Hey world! sooo... like many of you ive been...

hey world! sooo... like many of you ive been stalking this site for some time now. I'm from new York ,24 years old now and I wanted a bbl ever since after I had my daughter back in 2009 . Before I got pregnant I had the perfect shape! I even did some "booty modeling" lol. I delivered my child via c- section and I have been depressed about my body ever since. late 2011 I saw some pics of me on fb which I hate looking at and I decided that I gota put my foot down and do something about my weight, so 1 day someone told me about this "magic pill" that worked for her. I went out and bought it and started eating healthier (no working out really) AND LOST WEIGHT. but I still have that c setion belly/pouch that will never go away. that's why this bbl is vital to me, Ive put it on hold due to finances BUT THIS TIME AROUND NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM GETING IT .

I spoke with nancy over the phone today and she is really a sweetheart like what everyones say so I put my deposit down for JAN 2014 :) , 2 reasons why : 1) my fiancé took up all his vacations for this year already and he will be my caretaker 2). January gives me enough time to save up more money ,im trying my best to pay cash . my birthday is in febuary I will have my dream body by then ;)/ OH AND MY 1ST CHOICE WAS SALAMA , THEN I WAS CONSIDERING DR. PERRY BUT HIS PRICES WENT UP COMPARED TO THE LITTLE REVIEWS I SAW GIRLS WERE GETING QUOTED FOR AND I DONT LIKE THE GARMENT HE PROVIDES (compression is key) BUT I LIKE SALAMA OFFICE BETTER THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL ,IM CONSIDERED AN "OUT OF TOWN PATIENT" AND I FEEL LIKE THEY CATER TO US BETTER AND I LIKE THE PACKAGE AND ALL THEY PROVIDE. (its the little things that get me ^-^ ) ... SO APPARENTLY SALAMA IS BOOKED UNTIL JULY 2014 (aint nobody got time fuh dat!) so when I found out ghurani had some availability AND IS CHEAPER! that was a no brainer for me.

I added arms and inner thighs so that's an extra G. I'm soo excited so hype!....any girls here can give me any advice or helpful tips (im a virgin) lol. it would be very much appreciated! thanks in advance muah dolls ;) btw if you are going to salama or ghurani around the same time as me let me know and we can possibly linkup or share experiences


Ok so I heard Salama don't like looking at wish pics but does ghurani do ??? I know people always say you have to be realistic in what you want but I feel in my heart , I'm an easy case and I should be able to have similar results to kyra chaos (girl who's my wish pic) am I asking for too much ? Lol

I don't feel very welcomed on this site

I thought this sight was all about support. My comment section is dry lol . Any one who is ny who is definetly getting a bbl jan in salama office or just in general feel free to share ur experience , give advice /comment or questions for me .i just joined this site and lately I been excited by myself I'm sure my fiancé is tired about me talking about it all the time(even tho he is supportive) .i know ppl on here like to stalk but show sum hospitality to a newbie ,don't be a stranger


Just adding some wish pics,patiently waiting for my turn ^_^

SX BUDDY? 2014

Any salama or ghurani dolls getting bbl in January 2014??? Let me know .maybe we can split hotel or condo costs or just share experience and linkup out there

My hubby thinks I'm nuts :/

Just added a new pic. From the back I look like a wish pic but my belly needs sum work! Lol and it wouldn't hurt to get more volume on the booty ;) overall my fiancé is supportive in any decision I make.


hello my bbl sisters and HAPPY NEW YEAR YAY ! lol hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. its been a while since I have updated because there haven't been much for me to update until now. finaces are looking good and im almost finish paying off my sx (all cash btw). I changed my date to march and hopefully im done by then (keeping fingers crossed and prayers up) congrats to any new vets and up and coming bbl dolls !


Hey my bbl sisters, so today I made a payment towards my sx (paying cash) I ONLY HAVE 1K LEFT TO PAY YAY!:) excited because it seems like im getting closer to having my dream body. I don't want to say too much because I know how things spread and I don't want anything to interfere with the deal that I have but I will say this...I switch from ghurani to salama YES SALAMA! why? because honestly in my opinion ghurani butts are" too natural "for my liking, I haven't seen not 1 review that would make me go "WOW DAYUMMM HE DID THAT!". So with that being said im going for the "DR look" without having to travel there for it and in MY OPINION I feel like salama can provide that vs ghurani. iam not knocking him , he is a good surgeon and good for you if that's who you decide but I had to follow my heart. hope you dolls understand me .
*hugs and kisses*

p.s if there are any dolls who experience the "serenity retreat house" please feel free to share your experience. that's where I plan to stay! :)


Hey ladies , so I know I haven't updated in a while simply because I felt there was nothing to update . I took a break from RS and the "booty high" (lookin at other reviews) had went a away for some reason and I was starting to feel depressed about my weight. can you imagine being only 5ft 2 at 180 pounds? I tried looking into the easy way out but it didn't workout for me so I came across herbal life and that was the smartest move ever! my goal is to go down at least 150lbs for surgery. but anyways now im back like I never left!. well first off MY SURGERY IS ALL PAID FOR WOO HOO FINALLY! :) and I plan on staying at the recovery house. any ladies feel free to share your experience about the recovery house.

ANYBODY FEEL FREE TO GIVE ANY ADVICE OR POINTERS (Im A Virgin ,don't really know what im doing lol)
so I must ask , after my surgery is all paid in full for WHAT SHOULD MY NEXT STEP BE??????? Where should I buy plan tickets? what things should I buy that iam gona need for sure? where should I go to get labs done ? (im in newyork) anything else I miss feel free to let me know :/

im looking to get my surgery done late may or early june. any ladies in the ny tri state area going to elite plastic surgery willing to linkup? feel free to pm me. maybe we go the same time.

thanks for all ur answers in advance ladies xoxo

NEW PICS*******


Hey ladies i know its been a while since my last update .havent had the urge to update until now ,I'm in a better postion to get this surgery . The patient cordinator offered me dec 11 for the day of my surgery. So for now i will be preparing my list etc. If anyone knows a good site to book flights pleeeese let me know .also if anyone has my same date and is in new york and would like a travel buddy,feel free to message me. Later dolls xoxo


Its been while since i posted any pics so i took sum this morning. Im 5ft 2 156 pounds and im going for the miracle watts/lira glore look and im not sure whether or not if i should loose thinking 5pounds shouldnt hurt? :/. So far everyone at dr. Salama office has been very helpful and look fowarding to meeting everyone i have a a feeling in my heart that i made the right decision Cyber Monday is coming up and thats when i'll book my flight. Ugh im getting closer and closer finally! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and if you are shopping on black friday today be safe xoxo


hey ladies just a quick update. Im currently at the serenity recovery house, i reached miami airport today at 2pm from jfk new york,justin the driver picked me up and took me to my post op appointment. I signed my life away and all that good stuff lol after that he took me to the recovery house where i met some cool bbl sisters. So far no complaints,staff and everyone is nice. I go in for my surgey at 11am .please keep me in your prayers yall. Love u dolls ,will update you soon once iam on the other side. Im so nervous and excited at the same time!! Happy healing to all my vets and good luck to you all that are on this journey as well. Attached are a few pics for anyone considering the recovery house????


recovery pain was horrible but im okay now i have lil energy. Any questions feel free to ask .later dolls


Week 1 butt is still hard but i feel 40% of my "normal self".pinapple juice and pinapple itself really helped the swelling go down.right after surgery you really do feel like youve been hit by a truck .you MUST EAT AND TAKE YOUR MEDS after surgery ,drink plenty gatorade. i never liked gatorade in my life but it will become your bestfriend lol. Stay hydrated ladies, day 2 try to walk a little bit at your own pace ,every 2-3 hours. Staying stuck in bed isnt gona help the recovery go by faster if anything it makes it worse. Your gona need help for atleast the first 2-3 days so dont cheap out when it comes to paying for aftercare ITS A MUST .i couldnt have went to a better place other then the serenity recovery retreat. A1 service and food ???? .i leave tommorow morning bittersweet moment but im ready! and i soo miss my loved ones. Ohh i almost forgot to mention that i had also got juvaderm done with my bbl at the same time. After stalking kylie jenner instagram lol it would come across my mind back and forth and when the time came for my pre op apointment i just added my lips like a spur of the moment thing and IM IN LOVE pics dont do justice. I got megan good lips now lol. anyways talk to you dolls later if anything new comes up ill be sure to keep you all posted xoxo.
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