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I am now day 3 from my revision rhino and chin...

I am now day 3 from my revision rhino and chin augmentation surgery. I am very swollen and can't talk or eat properly! I am mainly just having soups and shakes and some soft food that I have to guide to my mouth with my fingers cos of the numbness in my lips.

Is this normal? I'm starting to worry that I am going to be stuck like this. How long has it taken other people to be able to talk and eat after these surgeries?


I am now four weeks post my rhinoplasty and chin implant. I know that many surgeons say 10 days for recovery although reading people's experiences here I'd say that for many people such as myself it was much longer.

For the first 2 weeks I really struggled with eating and talking properly and was very swollen. It started to reside at 2 weeks and at four weeks the sensation in my lower lip has started to return. It's still not perfect, there is still some numbness and swelling so my speech and smile has not yet completely normalised. I can see that I'm progressing though and am really happy with the results. Anyone that is early in their recivery amd is in a panic (like i was) the healing process can be really slow but it does get better! You can check out my recovery blog at
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How are you doing now that a few more days have passed? Are you still pretty numb or has some of the sensation started to return?

Here is a Q&A that might be helpful:

How Long Should Numbness After a Chin Implant Last?

Please let us now how you are doing!

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Hi Megan, I'm now 7 days out and I still have no feeling at all in my lower lip and its still difficult to talk and eat I'm hoping this resides soon as its really starting to bother me. I tried to smile at myself in the mirror today and the corner of my lips did turn up but started quivering like a very weak muscle trying to lift a heavy weight. I am having my nasal packing removed tomorrow and hope that things resolve quicker after that. Thanks for your reply.
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Its reassuring to hear the muscles were moving, even if they didn't seem strong. I hope getting your packing out goes well. Keep us updated on what you are seeing and how you are doing.

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