I have been on this site since last year. I...

I have been on this site since last year. I finally had the courage in booking my surgery. And now I am constantly looking at butts, lol! My husband does not support me on this, and I was almost going to have to cancel my surgery but as of right now its still on. I am looking for a list of things I need. I remember seeing a site where u can buy maxi dresses.

And where r u lodging any good and affordable hotels?
still dont know yet, but i have checked around and looks like the best western in dania beach is only $49 a night. I'm still looking. who is ur dr. ?
Whos your DR

My date is getting closer and I am getting my...

My date is getting closer and I am getting my things ready for my sx. I didn't even know that this procedure existed until I came across this website. I def. would not do implants because I know they are dangerous. I have been following a lot of stories on their journeys with a lot of helpful tips and I Thank all of the bbl sisters that have shared their stories. I know it takes courage to post their journeys, and here is mine. I am excited, scared, nervous, the more time passes the more nervous I get. I am uploading my wish pics.
welcome and congrats on booking your sx
thankyou! ;)
thankyou! ;) ur surgery coming soon, too! wish u the best!

Well my normal weight is 135lbs, and I am 5 "4"...

Well my normal weight is 135lbs, and I am 5 "4" but when I spoke to Nancy she told me to gain 10 to 15lbs, yikes! I am now 154lbs but I am afraid that I might not get all my fat taken out. So I don't know if I should go back to 145lbs. This is the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant. Before kids I had a great body even after I had kids I could still wear bikini's but after time gravity has taken a toll. And the reason I really want to do this is because I want a nice full heart shaped butt. I did not know that this procedure even existed until I came across this website. And I come on here just about every day, and I thank all bbl sisters that share your journey to help us understand what is coming. Or just the tips that you all give us, I thank you again. Well I said I wouldn't do it but I am uploading my pre op pics. It's very embarrasing, so here they are.
When I hv consultation with Salama I was told not to gain any weight . Nancy said go ahead and gain 10 more pounds - not sure About recommendations to gain weight . After all dr Salama is the Surgeon, I hv to listen to him . I don't want any fAt to be left on me . So If I gained average of 20 pounds what is the point . U should confirm with ur surgeon
Hey girl. Just for reference, I am 5"4 and I went in at 135!! Check my pics! I'm glad I didn't go in heavier. In fact, he didn't even get all the fat from my inner thighs or upper back completely, although upper back is pretty good. I'm so happy i decided to not gain weight.

Questions to vets? How long did it take for your...

Questions to vets? How long did it take for your butt to get soft? How long did you have to wear the garment for?
I'm getting really nervous,. I still don't know what I am going to say at work. I refuse to tell them what I am doing because it's none of thier business but at my job everybody is so nosy. So I just want to prepare the best I can. Again thanks for sharing your journey to help us guide us better =)
I'm also scheduled that day. Did you you find a hotel yet
check out the knights inn hotel, they have the lowest prices and full kitchen. Its also close to stores so if u need anything u can just walk to the store
Im nervous about the work thing too but seeing how its wintertime i bout one of those big shawls/poncho sweater things and Ive been wearing it at work cuz my office stays cold... It will cover the booty but cant hide projection... i jus figure slowly introducin it will help.. i was also going to buy larger pants and slowly size down or jus admit to stomach lipo n say weight went to my hips n butt but honestly all these ideas seem a bit much for ppl that dont really even matter... mayb its best jus not to say anything and enjoy the new u regardless... i seriously doubt that much could b said about u because everyman will appreciate it as money well spent and females will hate - but isnt that the same outcome u would recieve if u were born that way? Nuff said...

They told me it would 48 hrs but results came in...

They told me it would 48 hrs but results came in today. Dr. said everything came in normal, (Thank God!) My dr. Was a bit concerned because I am having surgery in fl. She wantred to know if it was a legit clinic. Also asked me who was doing the anesthesia, i told het that i never thought of askibg. She told me to make sure.that i know who and if they r certified. I said ”will do”
I am so scared and excited at the same time, not getting much sleep. Well will post before surgery.

So I keep getting nightmares every night, I dont...

So I keep getting nightmares every night, I dont wake up after surgery, I cant have the surgery, I know that I am freakin out, my surgery is just around the corner. For my clearance I was weighing 143 that means I lost that extra weight that I had gained. But my belly still looks huge! My average weight is about 135 to 140 lbs I fear that after surgery I wont be able to achieve that flat stomache. I dont blog very much, I like to read the updates. I thank u all for posting ur journeys, it really does help us

So Ive been ready since sept. I had my flight,...

So Ive been ready since sept. I had my flight, hotel and everything set. Thrre is a major winter storm coming our way and United cxl all flights 2 days prior! So I was able to rebook with American hopefully my.flight goes out on time tomorrow. I am really nervous and scared after reading things on here about dying, it just freaked me out :( (this is all I needed just days away from surgrry) Above all I am really going to miss my.children, I they r going to miss me too. Never been away for this long without them. So having this guilty feeling, too. Well I hope this storm goes away soon so I can fly out, even if I have to meet dr. s on the day of surgery
Where are you flying out of
Everything will work out hun praying for you xx
Congrats hun I hope everything goes as planned!

All I can say is that all the tips that I read on...

All I can say is that all the tips that I read on here have all helped. Now I know what type of pain u go through. Its soreness and feeling like ur butt is throbbing when u walk around. I will update later with the details.
girl you look gorgeous wow, is he getting better? or is it something else changing his results over the last few weeks? is it his change in compression garments? or is his azz reading the reviews? lol b/c you look amazing!
looking good!! Happy healing!
Your boottttyy looks fabulous...

Sorry I haven't been able to update but since I...

Sorry I haven't been able to update but since I left (Friday) and came back home I've been very busy. I am so glad to be back home because above all I was missing my children and the comfort of my home. Being able to sleep in my bed, oh and I really recomend the Leachco Pillow. I had seen that another girl here got it, and let me tell you I think I only wake up once or twice because I can sleep so much better with this pillow. I highly recommend, you will like it.
After surgery I had soreness and stiffness. I drank about 1 gallon of gatorade per day and ate few times a day. I would get up and walk every hour even at night because you cannot sleep so I'd figure I should just get up and walk since I am already up. For the first few days when I would stand I would feel shooting pain in my buttocks. Like around the 4th day it started to get better, and after my first massage I did feel a bit sore, but it's a must. A couple times I ran into Booty Babe and London2Miami, let me tell you pictures don't do justice. They both look gorgeous, they have awesome results. I also met a couple other ladies there. Another girl that came from London, I don't know if she was on realself or not, but she also had great results. Then I met another BBL sister from Miami. They all looked really good, DR. S is the man. Not to mention the staff, the staff is great.
So I left on the 8th day and came back home. on the plane when I had to sit on the bobby pillow I felt pressure on my butt so as soon as I could get up I would. Finally when I got home I was so relieved, no place like home. My kids right away came up to me to hug me ( I really missed them) The next day when I was washing the dishes my daughter turned around and said "Oh MY Gosh Look at Your Butt!" I said "What?" "Your Butt Looks So Big" LOL!! she kept turning around and saying your butt looks really big. I said "oh well it's just because I've been working out and I have like this garment that makes my butt perky" she is 9yrs old so she was still like uh ok. Any way I have been covering my self pretty well the only other people that know is my sister that was taking care of me in FL. my husband, and my youngest sister. When my little sister came she was like "what your butt looks huge, lol!" So I told her because of course my daughter pointed it out. I've been wearing like a throw and people just think I am sick, lol! I still have my front drain in it's still draining I am hoping that it will stop draining soon. I will have to call the office tommorrow to find out if I will have to take it out or what. I have not taken any pictures yet but the swelling has been going down. I know that the way I look right now is not my result, the upper part of my butt is getting a bit soft. The bottom is still very stiff. Can't wait until it gets soft and I see my end result. Wishing quick recovery for all the BBL sisters especially Booty Babe, and London2Miami.
You look fantastic! I’d like to know where he got the 1200 per cheek from? even with your weight gain you look rather thin?
Alot of it is fluid mix with fat im hearing from other docs, that's why the volume doesn't stay after a while...
beautiful results

So finally it's 2 weeks and I am still swollen. ...

So finally it's 2 weeks and I am still swollen. The upper part of my butt is a bit softer, but the bottom is still hard. So I'm sure this will not be my end result. I hope the volume stays the same but we will see.
I love u results can wait for may7 th...I am showing him your pics
Hey girl I'm 2 weeks today I love being salamafied
looks FABBBB

Tomorrow 27 weeks!!

SO I haven't been on here in forever, I've been working (trying to pay off bills) and trying to find clothes that I can fit in. Loving it! I will post more pictures I will try today but if I can't I'll do it tomorrow. I'm sorry that I have not responded to comments, but I will tell you that the swelling in my butt has gone down and butt looks more (real) than fake. Thank God! And Thank Dr. Salama :) I think he is the best Dr. and he really does miracles. I've had some questions for him, but I will have to wait until it's a year from surgery. I love my butt, it's nice, full and plump. ;) Of Course lots of stares and comments.
You look wondrously great...
U look amazing :)
Hi! You look amazing, waiting to see your now pics. Dud your butt soften up and when did you start sitting and sleeping on it normal again?


Ok so I finally took pictures today, my butt is soft, and jiggly, lol!
Hows everything going
Do you think you have lost any volume? do you think weight gain was a good choice?
you look great. Im small to. 135 hoping to get to about 145/ 150. Scared also that I will be left with fat because of weight gain. I pray I look like you. If you got 1200cc I hope I can too. hope that fat stays. keep us informed. best wishes

Selling a brand new lipo express garmet XXXS

Hi Girls I hope everyone is doing good. I'm sorry that I haven't updated as often but I just can't do my updates I my phone. For some reason I cannot log in anymore. Don't know why, but I just can't log in. I do not have access to a laptop unless I come to the library and I don't relaly like to because it's a public computer. I am selling this garment it is brand new, I did not use it because it has the butt covered but everyone has their preference. It is style 1602 the strapless half leg it is worth $120.00 through their website but I am selling it for $80 if anyone is interested please pm me. Thanks!

Photos of Brand New Lipo Express garment

I didn't get a chance to upload pictures of the Lipo Express XXXs garment. You can go on their website and take a look at the garment it is Style 1602 Strapless Half Leg and it is selling for $120 I am trying to sell it for $80. Anyone interested please send me a pm. These are the brand of garments that the Dr. office gave me and they are great. This gives compression and that's just what you need as your waist starts to get smaller and smaller after surgery. I ordered the wrong faja so I never returned with shipping and everything it was going to cost me more.
when you first got the surgery, did you cut the butt part out? Or did you wait a while? If you waited, how long after did you cut the holes?
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