4 days shy of 3 monts post op..

Finally I have an appointment booked,That was like...

Finally I have an appointment booked,That was like jumping through hoops in itself.. If I would have gone with my first instincts, I wouldn't have went through all the trouble I did.

I loved Dr.Salama's Before and after pictures and he is highly reviewed on this site,but I wasn't really sure about flying to the east coast and I live on the west coast. I did some checking around and booked a phone consultation with a PS in my neck of the woods.. My appointment time comes and goes and I get no phone call or email stating that They wouldn't be able to keep the appointment.I finally get to talk to the Doc and discuss what needs to be done,he tells me his patient coordinator will call me back with a quote, She calls me back a couple of days later,with an outrageous quote, it pretty much floored me.. Not only was the quote really really high,she told me I needed 5 areas done,when I asked her what the extra area was ,she told me the arms..For one, I never discussed that with the doc,and 2 the pics that I sent in didn't show my arms.. WTF!! right? The office staff is the first people in contact with the patients, I think it is really important for any doc to have a good office staff.This lady was just shrewd,and very drab..

Just for the heck of it I decided to call a PS thats 30 minutes away from me.. he didn't have any before or after pictures on his site,so I thought they may have some,I could look at in the office.. When I called to inquire the lady informs me she don't have any before or after pictures and cost would depend on what size implant I wanted..I informed her that I was not interested in implants,I wanted fat grafting.. She says ok ,what would you like to know? I asked her how much it would be and she told me around $8,000 ,I asked her how many areas of liposuction that included..She told me that's not included...HUH!!..I told her you have to do liposuction to get the fat to graft to my butt.. She said, I'll call you back tomorrow let me talk to the doctor. I told her never mind I wouldn't be having that surgery done there..Have you ever felt like you were one dumb a$$ away from totally loosing it.

A few more days go by, and I'm kicking around the idea of flying across the country. I finally make up my mind and decide to give Dr.Salama's office a call..Wow I'm impressed, I talked to Nancy she was super friendly and informative..I sent my pictures in and booked a date for surgery..That goes to show ya trust your instincts..

WOW your whole statement was exactly the same experience I had I am also from west coast! I was sure I could find someone closer I didnt want to fly across U.S
but priceswere crazy and not everyone has good before n after pictures I was hoping for earlier in September but nothing until 24th so I booked it Yay our countdown begins !!!!
@ 87not..... i hear you about scared and excited lol but as far as hotels they should be sending you multiple hotel choices... the ones that are most popular and that nancy suggested to me was best western i think their only like 70 to 80 something a night maybe even less but as "2cheeky" said there are effeiceny rentals as well... just keep looking around ill let you guys know if i find an amazing deal and vice versa
!! lol good luck
Hey ladies i also booked my apt wit dr.s on sept 10th im crazy scared and excited and also looking for a cheap but nice and clean place to rent but no one will really talk to me about ental prices until july they said...well imma keep at it. now i need to get ass much info about the vitamins, garmets, bobby pillows, and also some special maternity mattess i herd about. Good luck to all us...lol

I'm wondering if any of the lady's here have gone...

I'm wondering if any of the lady's here have gone through the BBL alone? I'm a full time caregiver for a lady in the advanced stages of dementia. I was going to bring a friend with me but decided it would be better for her to stay here in case the lady's husband needs help..He's pretty capable but I'm not confident enough to leave him alone..Is there some kind of after care place? are there people you can hire to take care of you?

Surgery only a month and a half away.. after much...

Surgery only a month and a half away.. after much thought, I'm gonna post some before pics.. Yuck I hate em,but I want to be as helpful as some of the other lady's have been, so here ya go..
Hi ladies my surgery is Sept 10 I'm hoping to see you ladies, I will be coming with my husband.
Hey congrats on being so close to that dream booty, as far as aftercare dr.salama uses best care, a nurse company you have to pay $175 for 24 hrs. Most girls as I was told by the company get help for two days.
im Sep 11 also....hope to meet u...also ask the office they have info about caregiver u can hire

Well my BBL sisters,only about a month away....

Well my BBL sisters,only about a month away..
I've got the MMH- pre & post op vitamins
female Funnel 2 different kinds
the soaps and the ointments, I'll get when I get there..
I noticed,some of the ladies wearing something under their garment.. what is it? are they camisoles,another type of compression garment,do they have a function or are they just for comfort reasons?
@NY STATE OF MIND..first I had my best friend going with me, then that didn't work out,so I was going alone ,then I found a friend to go with me ,then a friend I asked months ago decided she was gonna take off from work and not tell me until the last minute.. So now I have 2 caretakers... i'll private message you my number and we can talk if you want..one of my caretakers may be able to help you out a little..we should talk..
hey, i'm booked for sept 6th, if you're bored and want to hangout or have a coffee, message me..I'm going alone =/ ..I know i'm going to be sooo bored lol
Hey! we have the same day!! :)) Ill def see you there lol

First thing,it says shower with antibacterial...

First thing,it says shower with antibacterial soap,and no deodorant.. I have an issue with the no deodorant part..I will be leaving my house the day before surgery,I'm driving 356 miles to pick up my friend then its another 3 hours to the airport from there.. then an 8 hour flight.. The docs office is picking me up from the airport,I'm going for my pre-op visit then right to surgery..Alll I have to say is yuck!!! ....2nd issue.. it says no food or drink after 12pm...I'm pretty sure they mean east coast time..That means I cant eat after 9am on the 3rd my time, and my surgery isn't booked until the afternoon on the 4th..I'm gonna be so moody... no food or drink for 24 or more hours..3rd issue, I would love to purchase a couple more compression garments,but how do you know what size and what kind to get? I ordered the MMH pre-op,post-po, vitamins,are these going to be ok to take with the iron and vitamin c pills? did any of you ladies get leggings or jeggings to wear during your visit,were they comfortable,or would sun dresses be better?I'm starting to get pretty anxious at this point..
Congrats girl!!! Your in good hands, hope u have a fast recovery keep us posted...we are all here for our bbl sisters! :-)
do exactly what they say. every surgery is that way even csections. u don't want anything to have a reaction with the anesthesia because that can cause complications. as foor no food i wouldn't eat past 5pm or so because that vomitting is noooooooooooooooooooo joke. i have had atleast 7 surgeries in my life so trust they are not telling you anything wrong.
Hi Da_1 I'm coming with my husband, we rent a condo off oa airbnb.

Ok went to my GP today going in for my blood work...

ok went to my GP today going in for my blood work on Thursday.I got my prescriptions filled, had a problem with one of them,but that will be taken care of tomorrow...Woooo Hoooo.. I know everything will be ok, I just had a blood panel done a little over a month ago so I'm all set on that..when I picked up my scripts the pharmacist told me that I should take Acidophilus Pills,because the antibiotic may cause me to get a yeast infection..??? Going shopping for some pretty sundresses and some leggings tomorrow...
hey all my BBL ladies the day is approaching.. im scared as hell...i just recieved my care package all extra late and it doesnt have the preoperative clearance rx form in it. am i just not seeing it right? uuhhhggg so worried too becuase i have the appt to get cleared tomorrow but no form...idk what to do
the form should be mixed up with the scripts,look close..

All new BBL sisters listen up.. Don't wait until...

All new BBL sisters listen up.. Don't wait until the last minute to get your blood work done.. That way, if there is a problem you have time to fix it.. I almost tightened the noose around my neck,If I would have waited to get my blood work done one more day later, I wouldn't have had time to fix the UTI before surgery. boy oh boy, I would have been out of a whole bunch of money and time..Surgery, 9 days away,I have to get another urine analyses done Friday to make sure the UTI has cleared.. Then I start my journey to Florida on Monday, getting into Florida Tuesday morning..and surgery Tuesday afternoon.. Moral of the story,get your blood work done as soon as you get the folder..
Yes, yes- good tip with regard to the Lab Work being performed early. I actually needed additional time to have a full work-up due to a low hemoglobin and it took over 3-weeks. So if i had waited till the last minute, I would have not been cleared for surgery-
u cant have surgery with a UTI? Isn't that a urinary tract infection? Thanks so much for the tip. My surgery is 9/21 and my doctor is doing my preop 9/11. I am gonna continue nothing but water just in case. Thanks a million.
Yes something as silly and common as a urinary track infection will postpone your surgery..

Ok,I finished off the last antibiotic for the UTI...

ok,I finished off the last antibiotic for the UTI this morning,I am so f*&%ing glad that is over.... Those antibiotic tore me up,made me sleepy and nauseous for a whole week.. Going in for another urinalyses tomorrow..It almost worked out ok,because I bought the MMH pre&post op vitamins and wasn't able to take them while I was on the antibiotic,I have 6 days left before surgery and I will be able to almost finish the pre-op packages.. Wow that's cutting it really really close.. I'm glad the pre-op vitamins aren't going to go to waste..

I've been staking this board for what seems like forever..
When you go in for the pre-op visit do you get any options?does he ask what you want as far as shape,projection,shelf anything like that..Or does he just start drawing and what he thinks is what you get?

Is it weird for me not to have any particular expectations ?other then an improvement..Are there questions that I should ask him.?.
He tells you the process and asks you if he has any questions. He does the same procedure to each person and your body shapes you how your body shapes you. You can let him know what you have in mind but ultimately he can't truly say what the final analysis will be.... Your body may absorb the fat (like mine did), or you will have great results first time around like so many. You won't really know how you feel until you see your results a few weeks and see if you are happy with the end result. My opinion is he is a good doctor and will do his best to get you the best results, the healing part is out of his hands..

I got the all clear from the doc,surgery Tuesday.....

I got the all clear from the doc,surgery Tuesday.. wooooo hooooo... I was stressin about aunt Flo cause she was due to come the day of surgery... Oh I'm so Fu#$ing happy.. I was thinking, I'm having surgery,my vajayjay is going to swell up like a balloon,I'm gonna get a yeast infection because of the antibiotic,and to top it all off, Aunt flo was going to pay a visit.. It almost made me sick to think about it.. For once in my life, I'm doing a happy period dance cramps and all...lmao
Would you mind sharing your current measurements?
Good luck on your upcoming sx!!!
2CHEEKY...i was like Aunt flo??? LOL ...just wishing you a great recovery...can't wait to see post pics...

The first night was tough, lots of pain pills went...

the first night was tough, lots of pain pills went down the hatch,the drains are a pain, but they are needed..My eyes swelled like I got into a fight..The MMH vitamins really work.. I didn't take them until 3 this morning,and by 5 the swelling in my eyes has gone down almost all the way,and the drains have been draining like mad since I've taken them... they do work and they are so worth it.... I've been standing more then laying down,standing is more comfortable for me.. .DR.Salama said, he has heard that girls were saying he doesn't like wish pics, but that's not true..He is an excellent PS if you keep your goals realistic..If you do take a wish pic, keep it real.. everyone's shape is different and what works on one body type may not work on others... keep that in mind when you take your wish pics.. like I said ,He's a excellent Plastic Surgeon,,but he is not God...He does the best he can, with what you have to work with..I didn;t have to many questions for him,He has the training ,not me,so I gave him a blank canvas and let him work his magic..
Congrats on your sx!! Can you tell me which vitamins your taking that helped with your swelling? Thanks hope your recovery continues to be smooth!
Hey Brandnew, I think she ordered her vitamins from MakeMeHeal. i thought about getting some but theyre so expensive, so Im not sure what vitamins Im going to take
I think the vita medica vitamins are basically the same cocktail that dr. S secco ends taking

Well I'm now 3 weeks post OP.. Recovery has went...

Well I'm now 3 weeks post OP..
Recovery has went well,I know I walked 30 country miles the first week,and drank gallon, upon gallon, upon gallon, of electrolyte mixes.. I drained an incredible amount of fluid. I see that alot of ladies on here are getting yeast infections,I took Acidophilus Probiotic pills, and did not get a hint, of a yeast infection.. if you don't wanna take the pills stock up on yogurt and eat it every couple hours or less.. The massages hurt like HELL!! The ladies that have their surgery on Thursday, have it made in the shade...you have some recovery time before you start the massages.The second week was badl!! I had some digestive problems,and had to switch to the larger garment until my system sorted its self out, and some more swelling went down..I'm now in the smaller garment,the foam pads suck ass..I am a person that has to shower,packing everything back up is a pain..I felt like the Michelin Man,and looked like a barrel with an ass.. So I took care of that problem.. I ordered ,Compression Thong Shaper 6011t By Squeem.. I have since ditched the foam rubber, I'm wearing the thong shaper under the doctor issued garment, its smooth,its tight and it makes dressing and undressing so much easier..it fastens with hook and eye in the crotch,it makes going to the bathroom a little tricky,but its doable..and you are squeezed in all the right places..it even replaced the triangle pad you wear in the back...I have some picture from 2 weeks post op,I have to get them from my phone to the computer.. stay tuned..
looks good!
looks GREAT still have to schedule hopefully by next year he's still doing GREAT work..
hi how is the squeem thong? does it have good compression on the waist and stomach? I want to order one but it doesn't have clasps and I didn't think it would be tIght enough thx

3 months post op and I still have some small...

3 months post op and I still have some small pockets of swelling in random places,my body seems to be changing by the day..My ass looks great but I'm looking for perfection..lol well as close as I can get.. So a round 2 may be in my future..I'm very happy with the results from the BBl,but I do have 2 flat spots,one on each cheek.. I noticed them about 5 or 6 hours after surgery. I have tried and tried to get pictures of them, but I can't get the pictures to turn out the way looks in person..While I'm on the subject of pictures, I will update them tomorrow,I'm going to have a friend take them..

I had really good results with the lipo,even tho I'm not totally done with the swelling..

The Recovery from this procedure is rough,I consider myself a strong person,high tolerance for pain,strong willed.. This surgery just about broke me.. The fact that I would even consider a round 2 surprises me.. Round 2 can't be as bad as the first round right?
Hey girl long time no see :)
hey lady, I'm so sorry that you are not happy with your results.. I have been so busy with life I haven't had the time to update,but I have been trying to keep up with my favorites..
it's cool. overall i am happy when covered up. but hey, i paid to be happy uncovered as well.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama is very professional,he told me what I needed to know, he was very respectful,and answered my questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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