At Home TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentations/melasma - Australia

I'll update this as the days go one- I've...

I'll update this as the days go one- I've just done my first 12.5% TCA peel. I've been getting microderms for months and use AHA / retin A products so my skin was well-prepped.

- Cost: it's cheap I got my kit from MUAC. It will probably last a year's worth of peels.
- Directions for use: I was wary both because of the cheap cost and DIY aspect, but I was glad to see that instructions were clear and thorough.

- As other reviewers have stressed, you must follow instructions explicitly so it takes being very mindful.
- Prep Time: Optimal results seem to come from good skin preparation -retin A and AHA products over a series of weeks.
-Patience : The results are said to be gradual and I'm not a patient person so I saw this as a bit of a drawback.


Hi kazza,

I'm glad that you are at the point of "so far so good." You mentioned the same thing everybody who is happy with their at home procedures mentions, follow the directions carefully. Your pictures are great for the community to see and I'm excited to hear how well everything continues to go. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and happy Friday!


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I've finally completed three weeks. The end...

I've finally completed three weeks. The end result is I see no change, if in fact my skin has gotten any better. It was considerable downtime to get no result, but from research it takes a few peels before there are any noticeable results. My last picture below shows the before and after, though the exposure on the camera is different and could throw off the results.
Verdict: one peel is some serious work and there are no results. I'm going to try again.

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Third times the charm! I did four peels actually,...

Third times the charm! I did four peels actually, but it was the third when I realized it really was working! The stubborn band of discoloration that was on my upper forehead, my upper lip, and in two patches beneath my eyes is gone. All gone.

I was really about to throw in the towel on the third try, but after about 4 days ( the peel was 18% and it was really intense) the skin came off in sheets ... with the

What's funny is, now that I tell people I had pigmentation really bad, they don't believe me.

I've stopped because summer's coming, but this is definitely part of my winter regime.


paolaka I did no prep other than cleaning my face with a face wash. I actually did another peel today a 20% 3 layer peel.
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Hiya, The dilution depends on the initial strength of the solution. I bought the highest grade, I believe, from MUAC it's 30%. From the instructions they give you they will tell you how to dilute it correctly. Sorry, I just don't want to be wrong and tell you from memory. I just really suggest starting low, at 12% or so ( as instructions will say). Being a bit underwhelmed by the results the first time is better than getting burnt and setting yourself back. I only did the 20% once, and even after prepping my skin and being extremely careful with timing the peels and wearing sunscreen, it was very, very strong. This is NOT the week for photo opps. For prep I did gylcolic peels. They'll get your skin prepared and you'll see your results faster. I did this for about a month, mostly because I was truly worried to apply the peel. It sat in the bathroom cabinet for a couple weeks. The glycolic peels were about 15% and I did them twice a week. I bought something from Sephora for it though there are a lot of peels over the counter you can buy. Now it's been a year. Some stubborn patches of the melasma have come back, but lighter. I have dropped thousands on my skin, and I really am happy that I looked into this. I'd gotten peels from the derm. micros, laser, you name it. This seems to be the most cost-effective, and effective that I've had. Good luck
ty so much KAZZA
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Make Up Artist's Choice website

MUAC is easy to order from, comes with good instructions and is relatively cheap (I ended up here after doing a lot of research on other sites). The products took about 10 days to come so it wasn't too bad.

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