Ladies...switch my Feb. 25 for your late March/April/June date here it is...I'm 5'6, I was at my... here it is...I'm 5'6, I was at my absolute heaviest 220 and recently lost 20 lbs and now I'm 200 and still losing...I've been BEYOND obsessed with this procedure it has become my RITUAL to read reviews and watch everyones transformations! I've been back and forth with myself about this for years! I've researched, I've gone to consults, lost weight & gained weight! Once upon a time prior to children I had a mini bump...but its all but gone now! :-( So theres nothing left for me to do but to get it back! This past year was a little rough for me with this weight gain, so now I gotta do what I gotta do to get this booty back!

I went to a few consults and thought I had my mind made up until I realized how much these docs up here charge! There is an upwards of a $10,000 difference! So recently I saw a Dr. Salama review and he has now become my new obsession. I called the office this Monday and talked to Ruben. He sent me out an email on Tuesday and I've sent in my pics for review today! The only downer was that Ruben said that they are scheduling for late July now, Once I book I plan on becoming Rubens best friend...tryin to get in on one of those cancellations! So as of now I'm pretty much dead set on Dr. S. Just playing the waiting game for my reply now.

I do have a few questions...I know most of the women on here have either had their BBL done or are anxiously waiting for that day! I've heard a lot of diff things about TT vs Lipo alone. So can someone please tell me what are the pros & cons are

Good morning ladies! I FINALLY got my email for my...

Good morning ladies! I FINALLY got my email for my consult back from Ruben/Dr. Salama. So here it is.....

He said that I'm a good candidate for a BBL & TT...but he only wants to do the BBL if my skin doesn't retract completely around my abdomen if I did have something that I wasn't happy with then that would be something he offered to do within a years time after the BBL.

For Cantwait2bbad & Upsidedown DollyPar.......Now about the weight loss, the Dr. told me to lose weight until I'm about 25lbs above my ideal no preset weight was given. I'm thinking once I loose this next 20, 25 I should be good. He said that he'll do aggressive lipo on the abdomen, flacks and back, and once that procedure is done we'll see how I feel about my overall results and then revisit the TT issue.

Have a productive day ladies!

Hey ladies...I just have a quick question.....

Hey ladies...I just have a quick question...hopefully someone can help me out...So I was going through reading a few reviews today and saw a lot of the girlies talking about group rates....Can someone explain how many people are needed for a group rate....because if its only two, I wouldn't mind going on with someone....I haven't put down for my date if anyone is interested feel free to post or send my a message.....TTYL

Hey Ladies....So, I'll finally be booking my date...

Hey Ladies....So, I'll finally be booking my date this week...but if there is anyone who has an appt in late may - late june, send me a message...I would love to swap or take your date.... :-)

Hi life has been so hectic between...

Hi life has been so hectic between moving, work and just life in general....So after all of the back and forth with trying to get an earlier appt. now I'm looking for someone who wants to buddy up during the month of October...Initially while I was planning everything out, I thought that I was going to have help...but I'll be going alone. :-( , so it looks like I'll have to pay for a nurse. Does Dr. Salama's office recommend nurses? I'm lost on this...Thanks ladies!

Gm sx date is in Feb...and I'm...

Gm sx date is in Feb...and I'm wondering if its too early for me to book my flight, the prices are too good to pass up! And I just ordered some pre sx vitamins to start to get my body it too early to start taking those? I'm just lost on when I'm supposed to start preparing my body....have a wonderful day ladies :-)

Hi ladies....I am in need of some of your...

Hi ladies....I am in need of some of your assistance. My sx if scheduled for 2.25.13 and I have yet to start to purchase anything or prepare for my stay in Salamaville....So here are my question,,,

What are the essentials that I need to take with me for my post op stay?

I'm going this alone, so is there anyone out who has had a nurse help them? If so could you tell me how you feel the nurses were?

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay? And did you stay closer to the OR site, his office, or closer to the hospital?

I'll probably have more but thats it for now....thanks for the help ladies!

Do any of the ladies that have gone through this...

Do any of the ladies that have gone through this know when Salama sends out the package in the mail? And when getting your clearance did you just go to your PCP?

Thanks a bunch ladies!

Hope eveyone is enjoying thir I have...

Hope eveyone is enjoying thir I have more questions....Where can I order my preop meds? and When should I schedule my clearance? Thanks ladies

Happy New Years ladies! So I'll def be going...

Happy New Years ladies! So I'll def be going alone, so now I'm in search of a travel buddy...for around Feb. 25

Finally got my packag today, but I had a question...

Finally got my packag today, but I had a question for the vets....I noticed that Salama wants you to get your RX filled before going down...has anyone had any issues with flying with their scripts? Thanks ladies!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had the sx yet

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Hey Hun , how did you make out?
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Any luck hun
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Not yet...Hopefully I'll find someone by the middle of the week...I'm trying to get a late march date
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I'm a little tempted to go with yily because of price...but my bf would be pissed if he knew i was going out of the country
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Hey pinky I was thinking the same thing. You would save at least 3000 bucks
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Def would...I still have todo some research on going there to for sx. When is your sx date?
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My sx date is 3/5
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Sx is 2/22 if want a buddy let me know
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Exciting! I got mine a couple of days ago aswell. Starting to make it all few so real. Your only 3 days before me so I guess I'll see you out there. Have you bought any supplies? Or sorted travel and accomadation arrangements?
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It's def exciting! It's def surreal...we're going to have to see if we can hook up while we're down there. Girl I haven't gotten a thing yet! I'm starting to get my list together. I'll be booking my flight the first week of feb. Have you booked anything yet?
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So far the only thing I have booked is my accomadation. I dont really want to book my flight until I've done the medical clearence just to be on the safe side. So exciting our time is finally near!
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Where are you staying and for how long?
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I am staying at a Condo which is about 10mins from his office. I'm staying for 19 days as I am coming from overseas I don't want any complications.
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Check to calm any nerves about traveling medicine, but as long as you have your meds in their pharmaceutical vials/ containers with your name on them, you won't have any problems. Excited for you!!!
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Thanks D...are you scheduled for your sx?
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Yes! This Thursday!!!! :-0 LOL
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I felt the same way!:) good wishes on ur journey!
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Thanks Butiez...when is your sx?
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happy new year...go to the calendar and see who else will be there at the same time and check sure there are a few girls there going around that time too
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Thanks responses yet
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The dr will send you the prescriptions with your package that you can fill at the pharmacy. Bloodwork can not be older than 30 days. So you can make an appt. with your dr. But don't go to early.good luck.
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Thanks Brandnew....can you fly with these prescriptions?
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Hey mama.. you should see if u can partner up with someone bcuz it is so hard being by yourself. Good Luck on your journey :) Salama is amazing at what he does.
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Hopefully I'll be able friend is only able to come during the last few days of my stay. How is your recovery going?
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It's actually getting better.. Thank God. Maybe I was just a late starter, who knows. Have to admit that today (10 days post op) was a great day ;-) I just get irritated with the garments and I'm scared to pull out the drain but that's about it. Try to find somebody that will help you in the beginning bcuz that's when you need somebody the most.
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