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Finally, Going to Beat the Bulge! - Australia

No amount or type of workout has managed to beat...

No amount or type of workout has managed to beat the bulge on my belly. You name it, I have given it 110%, tabata, interval, circuit work, fartlek and intense cardio workouts, clinical pilates......on and on it goes! Working out 6-7 days a week, is a habit for me now, and has provided me with a toned body (except the abs) and healthy mind. But, I have finally accepted that there is nothing else I can do to sculpt my abs, except for surgery.

I am 37 years old, have had 3 children via c-sections, I am 165cm (5ft4) and weigh 54kg(119lb). I am sick of looking at my stomach and feeling like I am still pregnant. I am tired of feeling the frustration at getting no where in my workouts when it comes to my abdominal area.

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LilGirl - I'm 51 yrs. Old and had 2 diff c- sections in my 20's, I looked like you and had a lot of stretch marks, I'm 108 pds. I asked my daughter if I was being selfish spending 5900.00 but I work very hard and looked forward to wearing tight blouses. I had my surgery May 11,
now I'm 4 wks. post op. Yes I'm still swollen but flat. I love what I see. My advice please take pain meds for first 3 days nonstop, no exercise till after 2 mths. if you had muscle repair and no housework. You can't breath well the 2 days following surgery so always sit up and you'll be fine. One last thing I'm a diabetic and this was risky for me, but I had a great Dr. in Jupiter. (dr. Rankin) I'm still under his care and so far all his post op care has done me right. Good luck Girl!
i did it and am soo happy..i make love with my husband and like what i see..AND i See what i like ;)..if you have the funds do it with no second thought..

Day 8 Post op: Today is the first day I feel...

Day 8 Post op: Today is the first day I feel great! Finally I can stand up a lot more erect, which is relieving pressure on my back. Now able to sleep on my side, providing for a better sleep at night.

Spent 3 nights in hospital, pain was minimal, I found my c sections to be more painful, but less discomfort if that makes sense. The muscle repair and tightening I have found to be quite uncomfortable and at times has felt like I would split in half if I stood up! Quickly learnt not to stand erect, as I was cutting of the blood circulation down my midline by doing so.

Had to have a catheter for 2 days, due to the effects of anesthesia, my bladder distended and the pain was horrible. Only one drain was used and this was taken out on day 4. Having it taken out reminded me of the sensation when I had my c sections and they were pulling within my abdominal cavity.

I am wearing a compression garment for 2 weeks, whilst I thought I initially hated it, when I take it off it feels strange and I actually like the support it gives me. I don't like the thought however, of how they put it on me whilst I was unconscious, it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time whe I think about it!

I have my post op appointment today, where my dressings will be taken off and I will get my first peek at my scar and new belly button. Although I have quite a bit of swelling especially late afternoon, my belly bulge certainly has gone!!!!

Here's a few things I have learnt about myself whilst recovering.....
1. I laugh a lot more than I thought, because I have to refrain from laughing constantly to avoid pain!
2. Yelling at my kids is obviously something I did regularly, because now I find myself calming telling them off to avoid pressure on my abs.
3. My wardrobe is mainly equipped with skinny leg pants and I need to get more baggy style whilst I wear a garment.

Have loved this site, to keep me informed of everything involved in my tummy tuck journey. Will post pics after my appointment today.
I just thought to make an update on my case. I am 5months and half post op. AT the five months milestone I notice big improvements. I have to say I gave myself one full month of rest from working out at the gym and took some vacation time traveled and didn't think about it. Now I notice huge recovery . Other than crunches I can do everything but crunches still hurt. I am gonna see my PS in 2 weeks for the 6 months app. and ask him about it.
p.s. It looks fabulous,,,way above my expectation.
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