I researched for years about the BBL. From trying...

I researched for years about the BBL. From trying to find local surgeons to the infamous Dr. J. My first consultation was with Dr. J (Cost me 50 bucks) and of course it was on the phone with the coordinator. To achieve the hour glass figure I wanted, I was quoted with the price of my car. No way Jose! It was then stated that a discount (not enough to me) will be provided if I paid in cash. I don't know how many people walk around with over 15k+ in their pockets but not I. Yes, his work speak for itself. However, I don't think it's worth me paying for two big bodies (my car and booty). I wish him the best with all his success. He just too Hollywood for me.

I finally got super excited after long hours of researching once I made up my mind to not go to Dr. J when I found Dr. Salama. His work is awesome and from most reviews he did that masterpiece of projection Photoshop can't touch. I been eye stalking a lot of Salamafied dolls on here and they look ASSmazing. A consultation had to take place and soon.

So far Nancy has been super responsive. She has kept her word and contacted me not once but twice via telephone regarding my consultation and if I had any questions. We are off to a great start. The only thing I dread is the wait. I wanted to get Salamafied before the summer. However, it's better to wait for greatness than rush it. I concur with the doc recommendations for weight lost since it's rationale. I'll lose 10lbs. even though he suggested 5-7lbs.

I currently weigh 155lbs. standing like a stallion at 5'4". I got big lovable jugs and want a more portion projected butt. An hour glass is my ideal shape.
Hi and congrats on your choice to be Salamafied!! If you get a later date this summer but is looking to move a lil quicker, I have a March date that I am willing to switch with.
Welcome and congratulations to u!

Undecided...thinking about Yily

So, I been researching other surgeons and ones out DR. I'm thinking about going to Yily. Plus she has some dates before the Summer which is perfect and her work is good. Yes, I see some not too ear pleasing reviews, but you go for what you want and take care for body to the utmost for post operative care.

Is anyone else considering Yily? If so, when? Would love to get a travel buddy.
Hey I just got an email from her regarding her available 2014 dates and she has plenty of dates before the summer, I'm thinking of going to yily too!
Yeah, the only thing I dread is going down there alone. My friends can't leave their jobs for too long. I'm so unsure. Everyone is like wait for Salama and don't move to fast. I been talking and waiting for years. I just put forth the extreme effort to research last year. Arrrgghh if only she was near me or in the US.
Thanks. I haven't set a date yet. Last I heard was the next available days was in October. Arrrghhh

People opinions matter when I let them

I'm so through with people saying Yily patients getting infections. Have you made it to see every patient? Was you there when they did their own post operative care? Are you there freaking caretaker?

We make our own choices. Whether it's good or bad. We have to deal with the choices we make.

I don't care if it seems as though I'm rushing my procedure. I'm actually not. If I was, then I'll be like I want my surgery done tomorrow. No questions asked.

I know right! I love salama but I have gotten impatient!! I really wanna go before summer and she has openings and does good work! Im down with Duran for July but I dunno icon gonna wait for her or not? So many decisions to make on this journey!!
Yes it is. I heard someone had nerve damage with Duran. She's my second pick for surgeons in the DR. I even reached out to Robles. Her assistant text me this a.m. So many options. Feels like I change my mind every week about what surgeon I want. I'm still sold on Yily despite the reviews and stay aware scares. Is Duran the same price as Yily?

I am going back and forth with Yily/Team (through e-mail)

They are responding soooooooooooo quickly. Even though it's not your traditional voice to voice communication, e-mail has been a lot of doctors way of communicating with potential/current patients until they are available to be on the phone.

So, I got my quote from Yily and be answering a lot of questions. I know they are tired of me after they sent that long e-mail full of what to expect and how everything will pan out.

I am so happy that she and/or her team are so responsive. That's how it usually works for some in the beginning. Hope it continues.
Yes ma'am yily and Duran quoted me the exact same price but if I decide on the dr I prob go with yily cuz she has more availability. However, salama also has a high appeal with me , just have to wait longer
Yes. I'm thinking Yily as well.

Just some photos of me...I love taking photos. I can't wait till I schedule my SX

Yeah I have my photo of my face on here. No need to hide it. Plus it's better to see the whole body picture clear. I'll post my actual pre op photos once I schedule my SX for before without clothes.

photos...in clothes

*correction my lips on my face on here...

Flat booty...need some curves

I am starting to send my questions in Spanish to the DR doctors. Awaiting for replies...Waiting Game Started!!!

It's important to ask questions especially when something life changing is going to happen to YOU. I have English and Spanish questions for doctors who are abroad or in state.

I'll provide the questions upon request.

Tip to ladies: Ask as many questions you have so that you are fully aware of the risks and are comfortable with proceeding with any procedure. If you have a health issue, be certain that your potential surgeon is willing to do to procedure(s) knowing the health issue and get a written approval from your physician. You need to worry about your health first before adding more aesthetic features to your body.
Good luck and congrats to you
Thanks doll.

Still waiting for a response...

So, I'm still waiting for Yily's response. It was a list of questions, but are extremely important to know. Once I get my answers and everything seems accurate/honest then I'll make my final decision about what doctor I'm getting my SX with.

For those considering Dr. Fisher

I got a quote from them and it is really reasonable. I haven't seen a lot of before/after photos of his work, but from one of the RealSelf dolls, he did a number on her. She looks Assmazing!!!

The patient coordinator made me feel so at ease on the phone today. From the many areas he can Lipo to the shape he can create. I'm just not 100% sure he can give me what I want from the other photos I saw. But everybody isn't the same. Results differ on how much your bod can take.

Here's my quote with the recovery house and without (a good deal):

-Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Fisher including general anesthesia, anesthesiologist, Liposuction on full back + waist + love handles + flanks + full abdomen, Liposculpture, fat grafting to glutes + hips, 24 hour emergency line answered by Dr, full panel of lab work, all medications for surgery, post-op care 7 days + 6 nights Recovery Home (24 hr nurse+driver), 1 compression garment, 2 Lipo foam boards, 1 Lipo tablet, 4 lymphatic massages by nurse, and ALL surgery room costs: $6,500 (WITH A $1000 DEPOSIT)

-Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Fisher including general anesthesia, anesthesiologist, Liposuction on full back + waist + love handles + flanks + full abdomen, Liposculpture, fat grafting to glutes + hips, 24 hour emergency line answered by Dr, full panel of lab work, 1 compression garment, 2 Lipo foam boards, 1 Lipo tablet, 4 lymphatic massages by nurse, and ALL surgery room costs: $4,950 (WITH A $1000 DEPOSIT)

My Want Photos of my Future Ass

I'm a butt fanatic so it's only right I have one too. Unfortunately, I wasn't from a family with big butts. We hips out.

I want a hour glass shape with a natural big butt. Portion bod ultimately. I got big tits, fast food gut, little flat hips, and a flat ass. My shape screwed up.

What you ladies think? Are my want photos realistic for my size?

Yily is responding

Yily is responding but to one of my old questions. Um...hello. I sent you a kazillion questions. I'll give her a few days to answer them since they are very important to my decision making process.

Quotes. Keep doing your research!

I get quotes from every doctor I think about allowing their hands to sculpt my body. You have options so don't settled until you are absolutely sure of your surgeon. I ask so many questions you'll think I'm an interviewer. But that's how you have to be with making a life changing decision. The more you know the better.

XoXo dolls
when is your surgery?? and i have a beyonddd flatt booty and i am praying it looks alot better after surgery.. fingers crossed because idk what to expect!??
I didn't schedule my SX yet. I'm waiting for my questions to be answered by Yily/Duran. Then I'll make my decision on my surgeon and will schedule a date. I really want to get it done before the summer. When are you getting yours? And with whom? You'll look fab.

Email sent to Duran...Hopefully she gets back to me soon

Sent her the English version. If she doesn't respond in a few days, Spanish I go. Lol. I don't even speak the Lango fluently. Love translators.
im getting mines done NEXT THURSDAY!!! and with Dr. Michelle Hardaway!! she said she can take my side and back fat and im already happy about that.. i figure whatever she does to my booty would be a plus i just think i have enough fat to inject back there for a ghetto booty lol but either i feel safe with her!!
That's what matters. You being comfortable and feeling safe with your doctor. Yeah she should be able to inject as much good fat in your butt as possible. Oh that's good...I can't stand my love handles, bra rolls, and fat back. I tried to hide it but it's noticeable on my framed bod. Once that is sculpt, you'll see a big difference faster. It's also good to wear your post op garment religiously. It will help.

My Spanish Follow-up Question/Her English Reply

Another death from the DR surgeons. Please do thorough research on your preferred doctor.

Here's a link I got from a RealSelf sister page:


May she rest in paradise. 1st death I heard about this year. Beverly passed away on February 19th per the article. Such a beautiful woman not aware that she wasn't going to return to show her results.

We must wisely choose the doctors we pick to operate on our bodies. This is very important. A doctor should be more concerned about your health rather than dollar signs. But in this life we have those who are money hungry.

I'm thinking about staying in the states all over again. The DR surgeons infection rate is sky rocketing. Sterile surgery equipment should be top priority for any person in the medical field. I'm reading about glove residue being identified in BA after another surgery is performed to remove infections from the breast area. I cherish my life more than a booty job for a smaller dollar amount.
Thats so sad. GOD please have his way in there family lives. Thats exactly why I decided not to got to the DR. They dont have repercussions to deal with after possible mal practice. They just continue working
My prayers go out to her family. I believe they are trying to build a case or something. They don't and that's terrible. The only thing I saw was medical insurance. I'm still thinking about staying in the states anyway. I can have a friend travel with me or go alone. Going out the country I need a travel buddy and family member or very close friend there every step of the way. I prefer Florida since it's not that far and two docs I like are out there
Treena Jackson died in DR a day or so after Beverly but I can't find anything on her other than RS updates. But there have been I know for sure others deaths since the new year.

Support is the best when it comes from your loved ones

My mom is so supportive of me getting SX. She be talking about she need to get a TT. My siblings and very close friends are also supportive. However, there's one person I haven't sat down with to talk to them about it. I'll wait till I schedule my SX. My dad is all about losing weight and yada yada the natural way so his reaction is going to be priceless once I tell him about my proposed plans for SX. I already had Lasik which he went with me to get it. That was for my eyes though. This one is for my ass. O_° I know he hears me through these thin walls when I'm in my researching mode. Especially when I see nice work I'm overly excited. He probably just waiting for me to say something. But I know he will respect my decision but oppose it.

Now, some of my female acquaintances are haters on the low. But hey...that's their hobby not mine. Some of my male friends say my body is fine now. I think otherwise. And then it's those who want to touch the toosh once I get it done. ; ) I'm going to be all over it as well. Lol.

Oh and I cannot forget that I got you ladies as well for support. :)

I think I'm fine. In 10 days my decision will be finalized and surgery day will be scheduled. I'm ready! (In my spongebob voice)

This week is the week I make my decision...I am sooooooo ready!!!

I am giving these doctors a few more days to answer my questions I sent via e-mail. I reached out to all the doctors I am considering. I even had a virtual consultation with Dr. Pazmino last Friday and it went well. I like that he finds health extremely important before doing your SX. His price is pretty up there with Salama since he does the SX at an actual hospital along with giving you a back scoop and ab etching (6 pack...I never had a 6 pack before). He gives you your down payment back if you decide you do not want to go to him (I wish they all did.) as long as his office is notified in advance.

Decisions Decisions Decisons!!! I just want a nice drink at the beach with some sun so I can watch the guys in their swim trunks come out the water with those banging ass bodies right now. Ooooh Lawd!!!
I pray you make the right decision as you said its best to choose a Dr with compassion than one whom is more interested in dollar signs, I had a lot of the same reservations when searching for a PS and I did think about DR docs after seeing their work but I have friends and family from there the country whom strongly opposed it. I did have surgery, TT , MR and lipo two weeks ago here in FL and although I paid more for the hospital surgery center and Anesthesologist, every dime was worth it. My surgeon was very upfront and deliberate with his details and experience on the day of SX my PS was available anytime my husband called with a questions and he called twice to check on me the night after the surgery. I've been having a Stella recovery and it's only been two weeks. Go with your heart and if says No to DR say no and even if you pay a little more for what you want it's worth it. Please if you have any questions let me know and just so you know there is a Dr in ATL that does work like Yily, And Almonte check him out his name is Dr Andrew Jimerson goes by the name Dr Curves on Instagram. 866-818-9588 site advancedplasticsurgerysolutions.com..this guy does all the major celebrities Tiny TI's wife and a host of others. Hope this helps.
Hi doll! Yes, my heart is no longer on the DR. I don't think I'm traveling out of the country for this procedure anyway since those doctors have yet to answer my questions regarding safety and health. I love their work, but there are plenty of doctors who provide the same or similar results here. I'm staying in the states where I will get general anesthesia and a piece of mind that there are hardly any infections cases in the US. My ideal location to go to is Florida since it's only a two hour flight from my area. Dr. J is too Hollywood for me and his recent work hasn't impress me that the contour I want could be created. I was quoted too much for a close to a flat stomach. It's hard to get rid of this fast food stomach. Dr. J patient coordinator recommended a TT. No other doctor recommended that. I haven't even had kids yet. I rather have a TT after I had kids. I'm torn between doctor Fisher and doctor Pazmiño. Both their work looks amazing and they, like the other doctors, stated I was a good candidate being as though I have no kids so the fat deposits I have are good for aggressive lipo. There's a price difference. I can pay out of pocket for Fisher based on my current budget, but Pazmiño I'm going to have to get a loan and that's not what I want to do (I have enough people in my pocket now.). If I chose to wait and save, I rather go to my first pick doctor (Salama). His team is still waiting for my answer if I'm choosing him. Lol. I love Nancy, she was like "long time no hear. So are you ready?" This is truly a long process. I'm glad that I've been patient with my research and reached out to many doctors. If I didn't, I probably would be in the DR right now. I'm going to make my decision this Friday. Congrats! Glad you are having a good recovery. Hope I have one like that. I don't mind pain though. I guess cause I endure it and rarely take meds. That's going to be another hiccup for me. :'( Thanks for being open and willing to answer any questions I have. I will take note of that.

So my heart is now back on Yily. Tug a war in my mind cause I like Fisher too.

I'm so stuck right now with my decision making. I'm so drawn to Yily. Then there is Fisher.

I know I made those updates about the DR but the heart wants what it wants. It's just that my mind and heart all of a sudden are in sync . Really?

This is a tough process.

The Tug A War has ended. I will be a Fisher Doll coming this Summer (June 2014)

I made up my mind to stay in the states with that deal I can't beat. Plus, I adore Fisher's work and will be in good hands.

Lately, he been giving these women donkey booty's. I called Jessica and she was like finally you are ready to schedule. Down payment made baby. I am sooooooooooo ready.

Now, it's time to save, prep, eat right, and shed at least 8-10lbs. I'll post pre-op pictures when I am close to my SX date.
Great choice you will be very pleased!
Thanks! Based off my frame, I think the results will be seen initially and any new addition would be a good one. My behind is so flat and small. Lol. Congrats on still holding up on your addition! I want to not lose much volume when I get mine done.
yass hunty future Fisher doll. I will be following your journey maybe will run into each other while there

More wish photos. I need my SX vets to lmk if I'm getting realistic.

I'm not going home unless I go big. I know I said I wasn't natural looking but I don't want the doctor to give me no little ass butt. I'm paying pretty coins for a new aesthetic addition. The body absorbs 30% of the fat injected (what I heard/seen from doctors explanation of the fat transfer procedures). I want to get a close to my wish photos as possible. Hope my skin allows it...it's a lot of jiggle back there now. Lol

spell check corrections to last update...these damn phones dictionaries

I want my SX vets to lmk (let me know) if I'm being realistic.

*want a natural looking butt, but...

Booty Dreams

Oh my! Who would've thought I be dreaming about my SX. I dreamed about a female PS who I believe may have been Yily. But there was a guy too, May have been Fisher. Omggggeeeee! I remember yapping to the lady about what I want my butt to look like and what I don't want. She started laughing and talking to the assistants. Then the guy I was like I want a bubble butt and I'm not playing. They thought I was a comedian or something. Kind eyes assured me I was in good hands. Then I scanned the big ass operating room looking at the surgical equipment to make sure it was up-to-date. It was. Then next thing you know it I was out for the count on the SX bed.

Next dream my behind was giving my mom a tummy tuck. Wth gave me the right. Lol. I was assuring her I was going to get her a flat tummy. I was just the cutting and she was awoke. Told her I got her covered.

These damn dreams. One minute I'm a patient the next I'm a doctor. What a dream.

Bad/Good news about my order of my chair

I ordered a Drive Sling Seat Cane saw a few RS sisters bought for post op. I just received an email that they are out of stock and the options I have. I sure am still getting that chair. It converts to a cane, not saying I need one but you never know. One RS sister had bought one from Dr. Pazmiño's office for $75. Luckily, another RS found a better deal for $24.95. I had to hop on that deal.

Activeforever.com sells the same chair Dr. Pazmiño office offers to his clientele.
Great choice...after having paid 19750$ to jimerson I m thinking going to Dr Fisher to correct jimerson horrible results....I wish I found Dr Fisher before....
Awww...sorry to hear that. Plus the fact you have to go through the pain again. Hopefully your second round gets you to where you want to be plus better. Dr. J is too freaking Hollywood for me. For those extreme prices, his patients should come out looking bootified, flat ass stomachs, and snatch to a 'T.' I was quoted around $18k cause I said I wanted a near flat stomach and the coordinator was like you need a TT. He can't promise you a flat stomach. I'm like I want him to get close to it as possible. No one is promising me anything. I told her no I don't need a TT. I don't have kids yet. And that price is too expensive. Have you started a consultation with Dr. Fisher yet?
They convinced me to have a tummy tuck even if I don't have kids yet....it s their strategy to make you pay more ...after that they make you add 5 more areas even if they know by law in Georgia he can't lipo more than 5000cc...I was so stupid to trust them...and at the end he just fake my surgery...I look the same before and after....except this horrific scar of my tummy tuck.i have called Jessica and got a quote but I didn't talk to Dr Fisher yet

I'm Booty Craved - Creepy

All I do is think about my SX and booty. It's like my mind is on work, SX, booty, money, SX, booty, family, SX, booty, friends, SX, booty. I think I'm just too damn excited about it.
Good luck!
Thanks doll!
Hey Doll! I m impressed by your research thus far, I think you're informed and whatever surgeon you choose will be top notch. In light of all the research and RS searching when it's your time I'm sure you'll have a fab recovery and amazing results...seems like you make heads turn and haters eyes roll now! You're hilarious and had me lol at the comment "I've got enough people in my pocket now.., you're also right no tummy tuck needed that's after babies..they tear you up so don't let the "Gas you into believing the hype". It's my pleasure to assist in making your recovery easier through sharing my experience so please feel free to inbox me if there is anything I can answer. Thank you for the kind words and well wishes, my healing has been amazing, I'm down 2 dress sizes and my Butt appears to be humungous and my hips my hubby says look amazing and finally tomorrow I'll be back at work. Doll when it's you're turn after 4 weeks of adhearing to your Docs rules you'll be up and at 'em collecting haters!~Blessings

I love updating you all with about just anything.

I'll definitely continue this after my procedure since I don't see a lot of women doing this. This will be my SX blog. Lol.

I'm other news, I'm still ecstatic. 3 months to go.

Boys will be Boys :-)

I been having convos with my male friends. Yes, it's an 's' behind friend. These funny characters been talking about "can I hit it from the back when you get it done?" "Let me play with it." "Can I touch it?" "Can I be the first to hit it?" "You want it that big?" "You going to have the bait."

Lol...Oh my! I know once I share my photos online (IG/FB), my phone going to be stumbling over with old dudes trying to see what it be like. Lmbo. And I'm going to carry them with class.

My Fast Food Lack of Exercise Fat Won't Escape Bod (Pre-op)

Here's some angles of my bod right now in its current form. Was on my way in the shower and decided to snap a few shots. Took the pics the best way I can. Sorry! Vajayjay and boobies in photo. I made it a collage. Hopefully, you can see them.
good luck you ll be fine. God bless you
Are you interested in a sooner date with Salama? I have May 8th. If you want to switch inbox me.
Hi hun! I am not going to Salama. My PS is Dr. Fisher. Thanks though.

Edit pre-op photos.

Pics r not bad. After bbl it will be awesome.
Thanks! I'll post one that a doctor showed me my results can be.
Ok great lets see:-)

A photo estimate of what my bod could look like from a Dr using a software.

Girl you are gonna look good. That before and after you did is giving me LIFE!! When are you scheduled?
Lol. Thanks doll! Yeah Dr. Pazmiño gave me that estimate but didn't want to show me a flat stomach cause he didn't see my belly in person. He gave me life. Lls I'm going in June. The 20th is Mr preferred date.
*me spell check blows me

Okay now the first death I heard about in the U.S.

So, I get home from a long day at work and extremely long class at school then go to the bathroom cause I been drinking. Lol. As soon as I get out the bathroom and start walking to the kitchen, immediately my mom (she knows I want the SX) yells for me to come here. She like aren't you going to Dr. Hanan, mind you and still yelling...my dad is in the room. I'm in the kitchen so I'm like no I'm not. She was trying to tell me that the doctor in Florida has a death under his belt. So, I'm avoiding going into her room cause my dad is in there cause she making a big deal. So, I'm brushing her off until he leaves. If you been following my journey then you know I haven't told my dad yet and it wouldn't be good at that moment to tell him when a BBL death is on the news (TV). I'm like what's the doctor name. How you know this. She watches Nancy Grace. I added a photo of the news...not in great detail. My mom is like the doctor name is Hanan...I'm like I don't know the doctor named that at vanity. I'm like you mean Hasan. She like I just wrote down what I could get from the name when Nancy said it. She literally wrote what she can get in details down on a paper. I love her cause she cares. So, my mom is loud as Heck y'all. I know my dad has a clue but I'm not ready to tell him yet. That's a true preparation. So, mom is going off saying that that doctor is a cosmetic doctor or dermatologist. So, I'm like mom whatever. People need to look at the doctors credentials. (I'm from the hood. Lol. Don't mind the so's)

But y'all this shat crazy. I want more information. These doctors stay denying and so do their clinics. Only highlighting the good not fore-warning cause that's money down the drain.
Ok, so this has just really scared the living F@ck out of me! I just read the article and it is clearly him!!! Wtf!
It scares me too. I was going to PM you about it once I knew for sure it was him. I didn't read the whole article just glanced at it cause my mom was freaking out and her friends on the phone were too.
Wait so was it HASAN???

So it was Dr. Hasan (Smdh)...rest her soul

She went through the procedure cause of the non refundable payment and suffered from a long embolism right after SX last July. After being rushed to the medical center she passed away.

Here's the link of the story: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2014/04/mother_of_five_dies_after_braz.php
Yeah it was him. Smh. He's not a surgeon. Vanity need to get it together. Losing credibility.

More to add...we have to do our research. Shat like this pisses me TF off!

From article..."Her surgeon was Dr. Anthony Hasan. He's not a licensed cosmetic surgery specialist but a dermatologist. However, under Florida law, any licensed doctor can perform plastic surgery. He claims he's been performing surgeries since 1999 with no prior incidents.

A Brazilian butt lift involves taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. However, surgeons risk injecting the fat too far into the buttocks, and the fatty tissue can enter the blood stream and cause complications, such as Cardona's lung embolism.

Hasan had previously settled a malpractice lawsuit out of court. In that same month of July, he had pleaded guilty to distributing Viagra with false labels and was placed on medical probation."
Thank you for the info... I seriously have some deep thinking to do and research... Smh. This just came out although it happened last year because I googled him several times and this never came up!! I read about the Viagra but that wasn't a death!! Sheesh!!!
No problem. Right...one person needed a blood transfusion in last November. Someone brought it to the news attention. Here's another thing I got from an article: "Indeed, while Hasan is not certified as a plastic surgeon and is actually a dermatologist - in Florida it is legal for any doctor, regardless of their speciality to perform cosmetic surgery." I'm going to double check Fisher although I saw RS sisters took a picture of his credentials and post it on her profile.
Florida is full of it. Smh. These states and their rules.

Dr. Fisher (ASPS Credentials - ???) CALLING ALL MY FISHER VETS

So, I look Dr. Fisher up on ASPS and no I could not find his name. Arrrrghhhh...this man has my heart cause of his work and I really want to go to him. This is just making me go through the downs way before SX. I am so on the edge right now. Do I continue cause they do have my initial deposit, or do I take a lost and miss out on my 4th choice preferred PS. I am not going to the DR so Yily still out the picture. Whatever SHE is still going to Fisher. GOD be with me.
I can't believe he doesn't have his credentials when he was given the title of having the most bbl performed!! What i do know from research us many practicing plastic surgery were PCP, internist, dermatologist, pediatrician & etc. plastic surgery is just another specialty. With a few months of attending anyone physician can basically become cosmetic plastic surgeon w/limitations.
Yeah, I read that on the FDA website. Basically any MD could perform plastic surgery with out being a certified plastic surgeon but what really blows me is that they are promoting the fact that he is certified... Don't like to be lied too. A representative from there specifically told me that Fisher was because I asked!! Smh. I must admit that his results are amazing tho...
Yeah many plastic surgeons in nyc r board certified in another specialty. It's the norm. Maybe they will give a discount lol

love my RS dolls...at ease now.

I was at work ready to freak out. Lol.
Thanks dolls!
Too funny...your moms be on it girly! Great job moms and just aporeciate her! Girl i knw she was like aaah hell naw hold up! Hey sis pm kristy she will chnge ur PS for you or any Mngr! But do tell ur dad ok....u know fathers and how they feel abt their daughters! Tell ur mother, great looking out she has just been recruited to the Team RS MOMS INVESTIGATION SQAUD for us dolls!
Yes, if only you all could hear her. She was not having it. What's Kristy info? I do want my PS changed cause I don't want to confuse the RS sisters on here thinking I am writing my review based off Salama. I love Salama work and all but not going to him. Yes, I am going to tell my dad. I plan on doing so in May. Just gives me a month of him shaking his head in disappointment and yada yada. I sure will tell her. She don't play especially when Nancy Grace is talking. That's her girl. If y'all could hear her though. "You going to see Dr. Hanan"...I couldn't do nothing but laugh when she tried to pronounce his name. Then she had her girlfriends on the phone agreeing. I love that lady to death.
Did you steal my preop pics? LOL Girl we have the same body (except you have more butt). I'm having my surgery in about 6 days and I cannot wait! I know exactly how you feel and I wish you the best! Summertime fine here we come!!! D

High Blood Pressure...Ugh!!!

So ladies, I been having headaches early in the AM when I wake up since last week. I finally went to the medical center cause my damn physician will not be able to see me until next Monday. I get there for my appt. and let them know what's going on again for just in case purposes. They like you took any meds. I am like no...I am the type that deals with the pain until it gets close to severe...I let nature take its course. So anywhoo...the nurse takes my blood pressure (BP) and puts the thermometer in my mouth. My behind looking at the machine only recognizing the heart rate monitor, temp, and BP count at the very top. So, after everything is done she is like well you are a little high over 92 but that's most likely from your headache. I am like cool. I did not want high BP. My BP was 146/92 and had a temp of 99.0. Moving on to the sweet funny doctor...Dr. Sharon is taking good care of me checking to make sure I am well-balanced...everything looks good - eyes, throat, mouth, ears, breathing, etc. I felt like a BIG kid in the doctors office again. Luckily, she said it can be cause of sleep deprive (my fat ass takes naps...yes I do so I am like okay), hormones, or my menstrual is about to come. Which I don't think so cause I have an abnormal one and was on for a century (of course I am exaggerating) last month (OMG...the worst). She prescribed some meds (cause I be damn if I wasn't getting anything but words from this appt.) and was like if it continues next week to come back for some stronger meds and to possibly go see a neurologist. I don't play with my health so she will be going to see a neurologist if these meds don't work. Oh yeah...I cancelled my scheduled appt. with my physician. I am planning on replacing him with someone else. He just yaps to me a lot about my back aches (I think it's the boobs)...sends me to a place for x-ray...never tells me the results...I have to call his office...then days later I finally get through to a nurse to say everything came back fine. I am like so wtf do I still have these back aches. Arrrrghhhh! I like compassionate doctors. Like you suppose to love what you do and care about your patients health. Anyway dolls...just wanted to feel you in about my current health situation. Hope this revolving headache goes away.

That's the *Bleep* I don't like

Stop bashing these doctors on RS ladies pages! Do it on your own profile. Ohhhhhh that's right. Your monkey ass don't have one cause you busy with 1k+ comments with no review and miserable without the results you haven't got. Stop trying to belittle and discourage these RS women about their choices. Last time I checked from reading their reviews, you were never mentioned as their partner/GOD/etc. So get some business and make yourself happy by keeping your negative comments to yourself. RS was not created to be cruel, evil, obnoxious, or a bully to those who use it as an informational and/or support system whether if they are going through with surgery or not. The choice is up to them since it is their body that has to go through the changes. We, women need to stop downing one another and help lift each other. The bigger the support system the better. My advice for you is to look into the mirror and see if you're happy on how you are living. Does it make you feel good to bring another human being down? Do you not like yourself so much that you have to pick on others about your flaws? Be a mother to yourself. If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. Cause karma is Bitch. What goes around comes back around ten times fold. You might need believe that this is true but one day you'll see and realize karma caught up with you.

Mind your own business and get a freaking happy life! Have a nice day! :-)
Okkkkkkkkkkkkkk now lol
Two snaps gul and a twist amen!!!!

Preparation and item list for BBL

Hey dolls! Here's a link a RS shared that has a preparation and item list for the BBL procedure:


Hope this is helpful. Sharing is caring. :-)
PREACHHHHHHHH!!Hows your bp luv? Kristy is one of the managers on RS ....go on my part one journal and click on her name ok.....
I haven't checked. I'm taking the meds for my headaches so I'm doing much better. Thanks for asking love! Appreciate it. Oh alright. Will do. Thanks!
Lmao is that person still beefing with ppl? Those were my thoughts exactly but I kept my cool and tried to be cordial. Smh!!

I'm ecstatic. My doctor was changed. Thanks Kristy & Sexeeangel

Kristy is quick to process my request and so sweet. Thanks doll! && many thanks to Sexeeangel for the recommendation/referral.

Ladies, if you need your doctor changed to the one who will be performing your surgery. Kristy (Community Manager) or any other manager will be able to assist.

Now my doctor will get the review credit that he will deserve. Lol. Plus those seeking Fisher would see the reviews.

Vedette Help! Where my Vets at?

Lol. I'm corny. I was trying to make that title go together.

Okay, so here's the 411...I'm trying to have this waist/abdomen snatched to a freaking 'T.' I know Vanity gives a compression garment, however, I want additional ones. I saw on other RS sister page recommended by a fellow viewer that it is best to buy one your current size then another one a size smaller.

I know I don't know what size my butt is going to be, but I'm going for big and more hips to fit that inserted fat. I'm not trying to lose a lot of volume.

What do you all think? P.S. I know you all viewing this. Don't just look...comment loves.
I don't consider myself a vet yet lol but in the garment vanity gives, they gave me a 40 and it's too big so is suggest a 38 for you at the least. I told them the 40 was too big when I tired it but they assured me I'll be so swollen it'll be fine. Nope it's still too big and I have no trouble putting it on or off except it hurts my butt a little. I'm gonna get another one today or tomorrow.
Girl you got experience now. You a vet. Lol. Okay. I'm going to request that size. 40 just sounds so big to me. I'm not that big. Weighing at a 160 standing 5'4" tall...I'm overweight for my dude power the doctor charts. I'm planning to lose more weight so my belly goes down more after SX. Thanks doll!
True I was 167 when I went under. I think 38 or 36 for u. Not too tight tho. I can fit my medium squeem with ease too

Cabral is a beast

This bubble butts gone wild. I'm on his instagram page eye googly.

Freak...moving too fast. More photos

Loving his work.
*size *per Swype is so annoying at times.

Confirmed for the 17th of June w/ Fisher...finally (Shat is getting REAL)

I locked in my date and going a few days sooner than the day I originally said I was going. I am soooooooo ready for my cute bubble butt. I DO NOT like my little butt not one bit. Well it jiggles without clothes on and some thongs. No complaints in the ACTION (if you get my drift). Was that a TMI? Lol. Any addition to this small frame and itty bitty ass will be awesome. So, Jessica called me back last week since I told her to do so the week before so I can put down another deposit. She been checking up on me the week prior to see if everything still was a go for SX. She did call the next week as I requested, however, I was at work and truly busy. She called me this week, today, and we got that other deposit paid for. My date is secured, and I am press. So excited. Helping with this damn headache of mine...another thing I have to get checked out...yet again cause these meds not working for me. I don't know if my body is use to it now or what. Maybe a headache from this hormonal phase with this BC shot. But then again I got the lowest dosage. I am liking this light period I have this week (maybe another TMI...we all ladies). Anywhoo....I schedule a doctor appointment with my doctor for this weekend about those headaches and other concerns I have. I am not leaving that office until I get some answers cause I can't take no scares before SX. Everything needs to be on point or damn near 99.9% on point. Back to the subject at hand...so I got the nurse for the first night, still undecided about that though. I have decided to not go to the RH and after some reviews, it is not worth it. I rather do some things on my own anyway. At the end of the day when I get home I have to take of myself.

SX is a trueeeeeeee emotional rollercoaster. One minute I am like blah...the other minute I am like yada yada yada Yay me! So, I have to keep up with the positive thoughts in mind.

Recently, I told you all about my colleagues I informed of what will take place in the Summer. Okay so the one I work closely with told me to ask mgmt can I work remotely the week I get back home. I'm thinking about asking them but don't know how to say I need bed rest (rest in general) cause I got surgery without giving too much details. I'm thinking about asking for two weeks to work from home. I nervscared (nervous and scared). So let me tell you all about the other day at work, the other day we all walking to get some breakfast from our cafeteria and of course my little butt is on one of their minds even though they like my little shape. Lol. Anywhoo...so my colleague and the other one chimes in to say the same thing...they are going to laugh at the reaction from the stuck-ups in my office room once on my first day back. I told them not too. But they know how jaws will drop at the sign of me shining (that's the way I am going to put it). Sometimes I get in that mind frame about judgement but people going to do it anyway. They do it now. All I know is that I'm going to get questioned, and I found an answer that I will be delivering to those nosey fuckers (excuse my frenchie).

Possible Q: What did you do to your body? Why did you do that?
My answer in the polite professional tone for work: I would respectfully decline to answer your question(s) since this does not relate to work or how this company will reach its yearly goals.

(I think that sounds good for those at work)...Now onto the others...outside of work who going to be full of questions that not getting the procedure done.

Possible Q: What did you do to your body? Why did you do that?
My answer: Please mind your business. My Life. My Body. All naysayers please take it up with GOD. Have a nice day! = )

I think if I keep it like that I'll ignore the thousand questions that come after the first one. I just know for the remainder of the year at work people are going to think I am vain. I guess I am fine with whatever they think. I can care less. It will be a true shocker to my extended family members but they always got something to say about somebody anyway so freak them if they not complimenting or being happy I am healthy and alive.

Okay dollies! I guess that's enough for today. I'll just continue to be looking out for y'all updates and doing what I do best...being obsessed with this site and procedure.

I don't mind asking any questions/providing advice/being here for you to vent/etc. That's what a supportive person does. I will respond to messages as soon as I can. I usually reply to comments and PMs quickly cause I am always on my phone (tech junkie).

Don't be mad cause my update is longgggggggggggggg...I am a very detailed person. Capricorns usually are. Yeah I put my sign out there. Bam! Anyway loves....enjoy the rest of your day.

As always keep it cute and stunt on these haters!!!

XoXo - Smooches doll = )
I read parts of your review. I really like your personality. Gurl i would pay no mind to people at work. Just keep it moving cuz they will talk regardless. Looking forward to your journey
Hey doll! Thanx. Yes, I'm going to get a kick out of the stuck ups faces. I get so much attention now based off how I dress plus the old gov perves. Lol. I'm just so ready to get it done. I think too much about it.
Future Fisher Babes! 6/3/14

55 Days until SX...&& I am thinking Hasan is right for me. I am no longer feeling Fisher. What's going on with me?

I am strongly thinking about Hasan now. I feel as though he is the right doctor for me. I am not feeling Fisher anymore. I don't know why it's just a feeling. Something not sparking me anymore with my previous decision about Fisher. There's so many factors that have been scattering in my head. Arrrrgh Surge is a true process. Like you have to be mentally ready for it as if you are physically prepared.

Officially changed to the Cosmetic Surgery Board Certified Doctor - Hasan

Fisher is great, but I am no longer feeling like he is the best doctor for me to give me the results I want. I know why I chose him at first but things are not looking up to my standards anymore. My heart no longer yearns for him.

Now, I know you all going to be like I posted all that about Hasan, and I was happy that Fisher was my doctor (cause I did say that) and now I want Hasan to be my surgeon. YOU damnnnnn right. After doing further research on his past patients and the results he delivers, I found my doctor. My figure I believe he will do an awesome job with enhancing. That is what cosmetic means...creating beauty to the already aesthetic features/figure. After all my coordinator and I went through cause I been giving her hell on wheels...she know I don't play, she also agreed that he will do an amazing job with my body and even though he doesn't do hips he will make it look like hips are added. I have enough hips and after lifting my butt up (yes I took my two cheeks and lifted them up) I saw that I do not need to add to hips since I have some and looking for a natural big butt with a scoop. He is a certified dermatologist, yes I know. That's a plus for me since I have skin problems. Anyway...my money...my mind...my body. You can love it, hate it, or MYOB. You choose. The choice is up to YOU.

Anywhoo....have a terrific day dolls!!! As always keep it cute! XoXo - Smooches luvs
Noooo were suppose to be sx twins lol but I ain't mad at u early is always better!
(Date wise) I just can't wait!
Lol. I know what you mean. It's the anticipation that gets us.

Work Decision - Time off put in...finally! Whooo....

So, I was anticipating putting in my time off cause I wanted to request to work remotely my second week ("recovery time") once I get home. I don't like missing out of my money. I am already taking a week and a day with no pay for my SX. THE sacrifices I make for ME.

With the help of my fellow SX buddy and old colleague, I came up with an e-mail to send to my lead and manager requesting to work remotely for a few days the second week. I already work remotely on Fridays so I requested T-Th. I told them it was for a medical reason why I was taking off and that I will not be mobile for two weeks, but I wanted to work my second week. My lead approved it, and I was just waiting for the manager. I thought he was going to say no but with the grace of GOD he said yes I can work remotely and good luck with my surgery. Now, y'all know my advisers ensured me to not go into details as I am a very detailed individual. So, I kept it as a medical reason with surgery. But I could not do anything but laugh at that approval e-mail when he said good luck with your surgery cause no one, other than the 5 people I told, know about my surgery. Yes, I might have told you all earlier that I told 2 people, I don't recall and am not going to scroll up to check either. I told my old colleagues, who are perms at this govt. agency I contract at, since they have guided me throughout the beginning of my career. One was very concern about me getting it and told me to give him the money and he will train me. Ummmm...sir I want a butt and want to reduce this gut. I know the gut part he can help with but the booty...I don't just want it firm, I want it juicyyyy. The other one...such a sweet lady wished me the best. She even told me to tell them it's a female issue if the lead/manager questioned what surgery I was having and if they continue to ask to just cry. I told her she was silly. But that was a damn good idea. I will make a scene looking like a big cry baby and I bet they won't ask me about why I am taking off in the future. Now the others you should know about and if not, it doesn't matter.

So, back to this e-mail. Y'all when I first saw the e-mail notification I was nerscared (nervous/scared). I didn't know what the message will say. When I opened it I was smiling then laughed at the good luck with your surgery part. I laughed cause I know what type of surgery I am having. However, the lead and manager don't. It's none of their business. They are some examiners (both males). One recognized the earrings I had on during Easter week and asked was I wearing them for the holiday. Of course, I was not but I realized how much he recognized the smallest things on my body. So, come June 30, 2014 I am going to have a story for you all. My colleague said he is going to record the reactions...idk why. But they all in that little room we work in stare at me when I first come in the door and when I go in/out. I don't know if it's cause of my style (of fashion) or they just nosey as phuck.

Now, that I jumped over that hurdle that I made for myself, I can move onto the other planning parts for this SX.
Girl every single day someone notices my body. OMG! It's kinda annoying bc I'm tryna make it seem like I just worked out for this lol. If I wear a baggy or loose shirt they notice too! I thought my changes were subtle (butt wise) but I looked at older pics of me and Got damn!! I was a mess!!! Lol. But thank God you got approved!
Lol. They noticed a change. It's crazy how much people pay attention when you don't think they are. And yes thank GOD. I would've just be trying to find other options to make up that money missed. How's everything else going for you?
I'm glad everything worked out!! Another step closer!! ;)

Dad Knows Y'all - 1 Month & 11 days To Go until Transformation - More other updates

My last update was about getting approval to work remotely once I return back from Miami. Glad I got that approved. My AWESOME GOD!!!

Now, to talk about how my old colleague (still friend) who was so not for my SX talk. I talked to him today about it and he saw a picture of a recent patient of Pazmino. Let me tell y'all this dude face was like damn (in a light up way)...she went from that to that. He started laughing. He like "you are going to be killing us here. Like you want to be that big." I am like I want to have a nice shaped big butt but not too stupid funky donkey looking. All he kept saying was "like they are REALLY going to be staring." I am like they already stare now. He like "well they are going to stop and stare more." We both laughed. Then he was like "please warn me before you come back. Omg...you are going to...just let me know when you come back cause I don't....I don't want no surprises." Funny thing is...he will be surprised. I am just going to send him an IM to see if he is at his desk, then go to his cube. Lol...so now he is anxious to see my results. Like he seems more anxious than I. It's good he is though cause he was totally against it at first. I told him I will be swollen for a few weeks. But I am so glad he is not so edgy like he use to when I first mentioned it to him.

Dad Knows Y'all - Okay, so I am going to let you all know how my dad knows about the BBL. I might have mentioned earlier in my RS blog that I was going to wait to tell my dad about my SX until a month before I go. However, I didn't tell my dad about SX. My dad let me know in his own words that he knew about a week ago. This is how it went down. I was working from home one day and was on a conference call. I overheard my dad tell my mother that I need to look at this. Not knowing what 'this' was I continued with my work duties. The smell of breakfast seduced my nostrils so I went in the living room where my dad and mom was to see what was for breakfast. I immediately asked my mom what she make me. She was like you don't eat cream of wheat. I am like un huh. Yes, I do. Then she was like "oh." So, I went to the bathroom to release fluids. Lol. Then went in the kitchen. Okay, the kitchen is near the living room which is near my room. Ha! So, that's why I can hear and smell everythingggggg. Back to the story, so I am looking in the fridge for some early morning food and then my dad was like "hey you need to come look at this." I am like look at what dad. He is like "they are talking about 'butt surgery'." Y'all I couldn't think fast enough. Shat was running through my head at the speed of lightning. I am like okay. He was like "this lady lost her limbs (arms/legs) cause she got butt surgery by a doctor." I was like dad I know exactly who you are talking about. She had lethal injections, I call it that, and it was not by a doctor. That was by someone posing as one. Many women get that done. It's quick and cheap. Then I had to ensure him that there is a difference between the butt procedures, one being injections from unknown products and the other one being fat or butt implants. After I said that we just continue to watch the lady on Dr. Oz (the show he and my mom was watching).

Now, I did not go to my father and have a sit down as I was planning it out in my head months prior. Of course, the only other person in the house that knows about my surgery is my mom. I asked my mom did she tell him and she said "yep." Mom cannot stop talking. That lady will tell the moon how many craters it has. Then tell the Sun someone is mooning them. Lol. It is kind of a relief because I didn't have to hear him yap about exercising to lose weight and so on. Whoooo...that is good he knows.

Alright...that's enough of me yapping for today. I got one more month and 11 days to go until SX. I need to do all this last minute things. Oh and I got some buddies that will be my support system while in Miami. One is going the day before me (6/16) and the other is going the day after me (6/18). We are going to help one another out. Y'all I am so nerscared/excited/anxious/overwhelm/happy. I am having so many emotions at once all the time.

As always dollfaces it's a pleasure to speak to you all through updates to my blog.

XoXo - Smooches dolls
I relate so much to your post that sht crazy! Im from Atlanta too...and I too can't decide on Fisher or Hasan!!! Ugh its frustrating bc I have my money ready just need to book a date. .which im considering June as well. .are you staying in a hotel?
I have two other buddies. We are going to rent out an apartment or house. Most likely we were leaving towards an apartment. If we get more buddies, we'll do this house. When in June were you trying to go?
When in June are you scheduled because I would like to go with someone through this experience

Apartment/Flight Booked...

I haven't been on here in a while other than stalking like usual when I get updates to my e-mail.

Time for an update. So, my buddies and I booked the place where we will be staying. Kind of awesome it's not that far from the beach. I just got my flight over the weekend since SX is next month. I was so grateful I got a good deal on my flight. I was not trying to pay over $300 to go to Miami. I don't have to buy any maxi dresses or things like that cause I am a SHOPAHOLIC!!! I got clothes packed in my closet and outside of it that I wore once or twice or never wore NWT. Blah! I need a Hers and Hers closet. The only thing I bought was the chair, PUR Iron, Liquid Laxative, and my medium sized garment. Oh boy! I was struggling to put that damn thing on and it was lifting up my back thigh fat (crying face). Y'all I even picked up more weight cause my fat ass wasn't watching what I eat. I mean I was getting treated out to eat and was not thinking twice. I am 162lbs now. I never went over 160 in some years now. Glad it's only 2lbs. I think it's this new birth control (I got the strongest) one that is getting to me. Time to cut this wack eating habit down. I want to be down to 155lbs again at least. Ugh! It's just this damn belly I wish I can rid of, and I'll be fine. Enough with my yapping. I know what I got to do and will start soon. Tomorrow is soon. Lol.

All I have to do is finish paying for my SX then I am all good. Just a couple stacks to go then I am free of that expense. Making my next payment next week so that's going to drop it another stack. Yay Me!!!!

So, of course I am hearing from my sandbox (friend since I was a little girl) that I don't need a butt cause I am going to get attention from guys the wrong way and GOD made me the way he wanted. I also let her know that he indeed made me but I have also did not do right by my body plus I want a little enhancement. So, she hits this well you can workout. I gave her a silent moment for her to reflect on that. When you don't have a banging body cause you worked, then you have no right telling me that I need to workout. Cause if I can remember we both need to be in someone's gym or running on the track for some laps. I love to shut people but she kept going. I am like girl bye. Bye Bye Craig! I am doing something for me. You don't like it just embrace the new butt I will get and you feed off the attention that will come with it. I am not tripping over these people when they make their remarks. Like I do now I am going to laugh it off. Sometimes these people think I am getting a butt for attention, to get a man, and/or to be a video vixen. Child please!!! I don't need a butt to get a man or any attention. Last time I checked this little ass gets enough attention and men are no problem. People don't like when they see you doing something for you to make you happy. I wanted a butt for sooooooo long and don't owe not a damn human being walking this surface a reason why. As long as my Almighty Father provides his blessing I am alright with that. He has allowed me to come this far in my path and been by my side with our plans. His blessing is all I need. If he hasn't complained to me, then I don't need someone without his type of power trying to.

Okay, that's enough of that. Just a little update.

To all the new dolls out there who just got out of SX or will be soon! Good luck and Happy Healing! && keep posting pictures...it keeps me motivated y'all!!! = ) School and Work is so mind bloggling! Ahhh...I need a mini-vacation and ASAP.

As always...keep it cute and chic!!! XoXo - Smooches Dolls
Oh I'm so happy for you && so glad your dad knows! I'm sure that's a relief. Good luck doll
Thanks boo! Yes, I'm just ready.
Well ppl will always have something to say period!!!! Sometimes it's best to tell no one....only the supporters. Gd luck luv:-)

Vanity Vanity Vanity...That's all I can say. True money greed vultures!!! Beware!

Vanity lacks where expensive doctors offices don't. Customer Service is at an all time low. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. Half cost for half ass service.

I just pray everything works out well for those who are going there as well as myself and that I do not need a revision. Lord knows I won't go back to Vanity. I'll just have to pick another well proper established company that prides themselves on business ethics and professional services.

Beware that those prices increase at the blink of the eye and nothing is standard. There's not a lot of anything with Vanity letterhead only the invoice and labwork prescription. You'll be lucky if you get a patient coordinator who is on top of their job and compassionate.

My opinion if you want to be able to speak directly to your doctor and get close to excellent customer service, don't choose Vanity. Look around and reach out to those companies who have time for their patient and will listen to your ever need/wants

Good luck dolls! XoXo - Smooches dolls!
I'm currently in deal making with vanity for hasan or fisher bt like you hasan is the one I think I can't wait to see ur results !! Blessings!!!!!
Good luck with your decision. Thanks luv!
Hey girle!!! We are days away!!! :) By chance, do you know how to make the triangle board for the lower back curvature. I forgot to order one online and there was a RS sister who showed how to make one step by step but I can't remember her name :(


Save yourself from these greedy ass VULTURE BITCHES!!!

They do not care about nothing but money. They need a new management team and employees. I haven't dealt with the doctor yet so I cannot say anything bad about them. I don't like bashing people at all. But I do not stir people wrong. This life changing process is suppose to be one with less headaches and stress as much as possible since you have a patient coordinator. I rather do business with the doctor myself.

I will not do business ever again in my life with Vanity. I am just ready for surgery and my post-op appointments. I pray GOD/Jesus be with me throughout the whole entire process and keep me in my character cause I might have to count to 10 to keep me from showing people what the red meat actually looks like on their bodies.


Please save your money and go to a better professional surgery business who has ethics and care about their patients.
Damn..smh..vanity is going to lose lots of clientele
And they need to cause they mouth full of the mildew waste that suppose to come out their ass. Claudia left a VM saying most of our patients pay their remaining balance one week prior to their surgery. Okay. So is it protocol or not. Make up shat as they go. Then say I personally went to see if Hasan approved your labs. I will have to apologize since if you don't call me by 6 before I leave I'll remove you from Hasan's schedule. If you did,why is it so hard to provide the patient with a copy. I don't understand them vultures. I'll be in Miami tomorrow and at their office.

I'm in Miami Bitch!!!

So I got my damn photo copy of my labs signed by Dr. Hasan finally. As I am a woman of my word I paid the remainder balance. My PC calmed all that ruckus down though after yesterday's shenanigans after I asked her was she in the office via text today then told her I'm in Florida waiting on my rental so I can get down there to Vanity. Guess that got them to get Hasan to sign the paper before he left the office.

Other than that while in Miami...

I'm exhausted at 11 PM after my SX buddy and I ran around Miami to do last minute shopping before our SX. Love that ECO friendly rental we got. We still on full after running these Miami streets. My buddy and I are so ready for surgery. Hope we ready for the recovery process.

I'm not feeling any anxiety/mixed emotions about surgery yet. It might come all at once after I see Hasan and be sent off to the operating room.

Okay it's time to enjoy the beach tomorrow in a bathing suit with this overly flabby lovable stomach and precise flat ass. Lol. I got lab work to do on Monday and got to see Hasan so he can finesse this ass.

Goodnight dolls! XoXo ...smooches!
Vanity is full of s**t!!! I went there twice for consults.... I live in Miami first of all... I went to them in December 2012 (at their Hialeah off) and got a quote of $2800 for BBL & Lipo 12 areas. I didnt do it because I wasnt sure yet. Me and my daughter went this year February 2014 (to the SW 8 street office), they said the price was 3500 but if we didnt put a $1000 deposit that day the price was going up to $4500 because it was tax season. BULLSHIT!!! My cousin fell for that shit and put a deposit, then paid the rest in full when she got got her taxes ($3500). Now she is scheduled for the end of July.... They called her yesterday and told her she had to come and do labs early because Hasan was goin on vcay from July 8-18. She got scared becuse she ws to lose 20 lbs and havent reached her goal. Me, myself, I'm goin to the DR, but been researching this shit since 2000 back when Florida Center For Cosmetic Surgery (Ft. Lauderdale) was the ishhh so i know how it goes. I had to call Claudia and go slap ass off on her about tryin' my cousin (sorry y'all im soo hood and i love it). Anyhow, they trying to tell her labs take a few weeks and ishh when actually you get the results the same day. I told them that it is NOT possible for her before July 25th (they try to give me some bull crap about if her lab work aint right and she's from out of town, and about paying $75 more for additional labs). I told them to let me get that $3500 back and I bet they shut the f***k up and scheduled her to come in on the July 25th, 5 days before surgery. I said all that to say this..... They are MONEY HUNGRY VULTURES!!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SHITTY BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE NONE!!! THEY SEEM TO TRY AND GET OVER ON US LIKE WE DONT HAVE NO DAM SENSE!!! THEY ARE SOOOO UNORGANIZED, NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE OTHER PERSON HAS SAID OR DONE!!! Just a HOT DAM MESS!!! So you're right!!! You gotta check them and let them know you aint no duck and dont try for nann (sorry for the long comment but I know exactly what you're saying about them)
Good luck doll! Sending prayers up for you!
Yes. I called them greedy in an email to their general mailbox so they all can see. I'll post those emails once I'm finally done with Vanity. Yall going to enjoy them cause I was firm but came for them in the emails. I have no time for games especially when I am conducting business transactions. Don't try to put wool over my eyes when you Blinded yourself. I'm from DC and will try my best if one of them get smart to not knock the shat out of them vulture monkeys cause my reflexes react to my thoughts and I move real quick. But in all I hope they do okay when I'm face to face cause they change their whole voice/Game up when I text her to let her know I was in town and waiting on a rental car so I can come up there. That was the fastest response I ever got from the lady and for them to provide me with my request right then and there. It usually take them forever and weeks to provide me with anything. No customer service is right! Claudia had a nerve to address herself as the manager of the call center and customer service. Bitch please you manage them jar heads to say what you want them to and they forget the script when they thrown a whole lot of questions at once. They need new management all the way around. Shat! I can tell them how to run a customer service business right. But girl thanks for sharing your story and glad you got them bitches straight cause they think we dumb and will quickly jump on deals without following up with them cause they real cheap in the US. They better think again. We may be women but we know how to think and use our brains when it comes to logical things. Are you still getting surgery in the DR? If so, who you going to?

Dr. Hasan's Certs

I was all in the doctors office while talking to my PC and took pictures. Dr. Hasan does not look like those photos on RS or Vanity webpage. Dr. Hasan is a cutie for his age. Too bad I didn't get a photo but those who seen him knows that picture does no justice.
Dr Hasan is a cutie indeed!
Yes. I was looking at the family photos in his office and was looking for this old man with the Mario mustache.

Visit to Vanity

Today I went to Vanity for my consultation. Vanity clinic is not full of drama and craziness as I thought it would be. I walked in and it was clean with two women at the front desk. I had to sign in through this tablet system connected to their network and indicate what I was visiting for. I waited for my name to be called and scanned the room. I saw a few women coming in for their post op appointments and them butts were sittings high. My PC Jessica got her new booty and it was in fact big in that midi skirt. She's two months post from being a Fisher doll. She was looking good though. This place is full of fashionistas. Cute fits and heels click clack on the floor constantly. These sales women were on their job. Too bad their sales techniques are too pushy via telephone. It's so much better when you are face to face with these women. Tones are so different and everything. There is more compassion versus how it is throughout the process before arriving to Miami.

Okay so onto when my name got called by Jessica as she introduced herself with a warm handshake. As we walked she told me that we are going to go to an office to get my final receipts signed. We went to Dr. Hasan's office. I sat in the chair and signed my receipts. She told me that my labs were missing the PT/PTT test and have to do them there, which I knew from our last conversation. The doctors assistant came in and quickly started to ask me the initial questions regarding allergies, pregnancies, weight, and so on. I didn't know my weight this week as I checked it last week and I was at 161.2 lbs. Blah! So, I told she said we will get your weight. Then Hasan came in, the assistant got out of his chair then she continue to ask the other questions. Dr. Hassan then asked me what he can do for me. I told him I have surgery with him tomorrow. He then said and what do you want to get done. I know he knows and is a quite busy man but wanted to keep the convo going and told him a BBL. He then asked me to strip for him....sike naw...he told me to remove my tops. I had a black tank top on and a black bandeau strap bra on...I got big boobs. He then told me to unbutton my bottoms. I did so and pulled them down. I had on tight ass pink shorts so I needed to breathe. He then pulled his chair up close to me. He touched my stomach and stated I had damaged skin. I confirmed that as I have very sensitive and dry skin, eczema, and stretch marks. He then said I'll get you flat. I said ok. He then start to move body around to the side. He said I'll get these flanks and give you more of a curve look. He turned me around to the back. He touched my lower back rolls and said he'll remove the fat pockets there to give me the smooth scoop look like everyone likes. He went up my back and said he'll remove those bra rolls. He said he'll smooth my back out and give me more of a curvy look. He then went on to say that all the fat he takes out he'll put it in my butt. I was satisfied. He asked the assistant what my weight was. She said she has to get it. She then told him something in Spanish and I caught her say in English someone was waiting for him. He said something back in Spanish then in English similar to them having to wait. My mind thoughts was like yes doc. So we go to get my weight and to my freaking surprise I'm 170. How the freak can that be. I then watched the lady move that old ass weight system and saw that it wasn't that so balance in the middle as it suppose to be. I'm no nurse but I know that it doesn't suppose to be almost hitting the top. Anyway we go back to the doctor office and she gives him my weight. He stated that I almost didn't make it and he was going to send me home. Oh boy! I didn't want to hear that. I told him my ass would've been in somebody's gym or running outside in this Miami heat. He gave a warm chuckled smile. I made the doc smile. After that I did my signings of the paperwork and asked a few questions here and there. I had to call my Maryland doctor office toThen it was time for labs. Everything was good to go. Jessica told me that someone will be calling me today to tell me when to come in tomorrow. I left Vanity feeling so much better.


I had to call my doctors office to see if they ordered my PT/PTT tests. They said yeah and faxed it over. The young girl on the phone gave me some tude though but it's okay cause if she did her job right the first time I wouldn't be calling them back again.

Yay! As I requested when I first chose Hasan, I got to be Dr. Hasan's first patient for surgery tomorrow. Jess gave me one of my requests I see. : )

I am to report to Vanity at 5:30 AM tomorrow. Omgeeee I'm so excited y'all.

I'll update you all again when I can. I got some more last minute things to do then I'm eating before shower/bed.

XoXo....Smooches dolls!
Praying all goes well. Glad to hear bout the positive feed back on Vanity cuz a sista has been thinking bout moving on 2 the next. Update as soon as u feel up 2 it.
Thanks doll! Will do.
Gd luck

5:30 AM to be present at Vanity. Patiently waiting...

So I'm just the waiting and it's 17 minutes past the time I was told to arrive.
That sounds about right... lol. Good luck doll with your sx. Keeping you in my prayers. Post lots of pics when you feel up to it.
Thanks! I took many. Lol. I'm a photo addict. I'll post last night before and today's after in a minute.

I made it to the other side. In Dr. Hasan's words before surgery while he marked me up, "you'll be Hasanified!"

Here's an initial side by side photo of me from last night to this afternoon. I'm Hasanified dolls!

I'm a photo addict so I got plenty of pictures from all angles. You all have to excuse the blood. I'm a bloody mess. I'll post those at a later time. My ass is big yall though and from the looks of it he snatched this ass.

I'll provide another update with my surgery day experience before the end of the week.


*He snatched this waist. Lol.

I love me some Dr. Hasan. He such a sweetheart and all about doing his job as accurately as possible with his patient's health in mind. He told me he is worried about my health more than anything. After he said 170, I was like Un un, I'm 163.5lbs cause I weighed myself yesterday. He was like who messed up your weight. I told him the lady that was in his office. It's no way possible I went from 161.2 to 170 in three days. Especially cause everything I ate went out of me the next day here in Miami.

I'll update more later.


Looking good hun!!! Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids!!!
Thanks hun! Yes, I stay waking up to go to the bathroom. I drink lots of pineapple juice cause it taste so good and water with meds. I also got a Gatorade from my SX buddy.
Looking good girl!! Glad everything went well for you. Please continue to update and post photos. Heal good chick and give 'em hell when you get back to work lol.

Surgery Day!!! : )

Arrival to Vanity:
So I drove myself to Vanity early that morning. That was my last time driving in Miami during my stay. I arrived to Vanity at 5:07 AM Tuesday morning. My SX buddy and I chilled in the car until 5:30 AM. We then went into the clinic. I inserted my name on their sign in pad system and clicked on surgery. I waited about 17 minutes passed 5:30 AM and as soon as I was writing that update the nurse came and got me. I was given a cup to provide urine in for the pregnancy test they do prior to surgery and instructed to go through a door once I was finished.

Pre - Surgery Room Station:
I went through that door after I did what was told to me and slowly peeked around the corner. The nurse was saying come on mami. She most heard my little steps. I gave her my urine cup. She did the pregnancy test before we continued. I then had to sign some more paperwork cause I missed a few pages during my first time signing my life onto their hands. I was then instructed to get completely undressed. I did so and put on the gown, hair cover, compression socks, and surgery shoe covers. The nurse then told me that we are going to take some photos. She took photos of me with my gown completely off. Then we went back to the area where I initially was at. I had gave her my belly button ring before I took photos and after I returned to my spot in that room she told me to wait there while she gives my friend my ring. I did as I was told. The anesthesiologist came to see me before the nurse got back and she asked me some questions such as allergies and what had I wrote with cause she was about to give me the anesthesia. Before she can finish Dr. Hasan came in. He asked her was she about to give me the anesthesia in here and told her to wait until we got in the Operating room. She shook her head in acknowledgment and left out. Dr. Hasan spoke to me then looked into my paperwork. He then said 170 and that he is more concerned about my health than anything. That made me appreciate him more and was like a re confirmation that I chose the RIGHT DOCTOR FOR ME. I was like Un un! I'm 163.5 lbs, I weighed myself yesterday at the Faja place. The other two ladies behind the curtains waiting for their nurses to return were laughing at me. I had the ladies laughing the whole time. He asked who messed up my weight. I told him the lady that was in his office. I was so pressed to tell him I got my actual weight cause if I was a few pounds over that projected false weight he was going to send me home. But she wasn't having that if I was that big. I would've been running outside in this Miami heat to sweat pounds off, in somebody's gym, and at a sauna. The lady didn't let that old grandpa scale balance the beam out so it will be in the middle instead of being unsteady. I'm not a nurse and know that it has to be in the middle. So the doc wanted photos. Even though the nurse took some I didn't even mention it since he had to mark me up. So I took off my gown for him and then he snapped photos from every angle. He then started to mark me up front and back while holding a conversation about where I was from and if I had kids. I told him no. Then he asked if I was married and I said no. He then said well when you are married you're going to have kids. I told him Yeah when I'm settled. I'm too young right now and already paying for one expensive person, myself. He chuckled. So while he was marking me up he asked me to raise up my breasts. I told him these big kahunas hide the fat under my breast. The ladies started to chuckle more. I was glad I help them laugh to keep their mind off of the process. He then marked up the back and noticed a lot of fat at the top of my butt crack and was like this is going to go. We were done by then and after I put on my robe he was like come on. I followed him and then here come nurse Betty telling him her PT/PTT labs missing. He said no they are not. The anesthesiologist confirmed they were there. Then she looked and said ok.

On to the operating room:
Dr. Hasan had me follow him to the operating room. The anesthesiologist continue to ask additional questions. Then she was about to put me on the surgery bed but the nurse told her she had to put iodine on the markings first. The anesthesiologist said sorry I forgot to the nurse. I asked the anesthesiologist how long she been in her profession. She told me 6 years. So I'm standing there while the nurse put the beta dine (iodine) on my body before I can lay on the bed. I lay on the bed on my back and the anesthesiologist starts to tell me what she was about to do. I definitely like when people explain things to me. Plus plus plus! So she said my vein was good. Then said she's putting the first small needle in that would numb it so that I wouldn't feel the long needle. After that small needle she inserted the other one and asked me if I felt it. I told her no. That was absolutely a good thing. So I asked her if the beeping was my heart beat and she said yes it's a good rate, it's not too fast or too slow. She then asked me if I drink a little and I told her Yes. She then said she is going to give me something to help relax me. I was already calm before I came. Lol. I then asked her how long does it take for the anesthesia to kick in. She said it'll kick in a few. Next thing she did was told me that she was going to put the oxygen mask on my face and to breathe normally. I did and was passed out.

Recovery Room Experience:
I woke up in the recovery room. I could feel the nurse moving me onto the bed. The first thing I remember was thanking God in my head and tearing up with joy that I woke up. I then in my mind was looking for my SX buddy and one of my male friends. I wanted them to be near me. I needed a friendly face. I told her I was freezing. She gave me a blanket. I told her I was still cold and she put a heated blanket om my legs. My nipples were so hard and hurt so bad. I told the nurse and she kept stating that I had to lay on my stomach. I told her I know that but my nipples freaking hurt. This nurse told me that I have to learn to sleep on my stomach. I just replied that I do know that and will have a pillow under my chest if my nipples hurt at home. She went on to tell me I was screaming when she was putting on my garment and asked me if I remember that. I told her no but remember her putting me on the bed and I was moaning in agony. I asked her what time it was and she stated 10:30 AM. I didn't have any energy to turn or lift my head up as much. But when I did lift my head I asked the nurse when I can go. She said I needed more anesthesia first. I looked up to it and said I have to get all that in my body. She said yes and I was like I'm going to be here all day. She told me she be right back and to not move. Then she came back and was like I'm going to get you dress. In my head I was like yes, but I had to get up off the bed and assist with putting my clothes on. I wore some capri sweatpants that are easy to slide in. The nurse was like next time wear a dress. I was like yeah yeah. She then said I'll tell your friend to pull the car up, you want to walk or use wheelchair. I picked the wheelchair. She said she had to get it and if I wanted to lay back down or sit in the chair. I immediately said I'm not sitting on my butt. She showed me how to sit on their lazy boy recliner seat. I did exactly what she did. She told me she'll be back since she had to tell my friend to pull the car up and get the wheelchair. She came back and I slowly sat with my thighs up on the wheelchair while lifting myself. I didn't know how big my butt was and didn't want to take any chances. She saw how I sat and said good job. She scrolled me outside and stated edge was going to go a little fast to hurry up and get me out of the wheelchair. I nodded in agreement. I wanted to be off my ass even though I wasn't really on it. The nurse helped me in the car and told my SX buddy a quick snippet of the post op instructions. After that she snapped a photo of my butt for me to see it cause she kept saying it was big. My SX buddy drove off and she called my mom to let her know I was OK. She told my mom I was up and talking and that I was a real trooper.

Finally discharged:
My SX buddy is THE BEST ever. She was so worried about me and made sure my first night was good. Hers was the next day so I was being independent as possible. I appreciate her so much. : )
Wow wwwwwww ur boody is big laying down...Wow im feelin that.....

1st Lymphatic Massage - Challenge

The back massage was not such a big deal. However, the masseuse moved the fluids from the back to the lower part of my stomach. Standing up to get the stomach done was a true challenge. Nausea kicked my butt twice so I couldn't finish the massage. I got hot so quickly and needed water/air. I felt better after I got fanned and sip water then laid down. It feels like hot molten Lava flowing through my stomach. It made me hot as heck. Marian said it'll get better and to not be disappointed since it was the first day.
Boy oh boy do I know that feeling all too well. That fluid makes the massages that much worse. I still have a little fluid, and I'm a little over 2 months post op. I'm at my pcp office as we speak, trying to see if I can get some more drained. Dr Hasan had to do that before I left Vanity.
Boy oh boy do I know that feeling all too well. That fluid makes the massages that much worse. I still have a little fluid, and I'm a little over 2 months post op. I'm at my pcp office as we speak, trying to see if I can get some more drained. Dr Hasan had to do that before I left Vanity.
Omg I love the new booty ,Girl! I'm glad everything is going well so far. Can't wait to see more post op pics. Happy healing doll

After Photos

Looking good!
Thanks boo!
I know you are a proud mamajama.....you look great

Photos in dresses... : )

I hope I keep this projection.

2nd Lymphatic Massage - Good

My 2nd massage with Marian went better than the first one. I did get hot again and had to stop her, but I finally got drained. Yay! The massage wasn't that bad either. I just want this fluid out of me.

Here's some photos of my fit today I wore to get my massages. These palazzo pants are so comfy.

929 Black Garment Size 36/Nudie

Hey doll ;)
Hey hun! : )
Congratulations on ur sx!

The STRUGGLE w/ my SX buddy! (crying laughing) Sacrifices!

Awwwwwwwyall look so cute together in a struggle.....i hope y'all feel better
Lol. Thanks! : ) We in that same position right now again. This damn traffic out here though. Lmao...Well I don't want to laugh my ass off. I need this ass.

Just because I felt like playing dress up in size large clothing I brought down here with me. : )

I got some dark blue jeggings that my SX buddy said I got a bubble butt in. We took photos of it but you can't tell cause how dark the wash is in the denim jeggings. Just know they my new favorite jeggings now. I was too press. I use to have to pull them way up over my belly close to my bra for them to stay up cause they kept falling down. My best friend already had a booty so hers was always good. Now I don't need to do that anymore. Yay! Go head F21; now my large clothes from yall make sense since I was always in between cause this gut with no butt.
Congrats on your new body doll. Look great!! Happy recovery :)
Thanks boo! : ) XoXo. ..smooches doll!
I'm loving her in the leggings! What is it with big booty girls and leggings tho??? Lol! You're healing nicely and I can see it rounding out already. You may not be able to as much because we look at ourselves every time we go pee and pass a mirror lol you know I'm telling the truth ;) happy healing my HASSANIFIED sista. @thickathanasnicker you gotta trademark that lol

Yesterday's mall experience w/ my SX buddy!

Oh boy! So, we went to Aventura mall just to get out of the house we been jailed in. We entered through the movie theater entrance and it started. The stares! I was putting on my lip balm and this white old dude was watching me do it as I walked past him so I asked while I was walking did he want to help. My SX buddy caught him staring at my butt when I walked completely pass him. Mind yall we had on our compression socks looking like patients already. My SX buddy had on a cute black long flowing dress that sheered at the knees down and I had on a black tank top and some tiger strip mixed color palazzo pants (similar to the ones I wore for my massage just in another color). This time the pants were constantly giving me a wedgie and lifting a lot. We walked that mall for a long time and went to the Forever 21 store. We was in there for a while cause we wanted to try on things we wouldn't dare wear before. We was so overly excited with joy. If you ever feel like your results are not where you want them, go to the mall and try on clothes you never thought of wearing or imagined to wear. It's going to change up your whole perception of your butt worries. We bought a few things from there. While in line I overheard a dude talking to his friend that he was just going to do it before he leaves the store. He was building up enough courage cause he started talking to himself aloud as he walked over to my SX buddy. He went to say something to my SX buddy then I turned and laugh but not loud enough for him to hear. My SX buddy turned him down nicely but that booty already attracting these dudes. Go head SX buddy! I told her that bubble butt sitting nice. Overall, we handled the stares very well. I didn't mind at all cause I'll look if I see a big ass. Walking that mall tired me out though. My ass was so heavy when I sat on this chair with my butt hanging off of it. The booty felt like a mini ton. Then walking back to the garage felt like forever. Booty was so heavy it took us time to get back to the car.

Oh my booty jiggles a little! whoop whoop

I told my SX buddy the other day that my booty started jiggling a little at the top. Then yesterday when we went to the mall it was just the jiggling when I walked. I can't wait till the whole thing jiggles.

I finally pooped today on my own no meds!

This morning I had some slight stomach pains and next thing you know I could tell that I had to use the bathroom. I quickly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I hurried up and took off that garment quicker than I could blink. Then it took me a while but once I get passed the big one the others came with no problem. Thank you GOD I didn't need to take any meds to help me eliminate waste. : )
Lmao girl this will become an everyday thing. You will eliminate your body's entire weight dead serious
Shat! I need to. I be holding this nonsense weight for too many years now. Lol

June 22, 2014 Photos

Pictures of my bruises and this butt that need to round at the top, middle, and bottom soon.
It will get better
Yeah I know. : )
Never thought we'd be soooo happy to see me. GI Joe huh? Lol. The walk did it in the mall. It got your system to start back working again! Good job. If u didn't have a TT w ur bbl, then a TT might be in order . Happy healing! Bit I could do it via exercise 75crunches on the morning and another 75 at night b4 bed, change your diet and no eating after 6pm !!!

I'm in the air right now on this plane. Whooo

So I'll update more about my flight experience. I'm in the air right now on Wifi and don't feel like providing all the goodies right now.

Just know I'm loving Jet Blue right now. I'm spoiled to the fullest.
I love the butt! How long did you stay? only seven days?
Thanks boo! : ) I stayed for 9 days. 2 days of just relaxing and 1 day prior to surgery to do in-person consultation with the doctor. I stayed only 6 days in Miami before going home. I went home on the 6th day early in the AM.
Correction: I stayed only 6 days in Miami after surgery before going home.

Photos while home!

Quick snapshots.
Girl I'm loving those new curves.
Work it girl! You looking really curvaceous.

6-23-14 Commute to Airport/Flight Experience

This will be a long update so be prepared to read it or skip viewing this update if you wish to not know about this particular experience.

Last minute things/Commute to Airport:

I was up at 4:30 AM to do last minute cleaning in my room and gather all my last items to ensure I don't leave anything in Miami nor this temporary landlord's apartment. I did the normal things to get myself clean and then put on my clothes. I ordered a driver service yesterday to pick me up at 6 AM so I will make it on time to the airport. The service cost me $65, but I didn't trip cause when I called the taxi service and got an estimated it was around the same price. I like guaranteed service that the driver will be here at the time I requested. Taxis at times can be a little late, and I didn't want to take any chances. It was 5:50 AM and I wanted to let my SX buddy know I was on my way out to head to the airport. We said our goodbyes. Next thing you know it my phone rang at 5:55 AM and it was the driver. I told her mother and godmother goodbye as well as they said take care of that ass. We all laughed. I went outside and saw it was a whole shuttle van. Ummm...In my mind I'm like where is the fucking car (excuse my French). The dude on the phone yesterday heard me ask for a car and said ok. I just started walking towards the van then the man (driver) came and got my bags. The driver had a step stool (thank GOD) so I can get in and out the van. He asked me are there anymore people I told him no just me. I had that whole damn shuttle van to myself. I was trying to decide quickly do I lay down with my doubled pillow under my belly or sit up. Decision made...I sat my ass up. Freak laying on my doubled pillow under my belly when my face will have to be sniffing where asses usually sits. Oh heck no! I was going to make this sitting thing work. He then reconfirmed my airline so he took me to the right terminal. Alright yall I sat on my doubled pillows with my thigh strength and leaned off my ass some. You can tell when you sit on your ass cause of that numb feeling you experience once that ass touch anything. So sometimes I felt that numb feeling and leaned a little more. It felt so good to view outside through the windows. Lol.

Airport Arrival:

We get to Fort Lauderdale International Airport around 6:30 AM. The driver was moving it on the highway. One thing that didn't get him a tip was this dude was texting and driving at one time. Please don't play with my life. You now gets nothing. We arrived at the terminal and he helped me out the van. Mind yall I'm stiff as heck so I'm moving slowly trying to straightened up my body. The airport workers saw me and everybody else staring. One worker asked me if I needed help. I told him yes I do. I requested a wheelchair service after I booked my flight. Thank you Jesus all I had to do was go online and check the box. He told me wait right here and got me a wheelchair.

Wheelchair heaven/Security Check:

He put my doubled pillow in the wheelchair seat and I sat down softly. He then wheeled me in and asked me for my ID. He parked the wheelie by this sign and went to the agent to get my boarding pass. We then went to security check. Of course I'm in a wheelchair so I'm getting priority service. He asked if I would like to go through the security check in the wheelchair. I said yes cause my back ached me so much I was tearing up. I had my little tissues with me. I had a Gatorade in my purse and told him. He said do you need it for medicine. I said yes. He then said to tell them that. So he had to get his self scanned through and leave me. They called for a female to do the security search on me since I was wheelchair bound. She asked me to lean forward and things and the pain from my lower back ached so much I teared up again. Yes my big baby ass was tearing up. Plus that got me a whole bunch of passes. The TSA dude that went through my purse saw the Gatorade and told me I couldn't bring it in. He then asked what I needed it for mind you he see I'm in a wheelchair. I told him for my meds but I can buy something from the inside. He said ok and let me bring in my Gatorade. Whoop whoop! Spoiled ass I am. Then the security lady checked my Palm of my hands with these strip papers. Uh oh! She came back and was like I have to take you to the room cause of something. I said okay cause I knew I was going to the strip search room. We went to the room and another lady accompanied her. The security lady checked me again and my pillows. So the lady that originally checked me told the other lady I was so much in pain cause of my back that she checked me to the best of her ability. So the other lady said ok. Then I asked her did she need me to stand up and they said no. The other lady said you did the best you did to the other lady and they let me go. They wheeled me out to go to the guy who was wheeling me around and he asked me as he wheeled me if I needed to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. I told him no. He brought me to the gate and told the lady at the desk could she get me a closer seat. He then told me to get well and left. Everyone and their mother was staring at my sniff nose ass. Lol. I didn't care either. The lady came over and told me this was the best she can do and handled over my boarding pass. She put me a few rows up. I was sitting in row 19 seat C and she got me to row 15 seat F. I was happy and grateful.

Boarding/Flight Experience:

It was time for boarding at 7:40 AM and guess who got to get on the plane first. Yes! It was MEeeee!!! The agent wheeled me up and her colleague said he'll take me to the plane. Um...He was moving fast and I had to make moans to let him know I felt those bumps. He apologize. I was wheeled up to the airplane door and the man told the flight attendants I was in pain. The flight attendant took my carryon luggage and the other one asked was I in an accident. I told her no. Then she was like back pains are the worst. Of course my heavy booty ass was walking slowly. I get to my seat row and the flight attendant who brought my things in said I put your pillow on the seat is that ok. I said yes it is and thank you. She said someone on the plane can help me get my bag down or the flight attendants will get it for me. I said ok. I sat down slowly on my doubled pillows. She help me buckle up and then she left. I put so much pressure on my thighs and lifted off my butt some. Everybody else started to board the airplane. I put my earphones on and waited until it was lift off time. Now while I'm sitting on my double pillow and I notice I'm putting some pressure on my butt I lean forward to the seat in front of me. I pulled down the tray and put my upper body strength on that as well. I had a neck pillow that I got for free from the flight attendant (Thank GOD) and use that when I'm leaning forward so I didn't get a crook in my neck or anything. I was so worry that I would damage my fat so my mind controlled the entire body. It will have my thighs move out some on the pillow to not sit on my butt. If I dose off some, it will wake me. After I kind of dose off watching HGTV (Jet Blue is the shat with tv in the air and free snacks) I looked at my phone and it was 9:33 AM. Only one hour left of being on this plane. I told myself I can do it and sure enough did it. The flight attendant asked if I wanted something to drink and a snack. I told her a water and some animal crackers. She asked me if that's all I want and I said yes. I ate some crackers but didn't drink the water. My mind was like um you really want to get up to use the bathroom and need additional assistance. I did not get up to stand the entire flight. The only time I stood up was when we landed safely. I got out my row slowly but shortly cause the little girl beside me was knocked out and her mom moved to the row in front so I could get out. I got my own carry on luggage and the older flight attendant woman saw me then said ma'am you still need your wheelchair. We will get that for you. Have a seat ma'am until your wheelchair arrives. Lucky as soon as I was going to sit the younger flight attendant woman asked the pilot if my wheelchair was out there and he said yes. He asked what was wrong and she told him I had surgery and my back ached badly. He looked on with compassion in his eyes. The guys that were waiting for me with the wheelchair asked if anybody else was going with me and I said no. The young guy gave me my luggage and the other guy wheeled me away with the quickness. I mean slim was moving them. Waiting for my bags was like blah when my mom kept calling to say she couldn't park cause the lady made them move. The bags took forever and a day to come. The dude that wheeled me in had to make it to something so he asked the dude outside to take care of me. Those two African dudes had a side convo then I saw my bag. I turned my head to their direction and was like excuse me my bag is coming. My original wheeler got it and took me outside. He parked the wheelchair where my mom could see me and told me to leave it there. Yeah we are going to leave it there cause I'm damn sure not taking it back. As soon as he left my mom pulled up and she got my bags into the car. She like don't move. I was ready to get my ass out that wheelie plus I had to pee. I get up on my own and this old white guy comes over to assist. But my independent ass didn't need no help cause I was already up by then. My mom thanked him anyway. I got in the backseat of my car and laid on my belly. I had to let my mom know about bumps in the road as I can feel them all so much. We departed and I was headed home.

My flight experience was not bad at all and sitting on my thighs with constant moving on the doubled pillow leaning forward helped me out a lot.
No. It's just a site to buy rentals. Are you getting massages as well with Vanity? If not, my masseuse has a recovery house option that comes with a driver which is cheaper than Vanity.
Thanks luv! : )
Thanks boo! My mom thought my garment had butt pads in them cause of how the butt pattern is and how my butt sticked out. She was like he did a good job. Lol

When I could fit my BeBe, Hasan won me! : )

I bought this damn pink BeBe dress about 4 years ago and use to hang it up on the outside of my closet to motivate me to lose weight. Epic fail right. Now, I can fit every snug part of this body con. Yay!

I took photos in other dresses I bought but was fooling myself to think that big ass belly would've pulled it off. Look at me now in them. I'm hot shat! Tssss...Playing dress making me feel myself. Lol. : )
Lmaoooo your reviews were so funny especially about "Gina" you n your sx buddy didn't seem to be effected by the surgery at all!!! That booty doe!! Lol. Can't wait for more updates
Girl we just was stiff as heck when we woke up and super swollen. We was having minor booty greed, but I told her we have to keep positive thoughts so that help us out a lot.
That's good ...ill be so happy when I reach that point....playing dress up...I used to love doing that.......

Dropping the Damn Soap! Ctfuppp

I took a shower yesterday morning so yall know I was a little stiff cause I got lipo foams and this ab board on all freaking day/night. This shat be having me get up old woman style and I feel every muscle when I'm lifting up.
Blah! - _ -

Anywhoo...I am showering washing my ass and I pick up the motherfreaking soap again and ploop that damn thing slipped out of my damn washcloth and onto the ground. Now I don't be doing a lot of bending cause it takes the energy out of me. Do I be like f it! Leave it down there like I do clothes in the store when they fall out of my post op surgical hands OR do I find a way to pick it up so my black ass don't freaking slip in the shower. I'm not falling on this ass at all. This a few grands ass! I used the crap out of my foot to get it up and it kept slipping. I couldn't do anything but laugh cause I kept dropping the soap and was thinking about what they say when people about to go to jail. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON'T DROP THE SOAP! My ass would've been victimized that day. Lmao. I finally got it and was smiling like heck.

The smallest things be challenges. Lol.
Too funny! It is a chore to bend at all, even when your trying to pull your panties or compression garment up, so dropping something on the floor is like "f"ck!"
Yes it is. I went to see my bestfriend yesterday and we went to H&M. Girl she was picking up everything I dropped. I was like oops that's staying there. I couldn't pull any type of shorts over my ass. It needs to round itself out. It's too squared at the top right now cause it's sitting high. I know it will drop soon though. Getting mini booty greed. Lol
Lol!!! "Dropping the soap" I can relate to that!! Hahaha! Loving your results!!!!

Vanity Check-ups! uh-oh...did I go on them while on meds?! Lol. Or are they trying to improve their acts? Only time will tell.

Yall I don't know if everyone has been getting check up calls as much as I had. Vanity calls me like every other day now to see how I am doing and if I have any questions. I just received a voice mail from PC. I'll call her back later. The other people that been calling constantly I don't know who they are but they answer my questions.

I'm wondering if I went bananas on them while on meds cause my tongue real slick but when I'm not on meds I can think about what I'm going to say before it comes out. I don't like hurting feelings and yet don't mind speaking my mind. Then again the lady did say I was screaming my ass off when she put the garment on me and if I remember. Hell to the no cause if I felt all that pain some reflexes might have been clutching some disturbed faces. I would have caught a case.

Just doing a check-in to keep you dolls in the loop.
Vanity a force lol they tried it!. I think they may be trying to improve that awful customer service. Good that they are cause lawwwwwwd knows they need to. Ol inconsistent arses! Lol I love reading your updates you are so funny. Dropping soap and shiat lol

It's just my drive sling seat cane, doubled pillow, neck pillow, work laptop, and I today!

Here's my current seating arrangement cause I don't like laying on my stomach all day. It's annoying as phuck.

I got my doubled pillow on my lower back to the wall to avoid leaning backwards and having that hard ass wall touch my grand ass. I have the neck pillow under my butt to help some with my hips touching the seat cane handles.

I'm sitting as I would on a swing seat with my ass hanging off it. Pressure only on thighs!
Lol not the soap! Lmao you are hilarious.... Loving your updates mama n happy healing....
Thanks boo! : )
Girl, they were calling me twice a day sometimes. I had to say, "Are you all notating when you call patients? Because somebody already called me today." Lol ... I think they called up until I reached the 2 month mark because I haven't heard from them in a couple of weeks.

My Ass Drove to the mall today!

I successfully drove to the mall today. I had to get out the house and my mom left me. : (

I used that dumb ass yoga mat but my thighs weight swished it too much. I ended up using my pillow I used for my back. I can finally fit some shorts. Well cause they stretch. Jean shorts are out the picture until I fully heal.

I went to Target and walked the aisles trying to find something that I can sit my thighs on. No freaking luck and the lumbar rolls were funny shaped and expensive as heck. So, I can across the pet aisle and bought a small pet dog bed. It is so soft. I tried it out in the store. I say my ass on it some in their outdoor section. I only paid $10.29 for it. I put it on my car seat and that damn thing soft and comfy. I also use my other pillow for my lower back to help push me up more. I make sure to not put my weight on my ass and more on my thighs by lifting up so and leaning a little forward. It has worked for me thus far. Once I'm done with the pet bed I'm going to let my pooch have it since he'll love sleeping it. Lol.

Oh the dudes were looking cause my ass was kind of bend over looking for big sized shorts. Young dudes. This older guy was on the phone talking when we walked passed each others past and I caught him taking a look back. Lol. Even some women were watching. I had on leggings so they could see the booty shape some.

Here the photos.
Yassssdsss you put that big booty to work......glad you are feeling better..and girl you flicking it up...I love your page
Thanks boo! : )
Hey boop! Glad u were able 2 get out!!! Looking good!!! #BarbieBaddie

Family/Friends ...Don Don dunnn!

Yall my ass is full operation. I am driving without no problem. Good test runs as I have to return physically to work on Tuesday. Good thing I am only working in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank GOD my team lead approved my colleague and I can work from home on Thursday. Lord knows after that one week without pay my little pockets gone hurt. However, this remote work week I pulled 40 hours in four days vs. the 32 I was going to work. So instead of 80 I'll get 40 which is cool. All that staying logged in on the computer to help my team leads out played its course. Thank GOD!

Okay so yesterday I treated my mom and I to the Dominican salon to get blow outs. Yes, I brought my motherfreaking pillow in there with me and moved it when I sat in seats. Idgaf what people thought. My mom hair and mine looks good.

So I was just the spoiling myself cause that's what I do. I told my mom I am going to the nail salon. She had no other choice but to go with me cause I drove. Lol. Her nails were already done. Mine was plain and my toes look like cracked white shat. That nail polish had to go. Yall so I go in and see it is slightly crowded. The first thing I do is ask the manager how long is the wait. She says 20 minutes. I'm like ahhhh. She like take a seat and we be right with you. I was like freak that my hair done I NEED my nails/toes/eyebrows done and snatched to a 'T.' I sat my pillow down than my ass. Like in the Dominican shop I didn't give a damn about the stares cause my pillow was my savior. After I sat down for 5-10 minutes I was called to the back.

This the part I found hilarious cause I was going to pop off on that Chinese lady who was about to do my toes. So yall know they start to run the water and put soap in the foot bowl. Now, it takes me a little while to take off my sandals and need holding support. So I leaned on the arm of the chair. I guess the Chinese lady wasn't paying attention to me doing that so when I had took my arm off the chair she opened it up to make me take a seat. I wasn't finished so I told her fast ass I need this and closed it until I got my sandals off. I then opened it up to put my pillow on it. This Chinese bitch was rushing me to sit down. I told her ass to wait. My pillow goes in first than I. I told her ass I am the customer when I finally sat down and you wait on me. The other patrons were looking as I read that Chinese bitch her rights. I don't like being rushed plus now given the fact of my surgery condition and didn't appreciate that so boom there goes her tip out the window. I know them other patrons over watching with their Kermit the frog faces was looking like she ghetto but no botches I'm a paying customer just like any body else so look on players.

One thing I don't tolerate is overtalking, disrespect, and attitudes I didn't create.

Like I tell people all the time if you don't like your job then don't come to work. Fake it to you make it to sometimes.

I visited my friend and she is like in silent competition. She wants to compare butts and shat. That's why her ass is no longer my bestfriend and only a friend. Smh. The shat botches do but hey I already knew that was coming.

My close family (include sister, uncle, and my brothers girl plus two friends) saw my butt and was like damn. One was like I thought your butt was like Nicki Minaj. I said child please I don't have time for no big stupid ass like that. We all laugh. But they kept wanted touch my butt and I allowed it. They some creeps but in all they kept saying I look good in my new body and the doctor did a good job.
So it took me awhile but I just read your entire review. I been on this site for over a year now and never read just a detailed interesting review before. Most people just some up their experience in a sentence then on to how they recovering but I actually felt like I was curled up to good book this now. Well getting to the chase, you look great! I do see what you talking about when u say u want more of a cuff. But overall it's a big difference from your pre op pics
Look great luv the confidence
Thanks boo! Confidence is key in anything we do; without it we scare ourselves.

Bruises and Incision Holes as of 6-24-14

Bruising went down tremendously since these photos. They are more like nonexistent now. Yay!

Incision Holes are itching and healing well. These stitched up incisions are also healing well. I can't wait until they all are off the itching stages and to that close to red meat color until it fades back to my smooth rich chocolate.
Props to you FOR TELLING NAIL LADY OFF! I've always wondered if they talk smack about customers! They know we don't speak the language! smh
Lol. Yeah I am a detailed person to the max. Lls. Thanks luv! Yeah I'm going to start strapping when I'm all healed up. That's the only thing (pre-op photos) that keeps me positive about it all cause I came from practically nothing. I got some booty greed now though. - _ - I'm in the process of uploading some more photos as of today. I got out the shower and was amazed at how my booty dropping but I want it to fluff out more. I need more projection. I am going to be patient though. It's only about to be 2 weeks.

Slight BOOTY GREED! Patiently waiting...

I got some booty greed going on. I know I must wait until I'm all healed but I am praying for the fluffing GODS/Fairies/Magicians...Shat anything that can fluff this ass into more of a projected fuller bubble butt look. Don't get me wrong, I love my new shape but just can't wait until it all settles out. I am going to be patient as I am about to be 2 weeks post-op and everything hasn't settled in place yet. I'm still swollen like a blowfish. Blah! I can't wait until my stomach goes down more and retracts. I know a lot of women on here stomachs retracted quickly and everyone is different but damn please go down stubborn stomach. If any vets have any other good tips other than what I normally do (wear garment and lipo foams plus ab board), please advise.

My body heals very fast which is an awesome blessing granted amongst me. Thank you Lord!

With that being my booty dropped some on the left side and somewhat is rounding out in flat form. Blah! The right looks like it's trying to be a team player and do the same.

I just can't wait until the body absorbs what it wants and then leave the rest to settle. Then the fluffing phase I do not want to let it pass me by. I don't care how much sprinkle dust the fairies have to put on this ass, I want it.

Anywhoo coming from a flat ass to a fat ass I am satisfied (looking at pre-op to post op photos), but when would I be totally satisfied. Only time will tell.
ok Hasan is doing sum gd ass worrkkkk
Looking great congrats
Thanks luv!

Omgeee... I haven't updated for my dolls.

I will update you all soon. Yall know I'm a very detailed person so I got to type like as if you were in my shoes. Lol.

Things I will update:
?1st and 2nd day physically at work
?Double compression vedette
?Recovery process experienced at almost 3 weeks post-op
?My stuffing (a boo thang) reaction in-person
?Mall/Stores/7 - Eleven Public Reaction
?Friends & Ex boyfriend Reaction

Updates might be made tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.

Stay tuned... Trust I didn't get big headed. I just smirk and kept it cute. ; )
Hey doll, hope all is well with you. There's a rs sister that is doing a live Buddy Conference call this Sunday. It's a way for us to share our experiences and perhaps collectively get answers to our questions from other dolls on the call. Her name on rs is Megi32. I'll definitely be in the call. I'm sure if you're interested, you can just inbox her and she'll respond. Smooches
Hey doll! Yes, I been helluva busy and tired. Oh that will be cool. I couldn't find her name on here. Is she under something else? Or my search techniques suck. Lol.
&& thanks for providing that information.

1st and 2nd Day Back at Work (Physically)

1st Day Back at Work:

So, I went back to work the 1st of July. Oh boyyyyyy! It was an interesting day.

You all know that only two of my current colleagues knew about my surgery and my lead/manager were clueless about it. So, one of my colleagues was already at work before I got there and saw initial pictures I sent when I was in Miami but she was SUPER DUPER ready to see it in person. I mean she text me the day prior.

Let's get to my entrance to the workplace altogether before I talk about my colleague's reaction. I drive into my job parking lot show my ID and of course the security officer cannot see anything but they probably noticed my pillows within that quick check of my credentials. I find a close parking spot on the lot cause I got there earlier. Of course it takes me a little while to get out of the car then I fix my midi skirt to pull it down some cause sitting in the car on a pillow with a butt now rises cotton/spandex. It's early so no one is hardly outside to watch me fix my clothing and occasionally take out my wedgies. Yes, I get wedgies in this garment. Lol...

I walk into the building and show my badge to the security officer and he like where you been. I said I been on vacation. This lady that sees me a lot who was walking behind me then said you look okay and smiled. I guess that is her way to say that she sees the change. Lol. I am just the walking down the hall pulling my laptop bag with nothing but confidence and sass.

Now back to my colleague's reaction. Okay so I walk to my office room and open the door. My colleague is mouth wide open when I open the door. I was so glad it was just her in that room cause the excitement was shown all over her face. I shut the door with my back to her and she like omgeeee it is big. I laugh, say it's not that big, and put my laptop down. She then becomes the BIG creep and pulls out her phone. I am like girl. She is like you got to see what I see. She was like you went from pancake to cake cake. I couldn't do nothing but laugh and call her a creep. She asked could she touch it, and I said sure. Her next statement is like I can't wait to the fellas get in here. I want to see their reaction. I told her let's go get some breakfast at the cafeteria. She like let's wait until 8 AM. I am like but I am hungry now. She replied let's wait until ____ (my other colleague - male) gets here. I am like okay but we leave at exactly then. The senior manager comes in but she on a conf. call and doesn't pay any attention. That's good cause she don't speak too much to me anyway. So, I am sitting on my pillow and checking e-mails. It's 5 minutes to 8 and I got hungrier. Then I tell her let's go cause I had to tinkle first. We go to the ladies room and do my business with this garment on. Oh lawd!!! The squatting tinkle moves are like the most comfortable thing than sitting on toilet cause I be damn if this ass touching hard things for a while. You got to master a way to tinkle without wetting yourself.

We go to our cafeteria and past the Dunkin Donuts and I am talking to her but she way behind. I ask her what she is doing and she like I want to see everybody's expression. She told me she caught a white dude bite his lips on a smooth tip and the eye locks from other males walking throughout the cafeteria. This girl is too funny. She like these dudes are smooth. I laugh. She then saw a few of our office roommates and was like your boys looking. Then she like I can't believe him. I like who. Then I realize who she talking about. I am like why. She was like cause he is about to be married. I am like girl they always going to look. Some old colleagues and people I know saw me but didn't say too much. One I was talking to about some software on my machine was like yeah come to my cube and I'll fix it for you. Lls...that's the key to I am going to ask you WTH you go do to your body. He like an old cat who like the big brother I don't have.

We make it back to the office room and the damn room is full now. Eyes are wandering trying to not be noticeable. My male colleague who knows about it just nods. Of course us 3 amigos do an insider laugh. Then I get an IM that I should've saw his face. I am like who. My female colleague is like this dude in our room. She was like I was about to die when he made that shocked ass face. I know people know something cause I be sitting on my pillow like it's no tomorrow and don't get a flying phuck either.

Meet up with my old colleague:

I go see my old colleague and he like do a 360. So I show him cause he was the one in disbelief that I would go get the procedure done. He snickered in joy. He was like damn your doctor did a good job. I smirk and said I know. He calls me Nikki now. Idk why though cause my booty is not that big. But he be like you going to hurt somebody, dudes going to be running into walls and everything. I just laugh cause it was funny.

2nd Day at Work:

It wasn't too much of anything but of course I can feel people watching and it didn't really affect me cause people do that on the regular before I had an ass. But the funny part of the day is when I was leaving the building walking to my car. I am outside with my female colleague and this dude from the security office was like whoaaa wait. He walks beside me and was like you must have been doing a million squats. I saw you the other day in the cafeteria. I chuckled and said nope cause he saw me right before I left and all on my IG. Then he was like you got butt implants. I said no. He was like what is it then. I just smiled. He then going to ask me if I was single and to take his number down. I told him no. He like is it cause I work with you. I am like I don't talk to people at my job. Then he like I am going to hit you up on IG. I just laughed.

Well, that's it for the first two days. I been working from home for a while. So, next week I will be in the office and if anything worth posting I will. But there are a lot of creeps at my job so no telling what might go down with their lurking asses.

Photos of Work Fit

I didn't take none of my first day but here's from the second day. My colleague took them in creep mode. Lol
Gurlll, that was very entertaining! You had me lls! Get used to tight fitting dresses/skirts rising on a regular. All of my azz and hips have my dresses going up all of the time. I had a dress on the other day, and my husband was like, "pull your dress down .. I don't want nobody to see my goodies!" You look absolutely fabulous! I can tell that the swelling went down a lot because your waist looks smaller and that booty is popping!
Oooooo heeeeey!!! You thick and whatever :) lol! You look bomb girly that booty is basketball round, that's why you was ballin on that pic lol. I posted this on Thicka's blog by mistake :) it's for you tho lol
Lol. Hey love! You are too funny. Thanks boo! Girl I don't know what was going through my mind. My colleague was just snapping like the paparazzi. = )

Vedette Double Compression

Likes: the compression and how tiny my waist looks

Dislikes: the zipper part not made for my short ass torso. It scrunches up too much and it's annoying to keep pulling it down.

Other than that I like it. I just want a smoother vedette/compression to go under my clothes. Ass already noticeable. Lol

Here's some photos and yall better not laugh at my Walmart nude panties. : )
Looking great
Thnxx doll!
I thought u said Hasan killed somebody with bad surgery .. Why did u go to him then? :(

My mom is too funny. I love her!

My mom be seeing me put on my midi skirts before I go out and be like you got pads (she think butt pads in my garment) on. Lol. I'm like mom no. She was like you wearing the garment thingy. I be like no mom just my waist vedette and no undies. She was like your butt looks even bigger. I don't know why I don't see what everyone and yall see cause I don't think it's that big. I guess when the fluffing and projection comes to play I'll see it more. I mean I like it cause its better than before. I just want this swelling to go down more in my midsection cause it's the phuck annoying and I can't find this good ass pineapple juice my buddy and I found in Miami at the Walmart. Blah MD Walmarts need to get it together and give me that good olé juice.

My mom probably be like this freaky ass child of mine. I always be in the nude anyway but sometimes that garment freaks up my outfit and becomes too noticeable.

Here's some photos of my midi skirt action. I love this skirt and was my 1st time wearing it. It's so soft. I don't wear nothing Jean or too compressed on my booty material. I like my booty to breathe. Lls
You look Gorg doll!
Thanks hunny! : )
Get it butt butt! I see that projection. Just wait until even more swelling goes away, and your booty softens and drops even more ... They won't be able to take you hunni!

About Last Night : D

Furniture Pre-shopping:

It all started at the furniture store yesterday evening. I'm about to move soon and am looking for a specific couch like one I saw at a person's house I visited once. I get out the car and fix my leggings. Now the leggings I wore are the ones I had on after sx. The different color print ones. They are a little loose on the back part where the scoop is so it drops periodically into a little fold. I fix it up some and walk in the doors. Of course the salesmen look and hurry to get a sales paper to bring to me. I immediately told him before speaking that nothing I want is in your sales paper. He put that thing down quick and got close to speak. He then says what are you looking for. I said I want a red couch, sectional preferred. He goes on to tell me that they have some. Would you like me to show you them? I'm like yes. Mind yall I know he done saw the ass so I'm trying to walk side by side but my ass got distracted by this beautiful expensive chic Hollywood styled furniture/office/bedroom set and walks away. I can feel eyes staring as I walked away. I turned around and was like okay I'm ready. He shows me this damn movie theater red recliner set. I'm like that's not going to do nor would I put that in my living room. That's for a movie room. He must thought she was balling of some sort but nah not her. Then we go into this other room and the red round styled couch is not bad nor uncomfortable but it was missing something. It just wasn't hitting home like the couch at that person house I felled to sleep on and in loved with. He then asked me about the delivery options or if I'm picking it up with a truck. I'm like I don't have a truck. He goes on and states that any man will be happy to pick up my furniture and take it to my house as well as put it together. I just said oh I bet. He like I know someone that can do it, hell I will deliver it to you myself. I don't want to get in trouble with your boyfriend though. I chuckled. In my head I'm like ninja, my brother you won't be in my new neighborhood stalking the phuck out of me. No sireee! He stated he'll give me his employee discount if I got it in a couple days. The phuck am I going to put new furniture at my ninja. I'm not moving until the end of August. Lol. I got his card and told him I'll call back when I make my mind up.

Visit to my sister's house:

My niece was the first to see me and boy she already knows about my butt cause her grown butt listens when her mother and I talk. She like dang your butt big. Then she says it again and I'm like yeah dink I know. Mind you she so use to seeing my flat ass a new ass is a total shocker. Plus she in the age of becoming a preteen so her ass is a full explorer now into life itself. We all on the patio and I'm standing for some time. A dude in his truck blasting his tunes stops and stares. Literally. My back was turned but I can tell by my sister and niece's laughter that he staring hard. Then I saw him drive up some and still creeping. Lol. Now, more cars pass by and stare. My sister caught this dude in the car with his woman taking a glance back as he drove. I just smirk and laugh with them. We decided to visit my brother and his girlfriend. We are walking up the street to my car from my sisters neighborhood and a few older dudes are walking our direction towards us yapping about their life problems I guess. As soon as they walk pass this ass they on mute. I am still walking and all I hear is she phat and damn that ass. We just burst out laughing and continued to my car.

Brothers girlfriend friend house:

Now this is what went down that had us all in crying tears. Let me start off by saying that I was not prepared for what I'm about to tell yall. I mean I been approached before in weird ways by people when I had a flat ass out partying but this was an experienced to share.

The crew (sister, bro girl, bro girl's bff) arrive at the bro girl's bff sister house. We dropped my niece off with my brother. So immediately after I get out the car bro girl's bff wants to touch my ass. Lol. I'm like okay. They are always so amazed to see my ass cause they don't know no one who went through this type of surgery before. So as it was new to me it's purely new to them. Plus they creeps. My bro girl is like why your ass so big when she gets out the car. I'm like it's not. She like it needs to go down some. Yours is bigger than mine. We both burst out in laughter cause she got a wide load ass cause of them hips and thunder thighs. I'm like girlllllll. She like did it get bigger. I'm like Idk. Then she like girl that ass is big. We get into the bro girl's bff sister house and the girl mom comes out then instantly is like who the hell is the people in my house. The bro girl's bff introduces us all. We all started chatted and stuff. They drinking and the others who was already turn (bro girl and her bff) just taking sips here and there. I had a margarita cane drink (small one). So convo goes on and laughter. Then out of nowhere the girl's mother is like when I'm sitting down on one of her bar chairs, chairs is that all you. Is that all your ass? I'm like yes. She like you got a fat olé ass. Everybody burst out in laughter. She was like no really you got a big ass. She asked while I was eating some of her bomb ass seafood salad is that natural? Of course my mouth full shaking my head yes and the girls all like yeah that's hers. She said from birth. The girls said yes. Love these chick's even when they drunk they don't say shat they not suppose to not either her daughter spoke of my surgery cause she saw me before and know that this ass wasn't there months ago. Lol. When her mother went in the room she asked me how much I paid. I told her. Of course to ladies who don't have funds like I do state or give a facial expression that that price is out their lead but I always reassure them that I been quoted more. When her mom came back out we changed the subject. Her mom sat by me in her other bar chair and by her being drunk all unspoken thoughts came out more. She was so intrigued by my ass. She then stated if she was younger and gay again and me with this ass she would've tried her hand. Then she was like she's cute too. Her daughter was like mom leave her and her ass alone. But I knew her mom was just down to earth and kept it real. But she had me dying laughing when she kept talking about my ass and reflecting by on her old days. But the kicker is when she was like I'm going to fantasize about my ass tonight when she see her man. We all couldn't do nothing but laugh. She told us she having a cookout on the 1st of Sept. Everybody is invited but me. I was laughing. She was like sike you can come but don't wear no tight leggings like that. Then she was like I'm just playing baby you can wear whatever. That girl mother was the life of last night.

Man last night was fun. I like going out and having a great time cause being cooped up in the house and having dry friends make everything else like blah. I need more outgoing friends.
Glad u had fun
Yes, me too. Next week I'm going to an all white party. I already have a dress just need to find some cute pumps or heels. I got to look through my closet.
Thanks Hun it's about time lol. I was over the stomach only life lol. I had to get up and out

1 Month and counting

I officially made my 1 Month post-op yesterday. Nothing really has changed other than my stubbornness. I wear my garment only at night and with certain outfits during the day that can disguise it. I wear my vedette mainly during the day and put the cincher over top. However, my morphing body makes all three scrunch up sometimes and I don't like how it looks in my fits. I can't wait until I can do without them all for long periods of time.

Work is so hilarious cause the other day one of my colleagues asked me to come to his desk. Now we work on one big conference room and there are more men than anything. So I already knew when this ass got up eyes going to be locked cause on the 16th of July I wore a midi skirt but this time with my shirt inserted in my skirt. The ass was out there. I can hear the snickers and silent convos. I ignored it of course. I go back to my desk within 2 minutes and my colleague (guy that knows about my sx) that was working for home hits me up and was like what did you do your ? You and your butt is the topic of the day. I'm like what. Then he goes on to say that this African dude that works in the same room with us text him and was like "your girl really got her butt done up." I told him to tell that dude to mind his damn bizness. Then I laugh cause that dude is a creep anyway. My colleague is like what are they seeing that I'm missing. I'm like Idk. I did wear my shirt in my skirt for the first time at work so they can now see the actual physique. He like I need to see this. The next day he comes and of course one person doesn't stop my show. I wore another midi skirt with my shirt tucked in. My colleague was like ohhhh ok. I see it more now. Alright Judy. Now my two names at work is either Judy or Nikki. Lmfao.

Oh my old lead so this ass from the front. She privately asked me about it with her eyes and I confirmed. She like I'm happy for you. She was like you a mini me. She got a natural fat ass and small waist. Like after her baby and a personal trainer she snatched back. So we talked and everything and she asked me did my company know. I told her only two colleagues that's it from my current company. She was like okay. Everybody else don't need to know nothing. I told her I am not telling no one else anything. It's none of their business. She like yep. She kept saying how happy she was for me and how over the years she watched me grow within that agency. Told me to keep it up and enjoy all the looks I get. I love that lady. I told her thanks.

Now, I know I still owe some updates that will be from my stuffing and ex. I think yall get the jest of my outdoor experience from my last posts. It really doesn't bother me or get me big headed either when I hear comments. It's like I always got those before. I guess confidence and this sass probably turned up to the max.

Anywhoo time to bless you all with photos of this ass w/ clothes, bare, and black garment. Stay tune loves!

More goodies...

I bought the black CG first but got the one I wore post surgery down in Miami which is the nude one. The black one was too tight when I use to try to get it on after a few days from surgery. I wore it once to my massage appt and the massuese told me it's too tight. So I made it my 2nd CG.

Now, I wear here and there. Although I state it's tight its good to wear now cause I like compression. However, I don't like the marks it makes on my Jade aka Jadey (ass). I guess cause I wore it too long that day.

Since I don't do a lot of before and afters cause I didn't take many. I thought I would show you all a month and some weeks pre with black CG and last week with CG. There's a significant change and I'm happy with it.
Girl, that phatty is out there! You know you're the main attraction with all those men in there too. They can't help themselves. Big bootys are like krypronite to them. It renders them weak. It's going to be bananas when Lele2ready, you and I do go out together for a night on the town. #BoomerangBootyBabes
Lol. Yes girl. Especially the brothers. There's only 5 of us women in there. They stared before but this ass might have them in a daze. The security officers are hilarious. I know they be bugging out. One shakes my hand if I'm coming in through his post in the morning or if he behind the desk good morning words are no stranger to him. Lol. This other security officer waited till I got out the car double looked and was like good morning. I replied. I know I made his day cause that fucker never spoke before. Yes, we need to plan that soon. I'm going to text you later.
I'm in baltimore. Spreading done Maryland love. You look amazing!!! Hasan did his thing. I love how detailed and funny ur reviews are.

Nudie Booty Pics

I'm giving you all ass. ; )
Great results!!

Keep it cute at work while you work!

This the fit I wore that had eyes glued to this ass. Remember that story about the people in the office. Well this is the fit that had them talking. I usually wear peplum shirts with my skirt to flare a little over this ass but they still notice it anyway. But shirts tucked in my skirt had everyone seeing this physique on another level.
Girl u are looking good!!! I love it!! Ass is sitting right!!! I love that last outfit u posted, your ass is poking out something major!!! ;) ;)
Thanks love!
Okay, cool.

A night with the girls!

So, I didn't get to go to the all white party on Friday night but Saturday night was fun with the girls.

I was down Adams M. and these youngins were geeking. All the shawdy got a fat olé ass, damn she fat as shit was getting the girls up in excitement but I act as if I already had an ass. That did not phase me. They was so excited and like girl this what that ass will get. I'm like ok. I don't know but they be too thrilled like this my first rodeo with tons of attention. Last time I checked my mom and dad didn't make no funny looking baby. I might be look foreign but damn if I was fugly.

We go to the hookah bar and this girl sitting on a stool outside the place whispers in my ear I got a fat ass can she touch it. I said what. She repeated herself. I told her no. I think she still did though but I didn't know cause my family/friends that were with me periodically touch my ass that entire night and they all was right behind me. But that freak chick probably still touched it when I walked away. Drunk hoes have no chill. I just let it go cause it was a soft poke on the side. It's hip hop/reggae music playing so people nodding and chilling. Of course when the right songs come on us ladies are dancing. This ass was moving but damn sure wasn't going to hurt nobody or myself. This shat heavy at times plus it's not fully healed to be jiggling everywhere. Girls were twerking, white dude was freaking these black girls giving it to them, eyes were lurking. We had a ball. I love girls night out.
Looking real juicy
; ) Hey boo!
Wow i rally enjoyed reading this review again. lol yes i stalked your page. Very personal which i liked. I have found not that many pages to be personal as you call it detailed. Which is a bad thing. We want details lol. But you do look overall amazing. I cant wait to become one of his dolls also

2 months post pic

Not much has change other than my stubbornness towards those CG and cincher. I guess I need new ones and an ab board. It's on my to do list. I'm going to try and take in my nude CG this week cause it's too loose in the midsection and that's where I need the most compression. I think my black one fine for right now. I do need a better garment that lifts and cuffs as well as cincher that doesn't bulge up in the back area. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Oh I got a boyfriend now. That shat made these "male friends" mad. Lol. Oh well! They snooze, they lose. My boyfriend loves my butt. I told him the other day what I got done after his friend asked him did i get my butt done about a week ago when we was chilling at his house. Of course i had on black leggings and the ass was galore. He thought I was BS-ing. I told him it's real. Lol. He doesn't care as long as he can grab it. I told him the other day while looking in the mirror I wanted it bigger. He like why it's already big. Of course my answer was cause I want it. He just grabs the ass and the subject no longer matter. Lol

Oh I'm changing up my eating habits starting today. I'm tired of this pudgy stomach inflating; It needs to deflate and quick. Once this constant swelling of my stomach and back goes down for good I think everything else would poke out as it should.

Oh, I weighed myself yesterday. That's the reason I'm changing my eating habits up. On top of that before I got SX I should've checked my fat percentage of my body. I checked it yesterday and I'm not happy at all. My water weight and BMI are okay. But that fat percentage has to decrease. I think it's the fat on my stomach. It's like he didn't get all the fat he could've. Hopefully working out and eating right helps decrease it. I don't want to lose fat off my ass so no cardio right now. Just weight lifting and core exercises.

Still waiting on my right cheek to drop like the left. I still need projection. I'm content with my results but every time I come on here I get booty greed so I'll stay off for a while. I'll update every month or every 3 months after my 3rd month post.

I hope I'm blessed with this inflation fluffing phase up to 6 months then I'll feel much better. I just want projection. That's all a girl wants.

XoXo...smooches dolls

4 Months Pre Photo VS. 1 Month Photo

You look grrrrrreat! Enjoy it.
Thnxx hun!
Well well wellll:-)


Photos with CG

Your looking good, need 2 stop looking at myself and wait till week 3...when did you start waist clinching?
Thnxx boo! I started waist cinching at around 3 weeks. However, I'm not really consistent with it cause of how it bulges up in the back area. I need a new one. When I do wear it, I try to wear it for only 4-6 hours a day. I did 8 before starting off but it puts too much pressure on my stomach and makes my stomach have a burning ache when I use to laugh or something. I liked the aches but not sure if it was good for my insides so I slowed down with the training hours.

I think I love wearing dresses now.

I wear my H&M size medium dresses just to go out to the store and visit my family now. At first you couldn't get my flabby stomach and flat ass to wear dresses all the time unless they were maxis. I mean I wore these before but now it's different. Now my ass (literally) looks good in them.
Cake! Cake! Cake! Yasss bish yasss, your sitting too pretty doll!! I hope my results turn out like yours!! Absolutely love all the pics and detailed stories! Btw how's your dad adjusting to all this booty? Lol
Lol. You are too funny. Girl it probably be better than mine. ; ) You got to take plenty of pics so I can be your Internet creep. Lls. Thnxx doll! Girl Idk. He doesn't say much about it. My mom and him were very understanding when I got home. I was treated like a big baby by my mom wanting to chauffeur me around and make sure I was ok staying home by myself. My dad probably saw how strong I was cause I stayed on the move. My mom cracks jokes about my sling chair cause my dad sat in it one day when he asked what it is. I think he accepts the fact that it was my decision and is glad I'm alive. I know my mom put that one case in his head when I was down in Miami though. Overall, he cool with it or have no other choice but to be. Lol
Your entire recovery process is amazing! How long total did it take you to feel comfortable in clothes without the pain? You look fab girl!

Blah! I have a treat for my precious dolls.

This thing won't let me upload directly from my phone. How are you ladies uploading videos?
I am love your results!! You look really fabulous :)

Vid... Hope it posts

Those videos i dont see how other chicks are able to do it. Its hard to upload.

I think I got it right this time.

Just read ur journey! U look great congratulations!
Thnxx boo! = )
Ha!!! I love it!! Big booty self :)

Check in!

Hey dolls! There's not that much to update you all on unless you have any questions. I'm doing well and busy with the new permanent job. I can't update as many photos as I would cause the new job might be lurking. Lol. They are very good at investigating and this site is not private... fully open to the public. I'll post pics without my face or blur it like some of my photos on here already.

I'm not faithful to my CG cause I need to take it in. I'm not exercising really either. I need to change that though cause my tummy coming back. It's like my fat ass can't leave food alone. I guess I'll learn how to balance my meals and do workouts that will help enhance my booty and reduce this belly. I'm getting comfortable with the shape cause my man not complaining. He always say I'm not fat when I call myself that then he be like my butt big. Lls. That's my boo. Oh he like that CG cause he says I look like a wrestler and the Gina is wide open (available).

Okay on to the real deal, so at times I'm not satisfied with my butt then I realize it's bigger than what it originally was. I wish my ass got cuffs like I wanted it or more fat at the bottom and I'll be truly satisfied. Sometimes I want to go for a 2nd round but don't want to overdo it. I am going to do squats for a while to lift the booty and create cuffs. Iono... Time and money will tell if Iwant to go through this again. I do want a breast reduction and lift. Just want the insurance to pay for it and I pay for the lift.

Anywhoo...Hope my dolls are doing well vets or soon to be vets.