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I had Juverderm back in July for treatment of...

I had Juverderm back in July for treatment of undereye circles but all it did was make them more prominent and gave me bags under my eyes. The doctor overfilled the area particularly on my left eye. I have been very unhappy with the results.

Since then i have three injections of hyaluronidase the under last one was 4mls in each eye which i am told is a lot. This was ten days ago. I now have a bag under my left eye which is bothering me quite a bit. I have never had one before only dark circles.

I have been very unhappy with my treatment. I went in for dark circles and ended up still with those and now bags. I feel the treatment makes me look at least five years older.

And the way to tell the difference between swelling and herniated fat under the eyes is to check the difference between what it looks like when your eyes are looking upwards. Swelling looks about the same whether your eyes are looking straight ahead or looking up, but herniated fat looks much worse (ie bulges out more) when you are looking upwards. If the lump is firm and puffy feeling and looks worse when your eyes are in upgaze then it is probably herniated fat. I agree with you that it is unlikely to be a granuloma but it would be good for you to rule that out also. Good luck.
Ok - no botox so we can rule out any botox disaster. It would seem that you are therefore left with 1. Swelling from hyaluronidase 2. Tissue damage from hyualuronidase 3. Residual juvederm perhaps in layers of tissue that the hyaluronidase is not reaching 4. Damaged orbital septum from the hyaluronidase or any of the injections. If your orbital septum has been damaged it may have allowed some of the fat under your eye that is normally held back to protrude through creating the 'bag'. An ocular plastic surgeon should definitely rule that out and I know how hard it is to get in to see a specialist in this country! Have a look at some of the questions to the doctors about lumps under the eyes after dermal filler. Maybe it is best to do nothing further until you have seen the specialist in Feb? Please let us know what you find out. Cheers
Thank you for your help. I just had the Juverderm and then the reversal. The lump is only in my left eye and makes it look like a bag. The hyaluronidase worked perfectly in one eye but this one still has the lump its firm so i am not sure if its product. I am trying to get into a occular surgeon with no avail until end of Feb. I thought it might be a granuloma but i have read the chances of that are so slim. So i am baffled as to what it could be and am tired of people pointing it I am curious to know if it is a granuloma what is the treatment, do they go with time or what else it could possibly be? Any help would so appreacited.

My question is do i need another shot of...

My question is do i need another shot of hyaluronidase even though i have had three is it possible that there is still some product left? How long does it take to resole. How long should i wait before returning to the doctor? -- Updated on Jan 13, 2010: I have since been to the occular surgeon whom has injected me with another shot of hyaluroidase tory ensure all the juviderm is gone. He said he thought it may be fibrous scar tissue. Is there a treatment for this other than surgery? -- Updated on Jan 17, 2010: I went to a second doctor who has given me a final shot of the reversal treatment which has not worked. He said if it didn't work what he believes i have his fibrous scar tissue from the injection. I am going back to him in two weeks. Is there any treatment for this other than surgery?

Hi Tried But Failed

I had a huge amount of hyaluronidase injected in my laugh line area on the right side of my face 24 hours after having juvaderm injections. There was an arterial blockage from the juvaderm injection which was why it needed to be dissolved otherwise I was at risk for skin necrosis. The hyaluronidase spread throughout my face and causes swelling and blackness underneath my eyes. This happened six months ago and although better I still have what appears to be two fat pads protruding from each corner of my eyes. Not sure if this will eventually disappear or is permanent damage from hyaluronidase...I also have indentations under my eyes which appears to be tissue damage and hollowness...very frustrating as the hyaluronidase was not injected near my eyes and I never had any product injected under my eyes but it does show how dangerous this supposedly "safe" product is ...
philippa is everything ok now?? Are you happy with your eyes? After the removal are you finally improved or just plain back to what you look like before you took any surgeries???

From all my research BEFORE I went to the doctor, Juvederm should never be used for eye bags. I want mine done too, but the only safe and long-lasting way is plastic surgery. Believe me if there was a non-invasive way I would do it. When I had my marionette lines done with Juvederm I asked the Doc. was by research right - response, most definitely. Don't mean to sound like a "know it all" but it's your face ladies/gentlemen, don't rely on your doctor for everything.
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