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HI everyone, I got my tattoo a year ago on my foot...

HI everyone, I got my tattoo a year ago on my foot. Talk about pain! with a capital OUCH. anyhow, after the pain, swelling finally went, I didnt like it. I tried with all I could to like it. But no.. Finally after a year, I got the courage to go to a random tattoo shop to see what they could do to make it look better in my eyes. Immediately after looking at it, they said OMG there's nothing we can do, other than recommend laser to at least lighten the darkness of the black so they could do a cover-up, but weren't too sure as it was so deep in some spots (Any wonder it hurt so much) . Dont get me wrong I've quite a few tattoos, but this one.. wow.. Well anyhow I took advise & went to the laser clinic, made an appointment for the same day (Yes I got brave, thought if I didn't do it right away I would chicken out & just put up with it) Laser does hurt. Anyone saying it doesnt well ..... But it is bearable, pretty much like getting a tattoo. Its now been a week since I had it done, I honestly cant see any difference, its slightly puffy around the outline and looks a bit blurry, which I think its all apart of the process. I think I will have to go quite a few times to get it lighter, but now Im more than happy to just to see how it goes. Will keep a weekly post, just so people can read.

OOps new to this. I didn't know I could update...

OOps new to this. I didn't know I could update this way. Oh well.. learning curve all round =).
My foot tattoo is looking more blurry now, I can see slight dissappearence in the black outline in some spots. YaY. Will post more soon.

Hi Everyone.. Week 4.. I've been looking after my...

Hi Everyone.. Week 4.. I've been looking after my foot well, applying the recommended creams & keeping it clean. I did scratch off the scab which was on it.. Drove me crazy seeing it & feeling it there. I've noticed now the black has become a real dark blueish color. So I guess its working. IM back for round 2 laser next week.

Well... I've had my second laser session. 2 weeks...

Well... I've had my second laser session. 2 weeks ago now, (been away no computer) My tattoo has gone blurry now around the lines, & is not as bright. So far.. The scab has formed, very hard not scratching & picking it off. I think myself it is going to take quite a few sessions to really make it faded enough so I can do a cover up. 2nd session hurt like hell again. Thought we would try to fade the orange colour, hmm it left little blood blisters. Im not doing that again!! haha. Ive kept creams on it to just keep the scab soft so to speak. People have actually commented on my "new" new tattoo, as it looks like its freshly done.. Grrrr .. So its been a hot topic. Im still not really sure what to expect as im still skeptical.. I go back for session 3 in 2 weeks. I will keep you all posted.

Hi All.. Well its week 3 now & well All I can say...

Hi All.. Well its week 3 now & well All I can say is.. My tattoo is sore to touch. The outline has faded slightly, it looks blue now, still a scab/ peeling skin, but it looks umm Different. I am keeping a oily moisturizer on it, so my skin doesn't crack. It feels rather dry. It also looks a blurry. So I guess its working. Im still unsure if this is the way to go, or how many more sessions I will need to have. Its a hell of a slow process, & im still skeptical if its actually going to work. .. Anyhow I will post again next week after round 3 laser treatment....

Hi Everyone, I had round 3 laser yesterday. Im...

Hi Everyone, I had round 3 laser yesterday. Im still skeptical. Its starting to hurt more now. Im not sure if Im just being a baby, but Yep its hurting more. I have noticed its taking longer to heal now. I was unsure if I should have had number 3 when I did . Too late to worry now. I do know If its not healing as much as it was, I think I will wait longer than 4 weeks. I just want the damn thing light enough so I can go over it with somthing else. Its very itchy today, & slightly more swollen. Its a thick chunky blurry darkish blue. Im told yes it is working. By jee, the process is very slow. So to all of you out there thinking its going to be a walk in the park... Think again... haha! Anyhow until next week.....

Ahh here I am again, another round today. The...

Ahh here I am again, another round today. The place where I have my laser reckons im a unique case, as its still quite dark & hardly anythings happened. Not what I wanted to hear, but was expecting it, due to me constantly looking at it. Depressing to say the least.. I am sill going to hang in there, few more times.. Was again funny a lady noticed it & asked if it was new again... oh boy... until next week.....

Oops forgot to say was round 4 laser.

oops forgot to say was round 4 laser.

Hi Everyone, Well another week has passed, and my...

Hi Everyone, Well another week has passed, and my tattoo isnt really budging. It was itchy as all hell for 2 days, I even woke up scratching.. haha. I dont really have anything to report, Hanging in there still.

7 Laser Treatments

Hi Everyone. Well im up too number 8 I think, My tattoo has not budged! The lady whom is doing the laser is dumbfounded it hasnt moved, Im at the point I need to give my foot a rest. Its not healing as fast as it was before. Hurting alot more now too. Ive not posted for awhile because really nothing to post. Nothing has changed. really wondering why me. I keep being reassured, but with little to no results im really doubtful. Also wondering if this place isn't ripping people/me off with what they call laser tattoo removal or the technician isn't experienced enough to actually laser the correct amount of times according to the width of the black. hmm I shall ponder

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Thanks for the update, I am on session 9 and feel pretty much the same way, so I hear ya loud and clear. Don't give up,  maybe shop around for a new clinic. Best of luck to you!
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Sounds like it's working, my lines blur too. It's a very slow process, but before you know it you start to see amazing fading and it keeps you going and looking forward to the next session. I just completed session 6, results are not known yet as its healing, blisters...yuck...but I have had great results so far. Hang in there!
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Hi, Blackberry, Thanks for your note! Its great to read more up to date notes from others. I now cant wait for the "Big" fade moment to happen. haha. Ive so far had tiny blisters. Altho 1 weird one is growing, right on the eye of my fish, looks freaky. So I cant wait for a change, Thankyou again. =)
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Hi, Wow replies, its great exciting.. Thank you.. My tattoo is mainly orange & black. I love orange =). To me its quite big. with very thick outline I just got a ruler, 2mm outline in some spots. My skin is fair, so everything looks brighter too. I've not posted a photo yet. Kind of embarrassed.. I'm sorry.. I will tho.. I have taken photos to so I can see the progress. I don't know what type of laser was used, when I go back I will en devour to ask. The second time I will be full of questions & be more aware of the answers. (I wont be so nervous)
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I have orange in my tattoo as well, and the good news it is responding very well to the laser :) Don't be embarrassed, but I understand how you feel.
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Thank you for posting your review! How large is your foot tattoo? and is it just black?
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Hi its quite big for a foot.. and well it was supposed to be nemo... its black orange,,, and flowers, and bubbles
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You are very courageous to continue forward with the process.  Do you know what type of laser was used? 

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um no idea.. one that hurts lol
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Awe, haha, yeah it seems they are all uncomfortable doesn't it?! Well if you find out which one let us know. :) 

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