5 Days post op & I'm SuperEstatic about my results :) - Aventura, FL

So SuperEstatic && very ready for my BBL.....

So SuperEstatic && very ready for my BBL...I chose to go with Dr Salama because his staff is very professional & understanding. Dr Salama has a informational website & an awesome brother Ruben :) I love when someone does their job because they have a passion for it. It makes you feel more at ease.....Anywho I'm 25 5'6" & 138lbs..I believe in living life to the fullest & getting my BBL has been one of my dreams for a while now. I have a great support system (including my girls Prettyncurvy && Got2loveit) this will be a great experience && an adventure I will NEVER forget you girls!!!!


Okkkkkk :) Yup #TeamSalama all day..see yall soon!
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Wish you all great results.....me and my cousin msnewsexycurvy are scheduled for June 5th and we will be there on the 3rd as well#teamsalama
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Your welcome :)
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OK Ladies&Gents I am officially 5 days away from...

OK Ladies&Gents I am officially 5 days away from my dreams coming true. I've started my vitamin C & iron pills the first week of May and had all my labs done along with my EKG and my results were great :) Thank God I am healthy enough for the procedure. I went shopping over the weekend and got "HELLA CLOTHES" in my boo PrettynCurvy's voice. #Special Shoutout to my other boo Got2loveit---Girl I will be thinking about you every step of the way and also calling you to keep you updated..I love these 2 they are like my sisters and have always been there to listen and help share the experience. Ok now back to BBLs :) I got sooo many clothes (like I'm going to be wearing them) but hey you never know. Everything is paid for: Hotel, Condo, & Flight now all I have to do is go to Walmart and get my other items like cocoa butter lotion, pads, suction hooks and lots more :) too much to type. I am literally shaking my legs and smiling (at the same damn time) as I'm updating this review. I have to get my hair, nails and toes done also. I've came a long way and that's why I haven't been updating as much, because it didn't seem real back then...but now its really here and I want to thank all the BBL ladies who updated, posted pics and gave their honest review on their experience :) As the days go on I will be updating (also I will post pics the day before) I gained some weight and I'm actually happy. I am 5'6" and I weigh 142lbs so I feel confident that I will have great results. I'm not looking to get a 'minaj'.....I've seen so many great results on here and I must say to BARBZ1-girl you look amazing..really! If I can get results like that I would be posting pics everyday...lol ;) I'm just so ready and can't wait to meet my new big sis PrettynCurvy (love this girl to pieces)


Yayyyy I can't wait...BBL girls #TeamSalama!!!
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Awwww girls that was sweet we are the next bbl girls....lol good luck hope to see you guys there...
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Awww tear !!! Love u too boo, we gon be killin em in Florida, switchin our new booty's all over the city! LOL we missin our girl, Got2loveit but she will be there in spirit, too bad she couldn't have came anyway sad face:( But we gon have a good time I can't wait to leave 3 DAYS LEFT,,,, I'M HELLA READY!!!!! LOL
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Hi Ladies...I've finally arrived in Florida and I...

Hi Ladies...I've finally arrived in Florida and I am so excited and nervous...my girl PrettynCurvy is on her way too :) my little sister came with me to make sure I was ok :) I love her and am very grateful she is here with me...So poor Larry he said there are 67 other girls down here too (WOW) yeah I was surprised..but although Larry is a very nice man..They like 2 more drivers..I'm waiting for him now because my consultation is at 5pm and he's not here yet...I think when my girl comes in we are just gonna use a taxi to do our grocery shopping and everything else we need to do that we won't be able to do after surgery (On our own) The condo we have is very nice and comfortable..and we decided we'll stay here until a couple days prior to leaving then head to the beach :) MIAMI...I cannot wait until I see my results..I will post before pics tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK soooo my girl PrettynCurvy has arrived :) and I...

OK soooo my girl PrettynCurvy has arrived :) and I feel like its becoming more real...I had my consultation today with Dr. Salama and he is great, he gave me alot of information and answered a lot of my questions without me having to ask..Also he was really concerned with what I wanted and made me aware of the pros and cons. I'm going to follow everything he says so I can have a smooth recovery. I also met Ruben and he too is very sweet and concerned :) I feel like they are the best! My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30am and I should be done around 11am...Im feeling all kinds of crazy feelings I just pray that it goes safe and satisfying. Depending on how I feel I will post pics ASAP :) Goodnight!!!!!!


Congrats girly I happy for you probably see you there tomorrow...good luck and I'll be praying for you.
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Ok so I am 5 days post op and I feel great and I...

Ok so I am 5 days post op and I feel great and I love my results :) I'm not going to write a long review but just to touch a few basics. To everyone getting the surgery I want to say take your vitamin C's and iron pills faithfully because it will help with your recovery. Drinks lots of water and gatorade like 10 a day, Get massages everyday (yes they are painful, but the last thing you want is fluid build-up) Walk as much as possible even though you may not want to because you will be in pain (this is a surgery) Oh and a plus to the massage is get in the shower first, eat then take 2 percosets then do your massage, it feels alot better :) The more you move around the faster your recovery. IF YOU CAN BRING A FAMILY MEMBER, PLEASE DO SO!!!! My mom was a lifesaver who has credentials in the nursing field and I am very grateful I have her! When you go to surgery make sure you pack a gatorade, crackers, bottled water and your pain meds because when you get done you will be in pain! As of today I feel great I'm getting ready to cook dinner and get ready for my appt tomorrow. Please feel free to comment and ask a million questions I don't mind I will be honest and tell you straight up. PS. Don't judge off your first week results give it time, if you have any concerns contact the Dr first for an explanation before posting negative posts because maybe you misunderstood or need to here their answer before assuming. Have a nice night BBL Sisters!!!!!!!!! SN: I got 900 ccs per side!!!!


you look great how are you healing and are you still loving your results
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Shay i hope you are doing well!! tell your mom i say hello and we will stay in touch.. xoxo
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Miss "cool beans", how are you? It's Ruben :)
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I feel like I made the best decision choosing Dr Salama, he was very informative and I was very pleased with his honesty, input and professionalism. He asked me what I wanted and helped me set realistic goal for myself. He wasn't brief, he took his time and answered all of my questions ( I had to ask 'am I getting on ya nerves') but he was very polite and said 'no' he's very down to earth and that's what made my experience fun!!! He has the "BEST" staff his brother Ruben is super cool and he loves his job they have a great team. Nomie and Jennifer are beautiful and very concerned and answer all your questions in a timely manner. Even the massage therapist Eilyn is wonderful I love her so much :) And Larry (a nice little old man who gets the job done) I would def recommend this Dr to everyone. Also Ruben made the payment process 'cool beans' and I didn't have to worry :) I def made the right decision..Thank God!!!

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