Surgery finally done, waiting for my results to stabilize...

New pics...pitiful before shots hopefully...

New pics...pitiful before shots hopefully there's enough fat cause I want it big as possible

I just made the final decision I'm going with...

I just made the final decision I'm going with Salama!!! Yaay can't wait date will be June 3rd so far! I will be getting BBL, TT so thrilled!

I just decided that I am for sure going with Dr....

I just decided that I am for sure going with Dr. Salama yaay!! Can't wait to get down there it's 5 months away.... until then I will be a hermit

So, I'm getting a BBL and TT with lipo of everything above my waist including my arms.. and inner thighs..

Where will you be staying? Im thinking bout going in June!
Me too :)!!
Sorry I never saw this we rented a house in Hollywood!

I have been unhappy with my lack of booty since I...

I have been unhappy with my lack of booty since I can remember I think it started with my huggies lmfao (laughin my flat ass off). I dreamed about this surgery since I was young but I kept it hidden like I should be embarassed about it. Still the only people that know that I'm getting it are my husband and my bff. And I love my bestie but she runs her mouth so I'm contemplating giving her too many details. But I kinda want her to come with me, because my husband needs to stay in Cali with my kids. So.. several dilemmas I am facing, the first is what doctor? I'm loving Campos, but still weary about Tijuana though some of you girls have opened my eyes about him. In Florida I've seen beautiful work by Solama (spelling?),Baas (spelling?) and Tachmes (spelling?) LOL Notice a trend, I can't remember shit. Second dilemma... If I go with a doctor so far away what will I do about followup? I can't keep traveling, I have kids, a mortgage, a job and a husband.But Cali doctors are out of their minds with pricing, I am not no Real Housewife of Beverly Hills!!! Third dilemma.... It is near impossible trying to schedule time off from my job so the only time I would be able to do the surgery and have more than a week off would be in October! AAaaahhhh!!! It's so far away seems like it might not even be on my calendar. I have been trying to stay away from family and wear lots of clothes so that my transformation is less noticeable. But dammnnn where I live it's hot as hell in the summer if I wear too many clothes I might die. But I refuse to tell people I got this surgery I will deny it till my last breath!! I just can't wait for it!!! Anyway, finding this sight was a breath of fresh air and I can't go an hour without looking at it since I've found it. Some of you women went through some transformations that blow my mind, and I have been lookin at your asses all night (literally) Bwahahaha! But I want to thank you for your experiences and def your pictures. I hope you all will support me like you've done one another!

Got2loveit, lol feels so weird to call you that when I know your real name and talk to you on the phone everday. I am so freakin excited too girl!!! I just want it to be June already, I just got home so I can look at the condos now!! Man, I hope this time flys by we have like 120 days r so left!!
112 dayz left p
PrettyNcurvy not p lol

I'm so ecstatic to get a PrettynCurvy body, and I...

I'm so ecstatic to get a PrettynCurvy body, and I know my man Gots2 Loveit when I'm done!!! LOL You're so silly girls!!!!! Sorry inside joke with my girls!

But, real talk I can't wait for this date we're less than 100 days away, official surgery date June 4th.I cannot wait!!!! I'm looking at some of the girls on here and forget depression I'm gone be so happy to have my dream body I may never sit again, cause I need everyone to look at my new booty and curves LOLOL. Anyway, me and my girls have our house rented and down payments paid. I've been looking at plane tickets which are extremely expensive going clear across the country California to Fresno (but Salama is worth it). The only thing I'm concerned about is the curves I don't want just a wide booty, I want my curves to look like Campos and Mendietta's I want to make an outfit and not have the outfit make me!! I've gained weight for the surgery now I'm back up to 160 lbs and feeling insecure and fat again but whatever! But, now I'm confused Ruben told me to gain weight if I wanted to get over 1100 cc's I'm shooting for the max, but I hear that the smaller the fat cells the more they're able to get out, so it's better to be at your ideal weight in the event that you gain weight later it will be in the right places! So terribly confused somebody give me the laymen's terms version of the best way to get the most fat out in lipo and the biggest booty with the prettiest curves LOL. I don't know what to do!!
Lol girly yu liked that huh

Seriously!! It's not June yet!?! I am so ready...

Seriously!! It's not June yet!?! I am so ready I'm still concerned about leaving my job for a full week, time off is hard to come by in that place! But, there is no way I'm missing gettin my booty with my girl's!!
Oh yeh we made our appointment a few months ago though and back then there was still earlier days but that's what worked for us. I wish we were going in sooner though I can't even sleep I'm so excited!!!!
Prettyncurvy ur so lucky u got May I called his office today just to see if they got my pictures by email, they said give them 2 more days for a reply if not call back and she will make sure to get my quote... And I asked what his schedule is looking like she replied he is all booked until JULY!!!
Sorry meant June 4th

11 weeks to go, feels like forever I haven't...

11 weeks to go, feels like forever I haven't found a doctor yet to give me clearance I should get on that!
good luck ma
Thank you!!! I'm so excited!
Well, been there, done that and those butt workouts and things to make your butt look bigger didnt work for me. Not to mention once you take it off, your still stuck with a flat bum bum. I am going for the surgery as well and excited to get it done. Well wishes for your "bootywow" product though! Let us know how that works for you...

Can't believe I have six weeks left!! Time to go...

Can't believe I have six weeks left!! Time to go buy vitamins, I'm so tempted to buy clothes especially leggings!!! Aahh!! Can't wait! I was told I have to stay for 10 days for my tt so I'm leaving June 2nd that night arriving the next day @1045 and returning June 13th in the early evening all thick and bootylicious!! Lol The hardest part for me now is the fact that I've gained so much weight I'm so faaaaaat! I'm really uncomfortable my family is like wow you've gained you need to start working out but I can't tell them why! No one knows except my husband! Wellp just checking in!
Congrats on your date!
Thank you it's so close yet so far away!!

OHMIGOD,, less than 30 days away I can almost see...

OHMIGOD,, less than 30 days away I can almost see it!!!!! Me and my girls are so ready!! We start takin our vitamins this Friday and I can go get my test done beginning tommorrow. SO.... my husband and I have been having late night heart to hearts about Bootys LMAO... My husband is just stressing that it's really round but smallish and natural looking he's like he doesn't want me to have a big fake lookin booty!! I won't mention her name, but one of the girls who just came out of surgery looks great to me!! My husband is like, WHAT THAT'S WAY TOO BIG, TOO MUCH HIPS!! So, ofcourse I want to make my husband happy but I want a fatty!! Perhaps it may look a little unnatural but... on the other hand, when we walk past a girl with a fat azz of course he looks!! He's not disrespectful with it but it used to make me sooooo mad. Now I'm like oh she has a nice butt lol.. I guess knowing that my body will look the way I want has already given me my confidence back. But, I feel like he likes a fatty but he doesn't want other men to react to me like he and others do to other women!!! SO, I am trying my best to find a happy medium so maybe instead of 1400 maybe I'll only get likke 1200 LOL. Anyway, I need to find out what I need to get before my big day I only have 4 weeks before I'm on that plane to Florida, and the rest of my life. So far I know that I need to get a bunch of tanktops for under my garment, neosporin, bandages, a yoga mat and long pillow to drive. I guess I need some dresses and a few others outfits to put on my new big booty!! I'm so excited I could just burst!! Me and my girl super excited talk every day about how freakin excited we are I just can't wait, Hurra up MAY be over!!
Oh wow,, are you going with Salama too? Congratulations to you too, the day can't come fast enough right? I'm in school and I work all day, but it's all I can think of I can barely concentrate. Good luck to u too!
Yes #teamsalama all the way.....and I know exactly where you coming from....thanks
Hey girl Im so excited for you....i feel the same way you do can already see it and my cousin is having our surgerys on june 5th we might bump into each other...god bless and good luck on your new boooottayyy....

May 4th wuhooo! Started my pillls today!!! I'm all...

May 4th wuhooo! Started my pillls today!!! I'm all on rEALseLF supposed to be doing my homework I'm a freakin addict I need to see new bootys everyday LOL. People who update and tell us how much cc's they got and write entire speeches but upload zero post surgery pics really grind my gears LOL. Sorry to tell u but most of us look for pics and read the words later or not at all. I love the reading but only once u have some nice results showing. I mean lets face Booty talks. Or else we wouldn 't be getting BBLs right?
Good luck on your surgery! I hope you get the results you want & have a speedy recovery!
Thank you girl!!
Thank yiu

So.... first and foremost I am feeling really bad...

So.... first and foremost I am feeling really bad for whats happened to my girl got2loveit!! Prayers have been going her way!! She's a survivor though, she's gone be just fine!! Now, to update on myself still feeling fat... sigh moment of silence for my former slim body...... Okay moving on, I have exactly 3 weeks before I am boarding that plane to Florida!! I can't believe its only a few weeks away, and yet and still I wish it was today!! My husband and I had another lengthy discussion about the sx and he mentioned to me it was such a sacrifice for our whole family ,,way to make me feel baed. BUTTT, later on he told me that he wants me to go through wsith it and that it will be good for our marriage and our family since I will have more confidence. I was so glad he came to that conclusion cause I would hate to have to leave without his approval (But he know I would LOL!!) I would not have SUperEcstatic to go alone!!! We are in it together, and so excited we have to discuss it everyday!!! I need to make sure I have everything I need cause I"m not a last minute person and I don't want to be scrambling for things right before I leave. Ooooh and there is a new roll of fat that has appeared that sits right above my hips (if I had any lol) that bastard has got to go. MMMM other than that I have been getting a little nervous about the tt and wondering if my scar will look like I was cut in half in a not so great magic trick!! But one of the girls on here looks great after her tt so.... I guess we will see.. TIll next time HOLLA
Ok I know I did see her profile last night she is scheduled for June. I just been really nervous now that the day is closer, but after getting my package in the mail i feel super excited. And I do hope all is well with got2loveit
Got2loveit has things going on in her personal life, she hasn't had the surgery yet?
Yeah, whats going on with got2loveit?

Sooooo excited!! I can't believe I am leaving in...

Sooooo excited!! I can't believe I am leaving in exactly 2 weeks me and my BOOOOOooo!! Superecstatic u ready B? Let's go get em. LMAAAAO..Anyway, I had a scare with my test going kinda wrong ekg shows I actually have a minor heart condition, now I'm waiting to get an ultrasound of my heart.. I have an appt to get an ultrasound of my heart before my cardiologist will send an approval or whatever they call it to Dr Salama. My appt is on May 25 next Friday and it will be faxed the same day. Sooooo Eeexcited I can't wait, still thinking of my girl got2loveit hoping she can get in real soom atleast by next year. I have been taking my pills pretty religiously hoping the blood test come back wonderfully by Monday and my girl's test goes with flying colors as well so we can just focus on getting the booty!!!!! We are so excited we have to talk atleast twice a day and say how excited we are usually 7-8 times in a row. It's really crazy to imagine that I only have 10 more days of work!!! Yaay! Looking for some cute dresses that will be ok to wear with the garment and some that will be ok to wear the day of surgery, need a thai bolster pillow or some pillow that will be ok to drive with. And wondering what else wil need within the next 2 weeks. My girlie and I still need to book our hotel room for the last few days hopefully at a nice place I have one in mind... I'll probly update the week befire abd then the night before I fly to Ft Lauderdale.
So glad your feeling better
Well it is definitely better than it was the first day I thought I was going to die. I'm starting to feel a lot better now! But I have been using a walker to walk my back is my biggest problem.
hope all is well

So first and foremost today is my boo Super...

So first and foremost today is my boo Super Estatic's Birthday! So shout out to her!!!! Secondly, I want to say a big thank you to her mom and sister!! I swear to GOd I love those women, it almost brings tears to my eyes!!! They r so sweeet and took such good care of her, her sister is like my sister and her mom (OMG) I don't think me and S.E. could've made it here in Florida without her. We had the absolute WORST experience with our home we rented and with the Best Care Nurses!!! OMG the nurses suuuuuuCK!!! Me and SE got our own nurses.The first one was loud and rude she came hours late and complaining about everything. She got into it with SE's sister and thankfully she put her out, the second nurse didn't know what to do. She was nice (but they are not real nurses, scared to touch blood) she was lazy, she layed on the couch and slept, sat on the phone with her husband,,didn't get up once to take me to the bathroom. Then they wanna charge $175.00 (hell naw) SE's mom only charged me $150 but shetreated me like I was one of her kids and the things she did for us were PRICELESS. She didn't have to do all that but she did out of the kindness of her heart and I truly will always appreciate it. It was like she took care of me physically, emotionally, spiritually everything (a God Send)!!
Oh, and Larry the driver OMG I don't know what to say about that mean old man! He's money driven, he let us know very quickly that the $225.00 only pays for one trip to the consultatiion, one trip to the grocery store and your other 2 doctor appointments other than that he doesn't have to do a damn thing for you. So if your willing to pay atleast $25 for him to take you somewhere and drop you off (he will not wait) then you'll get the cool Larry, if youre not tippin you get the " I don't get out my car to close the door I'm just the driver Larry" FYI you'll be makin cab runs or paying Larry up the ass it's inevitable you'll need to make more runs.
On to the actual proocedure, it was truly painful( I got a tt and bbl plus additional lipo to the arms ) I wish I would have skipped the tt my stoach looks weird plus I don't know if the drains will be ready to come out. and I didn't know that he wouldn't have been able to give me that many cc's because of the tt and I wanted the max!!
But so far my results are ok, I don't have a garment on yet because I had a FTT so.. I will upload pics when I can, I know that's all most want to know so sorry.... you'll have to wait a lil longer!!
I hope ur doing good!
How did your surgery go? are you happy? Post pics and keep us posted, please. :)
I hope ur doing good...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I think they should have included more in the fee like if you bloody up your ace bandages they rewrap them and send you home with them, same thing for the waist cincher. I wind up spending a lot more than I thought I would and should and it's because not much is included not even the boppy and arnica like they make you believe. That made me feel like I was swindled a little.

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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