Hi everyone so excited about my up coming tummy...

Hi everyone so excited about my up coming tummy tuck
I've got two children 3 &5 and they were both born via c section, since then I have lost 60 kgs and I get reoccurring infections. I workout every day and they are from rubbing and hormonal changes too. I want the surgery for this reason and because I know no matter how many sit ups I do this apron isn't going anywhere.
I'm so glad I've found this site it's so helpful and answers a lot of questions and I love reading about people's journeys good or bad it helps prepare yourself for your own recovery to come.

only 2 weeks and counting!

Ahh not long to go now and Christmas is just around the corner. Keeping really busy leading up to surgery getting myself organized as far as waxing and hair colour and wrapping presents, spending quality time with the kids.
Had my pre op assessment and spoke with nurse and dr about any questions I had what medication to take and not to take. Feeling positive but I know as time draws closer ill be nervous as hell but will remember reason's as to why im doing this and think not doing it will feel worse.

before pic's

Here are some photos which soon I can look back on being the past

measurement s

Thought id post weight ect
So when I had my first child weighing 9 pds 13 onz I weighed 153kgs and now im 91kgs proud of myself trying clean eating as well as shakes. I think the main thing is routine with exercise then your body craves it no effort. I do worry about scales at hospital it said 5kg heavier im sure they wrote that on paperwork as to how much annastesia to give on the day? Is that true?


5'11 or 183 cm

1week and counting

Ahhh only one week to go freaking out but so excited. I'm sure on the day I'll be all nerves. So glad I'm first on the list 7am I couldn't Handel waiting till the afternoon. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm all organised, presents wrapped and will put up the tree on Monday after we visit Santa for photos. I'll do a big house clean too, who knows when I'll be able to do it next. Bag is packed and I've just got to add toiletries. Still reading everyone's stories trying to be positive but you can't help but worry putting your life in someone's hands and it was your decision to do so but then I push the negative away by saying I'm fit and healthy. When I had my first c-section I was over weight they spinal failed, never had surgery before then and i got thru it and this time I don't have to work my ass off to get back into shape. Although I'll miss my daily exercise and clean eating which will continue after.

Before clothes

Going out clothes

More going out pics



So this week I've been really naughty with my food intake and haven't really cared. Gone out to dinner like three times but I'm enjoying it while it lasts cause as of Monday ill be eating salads and shakes getting ready to go in on the Friday
Anyone do pre op diet?

Ahh counting down the hours

Can't believe my op is tomorrow getting excited and a little nervous. Won't actually hit me until my alarm sounds and I'm in the car. I think waiting is the worst part your mind starts to wonder to some of the horror story's but I'm trying to be positive. It's something I want and my choice!
I'll deal with the recovery day by day and crossing my fingers my post op story is one that I can say wasn't as bad lol well see
I've kept myself busy today and think I'm all organised.
Not aloud to eat or drink after 12 I think not having my water bottle will be the worst but I'm first up at 7am so can't complain
Well I better get an early night the last few have been late
Ahhhhhhhhh : D

I made it!

Well guys here I am on the flat side, minimal pain its managed. Tight up top more than anything. Got pain pump tho. In and out of sleep. Got a catheter in so one less thing to worry about . Haven't looked at tummy and not Interested as yet little scared of getting up tomorrow . Wish me luck


So I arrived at 7 I was first in so not much waiting. Dr did markings and took photos and another dr was telling me her mum just had it done and loves it, kept my sprits high thenI breathe into mask and last time I remember before I woke up uncomfortable but not strong pain. Everyone has been very through .
Had plenty of visitors today but still falling asleep had chic soup ans and jelly to eat

after pic no 1

Only angle I can get for now


Haven't moved a lot managed to sit in chair, still got catheter in but going for a walk if that goes well then ill be happy I won't wet the bed lol

saw dr

Surgeon came by tonight and said my drains and catheter will come out tomorrow, then the physical work begins walking around, going to the toilet which will be a new experience but more free to move not trip over any cords. Thank God for the pain relief otherwise its harder to breathe or do anything. I was very hunched over the walk I did do

4 days post op

Feeling great today got one drain out pain wasn't so bad just sting a bit and catheter out so can freely get around even though Im moving at a pace of a snail and hunched over like an old lady.even had a peek at tummy looks smooth and even scar from what I can see thru tape. Will get someone else to take a pic makes it easier.

first look

Love it already

5 days post op

Hi so at day 5 starting to get the back pain now and need to keep meds up or can really feel it from both sides. I have a little swelling on the left but dr said its fine there was no drain there for two days and the second drain came out today. Changed my belly button dressing looking good little oval bb will take a pic when I can they already changed dressing. Going to have my first shower shall enjoy that and a fresh change of clothes


Oh just had a priest come in and offer special prayer and communion what a beautiful experience feeling blessed

First night home

Settling in at home.it was hard to find a spot to fear comfortable.first I decided is stay on the chase chair but then I couldn't get up so I went to my bed so much better I think I'll be my plAce for awhile. I've got pain meds which help.
I already feel like I haven't left running the house from the bedroom. Mum has helped me a lot drove me home and doing kids dinners and cleaning. You really need a lot of helpmat home so stay in hospital as long as you can. For me it was 5 days

Thought I'd add some more

Stuff for hospital that others may have been worried about, I got my drains out one after the other a day a part they weren't below the insision they were actually on each side which I think was better. (You can see on the pic little square braid aid where theory were) I saw most of the other pics on the site the drains below or on the insision line which can cause problems of it opening up ect so I was happy about that.
When they were removed it wasn't that painful, just stung a little bit but I'm free from all the tubes now and so much easier not carrying around drains


We'll comparing pic without binder to one with waterproof strips for the shower I look swollen mmm didn't notice it myself but at least underneath it I know I results will be back to day one,living in my binder can't imagine not having it on

don't over do it

So the pain meds really disguise the pain I was walking around yesterday making my meals and sitting up taking to visitors. By the time I went to bed I had sore back and stomach. On the plus side I slept well


Had my first bm wow was that painful
Even after tabs but it was only the first anytime after that was soft. Im still on some pain meds so will continue with coloxyl

1 week po

Feeling frustrated! The night meds make me have weird dreams all night and I wake up drousy with a saw back
Ahh just want to feel back to normal, wake up do my exercise and enjoy the day. Hope I don't have to wait too long


How is everyone sleeping in there bed? Any tips?


Brusing from muscle repair, is this normal? I have my 2 week check next Thurs


So the last couple of days ive had a temp hot cold hot cold and when I went for a shower I noticed my belly button dressing looked yuck and smelt like rotten brocoli so gross even the thought of it makes me sick!
When I pulled it away to clean the dressing had a pool of ooze. Mum said I may have to go back to hospital

pic of bellybutton

The insision site is stinging too and where drains were

1 step forward and two steps back

So back in hospital for antibiotics and wound clean

update for take 2 recovery

Hi guys so woke up feeling sick for quite some time missed breakfast. Once I had meds for it I felt so much better than the day before not hunched over or sore back from doing so which I thought was all part of the recovery process. Temp is back to normal. I do still have excess coming out of belly button so need to be put under again on Tuesday and do same
Cleaning process again. Hate to go thru recovery all over again but I know its the best thing for me now. Enjoyed my lunch today meatloaf and veg now about to watch the impossible. Hope I make it home for Christmas only 9 days away, cross my fingers.
P.s. got a look at incision scar looks really neat, clean

post op day 11

Well not feeling the best on nil orally since 5am waiting for my second clean out. Felt good after the first just not looking forward to waking up with a dry mouth feeling sick. Need some words of encouragement :-(

more hospital back to square one

Well thought Id update date while I remember. So what the dr told me they had to open up the wound and the fat tissue was black so had to be cut away and put vacuum on so wound remains open till it heals then on Thursday have to be put under again to remove and put new vac in and can take it home Still won't know when that is. Hope i help anyone that may be in this direction. Feel great physically and mentally tho
P.s. mum took a photo will post when I have the guts night tt world x

phone of stomach at

Pic of number 3 op

op 2 update

So turns out the wound will stay open until everything is closed up with the vac will do in time then stiched up. More healing, got to stay positive in the mind is the key!

feeling down last night

First time last night I felt depressed and helpless. Even ended up in tears. Just a question of the unknown and this time of year should be spent with family! Had a look on YouTube for meditation for healing found a couple of things but kept having bad dreams and hallucinations. Also getting vac changed on the ward tomorrow have to have local anasetic to swap over. Not looking forward to doing that every 2 days for who knows how long :-(

change of plan( thursday)

So the dr comes in and says he now wants to close incision today instead of changing the dressing so happy will bring me back to where I should of been after first surgery except now it's two weeks later so muscle repair has settled so thats a start.
Went into surgery early 11-12 came out no sickness oh I hope this is all positive from here got two drains like before and my beloved binder feel so much more support (with vac had none) cant get out of bed for 2 days as skin was pulled even tighter wish me luck and keep the prayers comming healing and love

2 days op

Had to be on bed rest all day yesterday not fun but im now a pro on the bed pan now
Got up for walk around the hospital but over did it so tired when I got back

to bed had lots of visitors today. Want to have an early night

on the mend

Hi all im feeling pretty good am now 3days op from 4th operation. At least the muscle repair feels comfortable and I don't have to deal with that. In good spirits but feel I can really relax when im again past day 10 as thats when the infection occurred.

get to go home today yay

Just in time for Christmas
Pics without binder and incision

8 days post op

First day home I had the kids with me thought I could handle it but the small things wear me out. The kids were fighting and wouldn't listen I just broke down in tears I need to know how to ask for help!
Christmas day went well it was at my place I didn't lift a finger everyone was looking after me felt some sort of nonormalcy
I am finding it hard to ask for help with the little things like getting me a drink stupid I know.
Since I've been home ive had a service called hospital in the home been great. They take my blood pressure, temp, hr and antibiotics via cannula. Also check wound site and drains.

fears and warnings

Going into surgery everyone has spoken about what not to do after.cough, sneeze and throw up. Well I've now done all 3 not as bad as I thought. Was mostly worried about being sick I got gastro from my daughter not much fun at all. Took a maxalon hoping this helps.
Seems on a lot of posts people get sixk or their kids do we do so much to avoid it but I guess what ever will be will be

another set back

So my daughter got gastro poor darling and who was next in line to cop it me of course. So back to hospital again as I can't hold anything down including my meds. Fun and games its becoming like a second home to me

home again home again

Spent a night in hospital they pumped me full of fluids and came out yesterday feeling great finally! Ive still got one drain in and hospital in the home comming for antibiotics once a day but have plastics app on Thursday hopefully they take cannula and other drain so ill be free
Can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel new year new me :-)

happy healthy new year

Hi all feeling pretty good, I got my last drain out yesterday and that means no more antibiotics via cannula thank god so over being pricked and having stuff sticking out of me. On the mend!
Saw the dr and the scar looks amazing apart from everything being so flat you wouldn't even know it was done very happy. Ive mainly got the stri strips on atm they will fall off when ready. Love my binder gives so much support. Dont know ill want to give it up after 6 weeks. Still walking hunched over. The less swelling the less im hunched.
We went past the shops and my mum got a dress on sale a dream dress for her goals but shes letting me where it to a party on the weekend will take pics then

found this old bikini

took off my dressings today

Feeling brave took most of it off amazing how attached you get to the dressings like protection


without dressings


Hi guys I don't know if some of you were the same but I didn't really have much of an appetite after surgery. I came out before Christmas and had the normal dinner and enjoyed it but decided to go back onto lite n easy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks easy and calorie counted which I feel good about as I can't work out yet this part I can control. After everything I went through I need to keep on top of things and doing take for granted the flat stomach, which is forever as long as the weight stays off. Can't wait till I can get back into working out and get some definition. I will say on thing you fix one part of your body u start noticing other parts. Honestly I wouldn't risk elective surgery again, although in the end it was worth it. Would rather work hard for it. Your body craves it after making it routein every day. Hope your all happy with your results and healing more each day


Hi all so each day I try to spend some time without my binder to air it out. I feel like it helps with the healing process, has made the incision darker but im going to hospital for app so hopefully he'll say I can start using bio oil and that would reduce the look. Its pretty easily covered by underwear ect I also noticed one side looks a bit higher than the other and there are two little stitches poking out. I was told they used dissolvable stitches is this meant to happen? Does someone need to take them out?

last app

Today i had my hospital app and it went well very straight foward. Checked over the wound. Took off any dressings and scabs and said it all looks fine, healing well.need to leave my binder on for another two weeks. Can start to drive next week.he checked i could twist from side to side which was fine. So hot here atm 45 degrees. Asked if i can go swimming and he said as long as i can stand up. But i dont think i could climb out of a pool anyway lol i can pretty much do anything after two weeks and have been discharged yay :-)

4 weeks po

It's been 4 weeks and things are starting to get back to normal. Drove for the first time today it uncomfortable but doable. Scar is looking good been rubbing bio oil in every night before bed and sleeping without binder

6 weeks post op

So im at week 6 and im meant to take my cg off. I try to take it off a little bit every day but when I have it off for a long time I do feel a little uncomfortable and still numb without it and wonder if I should do some kind of exercise? Some people are back at the gym at this stage I couldnt even get back to walking an hour a day.
im going to try going back to work on light dutys next week still can't imagine ill be able to lift the heavy box's I did before. Will have to build up, trust my body and instincts. My son starts school next week which is very exciting and before that we are going away for the weekend to a cabbin by the beach some r&r before the busy time begins. Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery and it continues

first time out in a bikini

weekend away

Hi everyone
having my first weekend away this weekend. Loving it. I went shopping for a bikini today as you saw in my previous photos I just got the top cause all the bottoms I tried on I could see my scar so I opted for my skirt pants still early days. Went in the pool and walked on the beach it was an amazing feeling. I can't remember last time I did that. Im having my binder on less and less but still on when I go out. Hope everyone is enjoy there results as much as I am.

7 weeks po

Hi all, today was my first shift back at work. I wore my stage two body suit which was great support but had to take it off when I got home. I felt that I could do a lot more than I first imagined. I know im clear to lift but I still dont want to take any chances. It was great getting back out there and it was a good workout too. I was tired by the end of the shift. Back again on Friday.

8 weeks post op

5 month update

Hi every one, feels like I haven't been on here in ages. How are you all? I LOVE my tummy tuck its awesome especially in tge morning and trying on outfits. Its hard to remember what it was like before and i never want to go back! Back at work and can lift as normal and doing regular exercise. Feeding great.
Hope all of you are enjoying your results as much as I am. Im off to phuket in may cant wait, will post more photos and update then


hi guys just wondering how everyones tummy felt when the nerves were
reconnecting or maybe you still feel numb? cause I get little bumps of movement around my scar werid or normal? im guessing reconnection or everything is so tight I just feel it all move around my insides don't know??


Hi all, just got back from phuket. What a beautiful place. Nice and relaxing. I brought along my binder on the plane it was great for swelling. Had thai massage and ate too much of course. Back home now need to get back on track. Doing low carb, no sugar. Hope your all healing well

8 months pics

Hi all, not much to report here.
Except I have started to go to the gym 5 mornings a week, loving it. Feel like I can do anything now. Happy with scar and bellybutton healing. Hope you're all doing well also. Will update at 1 yr : )
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Another Aussie TT girl! What a rough recovery :-o You're looking absolutely fabulous
  • Reply
Thanks always nice to hear. Yes I always get excited when there are other aussies on here. So many from all over the world. Great sight
  • Reply
Aah lucky us, I am also off to Phuket in May can't wait to be getting around in bikinis and little sundresses, I will be 7 weeks PO when I arrive.
  • Reply
oh it was so beautiful, very hot and humid tho. im 5 months post op now and had no worries, all healed. I will say one thing bring your binder along you swell a lot in the humidity. have fun !
  • Reply
I'm in Phuket now and oddly enough my swelling has been minimal! I feel great and have even had Thai massage every day, Your photos look great!
  • Reply
Oh that's good. Where are you staying?
  • Reply
Skinny little thing. You are looking awesome!
  • Reply
You look wonderful! Its terrible you had to go through so much, glad you made it safe and sound and flat! :)
  • Reply
Thankyou I think everything happens for a reason im happy I got to share my story if it helps others or they can relate I know it will bring comfort as I know others stories helped me to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its all worth it
  • Reply
Looking awesome girl! I took it easy for longer than I had too, was just afraid of tearing something. Think about 12-14 weeks I convinced myself I was good to go. Things are still tight at 5 months.
  • Reply
Thank you yeah better safe than sorry. I climbed a mountain last weekend and I now feel like I should be able to do most things. Walking my kids to school and tennis thats fun. A little bit at a time.how are you feeling now?
  • Reply
Hey Nikkaz how wonderful do you look! I love seeing that twinkle in our eyes when the bikini first goes on, when we smile on the inside as well as the outside. Your scar looks excellent and your bb is so natural looking. Whatever you are eating and doing its working. x
  • Reply
Hey secret diva, thankyou : ) yeah and the best part is that its permanent as long as theres no more babies or dont put on the excess weight. I really love it and its so great that clothes arent an issue anymore. Been doing lite n easy. Walking my son to school/running around still numb compression garment on and off. Would like to get into more toning exercises soon. Take it as it comes. How are you going?
  • Reply
Good to hear work was ok! Dont overdo it though. I'm not back for another 2 weeks- po 9 weeks!
  • Reply
Oh thats good. Im not doing as long hours and its only 2 days. I think the hardest thing is asking for help with stuff I could easily do before. But everyone has been really supportive. Feel now ive got kids school and activities too more swollen at the end of the day
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Hey u look gorgeous in your new bikini. And the short skirts are cute too. I like that look! It's great u r enjoying your new body, as I am too!
  • Reply
Thanks leepoh shopping is actually fun now, glad your enjoying it too : )
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Sorry for the tough recovery, but you are looking fantastic! Take it easy please!
  • Reply
Don't push yourself too hard. Your journey has had a few bumps, so don't expect too much. Rest is the key to a successful recovery. As problem free as my journey has been, I am still very cautious and take it very easy. I am back to the gym but light training compared to what i am use to. I spent a lot of money on this and don't have private cover, so I'm not willing to jeopardize my recovery by overdoing it. I still have another 3 weeks paid leave and then I return to an easier, less physical job. If I put on a few kilos, I can push myself later but for now i will just relax!
  • Reply
Yeah your right leepoh its not worth trying to push yourself if it sends you back to stage 1. Im trying to stick to my diet but really want to get back to exercise level I had before. It will come
  • Reply
Yes my body too, yearns that physical push but I just listen to my bodies limits. It will get more and more each day! And in saying that, I'm off to do a spin class and then light weights. Enjoy yr day!
  • Reply
Loving the flat tum in the dress. Take it easy, others are back at the gym but they didnt have your complications now did they! You just listen to your body, your doing great.
  • Reply
Thanks jules I just have to keep reminding myself : )
  • Reply
And when you forget we will remind you lol
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Wow wat a journey girl u are a fighter , love your results u look amazing good luck for ur new life with flat tumm .
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