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Extreme Bad Reaction & a Waste of Money! - Australia

Sculptra is a waste of money. Made my cheek...

Sculptra is a waste of money. Made my cheek beneath my eye swollen, severe edema! I had the injections in February & it took until May for my face to look normal again. Its now October, my face looks as if Ive had nothing done to it. I had only 1 session of sculptra. I wouldnt recommend anyone do this to themselves.

Sorry for not checking into this site for some time to see if anyones left commentary.

I made sure to drink a lot of green tea everyday to flush my system, ginger in boiling water too...thins the blood & makes me feel 'clean'. Im a believer in natural remedies. I am sorry to read what youve written Dru 11. It is very bad. I dont know what the answer is, I guess only time will heal. My gf had Sculptra & had absolutely no reaction to it what so ever...as a matter of fact, she looked as if she hadnt even had anything done!
You are lucky it looks as if nothing was done. I am two years later and still have uneven ledges and bumps. Yes I used a board certified FACS plastic surgeon He recommended the stuff. Cosmetic plastic surgeons are the used car salesman of the medical profession. There is no lemon law when it comes to fillers. It is just oppps, your body is over reacting it has nothing to do with the product or my skill. Yea Right. Pants on fire.

Hi Dru,

Do they know why your body reacted as it did? Keep me updated.


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I went to a dermatologist who suggested I could have it to stimulate the growth of collagen. No other reason.

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