Starting my Exciting Journey with Rhinoplasty! Australia, AU

I have been looking through real self for months...

I have been looking through real self for months now and everyone's reviews have been so helpful! So I thought I would start my own review to document my journey :)
It all starts when on the day I was born all those years ago ... My cord wrapped around my face and my nose basically needed to be propped back into position when I came out as it had moved so significantly. I have always disliked my nose and It is only now that I have the funds to seriously start looking into rhinoplasty to fix my nose both cosmetically and also to improve the functionality.

Basically the things I would like to change are:
- shave the bump off top (not sure yet if I want a bit of a slope or completely straight nose)
- straighten my nose (completely crooked so I can't breathe out of one nostril)
- droopy tip (if the tip is fixed then I think my nostrils might be too long and in view so may need nostril work too)

What I am really wanting is a refined nose that enhances my other features and improves my breathing.

Refined and feminine looking noses

Here are a couple of noses that I like ... Whether they are achievable or not ... That's another story!
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Good luck with the consultations and finding the right doctor. I agree that everyone's reviews are so helpful - we are finally joining the beautiful nose club!
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Thank you it's super exciting!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you started consulting with doctors yet? Here's a list of questions to ask if you are still on that phase of your journey.

It's interesting that you can trace your deviated septum right back to birth. I don't hear that story often, but I know it does happen. I'm glad you're in a position to correct it and feel more confident about your nose.

Please keep us updated!
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Thanks Angie! Yes I have a consultation with an ENT surgeon later this month, will let everyone know how it goes :)
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I wish you a pleasant journey.
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Thank you !
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Good luck! It looks like u have a deviated septum which insurance covers :)
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Thanks :) yes it does look like a deviated septum so I am patiently waiting to meet my surgeon to get an accurate costing! It's all so exciting!!!
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