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I have been waiting almost 7 years to get this...

I have been waiting almost 7 years to get this procedure done I have finally come up with enough money to do it in enough time to take off away from the kids to do it and someone to help me get through it. I don't want a huge huge but I just want a rounder project it but I am very tall I am 5 10 and I weigh about 240 pounds I just want to be happy with myself and for a very long time since I became about the age of 19 I have not been happy with my buttocks it was very be prominent and round at one time but now it is flat and square. I am finally able to do something about it and I hope my results are great. I have choosen Dr Lagrasso for my BBL
I have the same problem with my phone cant load pics.....are you ready,got all your supplies?
They told me to loose 10 pounds and I did easily. I hear doc Lagrasso is amazing I hope all goes well I'm excited and scared all at once. I'm on my phone and for some reason it won't let me upload pics.
Can't wait to see your results.... My surgery is on June 5 too... And I'm also tall --6'1" !!!! Good luck girlie!!! We are almost there!

It's getting closer.

well all the hotels are booked the flights are booked the rooms are booked everything is said and done the surgery deposit is paid the surgery itself is paid. I am just waiting on getting a board the plane and going to Adventura Florida and seeing what my results will be I do not have a butt at all I hope that I can at least get some roundness and some projection. I am NOT nervous at all I am just anxious I have been waiting so long and one thing I am worried about is the fact that I only get one chance at this, I hope that the result I get or at least halfway what I want. I don't want a Nicki Minaj ass I just want a round but that is prominent in what I wear. Anything I wear falls down off of me because I have no booty to hold it up I am just anxious to see what it turns out to be.
Wow!! I too am scheduled for June 5th for BBL!!! Good Luck and I hope you get exactly what you wish for =)
As of today I have all my supplies
U posted pics for you

more pics b4 ladies

Just showing pics of b4.
Okay so I'm finally getting nervous onlyone week b4 i fly out and 9 days b4 surgery...
I am having surgery with Dr Lagrasso same day as your, hope everything goes well.
Wonder how they do that in one day.

Ready to go!!!

Well I'll be in Aventura Florida at 12:15 a.m on Wednesday morning at 3:00p.m. I have Pre-op. I have my questions ready, I am packed and most of all I lost all the weight I was told to loose in 6 weeks. Dr. Jeffrey Lagrasso here I come oh and people beware any M.D. can practice plastic surgery without being board certified so do your homework. Pascual M.D is where I'll be . I don't know the time of surgery but I do it on June 5th. Hope all is well dolls and wish me luck and blessings.

last update before pics

Okay lady's my last pics TIL after my new body.

12 hours left!!!!!

Okay I did pre-op boy I'm a bit nervous but not much, I feel like true nerve will be in the morning. I just know despite all the possible negative things that could happen I still need to get this done. I have waited for something that could give me back my total self-esteem. It's funny because I feel I am beautiful but me not having a butt and my clothing fitting funny and also just how I see myself. I had a huge Ass growing up than I got super tall one summer gained 15 pounds and my butt went from round to not round to no Ass at all. I just want to have the body to match my beautiful face, smile, and everything else that I love about myself. I know you all feel me. Well dolls see you on the other side. Please keep me in your prayers.

Here and right now.

okay so I am at the office right now waiting on the Dr to come in and look at me, I am so very very nervous but also excited and hopeful for the results that I am realistically able to get I am excited it is clean everyone seems to be nice just waiting I guess I will update when it's all over with.
Prayers going up hope all is well!
Thank you so much I am doing well as far as the pain but I'm sore.I will tell you Dr Lagrasso is amazing with lipo he has my waist snatched in I look good I am kind of laying on my stomach right now just waiting I really do look good they said I would have a lot of loose skin but I actually don't have a lot of loose skin I look good my bed is big the only thing I don't like is that I have more of a shelf I did not want a shelf but its surrounding out and it's looking really good doctor Lagrasso is awesome! I am actually recovering way better than even the doctors thought I would I was up in around walking the first night and I walked the second day like it was nothing I am just sore that's about it but I do have a very high tolerance for pain.

Team Jeffrey Lagrasso!!!!!

so I went in about 10 o'clock in the morning on June the 5th, I waited till about 12 19 and Dr la grassa finally came in and Mark me up. He is a very good looking cleanly very well put together man, he is young and he gave me exactly what I feel I need it I did not give him any wish pictures because all I want it was something realistic for my frame and my bone structure. Dr Lagrasso is amazing at what he does and he is a very very great plastic surgeon anyone want a Brazilian butt lift they need to consider Dr Lagrasso. very professional very good and the price is right.I will add pictures very very soon.
Congrats on your sx. I hope you are feeling better. I was constipated and took a enema and I feel so much better. You should try it if you have used the bathroom yet.
How you feeling?
today I don't feel too good I'm kind of out of it and I think what it was it because I hadn't had a bowel movement movement since the day before I had surgery now that I have had a bowel movement I feel better. I am a little sore but I don't have any real severe pain. Thank you very much for asking I am going to put pics on here when my husband gets back.

post op pics

My booty


You look great!! tomorrow is my first massage let see how it goes

First Massage

752 w flagler st. ste 107 miami fl 33130
Maria did my massages today she was amazing I got so much fluid off of me that she made my stomach even flatter I didn't even realize my stomach was that small my stomach is really since 10 now she said I had about 6 more inches of fluid inside of me. I am going to her Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday she said she's going to get me super super small and get all the floor of my waist and back she also informed me that most of the fluid on me is in my upper and lower belly not very much in my chin or my cheeks but she's doing very very good job so hit her up she's amazing its only $150 for five sessions.also the massage was a little bit painful but as I have all told you before I have a very high tolerance for pain it felt a little bit sore and painful but it felt so good to have it done and I feel so much better and so much more energized and relax now.

the pictures here

Omg the pics don't do justice. I look amazing my waist it itty bitty... My butt isn't huge but it's beautiful. Thank you Dr Lagrasso.
Girl I see you...all snatched up! Im gonna go see her do you have to call well in advance?

Booty or no booty that is the question????

So what do you all think???

swelling gone

Well I don't know if I'm the happiest with my results. I sometimes wonder how the purify that fat and if a bunch of liquids was injected along with the fat. I won't put my full review until I finish gathering everything from this point. Best wishes dolls.


So I'm going in for a retouch. I haven't said much on here because I wanted to get the best possible results and wait the 3 months but I have to go in for retouch I know that we can in hoping for the best but my butt ain't the best. My body other than my butt is great few minor things that can be fixed. My butt is another issue all together it needs work. Ii will keep updated retouch in December.
Dr. Lagrasso

Dr. Jeffrey Lagrasso

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