132 days post op...Duran doll

Well clearly i need some help in the back side...

well clearly i need some help in the back side department..lol..ive been doing research for a WHILE on who i wanna go to..and when i say a while i mean a couple years ..its been time consuming but finally fell in love with the Pascual .. Joanna is whos been helping me along the way (: shes super sweet and very helpful .. a little about me im about 5'4'' and weigh in at about 160 .. i do work out at least 4 times a week but cant shake my chunkiness which is why im excited for my lipo!! yaaayyy and being able to put it where i want it is exciting too!! lol..im 26 years old with no kids..my boyfriend is from Miami so when it comes to getting around and having a place to stay..this comes in handy..ha ha ha..

Good Evening. I am all top and not much bottom so I relate. I had not heard of your doc, thank you for sharing. Happy trail ;-)
welcome ! I'm having same issue I'm 5'0 145. but I'm shorter but no butt at all and it's uncomfortable good luck !
hey welcome to the bbl sisterhood and gl on your journey

Well I have seen so many posts about Yily lately.....

well I have seen so many posts about Yily lately.. Just curious are there more ladies with some more after photos from her??
hey and welcome!! #TeamYily Theres a few ladies on here post op search Laury130 I believe and littleboypink you can also go on makemeheal.com and search that site. Honestly I hate it over there lol it gives me a headache real self is def more user friendly and a lot of girls use passwords. gl and keep us updated!!
Thanks for the info!! (:

Welp I am waiting to hear back from this famous...

Welp I am waiting to hear back from this famous doctor Yily!! checked out her website and I LOVE the way she shapes her girls..AMAZING.. so i left a message (holiday weekend makes me wait even longer ): ) but i was curious how long did it take for you guys to get a consultation and then an estimate from her??
Mikaface..are you still going with Yily? I'm from san Jose, CA too! I'm scheduled November 5th 2013.
Hello. Did u end up going thru with ur sx? If so happy healing. Hope ur loving ur new body nd recovery is going well:-)
no not yet /: some things fell through.. aiming for sept now.. summer is here and i dont wanna miss out on the fun in the sun so waiting after summer to do it.. lol

Switched to Duran....

okay so i made the choice to switch to Duran.. got my quote from her already ( she got back to me pretty quick actually) Just curious if anyone could explain the process of the deposit with her to me.. id really appreciate it!! (:
To change certain info on your review you need to email realself. Their email in in the help section somewhere. I emailed them and the change was made by the next day. :) I'm going to see Dra. Yily. She and her staff have been very responsive to my emails. I'm scheduled for nov 18. I'm super excited!! Good luck to you!!
How were you able to contact Dr. Duran? What email did you use? or did you send her a message on Facebook?
I emailed her and got a reply with a couple days.

Duran Dolls.. Elizabeths number??

okay so im having a bit of difficulty getting through to elizabeth.. does she have a direct line?

YAY (:

So my date has been set for February 13th... super excited!! Let the planing begin (:


Welp...i have officially started my count down lol .. bought my plane ticket today too!

101 more days :)

garments??? need help!!! PLEASE??! (94 days to go)

okay so i noticed a lot of you ladies have been ordering more garments.. a head of time BUT my question is how do you even know what size you should get?? is it something that somewhat fits your current shape?? would LOVE some feed back..thanks (:

84 days and counting!!!

so ive seen a few ladies posting about being told NOT to shower in DR and then i seen a few that said they HAD showered while there.. sooo for you that have been there and done that already.. whats the word on showering over there?? or do i need to pack some baby wipes?? lol

46 mas dias!! (:

boy has time been flying.. slowly getting what i need for this trip.. pretty much everything you can think of EXCEPT a 2nd garment.. and body have any reviews on any?? I want one that is SUPER tight on my stomach…would love some help finding a garment...

26 days and still haven't ordered 2nd garment...

.. still haven't ordered a 2nd garment.. i could REALLY use some help with figuring out what size i should get.. should i go a bit smaller than my measurements now?? or go with my current measurements?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some info ladies..
Most likely whtever u get u will hav to hav taken in. Gss it depends on the fabric of the garment u choose. I bought a ann cherry but out garment nd it took 10 min nd all kinds of maneuvering to get it up over my hips. I eventually purchased a lipo express butt out garment in a large nd had tht waist taken in a bunch to where it ws so uncomfortable I stopped putting it on. Bought a faja the garment nd I bought it too small cutt the butt out nd wasted 140$. Moral of story better to b safe thn sorry go bigger rather thn smaller. It prob b wise to call them n c wht size they suggest for ur current measurements bc ur ass will b bigger but ur waist will b smaller
That ws supposed to say I bought a fajate garment nd bought it too small

blood test levels??

Okay so I know my blood level has to be at 12.0 or above. BUT I want to know if anyone knows of a way to test this before I even get over to DR.. or what specifically they test that has to be over 12.0?? Please please please help ..thanks ladies
try makemeheal.com I ordered the: Mid Thigh Body Plastic Surgery Compression Garment Kit- Stages 1& 2 (Rainey) it was 160 but I got 2 garments
Does anyone know Dr. DURAN, bank's address and the bank's branch? My bank needs that in order for me to send my deposit.
Thanks love :)

Talking with my travel buddy...

So I've made a new buddy who ill be traveling with.. her surgery date is the same as mine.. which is awesome.. and we have found a pretty place to stay while we are there.. i fly out literally in less than 10 days.. SUPER excited.. Heres my list..if anyone was curious?? lol

-vitamins C/D/B12/Iron
-alcohol pads
-stool softener
-lipo foam
-arnica gel
-2nd garment
-boppy pillow
-compression socks
-baby wipes
-tank tops
-med tape
-antibacterial soap

then the regular things like my toiletries, clothes, and a couple books and my lap top (:
Congrats and good luck. Maybe I'll see you there. My sx date is the 11th
Good luck hunny!
Good luck on your upcoming sx praying you have a smooth and safe recovery your results will be great...

made it to DR :)

well i have been here for 2 days now.. tomorrow is the big day.. I'm so excited.. and actually pretty calm.. Dominga has been taking great care of me so far (: she's wonderful.. i can only imagine how helpful she will be when i really need her. We went by the market today and got some fruit and other food items that ill be eating.. that was fun.. and she took us to the beach to enjoy some time before the big day lol.. ill try to post some videos here and there so be on the look out (:
I'm so excited for you boo!!!!!
WOOTWOOT!! Wake up!! I cant sleep and youre out like a LIGHT! Im glad we are gonna go through this tomorrow!!.. er.. today.. or however that goes... :)
Good luck can't wait to see you after

made it to the other side

So I literally just came out of surgery.
So I haven't even seen what I look like yet lol..but the epidural is starting to wear off so the pain is coming through..I'll send pictures once I can feel my legs again lol
Glad to hear from you. Can't wait to see how you look.
I'm glad your surgery went well. Best wishes, I hope you have a smooth and speedy recovery.
Thank God everything went well get rest and take it ez we will be here when u ready to update have a safe recovery..

2 days post op :)

okay ladies.. this for sure has been no walk in the park for me.. and whatever food they give you in cipla… make sure u eat it (as much as you can stomach) i didn't because of how nauseated i felt.. and that was a bad idea.. my blood sugar got pretty low.. so this caused me to pass out3 times yesterday from doing anything as simple as sitting up.. so my words of advice.. eat you food!! and hydrate!! today i am so much better.. walking around and what not.. theres still a bit of pain but not to bad actually.. unless someone bumps into you lol..personally my swelling hasn't been bad either.. the hand used for my IV is what is mostly swollen and its not bad...
Smooth Recovery baby girl it will get easier

o.. and some pictures.. u can see my hand.. its not to bad.. and me with my 1 stage garment on.. and had to include a picture fr

Enjoying the stay with you
You look great so far, happy healing
feel better darling for your post duran look like she snatch you in, I hope your recovery goes extremely well, Good luck doll. thank you for the update

first massage yesterday

alright so i had my first massage yesterday and i will admit i was super nervous since i wasn't the first to go.. my travel buddy went first and she was screaming cursing and everything in between so when it came my turn …. i was ready for the worst lol. BUT it actually wasn't to bad.. there were some moments that i really had to concentrate on breathing through it but i made it. all i can say as words of advice is take your pain killer about 30 mins before its your turn and don't forget to breath.. i feel like it helps a lot.. or even a little music in the back ground..on a positive note i did make it to the mall out here.. so I'm having no issue walking around anymore BUT it does take so much energy out of you..

ps I'm attaching random videos and photos as i go so they don't necessarily relate to what I've wrote lol..
Hoping for a smooth recovery, and a bubbly behind for you. Keep us posted. :)

real talk on real self

First things first…DURAN..im sure some of you here things here and there and jump to conclusions without checking facts. Duran is an amazing doctor to have work on your body..she is super sweet and very professional. she doesn't promise you the world if it can't be delivered.. my wish picture isn't exactly what i got but she let me know ahead of time. sure i was a little disappointed but in the end i am VERY happy with what she did for my body. I had that ugly triangle shaped body lol u know what I'm talking about that super top heavy that slowly trickles to the no hips or ass zone. she def changed up my figure and i am in love with what she has done for me.

NEXT this is no walk in the park and you will have a day or two where you feel like you can't do it anymore .. wrong.. because you can.. STAY positive through it all..yes that is easier said than done but it it worth it to try. as far as what you should bring with you…you don't need to load yourself up with everything..as a suggestion you should bring chux (maybe 10 or 15) pads (maternity not period pads..and 20+) wipes (a small pack will do) now i say this based on where you are staying. I stayed at Domingas recovery house.. it was way more of a home vibe..you get real close with the ladies you stay with, its home cooked meals and random outings. the sisters are all nice people and do what they can for you. so this is why you only need minimal stuff, they will go out an buy the rest of what you need while you are here.. (so you don't have to worry about going over on your luggage weight lol) all you have to do is ask and give them the money. simple as that. lol and they get EXACTLY what you'll need because they work pretty close with the people in CIPLA. they also have a massage therapist that comes here once a day (she also works at CIPLA) to do the massages for you (at no extra cost, its included in your price for your stay, but we do tip her as well…)

AS for clothing. i have yet to actually war any pairs of the socks i brought lol (I'm sure i will on the airplane ride home) but I've been running around in a cotton robe, underwear, my garment and undershirt since I've gotten out of my surgery. I did bring maxi dresses for when we do adventure out and about. there are a few places here that you can go to and be measured correctly for your second garment or you can get it from your doctor here..i would suggest holding off on buying a 2nd garment just so you know you are getting the correct fit ..itll run you about $150.

THERE is so much to see taste and experience out here so if you take care of yourself (don't push yourself to hard) you'll get the itch to go out and see what you can.. some of my suggestions would be BOCANA..its a nice little restaurant right on the beach ..there also some shops and what not around there if you want to buy up some souvenirs or whatever.. its located in boca chica.. its an easy taxi ride there… and the chicken shacks you'll randomly see off the side of the road…mmmmmm… I LOVE CHICKEN..lol they know that they are doing.. don't be scared to get out of your comfort zone a bit.. it'll make this time here much more fun..

o yea…

here some post ops.. my was it is still swollen and I'm still draining some fluids.. ill post more once it goes down a bit.. and yesi am in my stage 1 still.. i really don't wanna push it to hard.. I'm taking my sweet time I'm only 8 days post op at this time.. I'm thinking towards the end of my 2nd week post op ill be able to put on my 2nd stage by myself..and thats when ill start wearing it..
I'm so happy for you :D.


so i had lipo only on my stomach and back.. why do i need a garment that covers areas below that?? can i wear one that just covers m stomach and back or is there a reason i need a 'full body one'??
Did you ask your PS!! And maybe for proper circulation you don't want the fluids sitting one place and your body get that lumpy uneven look!!!
Did you also receive a BBL?
I did

12 days post op

Well the flight home was no walk in the park lol.. but I made it..and let me tell you it feels so good to be home :) I was super scared I was gonna swell from all the flying but actually I didn't which is great!! So what I've been doing since I got home is wearing my 2nd stage garment during the day and at night I wear my first stage with the lips foam and my abdomen board thing.. my swelling is on its way down and I'm seeing the shape the beautiful Duran has blessed me with..she has worked her magic and I love it..
I find it so hard getting in touch with her How did you?
Looking good
Wow you look great Hun!!

post op...18 days?!!?

Well time is flying..that's for sure.. my garment is now becoming annoying lol ..The shower is the best part of my day lol..(it's when I get to ditch the garment) I'm still pretty tender under my armpit area..it kinda sucks but I know it's slowly getting better..my ab board I have has been great to my stomach.. it keeps everything smooth..


Forgot to add some updated pics
Looking good sweetie. Is your butt soft?? Try a butt out shorts compression garment makemeheal has an Anne cherry suit on sale for 50 lipoexpress has a really good selection as well but there suits are all 120
I loooove ur cheeks ! Congrats girl! I love Duran 2
Ha ha..thanks!!

At my 20 day mark...

Okay soon I've made it to the last row in my 2nd stage garment..I wear my garment through the day.. sometimes with lipo foam but usually with my board.. THEN I sleep without my garment.. I'm sure Duran would be upset with me but I'm tired of not being comfortable while sleeping and now I'm actually sleeping through the night..

so I'm 22 days out..

Alright almost at my month mark.. I'm rrreeeaaaalllyyy starting to miss the gym now.. but I know I still in no shape for gym time.. I'm still super stiff in the morning..does anyone have any ideas on how to stop that?? Annnnddd my skin takes on so many impressions of anything that I lay on lol when does that stop??!!? It's so annoying.. but other than that I see the healing process taking place I guess I'm just impatient and want it to be done already lol..
Congrats! What are your measurements? How many ccs did she add to your butt?
Why thank u..lol..and I didn't ask about amounts..sorry sweets.. I'll have to do measurements today.. so gimme a few and I'll get back to you..
Okay so just did my measurements.. The places I measured were right under my bust.. my waistin two places (where my waist was its smallest and then at my belly button) and then my hips BEFORE: 39.5- 35- 40- 39 AFTER: 33.5- 31.5- 34- 42.5 So there's a difference..

measurements at day 24 post op..

So someone asked me my cc's and what my measurements were..I never did ask for the amounts taken out or put in..so sorry for that.. BUT as for measurements..I did do those.. The places I measured were right under my bust.. my waist in two places (where my waist was its smallest and then at my belly button) and then my hips
BEFORE: 39.5- 35- 40- 39
AFTER: 33.5- 31.5- 34- 42.5
Would someone give me contact info for Dr. Duran's office - I don't see it anywhere on this site. thanks!
I'd like to get contact information for Dr. Duran's office. I don't see it on this site anywhere. I called one clinic in DR and was told she had moved. thanks!

been M.I.A.

hey ladies.. I've been out of my garment for some time now.. feels good lol.. I'm 111 days post op.. this will probably be my last post.. just wanted to give some pictures and some positive vibes to those of you going through it and about to go through it.. its gets so much easier and its well worth it lol..
Ms Lady you look awesome!!! What are your measurments now?? Congrats on that beautiful bod... have you been working out? any cardio?

2nd round???

soooo been doing some talk with one of my girls i went with, i think we may be doing a round 2 in January ..lol.. keep ya posted
I am trying to contact dra Duran from the six weeks now, and I can't get any reply can some one tell me wat is wrong
Ayayay--HATE this damn autospell LOL--that was supposed 2 be TMI not TIN
Saludos & blessings 2 the BBL Sistahood! Thx 2 all of u wonderful Dolls & Dolls-in-w8ing 4 sharing ur experiences b4 & after on here & 4 keeping it very real. Way i see it there's no such thing as TIN when it comes 2 this kinda thing. I'm w8ing 2 hear back from Dra. Duran w/a price n a date. I'm in Brooklyn, NY & praying (yes--it's that serious) 2 get bootyfied this October n tryin 2 keep a positive mindset like getting my lost passport replaced w/plenty of time. So many questions i have but rite now the biggest 1 is how long does it take 4 her 2 respond 2 email b4 i lose my mind LOL? I know it's crazy but i want this done yesterday--guess i'm a lot older than most on here but i'm starting over & lookin 2 get my sexy back, no time 2 lose. How long did u Duran Dolls have 2 w8 & did u actually get 2 speak w/la Dra. herself on the phone b4 making ur final decision?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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