For about five or so years now I have developed...

For about five or so years now I have developed noticeable spider veins on the backs of my thighs and had a varicose vein on the front of my left leg. I was always embarrassed to wear short skirts and felt like everyone would stare if I had my back to them. I decided enough was enough and wanted to have a summer wearing skirts with no anxiety about them.


Thanks so much for sharing your opinion about your doctor.

I would love to add your experience to the Sclerotherapy community, but it would be helpful if you could provide some more detail about your experience with your procedure/treatment. I suggest adding pros and cons and/or before and after photos - optional of course, so that other community members can use your review as a guide through their journey.

Looking forward to your response so I can add your review to the Sclerotherapy community.

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Pre injections

So here are pictures of what they looked like before

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Day of injections

So I went in for my injections and was a little nervous not so much about the injections themselves but I'm just worried about how long my legs are going to look awful for and as its getting towards summer I won't want to cover up for long. So the injections were basically painless
Hardly felt them just a few little pin pricks. The whole thing took about ten minutes. He then put me in my lovely stockings, gave me my post care instructions and I had to walk for a half hour after leaving. Legs were a little sore that day and night but the next day weren't really sore at all!

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Day Two Post Injections

So my legs feel fine. The stockings are pretty annoying but I only have to wear them for 10 days and not at night so ill survive. Although when I bend down my legs do hurt a bit behind the backs of my knees but that's where most of the injections were done so I guess that's normal.

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Today is day six post injections

Legs were a bit sore yesterday and where my bruises are its sore. But not bad at all. Bruises are still on there though.

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More photos

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Second treatment

So today was the day of my second treatment. He said my legs have been healing amazingly and I will get great results. He injected me a few more times on some more of the veins that were still showing and he also drained the dead blood out of any of the veins that still had some in it. That was a bit painful. He pricked little holes along a vein then squeeze my skin together so the dead blood would come out of the holes.
Again I was only in there for max 20 mins. And he said that I don't need to see him again unless I feel there are any other touch ups I need doing. Yay!!! Also some more good news is I don't have to wear the stockings for the whole ten days this time only five :)) double yay :) can wait for the next two weeks to go by and all the bruising to heal up. So glad it's going to be cold this week and I can wear pants haha.


Thanks for adding more detail, I've added you to the community.  The stockings sound pretty annoying, but like you said at least it is cold so you can hide them under pants!  Did you get any more bruises after the touch up?

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I'm not sure yet it's only day two and I have left my stockings on overnight. I'll take them off later to check when I shower. Hey I was wondering what the go with the real self app is? I click on the link on my phone from the homepage and it doesn't do anything so when I went to the App Store I typed in real self and nothing showed up?!

I'm not sure what link you are referring to- I just looked on my phone and didn't see one.  Currently we don't have an app, just the website. 

Definitely let us know how your legs look when you take the stockings off.  I keep thinking about Christmas stockings every time we talk about it :)  Tis the season!

Real self app

Hi Jill I tried to PM you but it wouldn't allow me to attach a photo so ill just do it this way. Here's what I see on my phone...


Hi Jill have a look at my latest update! And yep legs are bruised again!!

Bummer about the bruises!  Have you ever tried arnica cream?  It really helps with dissolving bruises- I love it.  I'll look into why your phone is showing you the app store.

Okay I've talked with the team and there was a beta app in the app store a while back but it has been removed for updating.  I don't have a timeline for how long that will take.  Sorry for the confusion! 


Four days post 2nd injections

Legs are still bruised as predicted. No pain or anything. Has been a hot weekend so was naughty and didn't wear my stockings!! Really hoping it won't affect final results. I'll put them back in tomorrow for a couple days.


Hi, I am new to this site and just recently had sclerotherapy myself. I first want to thank Louis for sharing her information and experience. It was very informative. I'm not sure if anyone can answer this but Louis indicated that she had her first treatment I think was November 22, then her second treatment on December 3rd. That being only 2 or a little more weeks in between treatments. The place I am having my treatments told me I have to wait 6-7 weeks before having another treatment. I thought that seemed excessive myself. I was hoping to have my treatments as quickly as possible..I will probably need 4-5 treatments so as you can imagine it's gonna be some time before I see results. Does anyone know why one doctor would allow 2 weeks in between treatments and another 6-7. Also the cream arnica was mentioned to assist w/bruising, can anyone tell me where that can be purchased? Lastly I noticed quite a few people talk about their doctor doing a prickly type procedure to release built up blood that is just lingering. When I questioned the person doing the injections they said they have never heard of that. Any comments or suggestions related to that. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi and thanks for your comment. I think your best bet would be to put your questions to the doctors that answer them on here. You can just go to the ask a question section and post there as I'm not a doctor just a patient :)
Oh and I got my arnica cream from the chemist

3 months later

Hi so although my legs veins are less noticeable they are still there and visible. I will be going back for a fourth treatment after the warm weather has gone to see if that will clear them up. I am much happier with them though and don't worry about people looking at them at all now. I love wearing mini skirts all summer :)

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Right leg 3 months post

Sorry forgot to ad the back of my right leg pic :)


Hi I am new to the site but just had to rounds of sclerotherapy over the past month too. I have hard lumpy area's of vein that doc said look great - he told me in roughly 3 weeks they'd be less visible and i've noticed a significant difference since first injection but it looks to me like it took 3 months to achieve so really noticeable results - is this true? I have a wedding next weekend ugh!
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Yeah sorry it took me so long to reply!! Your legs must be looking much much better by now?! How was the wedding?
Are you going to post some pictures?

7 month update

My legs have never looked better. I am so so glad that I got this done. The veins used to bother me so much and I was so self conscious of them and would avoid wearing short skirts in summer and if I did I would be so paranoid everyone was staring and would avoid standing behind people. I would recommend this treatment to anybody suffering the same.


HI, looking great. Where in Brisbane did you get this done and did you pay $600 for both legs? Im looking around in Brisbane to get this done. THank you
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Hi I got this done in Melbourne actually!!
Hi Jill did they ever make an app?

Before and after

Before and after photo update. Can see just how much better they look and how much of a difference it has made


Are you getting any more spider veins on your legs now?
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Nope no more spider veins it is fantastic and soon summer will be here
Just had mine done 3 hours ago! Your info was great!
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Louis Loizou

Very frank and to the point. Gives all the facts. Very friendly. Very quick to respond to any questions via emails and accommodating.

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4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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