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Hi ladies, I have always had SOME butt, and when I...

Hi ladies, I have always had SOME butt, and when I was in high school I loved my shape! I had a very small waist and big hips with a butt! Then came the waist expanded and now my hips just don't sit out quite as much : (. I am looking into getting this surgery because I want to tighten my waist...and while I'm at it..I might as well get some more booty right? ; ) It could only help.

I am new to surgery and this site so any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Your advice is needed! I have paid my deposit and I am nervous! I have a long time before surgery and I would love some feedback from prior patients of Dr. Salama. Thank you Dolls.

Hi ladies....sorry I been out of dodge for soo...

Hi ladies....sorry I been out of dodge for soo long...but I been super busy! That time is approching fast and I can't wait! All of you Dr. Moises patients out there are such inspirations to me! I just hope my results are as amazing as you guys! If you guys have any information on the closest and best hotel to stay at while I'm in Aventura please do share...also how long did you guys stay in Florida? In you guys opinion, should I gain weight for my surgery? Any info you guys can give me would be soo helpful and appreciated. Thank you all!

Ok ladies, a few of you have been asking me about...

Ok ladies, a few of you have been asking me about hotels to stay in during your visit to Aventura. These are the hotels Ruben Salama sent to me. the Marbay hotel offers a discount to Dr. Salama's patients.

Marbay Hotel - 800-279-1952

Hampton Inn- 954-874-1111

Courtyard Marriott - 305-918-7448

Residence Inn - 786-528-1001

BestWestern Hotel - (954) 456-8333

Fairmont Turnberry Hotel - 305-932-6200

I hope this helps you guys!

Looks like I'm staying in Afghanistan a little...

Looks like I'm staying in Afghanistan a little longer than I thought. Oh well No surgery for me until December this year. I have been trying these pills called Brand New Booty and they are working miracles though! They are kinda pricey and hard to find though :(. Oh well. Ladies best of luck with your BBL's and I will be looking at you guys after pics! Thank you guys for everything.
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smaller waist...more curves

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Good luck
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good luck with everything tomorrow. ur going to look great!!
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Hi everyone,
I have decided to do the bbl because I never really had a booty. I have a small one and I work out but want a nice booty and get rid of the love handles.
I am thinking of going to dr. Soto or Dr. Salama, I have heard amazing things about Dr Salama but not too much about Dr. Soto in Orlando ....also I checked out Dr. Menedieta in Miami but he seems expensive. I am in a remote part of Michigan so these procedures are not done on too many around here. lol Any suggestions would be appreciated girls thanks.
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Thank you sweeties, I can't wait! I'm getting more and more nervous as the day approaches which is 16 April 2012. I am trying to get the smallest waist possible to go with my hips and butt. I don't want alot of fat trasferred to my butt because I don't want a rediculously fake looking ass. I know that he will do a great job bringing my waist in! I wish the best of luck to all of you guys and I hope that all of your results are AMAZING!
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You are going to be killing them when you get your bbl
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Girrrrl, you have a cute shape already!!! If I were you..honestly I wouldnt do a thing. But I can understand if your not happy and just wanting some improvements. I agree with kaybelle, I cant wait to see your afters. Good luck to you..
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Aww thank you kaybelle. I can't wait to have this done! Did you ever decide on rather you were going with Dr. Salama or not? I am about to post the hotels that Ruben Salama sent me. He told me that the Marbay hotel is the hotel that most people stay at because it offers a discount to all of Dr. Salama's patients. Good look sweetie!
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Hi Jussarealchick2011!I'm still looking around at different doctors, i did a virtual consultation with Salama, and i still have a few more doctors im considering. I live all the way in LA, and even though i do, that does not mean i love the work these doctors have done and i dont want to settle. As far as hotels, i wish i could tell you, but im following you every step of the way, that way i know exactly what to do and where to go just in case i do decide to go to Salama! i wish you the best big booty and great healing after! with everyone here theres no way you'll be in the dark about anything! this website is a lifesaver!
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you have an amazing body already! your results are gonna come out looking so BOMB. i can not wait to see! good luck!!
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Hi. My decision for Dr. Salama came from reviews from this forum. I've never had surgery before and was nervous. I can't wait along time for something like this. So Ruben was able to get me in on November 21, 2011, which was 3 weeks after I'd decided to have it done.

I flew in in Sunday the 20th. Had a consultation with Dr. Salama to discuss what he was going to do the following morning. I paid for a tummy tuck and bbl. But he saw I had some excess fat on my inner thigh and told me he's going to get rid of that as well as lipo the area right below the tummy tuck to ensure it's all smooth and flat. I thought, cool because other consultations I've had, they charge for additional lipo areas which aren't one of the 3 donor sites for bbl. I didn't want a tummy tuck because if the incision, but after he explained why it's better for the results I want, I felt okay with it. I was the first patient 6am arrival time, which I preferred. I wore a binder for 7 days, then they put me in a compression garment. My mom came with me, which I highly recommend because I can't see how some were able to do things alone. I want to recover as quick as possible so I'm nit putting any more strain in myself than necessary. I didn't look at myself until the compression garment was put on, and the results a week post op were what I was hoping to achieve overall. Given I'm quite swollen in my midsection, I can see once I fully recover the results will surpass my expectations. Visually, my waist is soo small, with the inner thigh lipo and me already having size D boobs, and the bbl, my clothes fit better already because my stomach is gone. Didn't measure myself yet for personal reasons. Am not measuring until 2 months post op if then. But I feel I've lost more weight just because of not being able to eat nearly as much, mainly soups and lots of water, gaterade and pineapple juice. I was walking very very very slowly since the second day post op. Now I'm walking more, still a little bent over, but feel much better. Not taking pain meds. But if you want more details contact me and we can discuss further.
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Hi, sorry for getting back at you soo late....your results are amazing!!!! Do you have any more resent pictures? send me a message so that we can talk.
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Congrats! I booked my surgery with Dr. Salama for May 29th right after Memorial Day Weekend. I figured that I will go down to Miami and enjoy the festivities first.
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Hi hellokitty15......I was advised to stay in Florida for at least 8-10 days after surgery. I have done sooo much research on this surgery and from what I understand, we are restricted from sitting directly on our butts for 2 weeks after. I am staying the full 2 weeks before I travel back home to avoid altering my results in any way. This is just my personal decision. I am a yellowbone girl and I bruise very easy too, so I know where you are coming from. I am sure Dr. Salama will give us some guidance on what to use for the swelling and bruising. Scaring is very minimal with the final results of this surgery from what I have read and seen. From looking at several afterpics, I know that I don't notice any scars. I am not a doctor, so the only answers I can give you are conclusions I have come up with based off of my research for this procedure. I was sent a list of hotels in the region, one of them being a hotel that offers discounted rates to patients of Dr. Salama. If you send me a message with your email address, I will email them to you. I hope this helps sweetie.
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Hi ladies my BBL is on Dec. 14 with Dr. Salama. I booked at the San Juan hotel, based on the reviews its the only clean, safe place at a very reasonable price. Have any of you spoken to any previous BBL patients from Dr. Salama? Im so worried about wrinkled or loose skin after lipo :(
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Thanks it did help so will a week be enough time or 10 days to stay in Florida? any cheap hotels in the area??bestwestern is 100 a night yikes. I'm a redbone n bruise/ scar easily. Do the scars clear up?? Can I use any creams for them if so what??
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Once you pay your down payment you should have spoken to one of his coordinators to book your appointment. As soon as I paid, I set a date. You can change your date at any time with no penalty as long as you give them 2 weeks in advance, so if you are unsure exactly when you want to go, you can always change it. I hope this helps hellokitty15.
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Can someone give me info on how you set your date for the procedure?? After you put the down payment can I book a date right then in there? Is there a wait? I spoke to Dr. Sal and he said upon arrival first day is consultation next day the procedure after that day a massage skip a day then drainage tubes ate removed after that day one more massage and after that 8 or 9 day home. How l
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I'm having my bbl with Dr. Salama on Feb 22nd it looks like u have a nice shape & u won't need that many cc's maybe 400-500 . Good Luck with your surgery.
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Hey congrats on your decision. well I may be booking with salama as well still comparing doctors for those dates so I will let you know.
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Thank you Jay9632, I hope everything works out great for you too. I am super excited! I will be going to Miami around April 16, 2012. Is there anyone that will be there around that time?
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Honestly, I would b more than happy if I had what u have, but I do hope everything works out great.
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get at least 800 ccs, you have to keep in mind that some of the fat absorbs, but you are going to look good because you have a nice shape. im thinking of getting a little fat added to the hips as well because i never had them!!
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Your results look great! I say go for it...more hips the better doll : ). I can do 800 ccs but I don't think I'll go higher than that. I don't want to look fake. The fat I'm looking to get rid up sits in my lower back right above my hips, and the fat in my abdomen and waist. I used to run track in high school and I had abs, huge thighs and a booty....if only I could turn back the hands of time : ).
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Hi dolls....when I talked to Dr. Salama, he told me that he could get 700-800 CCs of fat per cheek. I wanted 1000 at first, but I now think that will be a little too extreme. I don't want a buffie ass...just a rounder one and my small waist back : ). How many CCs of fat do you guys think I should aim for?
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Thanx you guys I will be sure to keep u posted on any info I come across...oh and of course my after pics when they are available. Thank you sweeties : ).
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