DEC 5th?? Maybe BIG problem!.....- Aventura, FL

Ok let me start off by saying all of the pages...

Ok let me start off by saying all of the pages I've seen have been soo supportive and informative. I googled bbl info and found this site so I decided to join today. Im sheduled for oct 2 with Salama!!!! I'm 5'2 120 pounds ive been trying like crazy to gain weight so if any of you have any advice please let me no. Im traveling alone :( all of my family is in Germany so I dont have much support in the states.. So hopefully I can find someone to tag along for support because I see that its really important to have that... So I really need a list because I havent started buying anything because I have no clue of what to get. I'm also worried about going back to work and if you guys think 2wks is enough time off I have a desk job so I dont want to mess up my new bootay!!! I really would appreciate all of the info that you guys have to offer hotels, plane tickets, list of stuff to buy, or whatever helpful advice you have please!!! Thanks......


I totally agree these grown women on here like etra sensetive im like dude were all grown right you mean to tell me you cant take an opinion lol but DIDO just tell him your concerns and how you like his work but you have a few concerns and just bring it to his attention...and of course pray about it and I believe with your attitude you will be one of his hottest clients!!! and I know what you mean about his butts now they are so fat and wide, but dont get me wrong Ive seen some of his thats like OMG thats hott! so I guess it all depends on what you want and what your current body type good luck and I know you will be oh so sexy!!! :)
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I no right love my name...but people on here are very sensitive but its no offense to them but lately his booties have just been fatter but not lifted. When I first joined and seen his work I was sold and even though it took me "falling through the cracks" and receiving a call 3wks later I still booked. I'm really nervous about going to him. Ive checked out Jimmerson wonderful work but waaayyy to expensive and Afifi she seems like shes doing great work out in cali.....
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@bootybuttcheeks; (your name is ridiculous btw lol) I have had mixed feelings bout salma as well, but when you state your opinion on here ppl wnna get all sensetive and stuff lol, im like his work is nice and girls are spreading the word making him more popular and the only thanks we get is for him to keep going on his prices, a girl told me he is all booked till next year...his butts look straight but idk
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Very upset right now.... So I had a pap scheduled...

Very upset right now.... So I had a pap scheduled and it was abnormal for the second time so I have to schedule another apt to get a colposcopy (I think that's right) but anyways I call to let them no my MD won't give me Med clearance until I get that done. I have tricare and right now in my area apts are being scheduled 2-3?mo out!!! So on my freaking paperwork it says as long as you reschedule 2wks prior to surgery it shouldn't be a problem!! Only if I read that wrong so please double check me. I'm like dam I don't want to cancel and I'm giving u ample amount of notice to fill the spot what the hell is the problem. I'm so frustrated! Stupid crap like this makes me want to leave a crappy review and get another doc.... so I'm waiting for a call back to see if its OK? I really don't understand y but ok.


I hope it does to because I'm not to happy with them. If I don't hear back from them then I'll have to call again :(
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I hope this all falls into place for you! I also don't understand what the issue will be, I mean you're notifying them 2wks in advance...
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hey booty, who told you 800-900 his secretary nancy or him?? Cause Nancy told me most likely i would be getting 700-800 but that was her guess. How did you find out yours?

OK so I'm not mad anymore at salamas office......

OK so I'm not mad anymore at salamas office... Ruben called me and fixed all my problem but I had to reschedule for Dec :( but I am glad I didn't book my flight or hotel so.....hopefully by then things should be fine.

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So if youve read my post you seen that I had an...

So if youve read my post you seen that I had an abnormal pap which caused me to have to go and get a LEEP which stand for (I forgot just google it) but anyways its like a removel of the top layer of the cervix or something like that. So hopefully everything comes back good so I can look forward to my surgery in dec. Im pretty sure Im not the only one to have to get this procedure done but they gave me general anesthesia i hope that wont be an issue.....


What day are you scheduled? i am looking for a december date , i am scheduled november 20th but im not quite ready . interested? lemmie know ( not thru message my inbox is messed up )
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Hope things work out with your results xox
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Preparing for my BIG day. I think I have all my...

Preparing for my BIG day. I think I have all my supplies except the vitamins. I'm getting a little nervous but I'm really excited.


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OK. So I'm scheduled Dec 5th with Rami G. (Salamas...

OK. So I'm scheduled Dec 5th with Rami G. (Salamas partner). OK so I've been taking my vitamins and my cycle hasn't started it was due 2wks ago!!! So I take a pg test this a.m. and its neg (wtf!) I have no clue what to do or what it is I'm sooooo worried! Would all these vitamins do this? Anyone else have any complications?


Are you ok??
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Just checking in on you...hope you're healing well :)
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Good luck on your journey
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