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I have been looking through real self for months...

I have been looking through real self for months now and everyone's reviews have been so helpful! So I thought I would start my own review to document my journey :)
It all starts when on the day I was born all those years ago ... My cord wrapped around my face and my nose basically needed to be propped back into position when I came out as it had moved so significantly. I have always disliked my nose and It is only now that I have the funds to seriously start looking into rhinoplasty to fix my nose both cosmetically and also to improve the functionality.

Basically the things I would like to change are:
- shave the bump off top (not sure yet if I want a bit of a slope or completely straight nose)
- straighten my nose (completely crooked so I can't breathe out of one nostril)
- droopy tip (if the tip is fixed then I think my nostrils might be too long and in view so may need nostril work too)

What I am really wanting is a refined nose that enhances my other features and improves my breathing.

Refined and feminine looking noses

Here are a couple of noses that I like ... Whether they are achievable or not ... That's another story!

Consultation with Dr Imani

I've had my first consultation with Dr Imani.
We went through what I didn't like about my nose and I was quoted for a septal reconstruction + turbinoplasty + rhinoplasty.
Basically the doctor will shave down the bump on my nose, deproject the nose, improve the functionality and work on the tip. He said the surgery will not be as straightforward as most and I will be under for around 3.5 hours.

We spent some time looking at before and after pictures of previous clients that had similar looking noses and I have to admit their noses came out looking very natural. They still looked like their own noses just .. better!!

Dr Imani did mention he would like to build my bridge up to make it wider using my own cartilage which kind of scared me as I have read so many horror stories of being able to see the cartilage protruding through peoples skin afterwards. And to be honest the width of my bridge I have never thought about so it sucks hearing that something needs to be worked on when you didn't have a problem with it in the first place. I guess I should trust him that it will improve the overall look of the rest of his work if done though.

My biggest fear is coming out looking piggish with an upturned nose and my nostrils showing .. but he assured me he would not let this happen. I guess living my whole life with a droopy tip, to have anything else completely freaks me out now!

I walked out of the consult feeling like the surgeon knows his stuff, he is apparently the best in Perth and he is also an ENT meaning that I don't need two surgeons working on me at once. However I am just not sure that by booking my surgery in now that we are on the exact same page with the type of look I am after (don't think I get to see him before surgery again). Perhaps I can book in another appointment before surgery to speak with him again. I am thinking that most people freak out this way before booking, arghhhh help?!
Dr Imani

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Hey! I have also recently had a consultation with Dr Imani, I'm seeing a couple of other ENT surgeons so I feel more comfortable about making a decision. I also suffer from the same problems including breathing so I'll be following your story and crossing my fingers for you!!
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Thanks Rocket! Can I ask who else you will be seeing? I found it hard to find other ENT surgeons with reviews on the net which was annoying!
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I went to my Doctor to get referrals as I found the same thing - no reviews onlineā€¦even the ones I've been referred to! I have booked in with Dr Jayson Oates for my next consultationā€¦but have also been given letters for a few more ENT surgeons - Dr Miller, Dr Kailas (sorry if they are spelt wrong, I don't have the letter currently with me as I'm typing!)
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PS I would also book in a second appointment with whatever surgeon I choose just to clear any last minute questions/ease my anxiety!!
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Definitely make sure you get an appointment with him before your operation and just go over the same stuff (what you want and ect) closer to your surgery. I had my first consultation with my Dr in March and had my pre-op this month (my surgery is next week). After I booked my surgery I spent months and months stressing about it and it wasn't until I saw the Dr again and had a good long discussion about what I want with him pre op that I felt confident that we were on the same page. You should really see the doctor at least twice before the operation so you can go over everything, and have a family member/friend there who can also ask questions that you might forget to ask.
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Thanks Harlow just what I needed to hear! The surgeon actually doesn't provide a pre op appointment at all is that strange? Was your pre op included in the surgeons prices?
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Hmm my pre-op was included in the price of the entire procedure - I think its a standard thing. It's up to you how confident you feel, but for me it was definitely a necessary thing to do, I think if you can you should try to get a pre-op appointment! Good luck :)
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Good luck with the consultations and finding the right doctor. I agree that everyone's reviews are so helpful - we are finally joining the beautiful nose club!
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Thank you it's super exciting!
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you started consulting with doctors yet? Here's a list of questions to ask if you are still on that phase of your journey.

It's interesting that you can trace your deviated septum right back to birth. I don't hear that story often, but I know it does happen. I'm glad you're in a position to correct it and feel more confident about your nose.

Please keep us updated!
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Thanks Angie! Yes I have a consultation with an ENT surgeon later this month, will let everyone know how it goes :)
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I wish you a pleasant journey.
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Thank you !
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Good luck! It looks like u have a deviated septum which insurance covers :)
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Thanks :) yes it does look like a deviated septum so I am patiently waiting to meet my surgeon to get an accurate costing! It's all so exciting!!!
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