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Sculptra - So Far So Good! - Australia

I had my first treatment of Sculptra 4 days ago...

I had my first treatment of Sculptra 4 days ago and so far so good! no lumpiness, no swelling, no rash, no horror to report!!!

I am 31 years old and chose Sculptra to improve skin texture and to create a slightly fuller face, my cheeks are really flat and I thought it would be nice to finally have some volume there..

I have a very experienced doctor. She actually teaches others how to use Sculptra and probably uses it more than anyone else in Australia. She was excellent!!! especially when I was so nervous and was actually considering pulling out....

Anyway.. here is my review of what has happened so far. I plan to keep this updated, hopefully it will stay a positive experience..

FRIDAY 30th September 2011- Day of Treatment.
Feeling very nervous. I have spent the entire day looking up reviews.. I have read all about lumpiness and worse!!!! Giant faces!!!! Where Sculptra has grown too much.. this has made me the most nervous and I am wondering if it is even worth it!! All I want is a little more volume and some lines to diminish.. nothing major as I already have a great face!!

I went in for my appointment and spent 45 mins getting numbed up with cream…. As the time goes by I get more and more nervous, waiting anxiously for my doctor to come in… The whole time thinking I might pull out..

When she finally came in and took my into her office, I was instantly calmer, she was excellent!!! And made me feel really comfortable and trusting in her. We went through it all again and she made sure if was definitely comfortable before she started.

The initial injection hurt a little but nothing major. The only thing I didn’t like was the scrapping sound, the pulling, and sound of the liquid going in. it was very strange but the pain was minimal. Not at all like the horror stories some people have said!!!!

After she was finished injecting my left eye became numb and then the whole left side of face. I couldn’t close my eye and my left lip couldn’t move. My face was frozen on one side!!! I was terrified!!!

I looked like I had just had a stroke….... My doctor assured me this has happened many times before and will wear off in a few hours.. but I wasn’t convinced, I thought she must have damaged a nerve or something and wondered if the damage would be permanent…..

Luckily tho, it wasn’t and wore off in a few hours like she said.. The first night of massaging was quite painful, but I wasn’t that swollen at all, and didn’t appear to have bruises.. by about 10.30 that first night I felt pretty happy..

SATURDAY 1st October 2011 - I woke up and jumped in front of the mirror, eager to see any changes!! I was only a little swollen, not really bruised. All in all I pretty much just looked like I always have……..
Massaging was still painful today..

SUNDAY 2nd October 2011– Massaging was ok now, not too painful. I don’t think I was swollen at all now, which is a shame cause I looked better with a little swelling..

MONDAY 3rd October 2011– I know it’s too early to tell, but I swear my skin texture has improved!!!! My face feels smoother than it ever has before…. I am absolutely loving this so far!!!!

TUESDAY 4th October 2011– started to worry about the sculptra growing too much, as in the horror stories I have read….. no growth yet, but just thinking about it… Massaging is going well, no lumps to report as yet. Skin texture still seems to be improving?? Is this even possible at such an early stage?

WEDNESDAY 5th October 2011– Skin texture doesnt quite look as good today? feels amazing to touch tho!!

MONDAY 10TH OCTOBER: Tonight when i was massaging...

Tonight when i was massaging i felt i may have been developing a few lumps high up at my cheek bones. I massaged a lot and they seemed to disappear!!!! relief.....

No lumps, nothing new to report.. Skin texture seems to have returned to normal making it obvious it was just slight swelling and hydration that made it seem so much better..
Only thing new is since sculptra my skin has been so hydrated!!!! and the day before it i was so dry and even flaky in some areas..
I am still worried about future side effects, and wondering whether i should go through with the second treatment??

20th October 2011: I wonder if its possible to...

20th October 2011:
I wonder if its possible to see results yet? I am almost certain my face looks better and fuller? I thought it looked better in general 3 days ago but the lines were still the same but today the lines look as though they are diminishing? is this possible after only 3 weeks?

16 December 11 weeks after first treatment. So...

16 December 11 weeks after first treatment.
So far its still going well. no lumps, no unusual swelling or anything unpleasant. My skin texture has definitely improved. My face is slightly fuller but not alot. but after just one treatment i wouldn't expect it would be.
I am due for my second appointment but have postponed it because even though the first time it all went well, i am really nervous that the second time i might not be as lucky!!



its now been 5 weeks since my second treatment.. at first i was a little worried as i was VERY swollen this time!!!!! and had some obvious bruises.. my boyfriend said i look beat up!! haha... but after a week the swelling was gone and the bruises as well..
i am now just waiting for the results.. i have seen some slight skin texture improvement but the lines around my mouth are still visible.. i am hoping it will work and they will be gone soon.. My doctor said i wouldnt need another treatment or even fillers, she seems confident the lines will be filled but after 5 weeks i would have thought i would see more than just skin texture which was good to start off with anyway??
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Dear giia79,
Your account is really good to read. I have had Sculptra a number of times in the States and did not have any problems at all. What your doctor said to you is EXACTLY my experience and exactly what I have been told and had confirmed in my experience. I am now looking to have it here in Australia, as I am now back living here, but I have not been able to find out where to go. Do you know how I can find out where I can go to get Sculptra - how I can find out who does it? I would be so grateful for a reply. (I am in Melbourne).
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Hi, glad your experience was good as well!! My doctor was really good, she was the one who first told me about sculptra, i hadnt heard of it until my first appointment with her.. I am not sure about Melbourne, but i would just suggest to google it and see what comes up? maybe make a few appointments and chose a doctor who you connect with? i really liked mine straight off so i felt comfortable with her. i dont think i would have gone through with it otherwise.. Sorry i cant be more helpful but i live in Perth so i am not sure about the doctors in Melbourne. i would assume though they would be just as good if not better than Perth.. Good Luck!!
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Hi my name is Lilly Matic and I inject sculptra and have done for over six years. I am based in Melbourne ( Richmond ) m clinics contact number is 9429 4449.

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I also appreciated your account of the experience with Sculptra. I am thinking about doing this procedure. I'm a nurse, so I always do research & I've also heard some horror stories. However, I can't help wondering how much of the adverse effects are related to the patient's willingness to follow post-op instructions. Obviously, you did & averted a possible problem.

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Hi, yes I hope so... but I am still worried. so far everything is going well, no signs of improvement tho, but it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet.. but no lumps or deformities so that’s great!!!!!
I am still massaging, just not as much. twice a day for about 2mins. It is likely that a good percentage of the people with problems either had an inexperienced doctor or they didn’t follow up with post care properly.. But as far as the people who have had the chipmunk outcome with too much growth,,,, I have no idea……. I would say that’s just terrible luck and their body doesn’t respond well to Sculptra unfortunately…
I too read all the horror stories but when I spoke to my doctor about them she said they are so rare and if you massage properly the chances are extremely high that I will be ok… she said in all her experience she has very rarely come across anyone with severe affects and she injects Sculptra probably more than anyone is Australia.. And it’s all she uses on her face now and she looked amazing!!!!
What do you think you will do??
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Hi giia, 

I read your whole review and since we haven't heard from you since Wednesday I and I'm sure the community really want to know more. You have provided  a really detailed amount of info for the community of the before, during and after. 

Thanks so much,


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