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Procedure NOTHING like described on their website....

Procedure NOTHING like described on their website. Dont go on your own. I was herded in and out in 15 minutes max. Didnt listen to my questions, felt dizzy after having 20 needles in my neck with no numbing cream and was basically shown the door. Make sure you take someone with you.

Second day and still painful and swollen, I cant leave the house.

Third day. Still very very swollen and lots of...

Third day. Still very very swollen and lots of bruises. Cant leave the house. Its like a huge bag of fluid hanging on my neck! Quite scary and I'm panicking that it will be like this forever! Havent had to take painkillers yet today. I have a high pain tolerance - I've had 5 children! I just hope this is all worth it. Can anyone let me know how long this sewlling will last? There is absolutely no feedback from the clinic.

Wow, that sounds like a horrible experience. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. :( How are you feeling today?


Ok. Fourth day. Not as swollen but still couldnt...

Ok. Fourth day. Not as swollen but still couldnt be seen in public. Lots more bruises and the whole area is sort of yellow. Still have this bag of fluid hanging from my neck. Panic panic that it is going to stay like this!! No pain really and for the first time can touch the area and put cream on. Wish I had been given more info about time lines and what to expect. Their website is too unrealistic and onesided. They need to put the pros and cons there.

Fifth day. Hurt a bit last night and is quite...

Fifth day. Hurt a bit last night and is quite discoloured this morning. Still very wobbly and swollen. I thought the swelling only lasted 3 days so worried when it is going to go down. Am able to touch my neck without too much discomfort so I am massaging the area hoping it will take the swelling down. I'm still positive about the outcome and will keep doing this diary to let others know.

7th day - the swelling is going down very slowly....

7th day - the swelling is going down very slowly. I HAVE to get out of the house today so will put a cotton scarf around my neck and venture out. Quite sore to touch but I am hoping that this is the stuff working on the fat! Been massaging but it is actually quite tender. Bruising mostly gone.

Neck still tender to touch in places but it looks...

Neck still tender to touch in places but it looks like it may be going down. Definitely the swelling is going away so I am pretty hopeful about the outcome. Can be seen in public now without a scarf! Skin already looks smoother than before.

Thank you for the update. I am really excited to try Lipodisolve. I have bought 4 vouchers on-line at a fantastic price so I'm looking forward to having my neck & stomach done. Winter is a good time as you can hide the swelling with a scarf :) Thank you for posting your comment. I hope you are even more happy with the second treatment. All the best!
Hi there, Just wondering if you could please update how your neck turned out? Did the lipodisolve work? Did you have any problems? Do you recommend it? Any regrets? Would love to hear from you.
Hi. Yes, I was really pleased with the results after one session and I have just had a second one to get rid of the little bit of fat that is still there. My doctor always said that I would need two sessions. It is well worth getting done. My neck is smooth, no hanging fat! The only drawback is the downtime. At least a week after the first session where it is VERY swollen but this time it was better and also allow up to 8 weeks to get the best outcome. I was thinking of getting neck surgery and am so glad I didnt. Only cost $400 all up. Are you in Australia? I will give you the name of my doctor if you like. He was excellent.
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