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I'm 42 y/o, 5"2, 121 lbs. I have been always...

I'm 42 y/o, 5"2, 121 lbs. I have been always embarrassed of my stomach & not having a "booty" lol. I use long shirts to cover my lack of a butt & I never went to the beach/pool with my friends nor a boyfriend. That's why now @ 42, I said to my self that I needed to do something to change my life. Now or never!. I have chosen Dr. Salama as the provider of this transformation after looking @ many pre/post gorgeous pics of women like me evolved into better shapes/butt projection than what God gave them.

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Congrats on choosing your doctor and setting a date. Your day will be here before you know it!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

You selected a great doctor. You will be in good hands. He will give your body life! Wishing you the best on your journey!


Here we go.. When I had my consultation with Dr. Salama on may 21, he told me that I didn't need to gain any more weight.. That he could transfer to my butt about 1000 ccs & I was 118lbs


Currently, I'm 5'2, 121lbs. Do u my bbl sisters think that I should gain more weight? surgery is in two months & I hope to get around 1000/1200 ccs in each butt. I'm very confused cause I've been reading many posts where mostly everybody is trying to get more weight. I really want to do this once and hopefully get my selfconfidence back. I wish to look similar to Asiangotb/bigbootytinywaist/foreverb/shegotd..please vets, what do u think I should do?
Regarding the question you posed on whether or not to gain weight, I'm definitely going to say yes if you are considering getting that amount of cc's of fat transferred. According to the ideal height-to-weight charts a woman that's 5'2" should weigh between 99-121 pounds depending upon the size of her frame (sm/med/lg). Pls check with your p/s to find out what he suggests. You may very well expect to have to gain 15-20lbs.
Hi mzphatbooty, I forgot to ask Dr..salama the day of my consultation. I've been drinking whey protein shakes for a month & I just gained 3 lbs. I don't know why I can't gain weight. thanks for the advice. BTW u look amazing!
Hi hin im scheduled for 9/23 but trying to gt a 9/9 or 9/16 so my fiance cn cum cause im mt doin dis alone.. Mayb we'll c each other along the way also another RS SISTER will b ther around dis time an im sure others to mayb we cn meet up for lunch to show off our new BOOTIES if up to..c u on the other side!!


Well, I just started my to do list for my new booty lol..Got a massage table from my sister, drinking vitamins: C 1000mg, iron 325mg, complex b 100mg, multivitamins, & d 1000mg..will buy pre/post surgery multivitamins by September..
Wao pronto te toca..suerte.. Estare esperando tus resultados. Todo te saldra bien pq estas en buenas manos :)
Gracias..Y tu ya tienes fecha?
Good luck and prayers be with u on ur surgery day, caNt wait to see the new you! Happy healing!

Surgery date here I come:)

Well, I've been so busy lately that didn't have the time to update. However, been reading reviews from time to time. Congrats to my friend Lala on her recent surgery..She looks gorgeous!
I got most of my supplies already..
-Arnica gel
-Benadryl gel
-Peroxide spray (2)
-Nivea Q-10 firming lotion
-Compression socks
-Neosporin + pain relieve
-Kelo cote(scars cream)
-Massage table
-Hibiclens (anti septic)

Buying this wknd:
-Maxi dresses
-Shirts (under CG)
-Shower curtain (bed/car)
-Measuring tape
-Culturelle (Probiotic)
Please vets, let me know if I'm missing anything please.
On the other hand, I got my labs/Dr. clearance....Yayyy!..However, it's been hard for me to gain weight:(....@ my consultation with Dr. Salama, I was 118lbs. I'm currently 124 1/2 lbs and in 2 wks is my surgery. I don't know if the lack of appetite is the stress from work/family issues but I'm really concern/not happy with my weight. I'll feel a little better if I could be @ 130 lbs. I read MissRT review (5"1 & 125lbs) and she got 950ccs. I'm 5"2 & 124 1/2 lbs. I really want to get a minimum of 1000 or 1100 ccs so after fat reabsorption/swelling I can have some booty left..
Then again, I think I have more stomach than her...I don't know, what you think??.

Well, wish me luck, pray for me please, and hope to hear some opinions/reassurance cause right now instead of feeling nervous/anxious about my upcoming surgery, I'm just depressed...
Thank u so much for ur support & pray for me please!
Good luck!
Listen to your surgeon first he knows what he is doing Salama changed my entire body


Got the ok from Dr. Salama's office!..
Labs & clearance from my primary doctor, good.
Surgery, paid on Tuesday.
Supplies for surgery, almost done.
Nervous/happy, not yet. I'm having episodes of mixed feelings at times. I'm still @ 124 1/2 lbs, wish I could gain more:(.. I think that I'm in a limbo zone where I don't know if I should force myself to eat more in hope to achieve my weight goal till next Thursday (surgery date) or pray/hope for the best with my current weight. .what u think?.
Then, I don't want to feel guilty for not putting more effort.. Anyways, pics with current weight attached.


Good luck to all the BBL sisters in surgery today!
Hola tienes idea q tipo de shirt son las q tenemos q llevar? Son sin mangas o con mangas. No tengo idea.
Con mangas cortas es mejor. Yo compre 4 en walmart, size small porque van dentro de la faja. Asegurate que la etiqueta diga: fitted shirt, asi te queda ajustada.

Salamafied...yea me:)

Pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

SURGERY DONE ON 9/19/13...Loving what I see:)

Surgery day 1: met the good looking anesthesiologist named Sergio..felt embarrased cause my robe got opened in front of him when I was going to sit down & he saw my left breast. Then, embarrased again when Dr. Salama marked me down I was ticklish. I asked him to treat me like if i was his girlfriend/wife/sister or cousin that he likes & will do his best master piece. He said, that he didn't had any, so I said that's ok. Just be nice to me & give me an hourglass figure without a shelf. surgery was like 2 1/2 hrs. Felt my back & butt hard & some pain & dizziness on my way back home. I'll suggest to place a lot of pillows in the back seat cause I tried to lay down with the shower curtain and one cushion for the head & it was very uncomfortable. I had to kneel down for like 1 1/2 hrs drive due to the trafic.
Omg te vez muy bien...waooo felicidades ya se te te ve la linda silueta. Cuanto cc te puedieron sacar???

Cont. update

Got home, ate a sandwich & drink an ensure to take my antibiotics & pain meds. I pee, ate, & walked 10 to 15 mins every 2 1/2 hrs all afternoon/night.
Surgery day 2: went to see the nurse to remove all pads/band aids & place my fitted shirt under the garment. I asked her to take the pics I posted for u guys to see. Well, I felt very nauseous after she removed the dressings for like 3 hrs, I wasn't able to eat lunch. Finally around 2:30pm I ate and drink a protein shake my mom made for me. I've been lucky cause I have experienced only minor pain & dizziness. However, my knees r swollen & I still can't get comfortable to rest or sleep @ night. I placed many pillows in different positions & still uncomfortable most of the time. Any ideas will be appreciated. TTL..
How u feel? More Pic please =)
Cuantos cc te pudo sacar el doctor? Tengo casi tu misma gordura. Y cuanto media tu cintura antes de la operacion? Osea tus medidas antes. Espero t recuperes pronto y pongas mas fotos...son de emotivacion para mi :)
Happy healing we are salamabooty sisters now I am 7 months po and love it


I didn't want to make any updates cause I noticed that before and after my BBL surgery, nobody care that much to wish me luck, answer my questions, nor make comments except for puertorrican girl, bigbootytinywaist, and a couple more. U all know that ps is a huge deal/change in anybody lives. So, I was looking for some support and I didn't get it from this site.
I'm posting some current pics for the people who might benefit from them.
Prior: waist-32 1/2, hips-39 3/4
Current: waist-29 1/2, hips-43 1/2
High/Weight prior: 5"2
- 124 1/2 lbs.
Looking good! How are you feeling?
Now that your 12 days you can order a new cover garment I recommend the vedette 136 (but that's my personal preference) go the next size down from what you are in now at the end of the week order a squeem vest one size smaller then the vedette you just ordered you will probably get your board this week too, if you ender need advice inbox me or stop by my page I don't have notifications (because I get too many) so if you don't send me a msg or stop by my page I don't know you responded we bbl sistas I got your back I am just swamped with life and trying to help my sistas out
Happy healings. how many ccs did u get?

Updated pics..not so good:(

Thanks for the comments, I was trying to reach out or vent In my own ways. .Well, when I got my first massage with Celia on day 4 po, I didn't feel that much pain. However, I was very uncomfortable when she was touching my left side waist.. What a surprised when I looked @ myself naked in the mirror and I noticed that my left side waist looked too dark. Celia confirmed my suspicion that I got burned with the cannula. She said not to worry cause it wasn't deep.
During my second massage, I saw my ps and he said that it was superficial burn and I got a prescription for a burn cream to be applied twice a day.
I've been putting the cream as directed and covered with gauze but I haven't noticed that much of a difference.
At this moment I'm having a mixed of feelings. Sometimes im depressed, lonely, and feeling frustrated cause I can't take this problem away.
I'm experiencing periods of sharp pain, the skin feels tearing apart when I move my arms to lift myself up, and it bothers me the contact of the burn site when I touch any surface like the garment, couch, and my bed to sleep.
Please see burn pics, let me know what u think?.
on the other hand, for people who asked. I got 1150 ccs in each butt but dont know about the hips?
I'm truly sorry to hear about your Burns ,No worries the burns will go away and do time! And just remember your never alone you always have a friend in Jesus :))) You've come really far the worst part is over your almost at the Finish Line Sweetie, We are here for you on realself and Darling you are looking Fab!!!!!
Thanks hun!
Hun I'm so sorry to hear about the burn! Hoping it heals fast!


My body is definitely changed!. I went back to work this week and many of my coworkers asked if I got a booty. I told them before I left that I was getting lipo but it looks that they don't believe me. Anyways, I answered that I did fat transfer only to my hips to look curvier and my butt looks huge cause I'm swollen.
On the other hand, my burn is looking different and I have 2 yellow spots. See updated burn pic bellow.
Measurements have changed as well:
Waist: 29 1/2. - Hips: 40 1/2.
Body sensations/feelings:
I'm getting moderate-minimal sharp pain in the burn side (left). Maximum-moderate stiffness in my back every single morning that is a nightmare to get up. I believe that it's harder for me due to the burned skin cause I feel the skin tearing apart when I lift myself up.
Compression garment/board/foam: Another inconvenience, I get shortness of breath and my burned side gets squished, hurts like hell after a couple of hrs in all this compression.
However, it's it worthy. .Don't know yet till my 8 wks but, up to now...I like the way I look!!
See updated pics!
I like.. =) take care..
Your results are delish ! Congrats! Shortness of breath could be due to low iron/blood levels... Try and increase your iron levels thru eating iron rich foods and taking iron tablets, if they make you constipated take with prune juice.., if u don't feel better ASAP go see a doctor or go to ER. HONEY DO THE MOST WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH ! happy healing and blessings...
Thank u sweety, I've been taking the same amount of iron and eating oatmeal every morning. The problem is that I work standing and walking a lot. However, I haven't been able to drink that much during working hours. Thanks for the support!


Today is 4 weeks and 1 day of my new body!..measurement:
Waist: 31 (swollen cause I can't have to much compression due to the burn on my left side :(...).
Hips: 41..
I haven't paid that much attention to my booty/hips changes cause of my burn. Day and night with burning/pain sensation that I just don't want to even wakeup. But, I have to cause I have my children and work to attend to. Please, see recent pics to compare with the same underwear.

PICS @ different angles..4 wks!

PICS again..

You look great sweetie, how are you feeling?
Hope your burn heals up completely soon so that you can enjoy your amazing results!
He did that! I love the heart shape. You look good ma. Enjoy!


My burn is healing, slowly but is looking better now, finally. The pain is going down as well, thank God!..I lost some volume in my booty but I haven't measure myself. I've been so involved taking care of the burn that I didn't care about how I look yet..Well, maybe after im totally heal!. See updated pics and happy healing to all!
Dam , I never saw your post ! This "Burn List " list is getting longer and longer ! All doctor Salama victims are coming out of hiding that is the first step ! Confronting him is the next step . Seems like he does not have any remorse ! Why does he keep doing the same dumb stuff ? Doesn't he see he needs more training ?
Looking good
Looking good


Sorry for waiting so long to update. I was waiting for my burn/symptoms to heal. It took 8 1/2 weeks for the pain to completely away. I just feel very sensitive on that side/skin side. My son whos 9 y/o can't hug me cause his height, so I bend over for him to hug me by the shldrs & not to touch my waist/burn site. I haven't measure yet but I will soon. I dropped some volume but is not that bad. My stomach still not that flat cause I didn't put the garment all the time. I used the garment on/off every 5 hrs due to the burn/skin was open and the compression was making the skin worst/slowing the healing & giving me constant sharp pain on the burn side. As of now, I'm going to see a Dermatologist next month to see his opinion on the scar. I have hyperpigmentation & hypopigmentation. I'm glad that I got a wound care nurse to treat my burn from the beginning and educated me on the care & hygiene. Well, I wish you all good luck on your journey, happy healing, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!. Please see below updated pics.

Cont. Pics

Looking great hun the burns look better too. Did he give hips? I love the hips

Cont. pics

I also have burns. Currently 16 days post op and it is a huge emotional roller coaster. I haven't paid any attention to my body due to the burns.
Wow! that burn looked pretty bad, but it is healing nicely for you. Once it heals maybe you should do a tca peel and use a 12% hydroquinone on the area. I'm an aesthetician and I've had clients that had burns like this and this is what helps and a minimal price.
So glad to see the burns are healing and you're able to move forward in your recovery. Take care!
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