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I am unfortunately eyebrow-hair challenged at the...

I am unfortunately eyebrow-hair challenged at the outer part of my eyebrows and had been drawing them on for many, many years (probably since i was 16) with my good ol' Rimmel eyebrow pencil ~ bless!. I was fine with drawing them on until i hit 27 and the idea of waking up every morning for the rest of my life and re-applying my eyebrows was truly a horrifying thought.

It was becoming time consuming and was inconvenient when i wanted to go swimming as they would come off in the water (even with the 'waterproof' pencil) So i decided to take the plunge and do it!

I was scared of the permanency but did my research and asked a million questions until i found the right cosmetic tattooist AND I have never looked back, it's been about 4 weeks scince i had it done and i love it!!!! It hurt like hell even with the numbing cream but i would do it again in a heart beat.

My tattoist was very patient with me, going through all the colours until i found one i liked and we worked on the shape of them for a good hour until i was happy :)

Took about 2 weeks for them to heal completely and about 3 weeks for the colour to calm (the colour comes out a lot darker when you first get them done).

Over all I am very happy.

You might be happy with the results of your cosmetic tattooing but if you experienced sever pain the technician had no idea what they were doing. I went to a lady in Melbourne and although the first pass was a little uncomfortable the rest of the procedure was completely pain free and I have a low pain threshold. The lady I saw said that she felt that it was not only important to have a good result but the whole experience should be a pleasant one, I thought what a total difference to the last place I went to. So its has me wondering what all these other technicians are doing wrong? My advice is look for a technician who is prepared to take their time with you and is not in a great hurry to pack the customers in. The most expensive ritzy places with plush furnishings are often not the best and you must avoid the cheapo places at all costs.

I mainly just asked a lot of random Q's (unfortunately i cant remember most of them now becuase i was nervous at the time :) But i really just wanted to get an idea of what sort of cosmetic tattooist she was, how long she had been doing it for and even talked to another one of her previous clients in the waiting room who was there for a touch up. I asked to see her previous work in her portfolio(which i think is important). And one good tip the tattooist gave me was to do the eyebrows thinner than what i had wanted at the time because she pointed out that thick eyebrows are in vouge at the moment but thinner eyebrows are sure to make a comeback again and you dont want to be permantly stuck with a thick brow. And she offered some wise words... "You can always add more but you can never take away!". So i went with a thinner brow so that when i go out i can still touch up with a bit of pencil and i am soooo glad i listened to her! Hope this helps :)
what are good questions to ask the tattooist?

4 years later...

Well it's 4 years later and the tattoo has all but gone :(
(good for people who are worried about it's permanency, but i was really happy with the results so it's a bit of a bummer for me and i am back to using eyebrow pencils).
I probably only got under 2 years worth of good colour, so it's back to the drawing board for me and I have made an appointment for a new cosmetic tattooist who believes i should not have felt much pain the first time (i was in excoriating pain!) and says she will be able to do it with very little discomfort to me, so i guess we'll see how this one goes !
Will keep you updated,
Wish me luck!
Our hair-stroke technique would be great for you!

Wow, you did have lovely results! I have contemplated getting mine done, but I'm so worried I will end up with them being over done, or uneven, or something. If I could be guaranteed they turned out as well as yours I'd be all in!

I just read you comment JennyP, and i completely agree! I have just made another appointment with a different technician who also believes i should not have been in that much pain the first time and says she will be able to do them without causing too much discomfort to me - hope she is right as i really don't want to go through that again! :)


Well i did end up getting them done again at the different tattooist mentioned above AND LET ME TELL YOU...
It did not hurt at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe i went through all that pain the first time when i didn't have to!
I'm finding the results much more natural too (using the hair stroke method) The colour is great, it didn't take as long to heal AND get this ~ She charges half the price! $250 upfront and $100 if you need to go back for a touch-up (which i didn't have to do).
I am so happy! Saving heaps of money on eyebrow pencils and also saving time in the mornings getting ready too :)
Hello, I was wondering the first time you had your eyebrows tattooed was it a light color or darker color? Also when the tattoo faded did it completely fade or was there a hint of color left behind?
Melodie Murphy (QLD)

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