Double Bubble: 375cc Mentor Silicone Gel Smooth Moderate Profile Under Muscle

I had a little sagging not much no children and im...

I had a little sagging not much no children and im 23 yrs old was a b cup before. told my surgeon he didnt say much except to lay on my stomach 3 times a day pushing upwards for 5mins and wear support bra at all times.

ok i wanted bigger breast but now i feel they are really large and i have a slim figure. the experience is freaking me out.

hi i just had breast implants 375cc mentor silicone gel smooth moderate profile under mucsle, and after 3 days i noticed a double bubble forming not sure its been 5 days now and still there is it too soon to tell or not??

i have a slight double bubble like yours too.. not very visible in photos. i was saggy before surgery but opted not to get a lift. my surgeon told me to not wear a bra during the day, so the implants can fall into place, wear a very supportive sports bra at night, and do circular pushing massages around the breast, also around the top do it as if you are pushing the implant down..while doing the circular motion. He said that there is a possibility that it will settle into place and the bubble will go away, or to fix it it will require a lift.. BUT i found another girl on here that has this same thing too,and surgeons advised her not to do a lift til things got REALLY bad. hope that helps
can you please post a b4 pic ?
hope it all works out with time
bangkok hospital phuket

cos he is from thailand and everyone so negative but i have seen amazing breasts from there so yeh

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