I'd prefer something a little cheaper. If you have any tips I'd be really grateful!

So glad the new site design allows us to 'edit'...

So glad the new site design allows us to 'edit' previous reviews, thats great, In case I have to run my mouth and curse some people out at some later stage and then regret it. LOOOL JOKING!!! Anyways, nothing new, just had my first nightmare about the surgery. It was very surreal :-/...it made absolutely no sense, but the emotions as always are what are important in dreams, and the emotions in this dream were fear and anxiety. I'm SO afraid of this not working out. I think about it every day, seriously, I can't take my mind off it and its MONTSH away...I know realistic expectations is what everyone says, but I don't know what that meaans. I wish I wans't so oevranalytical...and I wish teh surgery wsn't so long away....but it does give me time to perpare and save up, thats the main bonus.

P.S don't judge me. That song just makes me happy....

P.S don't judge me. That song just makes me happy. And it features the queen of the fake asses X-D

I've just been wondering about junk food- I love...

I've just been wondering about junk food- I love KFC, McDonalds and all the rest X-D- are you allowed to eat junk food after having the BBL esp. liposuction done? Not straight after, obviously, but I mean, in the long term? Does getting this done mean you have to restrict your intake of junk food to maintain it? Is this something Dr. Salama talked to you guys about? Please let me know. Its just, I want to be able to eat what I want with no restrictions after this, I migth think twice if doing this means being super restricted for the rest of my life....Thanks in advance :-) xxxxxxxxxxx

Did any of you experience hair loss after the BBL...

Did any of you experience hair loss after the BBL due to the anesthesia?

Do we have to take pre-surgery vitamins?...Or is...

Do we have to take pre-surgery vitamins?...Or is that an optional thing? The pack I got doesn't seem to say anything about compulsory medication...It has a list of what NOT to take, but that's all....

I'm getting a little stressed out. Nancy asked me...

I'm getting a little stressed out. Nancy asked me for this UA C and S test, and the local Drs don't do it. What should I do?

Sooo I've paid now, I've got my tickets and I know...

Sooo I've paid now, I've got my tickets and I know how I'm travelling to the airport for my flight to MIA and soooo the countdown begins! I fly out in 2 weeks arriving on the 29th. Managed to get cheap accommodation recommended from someone on this website thanks, so I'll take photos when I'm there and take note of what I think of the place. Its costing my 400 pounds which is way less than what I was expecting, so I'm pleased with that.

As I said I went shopping today and took note of a lot of people's recommendations in terms of what to buy. I wanted to keep to a budget, so I went to Poundland to buy a lot of my things except for the stuff like body lotion, wipes and all the toiletries. But some things like the sponges and plates I bought from poundland. I also bought a jumbo tub of Vaseline and was surprised to find a Neoprene workout belt at Poundland too, so I might try using that instead of buying an expensive waist cincher. It straps up and you can pull it pretty tightly and its made of rubber. I've put a video of Vanessa Simmons (one of my 'wish' bootys also LOL X-D using it in a workout video)....its also adjustable, so I'm hoping its good enough as a waist cincher. Vets what do you think?...I may change my mind and buy somethign else though, we'll see....

Anyways, other people's shopping lists are so dope I feel goofy even adding mine, so I won't X-D mine's an amalgamation of other people's anyways, including ForeverBooty- who's a total legend for being an detailed in her review as she has been, as well as many other people like FabNewMe who've included enough detail to make it impossible for me to miss any detail of what I may need. All I require now is some laxatives and plasters which I forgot to buy...oh and cotton balls too! X-D....and to email Nancy the Dr.s's Clearance letter and I'm good to go. I'm getting sooooooooooo nervous though :-/. About everything- the flight, getting into the U.S what if soemthing goes wrong there? Eeek! I just have so many fears. But I think I've planned enough for things to work out the way they should. At least I hope! xxxxxxxxxxx

* I meant Angela Simmons! The fun one X-D

* I meant Angela Simmons! The fun one X-D

I got my whooooooole life this morning when I saw...

I got my whooooooole life this morning when I saw this!!! Great booty motivation X-D!

Just rang Elite and was told that Larry is no...

Just rang Elite and was told that Larry is no longer with them. So now I'm having to rely on cabs instead and being refunded. Just a heads up for other girls having the surgery done this coming week....

VETS: How can you tell the difference between swelling and your final results

I'm concerned about the healing of my stomach...I can't tell whether after 3 months I'm seeing my true final results or if its just swelling? I like how I look an hour or so after taking off my garment....but longer than that I start getting warm/burning sensations, a sensitive tingly feeling and the tummy area looks weird, puffy and feels all tender...when is my tummy going to act/look normal again...or is this my final results- because my tummy looks bulbous and weird after a whole day with no waist cincer and foams...

So for people who've had the surgery how do you know for sure whats swelling and whats your final result?

7 month update

O.K I was not ready to start blogging about my experiences straight away because I needed to get my mind right first. Here are some recent photos to start with , a full review will follow soon...

More 7 month update photos

More 7 month update photos


What I look like in clothes

I'll address this more in my full review but here's me in a bodycon dress

Side by side comparisons

I was amazed at these, its incredible how easily you forget what you looked like before LOL!
Dr Moises Salama

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You look wonderful!
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Thank you! :-D xx
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you look amazing hun he did a great job
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Fabulous! Very natural. Love it! :)
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Thanks a lot :-)
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Nice girl
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Thanks! Xxx
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Very natural results, Nice
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Thanks :-) xxxx
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Love it
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I'm glad I chose Dr Salama! Can't wait!!
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Looking beautiful & love the hair.
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Thank you!!
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U look beautiful. The world is before u . Go CONQUER!!!!!!!!!!
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LOOOL X-D thanks xxxx
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You look great hun and trust the booty just gets better with time, you probably have final waist results now, but the booty grows with you I'm almost 10 months and I swear my booty getting bigger
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You can experience swelling up to a year post op, so if you're experiencing a strange sensation and tight feeling in the evening, that's definitely sounds like swelling. You don't need super tight compression around the clock at 3 months post, but I would definitely suggest moderate compression.
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Thanks for the response and advice. I've been trying these 24 hour test runs with no garment, and by the end of the day my skin feels really tight and weird and all that stuff, so for now I'll probably just wear he garment at night....BTW cinammon what did your final results look like? Did your tummy look flat after all the months of healing i.e as flat as it did after taking the garment off? I;m fretting a bit because I love the way my body looks after I take my cincher off and for a couple of hours or so after as long as I'm not too active, its flat and looks normal. Any longer than that, my tummy starts spazzing out and I just wonder what the final results are going to be like...
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BTW my cincher is no longer really tight, and I wear a foam underneath it on the front of my tummy. It just serves a function of preventing me from feeling tingly and sensitive all day and keeps my tummy from spazzing out and swelling...I'm just trying to deduce whether wearing the cincher and then viewing myself after taking it off is really giving me an accurate view of my final results? Thanks again xxxxxxxx
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I love the shape Dr Salama gave me and I too see the irregularities after a few hours of no compression, but it's not too bad. I think it's still a mixture of slight swelling and my final results. My stomach is smaller in the morning and the unevenness is not as noticeable but is still there, and in the evening with the swelling the unevenness is slightly more noticeable. Lol, I remember being tired of garments at 3 months post too! I had had enough, but after taking 24hrs off (no compression), I usually couldn't wait to put my waist cincher back on. It's still real early for you recovery wise and your nighttime swollen waist is definitely not your final result :).
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Thanks for respondng again...how far along are you in terms of healing? And O.k, if you could measure on a scale 10 being how your tummy looks after taking off your compression garment, and 1 being our tummy at its most swollen looking after no compression very earlier on, how do your final results look?
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...are your 'hour after taking compression garment off' results' a realistic expectation to have of how your stomach look finally? Or is that just an illusion? I love how my tummy looks after I've taken off the garment but I worry I'm kidding myself that that's how I'll look after all the swelling is through
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LOL sorry to ask so many questions, its just I really worry about how my tummy will look after all these months when I finally stop using the garments and have fully healed xxxxxxxxxx
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Lol.... I'm still dealing with swelling so I cant tell how much is my final result. I would say about a 5 on my scale... I think I fluctuate maybe an inch between the 2 extremes and I'm 10.5 mo post and I don't wear any compression at all now. I would feel safe to say the final results are in between your smallest measurement and your swollen size. I think if you have really tight compression on (squeem), there would be greater confusion because the squeem can reduce your measurements by inches, so there's 3 factors to consider: your body naturally relaxing to it's true size when not compressed, slight fat fluff at the end of the day and swelling. Maybe we should stay in our compression vest longer throughout our complete healing process until we're no longer swollen. I'll try to remember this at the 3 month post recovery when I'll be tempted to stop wearing my waist cinchers. (I'm going for a touch up the end of August)
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Oh and I think I completely stopped wearing anything close to 5-6 month post. I stopped wearing the squeem probably around 4 months and switched to the compression binder till I stopped all together.
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