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Had Fraxel Restore done 6 months ago on face neck...

Had Fraxel Restore done 6 months ago on face neck and chest. Face healed well although ever since my cheeks randomly burn sometimes for 2 to 3 days. Then it will just stop. My neck and chest had a burning feeling for a few months which has now stopped but it's very very red, irritated, prickly and the texture is now rough snd doesn't blend in with the surrounding skin. I can also see laser lines down both sides of my neck.

This has no way improved my skin but aged it. I regret it big time and I have spent hundreds of dollars on creams trying to improve my skin. I have stopped using cortisone as it is only a band aid type fix. As soon as I stop using it the irritation comes back. I will not keep using it and risk my skin to become too thin. I am 52 and the skin on my neck and chest is thin enough without adding to it. I have just recently started using Rationales Niacinamide Serum which my skin can tolerate. Any help would be appreciated. I do not look normal by any means and I am sick of the discomfort.

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My Doctor is a very nice woman and she believes the settings on the Fraxel were appropriate and doesn't know why I'm having these complications. But the after care with my concerns is poor and was told because I am having irritation just do nothing. After doing nothing and getting depressed because of the irritation redness lines and rough lumpy skin I put in a complaint. She has since told me to use niacinamide serum. Why wasn't I offered something to help before. I think what I have is permanent as it is now 6 to 7 months post laser but I prey this is not the case.

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And also Fraxel being advertised for $500 would not be a true Fraxel I don't think. I had the true Fraxel and ive wasted my money to only look worse and the doctor ignore me. She got her money and thats all she cares about. Why is it that we as women put ourselves through this rubbish. I should of been happy with myself the way I was. When I look at before photos to now I could kick myself for putting my trust in her.
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I am sorry you are going through this. I am too. I ask my question that everyday why couldn't I be happy with what I looked like before, because now 11 months later I hate looking in the mirror. My face is ruined along with my life.
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Debsta was the doctor you are happy with in Sydney? I see there is an offer from Visage Clinic one of the special internet offer sites. &500 for fraxel treatment worth $3000. Tempted but..... I have normal 60 y/o skin with a lot of fine wrinkles. Anyone advice anyone?
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My advice is don't do lasers, because I believe it only ages you, because that's what it did to me. I had beautiful skin with a slight case of malasma on my checks, and now nothing about my face looks good and 11 months later it's jusst getting worst.
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An update on my skin. The skin on my neck and chest got progressively redder over time. One the irritation had finally stopped after about 9 months I have had VBeam at a certified Dermatologists office about 3 weeks ago. This has helped and it is more now a pink colour but I will probably need another one. The lines I am describing down my neck and chest have gone from the left hand side but are still visible on the right hand side. In some places in natural light it even looks like fine scarring. The original Doctor that did this to me I will not recommend to my worst enemy as she has fobbed me off regarding this problem and tries to tell me its my skin texture.
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Hi Megan,
I have been to another dermatologist and he has also only offered me cortisone but has told me to try not to use it if I can. He said I will most likely need more work done to correct what I have had done but he wont touch me until the irritation stops and then evaluate what redness is left. I think at this stage it is a waiting game. The niacinamide serum is helping and I am finally happy after 6 months I have found something my skin can tolerate to at least hydrate it. But I should have been offered something sooner. I am not keen at all to go near a laser again but I cannot live with the laser lines down my neck.
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I can certainly understand why you would be apprehensive to try another laser treatment.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing & what you decide to do from here.

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I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing. Have you considered going to a second dermatologist to get their opinion? It might be a good idea.

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