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Retin A Cream! So Excited I Had to Write Up This Review! -Australia

After reading lots of reviews on retin a creams I...

After reading lots of reviews on retin a creams I decided to give it a go. I am 26.5 years old have some fine lines around my eyes and prone to breakouts. My skin is combination, sensitive, dry but also had acne and texture, was horrible! I always envied women who could wear no makeup and look flawless
Anyway I gave it a go straightaway with 0.05% the tube is really cheap and I am barely halfway thought the tube and it's been about a month. For a month I used a tiny amount in the evenings after washing my face and before my moisturizer. I would wake up with flaky skin it really shed off! It was a mission trying to put nice make up on and It was always flaky particularly around the chin. Anyway I persevered as everyone who told me about it says to and wha la! I woke one day with no flaking I think I am over the dry yucky phase and honestly my skin is GLOWING! My fine lines seem less obvious but I think I need more time for that to grt better. my skin texture is amazing, no dry patches, no acne my skin is incredibly silky smooth and my foundation smooths over with no problems, I think I might just start wearing some powder as my skin has gotten so much better.
I highly recommend this! It has been better than any expensive cream I have ever brought!
I just had to share this :D If anyone has any questions let me know!

Woohoo!! That is awesome that you are feeling good enough about your skin that you can just wear powder!!

Approximately how long did it take total to go from beginning, through the yucky stage, to the clear skin?

Also, please let me know if you are using the cream or gel form.

It is a white cream, it took about 5 weeks? I still have a little flaking sometimes but nothing major. I started on the 0.05% I have gotten so many compliments about my skin, it's so nice to have good skin I feel like my confidence has gone up soooo much. Texture is something I have noticed the most, I love it! My mum is now asking me about the cream :)

Could I use retin a under the area around my eyes?


Not much has changed since my last post but I...

Not much has changed since my last post but I wanted to add that I have been using Organic Coconut Oil on my face after the retin a and during the day. I gave it a go as my skin was really dry and I had heard a lot of great things about it e.g the vitamin E and is an oil that penetrates easily to your skin
I am so glad I tried it! I was worried about breaking out but apparently it has properties in it for clearing acne too. I was expecting it to just sit on my face all oily but I found after about 30mins or so it had soaked in and my skin did not have a greasy effect at all. Infact I wore foundation/makeup and had no shinny oiliness :D I have been using the coconut oil for a couple of weeks now and recommend!
This might be useful for others on Retin A as when I started using Retin A, my normal Khiels moisturizer started stinging really badly. My skin is a lot more sensitive and coconut oil has been great
Hi guys, I just started using Retin A 0.05% its been three days. I noticed a sudden out break after the first day. is that normal? my skin is also very flaky today. I plan on sticking out the Retin A application till my skin improves.
Hi yes this can happen. It didn't happen with me buti have heard of it happening in the first few weeks. It will be super flaky for like the first three weeks at least. I found when I exfoliated it came off quite easily too. I mixed a spoonful of honey with salt for a healing scrub every morning. I think it helped :)
Thanks newyearnewnose suze.... I've heard so much about Retin A that I had to try it. I have moderate acne with a few spots here and there. I dont like to try to much cos my face/skin is really sensitive. so fingers crossed on Retin-A. One more question... Cetaphil mild wash, have you used it? Even though it's recommended by my derm I don't feel clean after using it. I had to switch back to my apricot face scrub. I also plan on spacing my nightly retin -a application by two days. Would it be less effective if it was spaced out or used continuously for a month?

Retin A Cream! So Excited I Had to Write Up This Review!-progress

2 months from when I first started. I have go a new tube and it seems thicker even though it is 0.05% I think it has more kick. It's a different brand but same thing. I had a bit more flaking mainly just around my chin which I heard flakes the most out of everywhere. My skin has really started to be red as I am applying it quite thickly and every night. when I put it on at night I get a burning sensation and my face goes bright red. Its not a reaction type feeling it starts to get warm and progressively gets hotter. Even the morning after, I have redness after I wash my face and apply a daily moisturizer. I'm not fazed though as this is part of the process it just seems like the glowing skin I had a month ago has gobe back to stage one- prob as I have upped the amount or perhaps it's to do with the skins cycle?? Hmm will see!
Within the last week I think some fine lines look less lined- cant be too sure though it's still early but I haven't got any deep deep lines
I have started using Avalon organics vitamin c moisturizer which I'm really loving. I have been trying to find a good vit c cream for ages and it's 70% organic most of the 'hippy' creams I have tried have been way too heavy for my skin or reacted with my skin.

about 7 months-no amazing skin yet

its been maybe 7 months now? There were some periods where I used too much and had to really ease off. You kind of don't notice it untill its too late and your skin is past the red flaky and really raw. I reccomend using it every couple of days for best results. I also had some periods where I had major breakouts. I put a baking soda mask on and it basically cleared up overnight. I don't really bother around my chin area as I have no problem there and it seems to be so sensitive there so I miss that spot. In the last couple of months I feel as though my wrinkles around my eyes have gotten worse...I am confused as to what timeframe it takes to get to the nice clear smooth skin??? It starts to look good then it feels like there are some weeks where its all crappy dry wrinkly or breaking out. To be honest there are some days I think about stopping and not believing there will be better results. I kinda freaked out when it all looked worse because I thought I had done more harm than good. Someone warned me about thining of skin around the eyes... hmmm I think I will gently apply every 3 days and try get to a year to see if this is really all worth it
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