38 Yr Old Removed 330cl Gummies Under Muscle After Ten Months - Australia, AU

I have been stalking these reviews for a few...

I have been stalking these reviews for a few months now and had my 330cl cohesive gel implants removed at around 9am this morning under general anaesthetic.

I will write more about my background and motivation soon but I just wanted reassure anyone with surgery coming up that I am astounded at how good I feel. The procedure was easy, I got to go home quickly and, several hours out, I'm still not feeling like I need any pain medication.

I was so scared this morning but really it was straight-forward. I haven't seen under the bandage yet but in my top I can tell I'm back to a frame shape that suits me and I'm used to. I'm bracing myself for disappointment but already I am so happy I did this. The boobs are in a sealed container. I haven't looked at them yet but my husband and I both lifted it and commented how heavy they seem.

I've had a look now :)

I kept the bandage on for as long as I could bear but it was starting to fall off this morning. Throughout yesterday I was having little peeks from the top, saw a slightly sad looking nipple gradually look like it was unshrivelling over the course of the day. I had a pretty good night's sleep with panedol so figured I may as well just go for it, take the bandage off and swap to a compression bra.

Anyway, I'm happy. My breasts look flatter and a little bit more saggy than they did pre-implant but I'm only on my second day out. I was fortunate to come through 4.5 years of breast feeding as I did and now, even if they are a bit worse than before, they just look like normal, everyday, slightly duffed up by two wonderful kids, boobs. If this is how they stay, they feel wonderful and that's really making a huge difference to me. They are soft, not hard, heavy balls on my chest and they are all me. I hated the muscle interaction with the implants - even just opening a jar or putting a pen lid on. I'm looking forward to playing soccer and not worrying about rupturing...and there's always padded bras, without needing to stitch the padding into my body!

I may put photos up over time to help people like this forum has helped me but right now I'm taking it at my pace. Besides, if I have learnt one thing from this experience it's that it's less about the reality of how you actually look and more about your own perception of it.

Downton Abbey - good recovery viewing

All the women are incredibly flat chested and really quite stunning!

All good here. No need for pain killers. Had a bit of a cry this morning about nothing in particular so think that's an anaesthetic thing. I slept so well last night it was wonderful. I've said elsewhere in a comment that I love how my breastbone feels again now.

I'm a little funked about how they might look in the long run. I'll be bummed if they end up a lot smaller than they were before but they do seem to have plumped a little. I'm not going to overthink it. All in I feel like a huge weight has lifted and I am so relieved to be implant free. This was a good decision.

Hope everyone else is healing up well.

Where has my review and updates gone?

Oh well....
Things are going brilliantly. I love the way my boobs look. At the moment they are smaller than pre-implants but they are a nicer shape so I may fill out or I may stay as is but it's win-win.

The best thing though is that I know this one next year I will barely be giving them a second thought. I know that wouldn't be the case if I'd kept the implants.

Plumping up nicely

I think I'm pretty much back to pre-aug size. I'm happy!

Two months out

RS just ate my post but sometimes they've popped up a few days later so I won't repeat myself.

Just saying that I've plumped back out nicely. The day of explant I was totally deflated and saggy. Honestly - flat as a pancake, almost indented. This is me today in a sports bra with slim modesty protectors.

Grrr! Third time lucky

For those feeling anxious

I'm conscious that a lot of us come in here and post a whole load of stuff when we are feeling very emotional, going through the decision process but then write a line under it and never return to share the emotional recovery. I know that when I was in the rough of it, reading people's pain only served to increase my anxiety and I have left a trail on here that doesn't necessarily represent the reality. I wanted to post this - an excerpt from my recent PM to someone - to try to balance the picture:
"Firstly I want to be clear that I don't think the implants hurt me. At least not in the way that a lot of people think they do. I think they became a focus for anxiety, partly by winding myself up reading sites about implant harm but mainly because I was never particularly comfortable with my decision to implant in the first place and was just trying to suppress that unease and get on with it.

I do think that we are all different and, just like how some people's bodies reject piercings, others will tolerate implants less well than others. Rather than the silicone poisoning me, I just believe that I was burning too much energy trying to accommodate something my body didn't want and that was laying me low.

I think people underestimate how hard it is for some to process such a significant change to the look and feel of their body, plus the fairly odd concept of a foreign item in there. I believe this causes a lot more emotional and psychological issues than the surgeons credit (and anyway, once down that line it's easy to be written off as crazy).

Also, I have back issues; an old whiplash injury and sciatica from hip separation with my first child. These are manageable but flair up from time to time. I believe that carrying the extra weight on my front was noticeably affecting my posture (I was slouching more) and putting my back out. Further as I was embarrassed by my breasts (which came up to my chin in a sports top!) I was less inclined to exercise and strengthen my core, which I've found crucial to supporting my lower back. The swollen lymph node turned out to be a perfectly normal size but was protruding because my neck muscle was swollen and pushing it out. The back issues have been confirmed by a doctor and physio, along with a trapped nerve which is giving me referred pain into my hands, left buttock and sometimes my feet. I have put two and two together in relating it back to my implants but it does stand to reason. Things have certainly improved since I had them out.

The key source of my anxiety though was a bad reaction to some medication (long story). Again, this has been confirmed by a doctor and neuropsych. As the effects of the medication wore off I travelled between periods of feeling totally back to my old self and then back into a fug of anxiousness and a low ebb. One thing became clear, that the feet and hand stuff is a lot worse during the periods of anxiety - I notice every little niggle and twinge a whole lot more then and I tend to think the worst of it to the point of driving myself up the wall with worry. I am 99.9% sure that, whilst I do have legitimate physical symptoms, they are only partly causing the issues I experience during the anxious times. I am pretty sure that the rest is psychosomatic and related to the anxiety itself."


I feel really good now and have done for some time!
Australia Plastic Surgeon

I really like David. He listens to what you want, gives you plenty of time to consider options and does beautiful work. His facial work is excellent and he has done my eyes beautifully. I had no complaints about the breasts - they just weren't for me. He also does a lot of reconstructive surgery at our local children's hospital. I really like his values and trust him completely.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Good story..I have extreme pain and anxiety also..
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I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better- having anxiety is such an ugly experience to have and it's nice to have that in your past. Moving forward, knowing your body is all you - your natural self! Thank you for sharing your story!
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Thanks for sharing your story. I found this part of your review to be so interesting and relatable- "I do think that we are all different and, just like how some people's bodies reject piercings, others will tolerate implants less well than others. Rather than the silicone poisoning me, I just believe that I was burning too much energy trying to accommodate something my body didn't want and that was laying me low. " So true! That is a great way to describe what you, me, and others with implants are/were probably feeling.
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Just read your latest comments of your story & recovery. Thanks for sharing. It has been inspiring reading your posts. Great to hear you are recovering well and you look great in your sports bra!
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You look great returntojourney and I'm glad your recovery went so well. A common theme seems to be that right after explanting expect flatness (especially those of us who had very little to start with) and perhaps some indentations and deformity. Fluffing out seems inevitable.
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Thank you for your comment, I liked reading your story...so many emotions well up within you during this whole fiasco - but it's really calming that there is a way back whatever happens. Most important is that the 'fake', unhealthy, uncomfortable, misinterpreting foreign things are gone. It's causing me loads of anxiety - I am meeting with two surgeons in the week & will be making my decision, ready for explant like yesterday!
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I'm paying my deposit and securing a date today. Kinda nervous, but I just want it over with. When I have my explant, it will have been 9 months since my implant. Would you say there is a size difference between now and pre BA?
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Not that I've noticed. Perhaps a smidge less full in the poles but you'd have to stare pretty hard to realise. They look nice. The only real difference is a small stretch mark on my righty. Just to warn you though - you will look pretty deflated for the first few days. If/when this happens DON'T PANIC! They will fill out nicely.
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Thanks so much for your post on my story. My explant is coming up and I used to be so nervous. Now I'm kind of excited (a little nervous though still) but I just want them out! Hope you're doing well!
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When I read ' next year I will barely be giving them a second thought.' it made me happy. I have been getting a lot of support to keep my implants but not to remove them. I keep changing my mind because I'm confused and scared for explant, but I want these things out of me, my chest is too tight. Will have to keep reading and re-reading positive explant stories to keep up the momentum.
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I can only talk about my own experience but as soon as the idea formed that, no matter what I'd spent, no matter what I thought before, I didn't like them and wanted them out it was really only a matter of time before I did it. I tried giving it time - 10 months and just found myself more and more wound up. I can't promise that you won't get used to your implants and that you won't love them in time. I can't promise that you won't wish that you have big boobs from time to time but I do think that, if the majority of the time you want them out, you will probably be happier without them. It didn't take a year in the end, it's only been a month and I've pretty much forgotten about it all. I actually love my natural boobs and my figure so much more after all this. In that respect it's been worth it.
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Love your positive answer & attitude. I cant stop thinking about getting mine out!
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Oh how I wish I could have my implants out now! Hope you are healing well. Thumbs up to you.
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Good on you. I am glad to hear you are pleased with your breasts after the explant. I am wanting to do the same. I have had breast implants since I was 21 (am now 45) and have breastfed two children with no problem. I am so worried now they are old & breaking down & I would love my implants out right now but it is the cost that is holding me back (as I may want a breast lift as well??) . I now live in north QLD & are enquiring with surgeons up here at the moment. How does your scar look ? Cheers! from another lady in Australia x
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Most will tell you to leave the lift for a year and see how you feel. Apparently they get better results phasing and letting all the tissue settle so they know exactly what they're working with. You might be pleasantly surprised and decide you don't need one. Scars look fine. They're still largely under the tape but they don't look at all bad when I change it. They are nicely under the fold. I doubt I'll notice them in the long term.
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Thanks so much for replying & feedback ! So did the explant cost you $1200, is that right? Its funny, I am wanting to get my implants out so bad (even though they seem ok ) but feel more scared about the operation than when I was 21! I had my implants done through the bottom areola. So good to hear you are happy with your progress. Hope you don't mind me quizzing you :)
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No problem at all. Happy to help. Read my comments too because I've probably chatted more about my progress on them. My surgeon did it at a reduced rate because he didn't want me to be unhappy with them. I had an item number too so all in my out of pocket was about $450. Medicare also covers straight removal if the implants are causing anxiety. I'll dig out the policy statement for you. I was freaking out too. Feel so much better now.
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Thank you and that's good information to know with Medicare etc. Not sure about the surgeons up here...one has had, bad media press. I would like to go back to the surgeon who put the implants in but its just to hard with distance & family etc. I can only imagine how much better you feel.
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Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wanted a breast surgery for as long as I remember, I had mine done 8 months ago. Straight after I realised that it simply isn't for me. I am anxious all the time and don't feel like myself at all. I would love to explant too, but can not afford another operation in full. Also I am so afraid how they will end up looking. I am in my late twenties and am scared of having saggy boobs with scars. Anyhow, it would be great if you could share how would I be able to claim some on Medicare, as I really want them out. Is it covered with only certain doctors? Your advice is much appreciated.
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I watched Downton Abbey while I recovered from my explant too! It was just the kind of show I needed :-) . Hope you continue to heal well!
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Thank you for sharing your story, it really is helpful to those of us waiting for surgery and second guessing and worried, good to hear you are happy with your decision :)
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I'm happy for you! It sounds like you have a super healthy attitude about your body now and that is a very good thing. Please continue to keep us updated as you heal and fluff out.
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Congrats! I'll be following you, I'm explanting sometime soon and I'm nervous! Happy healing!
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