41yr Old, 6ft and Finally Getting a Booty

Hi All - I am booked for a buttock augmentation...

Hi All - I am booked for a buttock augmentation with Dr Briggs using 360cc Silimed implants in one week (6 August 2014). My initial research was based around going to Thailand for the procedure and combining it with other things. One of my concerns, apart from trying to vet Dr's from afar, was the fact that they recommend 3 weeks before you can fly and then it's 7 hours flight to get back. So, as I said, Dr Briggs and local it is. So far, Dr Briggs has been great. We discussed the fact that Silimed really is the only supplier left in Australia for implants and they only go as high as 360cc. Shoving the implants down my jeans is no doubt far from ideal but it did give me a feel for what the end result would be (lets face it - some projection is better than the pancake I currently drag round behind me). Dr Briggs has kept up to date with all of the latest procedures and seemed both relaxed and knowledgeable with all of my questions (and yes, I bombarded the poor man). The procedure will take about 2-3 hours and the incision is placed where you wear your g-string strap at the back. You wear a normal pair when you go in so he can ensure that he hides the incision. I discussed the need for Hydrocholloid Dressing's and whether I should purchase these but was advised that Dr Briggs uses a form of glue to close the incision to accomplish the same result. I may still get a couple anyway. Anyways, if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I will update this post as we go through the process. The countdown has begun ;P
I just saw ur before pics, ur ass is amazing already, the shape is perfect. I can't believe that's the butt of a 41 year old. You lucky lucky girl, ur going to have incredible results when more volume is added. Easily the most perfect butt one can ask for !! I'm so excited for you and CANT WAIT to see the results.
Hooray, I look forward to following your review. I got my implants done by dr Pichet, and so far, I am stoked. Although the pain itself is thee times worse than child birth LOL. I had breast and but dones at the same time, I didn't eel anything for the breast, not even a tinge of pain, but the butt, OMG. Lol. I'm hoping the silimed implants are as good as the euro silicone, as I'm beggining to see and increased number of visible implants depending on the firmness if the implant. Mine felt like liquid flubber, in an anatomical shape. I'm 3 days post op, and the pain is slowly getting better. Perhaps I suffered more from doing the breast and butt at the sAme time, so I payed on my buttocks (which helped drain excess fluid in the area). I have the drains removed Monday. Make sure u get some super strength pain killers, and u have someone to help u go for wee etc afterwards.
Damn auto spell *layed on my buttocks *three times worse than childbirth *i didn't feel anything

Post Op (6 hours)

So it's been 6 hours now since the operation. I'll try to be logical and methodical in this review:

1) Hospital. Nursing staff (all bar one) are atrocious. Shout out here to nurse Jenny who has been an absolute sweetheart though. I have had to prompt every one of the others with such logical things as 'should we take my skins to theatre - I think we will need them' or I'm 6 ft and my feet are so far up against the bed end my knees are bent - 'do you think we should extend the bed...', I had to ask them to close the toilet door even. I really dislike having to think for someone else in this kind of a situation.
2) Anaesthetist was Dr Craig Smith. Great bedside manner and open to my requests. I clearly stated 'no endone' and whilst he denoted I may need it for the pain, he has complied. Thumbs up to Dr Smith =)
3) Plastic Surgeon. Dr Briggs was great. Marked me up, checked if I had any questions and updated me that things went well when I woke. Will update further on him when I see him next (and when I see his work!)
4) Pain. Ok so realistically I'm probably full of an absolute concoction of chemicals at the moment so I have no pain. I also have a high pain tolerance so I will update this later too.

And in a nutshell - there's post #1 =)
Woo hoo.... U did it. Damn time flies by fast. Not long ago we were chatting about the consult. I bet u were nervous, but once ur in there it's all good. After having it done myself I can now kind of agree the pain isn't that bad, it was more of a discomfort from not being able to use my arms from my breast being done, but as you mentioned, ur drugged up during the painful part, the rest is discomfort. That sucks your not having a good experiences with the nurses and care givers. That's when u need that Extra bit of "sympathy and support" , and I couldn't imagine it with crappy bunch of care givers. Ts funny how u mentioned dr Briggs uses the glue.... As so does dr Pichet. I put a dressing over the glue area by accident tonight, so spent 40min in the shower trying to destick the tape so it didn't rip the glue and scab off LOL. I can't wait to see ur results. I'm starting to worry perhaps I went to big. I see u did 360cc and your 6foot. I did 300cc and I'm 5 foot....actually no I did 275cc but still it's Not to much a difference, but my ass is looking massive. I hope ur on some strong stuff still. Also as much as u won't to, and will want to punch a nurse in the face for making u try, soon as ur standing things seem to "feel" a little different, almost as if the pocket has found it's shape. Hard to explain, but once ur past that milestone you will be laughing. I'm soo happy for you, and hope ur results are exactly as u wish for. If u have any questions or need advice or suggestions I'm very happy to help. Congratulations on your new butt
Thanks chicky, your a gem. It's 9.45pm and I've been for two walks and not so much as a Panadol taken ie still no pain! I snuck a peek when I went to the toilet and whilst I'm definitely swollen I am so excited. I'll take pics as soon as I can. The drains are a great idea as you said. I have no blood on one side and 50ml on the other. They will hopefully come out tomorrow so I can go home. Again, couldn't have done it without your solid advice and open sharing x
Hi hun, u look great! I'm also considering wether I should stay local and have Dr Briggs do surgery or go to the US or Mexico..... So I would love it if you could give as much info and progress pics, especially of the scar. I'm scared about having a horrible scar. Look forward to your progress updates n pics xx

Post # 2

Ok so this is the second post op update and realistically I'm feeling great. As per my first post I'll try to cover things in an easy to follow manner.

1) Pain. Honestly? None. There has been consistent discomfort obviously due to the stretching of the muscle (the implants are intramuscular). I am sleeping on my stomach mostly and when I get uncomfortable I put pillows under my thighs and lower back and lay on my back.
2) Mobility. I've tried to be as mobile as possible (within reason) and have washed the dishes, done some clothes washing (help needed with loading of course!) and just generally pottered round the house.
3) Bathroom breaks. Well these have been interesting to say the least. I'm currently continuing what nurse Jenny implemented i.e. peeing into a jar while standing. It's great in that I don't have to bend, I don't have to part my legs far and I don't get it anywhere but where it should be. On the flip side, I hadn't had a bowel movement since the night before the operation. This had me a little concerned so today I started eating some dried apricots and put some Metamucil in my coffee. It worked a treat and I went three times (quite normally) today. This has proven a little hard logistics wise as I have sort of limbo positioned over the toilet and hung on to the wall. Sounds awful and I'm hoping that I can work out a better way but this is a real story, and that's what I'm really doing. Rather than risk an infection by wiping I've been using a handheld shower to wash after each bathroom visit.
3) Results and Surgeon. This bit I saved for last because I have yet to have my follow up with the Dr. That being said, to date he has been great. He's answered all questions, had a great bedside manner and been honest to the point of doing himself out of extra money for procedures I also wanted done but which would not have given the desired results. Now on results. I am swollen and feeling not the most attractive I ever have but will load some after shots tomorrow.

Hope that this is helpful for someone else. Talk again tomorrow =)
I've had the same procedure with dr Briggs a week b4 you and share your story exactly, however, I've been struggling with pain in my lower legs while lying down which can be normal so hopefully it will go way as healing progresses and I will sleep better soon, I'm no longer taking meds and have been pain free otherwise. Nice to follow your posts. Best of luck :)
Thanks Maria. At least we know Dr Briggs is consistent. I hope the leg pain subsides soon. Could it be associated with the antibiotics? I read the list of side effects today and yikes!
Oh yes he is. I don't think it is related to the antibiotics as Dr Briggs said it is more to do with nerve pain as the muscle heals, it makes sense. Antibiotics were finished on Thursday. The pain is gradually getting better. There's still a lot of swelling but It already looks great :), I'm tall and thin but comparing pics (especially from the sides) shows a major difference already. Very happy :). Thanks for replying and I'll keep you posted too. X

Post # 3

Apologies that I have yet to load pictures but will rectify this asap. Just a quick catch-up on progress:

1) Post Op Review. I went to Dr Briggs for my post op review and he was really happy with how I was healing and the results. It was a quick meeting as is expected but as always, he cheerfully answered the questions I remembered to ask. Unfortunately I still have tape across my buttocks to hold them together and stop the incision from stretching at all. I've been putting paw-paw cream down my buttocks (I know it sounds greasy!) and it has kept the stitches clean and moisturised, as well as its antibacterial properties. The stitches are dissolvable so eventually they will just not be there (yay).
2) Pain or discomfort. I am getting around almost like normal apart from being able to bend over properly (I'm scared of stretching the stitches). There is no swelling so I'm considering stopping wearing the compression pants. Has anyone else stopped wearing them after a week and a half? I'm dying to put on a pair of jeans and feel normal again!
Hi Wannabebarbie. Glad to know all is going well with you. Im doing really well also and the pain on my legs is now gone, I suspect that the fact that I had just arrived from a long trip to Europe and went straight into surgery contributed to that. Dr Briggs is also very happy with my results. I also have a tape accross my buttock and even though it is a bit annoying it does help as a matter of prevention. My surgeon in Brazil (Im half brazilian) Dr Raul Gonzales, by the way Dr Briggs uses his world known method in surgery so I was pleased to hear it, he also advises to wear the garment for at least 3 weeks but in Brazil lymphatic drainage is also prescribed post surgically for faster healing and even better shape but I forgot to ask Dr Briggs his opinion on this. Do you know if they do it, as a form of post surgical treatment in Perth? I have had breast implants in brazil 12 years ago and lymphatic drainage gave me such a natural look so I know it has its advantages. Looking forward to hearing more from you. xx
Oooh, I love that idea! I know there are definitely lymphatic drainage masueses in Perth. I had this funny image in my head of saying to someone 'here, rub my tooshy' ;P Let me check this out for us, I'll email Zonia from his office and let you know what she says. I'm sooo glad your all better chicky x
Hi Maria, sorry I'm so slow at responding. Dr Briggs says there's no scientific research to show massage helps, and advises we don't. I also checked on sitting and sleeping on our backs and he says not until 6 weeks. Hope your healing well still =)

Post # 4

I am an awful blogger. Its official. I'm now wearing normal clothes, back to normal and only just remembered I hadn't updated the post op with pictures. I will endeavour to take a couple more in clothes and maybe bending over so you can see that you can't see the implants. It really has capped off the Barbie body look. Its almost like they should suggest doing breast aug & butt aug as going together (although on thinking on this it would mean more Dr's need to learn the butt aug). Ignore that first comment then ;P
Hi,ive been reading ur post,and waited for ur after pics,,ur butt look good. How tall are u?whats the shape of the implant? Thanks
that is the after pic
Looking Amazing! :) Happy 1 Month Anniversary.
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