41 Yr. Old (5'9 @ 156pounds) Getting BBL & Lipo by Dr. Salama in Aventure, FL

I am a 41 year old mother with one son. Finally,...

I am a 41 year old mother with one son. Finally, doing something for me. I wanted to get this procedure done a few years ago, but financially it never worked out for me. I am looking forward to getting an awesome body and regaining my confidence. I finally got married last year, but I just hated how I looked in my wedding dress. The best day of my life and no matter how hard I worked out I just couldn't get my body back. I had a beautiful dress but I wasn't pleased with myself in my wedding pictures. I'm even to embarrassed to wear any type of bathing suit... and I love the ocean and going swimming but I won't but on a swim suit without a cover up or long t-shirt.
Anyway, after a few years of research and stocking this website I finally booked my BBL with Dr. Salama in January 2014. I'm scheduled for my BBL procedure on Dec. 12, 2014. I will also be getting extra lipo done to my inner & outer thighs and to my disgusting bat wings (arms). LOL

My Before Pictures (Age: 41, 5'9 and 156 pounds)

My BBL and Lipo is schedule for Dec. 12, 2014 (a month before my 42 birthday) ! I'm getting so excited and very nervous to be 41 and going under the knife. UGH
I can't wait to post my after pic's in December.

My day is fast approaching...Dec. 12

I'm having all the same emotions as my BBL sisters on here. Getting very scared, worried, Excited and nervous.... ugh
Still trying to confirm where I will be staying during my time in Aventura. My husband will only be with me for first few days. Not sure if I should be alone the last four days of recovery. Ugh...
Any ladies have tips on where to stay? Where do I get the clips to hold the drains up on garment?
Any advice, tips on the procedure or what to bring???
I have read so many blogs on this site with great information and insight...i should be prepared but I guess my nerves are just starting to get the best of me. Lol

Dr. Salama's Awesome Team

I received my surgery packet last week from Karen, she's been great and sweet to address all my questions and concerns. I'm allergic to Gluten, which is known as Celiac Disease, so I had to grab gluten free iron pills and vitamin c pills. You would be surprised to learn how much stuff has gluten it... its crazy.
I have also been bugging Nancy with questions.... and as all the ladies on here know, she is very sweet and so informative as well. Nancy was my first point of contact back in October of 2013 when I started to inquire on Dr. Salama's skill and availability. The customer service and professionalism of Dr. S staff has been awesome and that became my ultimate deciding factor to choose Dr. Salama over Dr. Jimmerson here in Atlanta.
It would have been easier to stay close to home and go to Atlanta with Dr. J who has great skill in BBL (his work is awesome) but the reviews I read on his staff, their customer service, and their after care was just horrible. I didn't want to worry about that after paying all this money to get this procedure done and then to be ignored or treated poorly after they have your money. Your going thru enough when recovering, I don't need to deal with anything else. :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Working with Nancy and the other ladies so far has been WONDERFUL. I reside in Georgia so working with such a great team of ladies in his office has made me feel even better about my decision. So far his staff has provided great customer service and they have been very patient in answering any questions I have. I was contemplating going to Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta since he is closer to me, but all the negative reviews I have read & heard about regarding his staff and their HORRIBLE customer service and his very high pricing... it just made more sense to go too Dr. Salama, someone who cares, does GREAT work on all his patients and seems to be up front & honest with his patients.

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