Don't Have Laser Genesis!

I am also a Cutera Genesis horror story! :( I wish...

I am also a Cutera Genesis horror story! :( I wish I'd never had any laser treatments! I had beautiful skin before having my life destroyed by this! I would not recommend laser to anyone! I went to a plastic surgeon asking about treatment for mild rosacea and was told I needed laser and to use Cosmedix skincare. Well after the 2nd laser treatment my skin went from perfectly clear to covered in acne on every part of my face! I was hysterical! The clinic sent me to a derm and he made me worse by giving me Doxycyclin which was too toxic for me and this made me very ill, resulting in a massive tumour growing in my abdomen! When Cutera found out about my situation they recommended a Dermal Clinician and she has spent over 12 months trying to correct my skin which only seems to get worse and worse after each laser session she does on me! I'm covered in scars and hyperpigmentation! I used to have beautiful porcelain skin! I've cured whatever rosacea I did have with diet and supplements but my skin is so destroyed I barely leave the house, my life is ruined and feels over... I'd rather be dead than keep living this life... I used to be social and active and on the go, I was positive and bubbly! Now I'm a recluse and it has destroyed my husband's and young daughter's life too! My career is destroyed!

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My face is destroyed! I'm now covered in scars that weren't there prior to Laser Genesis! I will never appear in a photo ever again! :(

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I'm sooooo sorry this happened to you :( which doctor/clinic did you go?
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I am a cosmetic physician in Melbourne who has been using Laser Genesis for 6 yrs now.
It is greatly concerning that you have had such a bad experience, but it really is not the fault of the machine, rather the user and possibly the management of your skincare pre and post treatment.

Please do not bag this equipment! It has helped thousands of people very successfully around the world, and in my practice in Melbourne.
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Oh - also - if you do take large doses of B5, don't have laser treatments for a while afterwards.
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Stop going to that same dermal clinician!

There are other ways of getting rid of acne, and the best IMHO is large doses of pantothenic acid (B5), 1-3 grams/day depending on body weight. Accutane will also work, but may have bad side-effects, and you must not get pregnant while using it.

Ask a (different) dermatologist about other ways of treating the scars, like dermabrasion.
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I am so very sorry this happened to you. I hope you have found some peace. Your story is all too familiar. What has happened to you and thousands of others because of cosmetic medical devices is criminal. Stay strong. Your family needs you.
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