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Hello RealSelf community! I've been lurking this...

Hello RealSelf community! I've been lurking this site for so long it feels weird to actually show my presence haha I'm booked in to have my rhinoplasty on the 8th of April, so the countdown timer on my phone says that's 55 days :) I have quite a large dorsal hump, so I stringently avoid letting anyone see my profile, but I'm happy with my front (which I know is probably going to swell and look horrible after the procedure, I'm trying to be emotionally prepared for that!)
I just thought I'd share a little bit of my nose anxieties, because I remember thinking I was the only one who felt that way until I started reading the reviews on here (you know how it is, all your friends have pretty noses so they don't understand your concerns).
So here is a quick list of the situations where I specifically avoid showing anyone my profile:
- driving in the car (BIG one! I nearly start to cry when I realise people are looking in at my profile)
- talking to cute boys! (Another BIG issue! I try to never show them my profile, which results in me being awkward and walking backwards sometimes so they don't see it)
- three way mirrors. Gosh. Worst bathroom surprises ever.
- Ponytails I have to wear for work, but again I feel like crying when I catch my profile in the mirror accidentally)
- Photos in general (of me) are judged by me on how much of the bump I can see on my nose. If there's a slight bump, the photo gets deleted.

I hope some of you might empathise with those worries ^, and I hope you feel like you're not alone in them :) I'll update again just before my prodecure :) (EEEEE Excited!)

P.S Sorry that my photos aren't of my whole face, I have a weird thing about anonymity going on.
Also, edit my photos based on my nose! I was almost having a difficult time finding photos of me where my nose looked bad for my before pictures because I almost always delete them immediately! Excited to see your results!
Best of luck to you! I felt the same way as you before I had my nose done, had all the same fears, except for the car one LOL I never thought of it like that. But I totally understand. Today I put my hair in a ponytail without any tape on my nose and I felt so happy with how I looked from the side, I just had to run into the kitchen and show my mom. I hope that you find the same happiness after your surgery!
Barely noticeable think your paranoid about the people driving past lol

19 days to go...

Hi everyone! Just a little update to say that I only have 19 days to go :) It doesn't feel real yet though, but in a couple of days I'm starting my 2 week pre-op diet (which is nothing special, it's mainly just staying away from alcohol and any blood thinning medication etc). *calm down* *stay calm*

I'll update again the night before :):) Thank you all for your support and kind comments!

Question regarding smiling/talking post-op...

So im 12 days away from surgery and I was wondering if talking should try to be minimised at least 7 days after surgery? To me, it seems as though talking would move the nose and therefore inhibit healing? I'm just wondering though, as I've seen a lot of really great rhinoplasty outcomes from people who have talked and smiled with their cast on.

^ Sorry if that's a confusing question, I'm hopped up on cold & flu medication so I hope it sort of makes sense. Thanks everyone :):)
Good luck with your surgery!!! I've actually not heard that you're not supposed to talk much after the operation - but it does make sense. That said I am willing to do anything to ensure my result is good, even not talking! Will you be able to post your post op diet? My surgery will be in July/August now (because of stupid issues with my platelet count - they have to give me blood transfusions before the operation *sob* and its upped the cost of the operation quite a bit). At the moment I am trying to figure out what on earth I'm going to eat after I get my nose done, have you thought about this yet? Everything I've read says NO SALT since it makes the swelling worse - which rules out a lot of easy post op foods like soups! Ahh!
I'm in April too!!! How exciting yet terrifying at the same time. It makes me feel almost normal hehee to realize there are so many people out there with the same awful insecurities as i have. Soo good to share with other people, good luck and keep posting :)
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