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I have always felt uncomfortable with my teeth,...

I have always felt uncomfortable with my teeth, and I think having them straight will greatly improve my confidence! Now I can finally afford them and justify them - I've taken the plunge.

I had my records done a couple of months ago now - it took six weeks to receive my clincheck and I approved it soon after (which was nearly two weeks ago). I was told 2 - 4 weeks for the trays to come after that, so hopefully they come soon!

Hey Userinsydney. It's great you're trying to improve your confidence levels, I'm very happy for you :)

I'm currently undergoing treatment with Invisalign, And I'd love to help you with any questions you may have, Feel free to send me a private message regarding anything to do with Invisalign.

I hope all goes well for you in the future with your treatment.

Good luck with your treatment! I can't wait to see your updates!!

I got a call today saying my trays had arrived!...

I got a call today saying my trays had arrived! Very excited (and a little nervous) considering it has only been two weeks since I paid the deposit - having the fitting on Saturday, so I'll update then!

Wow, your trays came fast! Make sure you have some ortho wax and a nail file, just in case the tray edges bother you. Better to have them & not need them...

Can't wait to hear how you are doing with your new trays!! :)


I received my first set of aligners last night and...

I received my first set of aligners last night and so far it's been alright. The bottom ones were so hard to get off and on at the start, but now it's mainly taking it off that is hard and that's getting easier. I haven't had much pain, although a couple of teeth at the bottom are quite tender, which is making it hard to eat. It was a bit of a challenge today, as being social for me often involves going out for a bite to eat - so I had to plan a bit more.

I was mentally preparing myself for gut guns etc, but the retainers have been fine. They seem to fit perfectly, too and a more invisible than I thought they would be... I'm guessing that will change though when I go in a couple of weeks and get attachments put on... I can't quite remember how many it was. I'm pretty nervous for that visit. Considering how hard it is to get them off now, it may mean that I can't eat for a couple of days!

All in all though I'm so excited to start the process of straightening my teeth... Although I can't help thinking 'what if they don't change at all'

Gut guns?! iPhone autocorrect error! Haha - meant...

Gut guns?! iPhone autocorrect error! Haha - meant cut gums! :o

Awe, your teeth should definitely change, but I can understand having the concern. I think its probably a really rare case that things don't improve, so don't let it weigh on your mind.

As for the "gut guns" haha - gotta love auto correct! ;)


Today I went into the dentist to get my 2nd, 3rd...

Today I went into the dentist to get my 2nd, 3rd and 4th sets of aligners. I also have 14 attachments put on (8 on the top and 6 on the bottom). The process of putting the attachments on was fine, although when the dentist was prying the templates off my teeth it did cross my mind that they may never come off! He then put the 2nd set of aligners in and then asked me to get them off. It felt like it was impossible, so after a few minutes he then got them out for me and worked out a way to get them out. It was them my turn to put them in and try and get them out and after a few minutes I was finally successful. While it was tough, I'm glad he made sure I took them out because now I know it can happen! I haven't eaten today, but I'm getting pretty hungry, so I'm going to have to attempt to take them out soon.

Other than getting them out everything seems fine. While I have a lot of attachments, I don't have any on my front four teeth so you can hardly see them.

Looking forward to a year's time!
Hi everyone! i went for my first consultation today at the orthondontist to straighten my crooked teeth, he said i am able to get invisilign (im wrapped as i didnt want train track braces) My question is he has quoted me $7800 for 30 trays.. i went to a place in Melbourne CBD - does that sound ok? also i have all my 4 wisdom teeth still in ( they give me no trouble at all) he said i can either get them removed now before my treatment or wait till after - SO do any of you out there with invisilign still have your wisdom teeth still in? or should i remove them before i start??

Love reading all these posts! im feeling positive and excited and cant wait to get started !!
After a few days, it's become a lot easier. Even on the second day it probably took less than a minute to get them off. One of my attachments has come off though, so I am having to go back to the dentist tomorrow to get it put back on.

That is good that they had you take them in & out at the office. How did it go getting them out to eat? Is it getting any easier for you?


After having an attachment fall off a few days...

After having an attachment fall off a few days after getting it put on, I was concerned it was going to continue to hsppen. Although I had it replaced a week ago now and it is still there so hopefully it is now there for good. When I went back to the dentist to get the attachment replaced he also gave me a crochet hook to help get them off (another patient had said it had helped her a lot). I am yet to use it because by the time I received it, it wasn't having any issues getting the aligners out. I am switching trays tonight though, so I may have to use it tomorrow morning!
Hi userinsydney! You're teeth kind of looks like mine ! I was just wondering did you have to get any teeth pulled out to make room for your teeth to move?
Absolutely fine. I put them in after dinner on Sunday and whole they were tight (there was no way I was going to try and pry them off) they didn't hurt. The next morning I was thinking I'd just give breakfast a miss and wait a few more hours but I gave getting them out a go (just to see what it was like) and they were really easy to get off. So no need for the crochet hook just yet!

Oh wow, that is great to hear!! I hope it continues to go so well for you! :)


On to tray four now and next week I go to the...

On to tray four now and next week I go to the dentist to pick up trays 5, 6 and 7, which I'm quite excited about. I have been freaking out recently... firstly I thought my gums were going crazy and the secondly I've started noticing a couple of spaces between my teeth (that look really gross... If I stand really close to a mirror and stare at them). I just have to keep telling myself to stop obsessing over my teeth, and in the case of the gaps - I should be glad! At least I know the trays are moving teeth somewhere and the gaps are making room for my teeth to line up neatly (sometime in the distant future). Gosh knows what I'll be like when I get ipr. You read about people feeling more comfortable with their trays in than out and Im definitely starting to understand why!
I have started Invisalign treatment a month ago. Going excellent.
Is everyone using the Acceledent device?
Because I don't live in a capital city I had only one option with one Ortho. Invisalign full cost me $8755 all up. I have 29 trays. I have my top wisdom teeth out from years ago. (there were too hard to keep clean) and my bottoms are still in. My Ortho said I can leave them there with the treatment. I have a sneaky suspicion though that he will tell me if I don't want my bottom teeth to move out of place that they will have to be removed.
Hi userinsydney,

Thanks for your posts, they're really interesting. I'm also considering Invisalign but the cost is a little out of my budget at the moment. Is your health fund covering much of your treatment? I'd like to see someone for a consultation in the Bondi area - can you recommend anyone?
Hi Abbey. No teeth pulled out (which I was told I would have needed with conventional braces) but I am having some 'IPR' done further on in my treatment, in about 6 weeks' time. If you don't know what ipr is you'll be able to find plenty of people on here who talk about it, but from what I understand it is very fine filing between some teeth. Keep reading my reviews, I'll be updating as I go through the process (I'm only on tray 4) :)

So I'm on tray 7 now. Not much to report, and...

So I'm on tray 7 now. Not much to report, and whole I can't see any difference (other than a gap between two of my teeth) if I compare tray two with tray seven you can see minor differences (particularly where attachments are). Anyway, if I look at my clincheck the exciting stuff doesn't happen until about tray 20, so I've got a while to go yet, and maybe towards the end of February I'll have something exciting to report, if all goes well!
Hi... Im in Perth and im so excited for my first consultation in the coming weeks! The only reason im doing invisalign is because i got a deal at 40% off and will only pay about $4000.

Good to hear an update from you, userinsydney. It can be a bit difficult to be patient while the teeth move, can't it? Its good that you are reminding yourself with the Clincheck that good things are down the road. :)

Hi guys - sorry for the lack of replies, I've had a lack of Internet access lately! Sunny Daze - my health fund isn't covering too much of it as I only just moved to Australia so I still have a waiting period. In the end I'm hoping they'll cover about $2,250 of it. Although I have put off straightening my teeth for so long, I don't really care about the cost any more - as long as it works! I paid a 500 fee at the start (of which the health fund paid about half of it) and then a $3,000 deposit and now I just pay $400 every size weeks, which isn't too bad! My dentist is in the bondi area, but I'm hesitant to recommend until I know what the results are like - he's good and thorough, buy really until I see the results I want (which isn't for perfect teeth, just relatively straight ones), I won't be satisfied. sezi - I went through the same questions about my wisdom teeth (don't have any removed) but did my own research (and then my dentist came back with the same thing) which was that they don't need to be removed before you start. Interestingly, before I started invisalign I was getting a couple of headaches (not unbearable ones, but they were there) and I haven't had any since. Not sure if it is anything to do with the trays, but as long as they don't come any time soon, I'll be happy! (I decided to wait until after, because like I said earlier I'm still on a waiting period with my health provider and I'd much rather they fork out the money, than me :)...)

Just put on tray ten. I always put then on after...

Just put on tray ten. I always put then on after dinner as I find after a night's sleep in them they pretty much just pop off like usual and I don't need to spend five minutes in front of the mirror wondering if ill ever eat again.

I can definitely see changes now and if I compare tray ten to tray one, I am amazed at the difference. My two top front teeth are much more in line with each other (although they have got a way to go to be straight) and my canine teeth don't stick out quite as much (although they have a long way to go!) I can also see the crowding on my bottom teeth is reducing and a tooth that was quite rotated and looked like it was on an angle has come up a lot. While I still detest my smile, I am very positive that invisalign will get me the results I want and I can't wait to see it all happen!

Ps I was going to post more photos on here but I can't see how to do it... any tips?
I love that-"wondering if I'll ever eat again" - only an invisalign wearer understands...

Hi lexi83, just wondering which place in melbourne did you have your consultation done ? Were they any good? I just had my consultation today... The orthodontists seemed nice but I'm not sure if he really has alot of experience.. I keep getting different opinions and I don't want to have to pay alot and then find out it doesn't work . Thanks !

Hi lexi83, just wondering which place in melbourne did you have your consultation done ? Were they any good? I just had my consultation today... The orthodontists seemed nice but I'm not sure if he really has alot of experience.. I keep getting different opinions and I don't want to have to pay alot and then find out it doesn't work . Thanks !

Just put in tray 15 (out of 32), so I'm close to...

Just put in tray 15 (out of 32), so I'm close to being half way through my treatment. My teeth have changed do much (in a good way) and I can't wait for each new tray. I'm shocked at how fast they have moved, my bottom teeth are so much less crowded, my top four teeth are so much more aligned and my incisors are getting there.

I did have my doubts about how much invisalign was going to do. I think I had read to many horror stories... because so far it's been great, and I'm confident that when I have finished the treatment I will no longer feel self conscious about my teeth!

Your teeth are looking great in the tray 15 picture!!


So I'm at the beginning of tray 20 (out of 32) and...

So I'm at the beginning of tray 20 (out of 32) and I'm amazed at the results! There's been such a shift in the last 10 trays, it's incredible. At the moment my teeth have been moved forward to reduce the crowding and in the last few trays they'll be brought back a bit thanks to a bit of ipr. Every tray now makes a huge difference - i can see sch an improvement in photos from the 3 trays before. i can now smile confidently now, and i can just tell im so much more relaxed abd happy in photos.I'm looking forward to them getting even straighter and then at the end of the treatment, I'm having them whitened!

I had my reservations about whether invisalign could fix my teeth. I had read a lot of reviews saying invisalign couldn't rotate teeth, or bring them down. If anyone has the same issues I had, don't be hesitant - invisalign should work for you too!
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