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I am 37 and I have been concerned and self...

I am 37 and I have been concerned and self concsious about my dark circles for years and they are rapidly getting much worse. I always remember my mum looking very tired and older than the other mums when she was my age. I look just like her so knew it was coming.

I have tries fillers, which although a vast improvement, didn't resolve the issue fully. When I was tired the filled area swelled out to give me a sausage look under my eyes. I also have fatty deposits forming, which you'll see in the photo. They are great big stripes across my face and I hate them. They are the first thing I see when I even just glance in a mirror.

The hoods above my eyes are also sinking rapidly.

I first consulted a PS about this about three years ago. When I arrived, all his staff looked taut and overdone. He totally put me off saying that he could get rid of the dirk circles but it would make the fat deposits more prominent. He also sat me in front of a magnifying mirror and pointed out loads of little 'faults' and asymmetry, which I felt was uncalled for and most likely designed to sell additional procedures to me.

As I was leaving a nurse followed me out and quietly gave me the name of a different PS was a lot 'more subtle' and is apparently known in the industry for his excellent facial work.

So that is who I'm now going with. I've been consulting with him for a while now and I'm confident in my choice. Surgery is on Monday and I'm feeling very positive about it. Fingers crossed!

Just 20 months ago

Just a photo of the interim measures. This is me 20 months ago with tear trough fillers and Botox brow lift. It was a great result but not a long term solution.

Ah crap!

The kids are both ill. Nothing serious but I have been up for the past two nights - soothing brows, cleaning up vomit, changing bed linen.

I am soooo tired and now my eyes are all puffy. Will he still be able to see the issues clearly?

I really don't want to put this off again. It's already been delayed three times.

And I don't want to go into surgery pissy with my husband for leaving me to do all the night waking.

Not too bad at all

I will update more when I'm feeling less out of it but here are some photos from today. I'm a bit blurry so forgive typos.

I took these still half asleep from theatre. You can't tell can you ?! LOL


Wasn't done

More horror pictures

All I can say is it looks about 100 times worse than it feels.


(Sorry, on my phone and the buttons are too close together)

All calming down now

I have put details of the run up to the op on my boob job review if anyone wants to see.

To add to that, when I went to the loo straight after (or about 3 hours after when I could be bothered waking myself up) I had a good look at my eyes. The black was already there under the bad one but it was only small. I could see how neat the job was and how smooth it should hopefully be when the swelling goes down. So far, I am really pleased.

The PS told me that my fat pads were really reluctant to shift and he had to suture them in place on my cheeks to stop them riding back up. It doesn't surprise me at all - my eye bags have always been stubborn bastards!

When I was researching this I always found the recovery photos really distressing and off putting. Now I'm there it is honestly not so bad at all. I'm not in any real pain. I feel tight across the stitches and have a slight sting in right hand cut in the corner of my eye where I caught it with a pillow. I am not needing any pain meds beyond panadol and a mid strength at night - mainly to knock me out in the awkward raised seating position

My eyes are watery and go all blurring when I put the cream in but that's the most inconvenience.

That said, I wouldn't expect to just bounce back from the anaesthetic. I've been quite wobbly on my feet and wouldn't want to be too far from a chair.

Better days but feeling a bit low

I've been a bit over it the last couple of days. It's getting better every day and was never hideous but think I'm on an anaesthetic downer.

Yesterday my eyes were very itchy, which was great because it means they are healing, but boy were they a nuisance!

Today I woke feeling much better. My eyes have gone down a lot and next to no discomfort and weeping anymore. Great! Only the constipation and nausea have kicked in instead! I'm sure it's just a combination of all the meds over time but I was so happy to be well again, only to head racing to the loo feeling all light headed an yuk. I hate nausea. Blurgh!

Also I'm starting to get sensation back in my nose, which had been pretty numb. It's that weird feeling like after local dental anaesthetic when it comes and goes; just plain weird!

Still, onwards an upwards. I was looking at before shots last night and even with the raccoon eyes, I'm glad I had this done.

Today's photo

Got them all in the wrong order. Doh!

A comparison photo

Feeling a little less queezy now. PS said I can stop the antibiotics which is helping.

Stitches out today

My appointment is in a couple if hours so I thought I'd post one last 'with stitches' shot.

I'm feeling good now. My eyes are still quite swollen and the yellow bruising is taking its sweet time to fade but I don't have any eye irritation anymore. My eyes get dry and tired at the end of the day but that's about it.

I'm very much enjoying the result so far. I'm wondering if my eyes are a smudge smaller after the canthopexy or whether that's just the usual swelling. In any case I'd rather a tiny bit smaller (as in - only noticeable if i sit and stare inthe mirror for a while) than those great, fat sausages growing down my cheeks!

The recovery has taken a bit longer than I expected. I see websites that say you can expect to be back at work within 3-5 days and that hasn't been my experience. I am a fit (ran 27km the week before surgery), healthy person and I would really only feel ble to return to work yesterday - after a clear week off.

Perhaps the gastro issues on Friday set me back. All the retching pulled my eyes horribly but I still think three days is pushing it!

I'm not trying to be secretive about this procedure, which is good, because the weather is horrid and I look silly with sunglasses on indoors. I would have no chance of concealing these raccoons with a bit of make-up and haven't been cleared to wear it yet.

Looking better every day

I've been quiet for a while because I am still a little bruised and puffy so nothing much new to report. Every day the swelling goes down a bit more and I get a glimpse of the end result, which is very good.

I went shopping today. It was brilliant! Malls were the pits before - all that downward strip lighting, every time I caught my reflection I'd see those great, horrid sausages on my face! Now, even with the bruising, I look 100 times better. Yay!

I'm not putting my official PS rating up until I get to see the end result, but I would absolutely recommend him based on my experience so far.

Waiting for the paint to dry

Meanwhile here's some photos taken today. As you can see there's still a bit of swelling left.

Thought I'd also mention what I thought was useful post op:

- I spent a fortune on fancy cool pads. They were way too heavy. Ziplock bags with a handful of frozen fruit placed over wet gauze was much better.

- Buy sanitary gauze packs and lots of, for cleaning and putting under the ice.

- Q tips for cleaning and putting ointment on.

- I liked using saline water like in the hospital under the ice so bought a few small pouches of that.

- A good, squishy travel pillow was fantastic added comfort for those nights sleeping elevated on pillows. It also kept my head central so I didn't fret about rolling and pulling anything.

- It would have been useful to have some over the counter panadiene (panadol and codeine). I needed a bit more than panadol at nights but the prescription pain killers were far too strong after the second night.

- Laxitives - oh-me-oh-my, the troubles all those meds caused!

- Good quality skincare products. The anaesthetic nailed my skin and turned it into a big flaky mess. Any concealer I used to hide the bruises looked terrible over all the dryness.

The verdict

I have had a bit of on-off under eye swelling and wanted to wait until it was all settled before giving my final review of the procedure and PS.

Now everything is good and I LOVE it. I am thrilled with the result! Doing this was totally the right decision.
Dr Gillett - Ethicos Institute

I really like David Gillett. He is friendly, understanding and not at all pushy. He did a wonderful job of my eyes. His staff are all lovely and really set you at ease.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can I ask who your PS was and in which state?
  • Reply
Hi, my PS was David Gillett in Perth, WA.
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looking great.
  • Reply
hi Willo im happy with mine done here in Bali. uppers $950 lowers still to come $1300
  • Reply
Looking great!
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Thanks! It looks like I'm about a month behind you. It's great to see your progress. You look fab!
  • Reply
its going to get better. yes there can be a downer!
  • Reply
also did your surgeon discuss going from the outside versus the inside? mine only likes the outside. can remove a little skin and he feels in our conditions in the grotty tropics less chance of infection.
  • Reply
Hi, sorry I've just posted a belated update. My surgeon didn't really discuss inside and out. I think they all have their own way of doing things - mine was outside for uppers, inside for lowers and fat transfers, and it depends for the canthopexy. In my case he snipped a tiny bit away from the corners and that is what I'm finding stings the most. The posh hospital was lovely but I think your maid will do a great job taking care of you. Good luck with your decision.
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im on the verge of committing to a cosmetic surgeon here in Bali where im living. originally from Perth. yes i will have to be awake. frightening. but i wont have the after effects of anaesthtics. have been very depressed after a renal surgery last year. cant afford to do all that crying with eyes bunged up! sad to miss the luxury hospital, i will just come home to my own bed. i do have a live in maid to assist me. although im going to be embarrassed.
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So you were allowed on your feet straight away. I was under the impression one had to stay lying down. The after photos never bother me, it's the procedure images that mother me. But you were out cold were you. Sometimes they do it just sedated. Hard to imagine for the lower lids
  • Reply
Yes, I mean I'd been down In the recovery room for two hours already but I can't remember any of that. The nurse gave me some post operative objectives before I went down one was to get up on your feet and the other to clear bladder. I needed a wee so called them to help me and it was fine. I can't imagine doing I under local either. I'm not that brave. I can tell the battle that went on to get the fat down into my cheeks and, given the position of the sutures, it wouldn't be something I want to experience awake. Perhaps if they are bringing them up into the tear troughs? How are you doing on your hunt for a PS?
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doesn't look so bad. keep us posted when you can thank you
  • Reply
what are the puncture marks?
  • Reply
On my nose and cheek? Sutures holding the fat transfers in place. Pretty isn't it?
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Happy healing. Look forward to seeing results as you heal.
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so you made it. cant wait to hear more rest up
  • Reply
oh bugger! use ice or cucumbers to bring them back to normal
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i have the same heredetary eyes, iknow what its like to be told you look tired all the time . choosing a surgeon now
  • Reply
Im in perth wa, and considering having it done. Who are you using? Good luck I hope it's everything you want.
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best of luck !! :)
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