Jaw Botox Now Another Lopsided Face Victim - Australia

I've always thought that my chubby face was the...

I've always thought that my chubby face was the culprit for bad photos, so imagine my excitement when I found out that botox could slim your face!

13/12/12 So off I went to absolute cosmetics (in Australia) and five minutes later I was sent on my way with a couple of bite like stings in my massater muscles (he only injected in one entry point on either side of my face).

Of course, I spent the next couple of weeks checking out my face at every opportunity I could get, eagerly awaiting for my face to slim. It hadn't slimmed, but my smile started to look ... Lopsided? I wondered if my face had been this asymmetrical and I had only just noticed? But it started to look worse. I have a beautiful wide smile normally but now my right side will not lift making me look like I've had a stroke! I really look like I'm (excuse the French and vulgar analogy) trying to take a f**king dump!

I now avoid photos and try to keep my face neutral when I'm in public but behind the scenes I am exercising that right side like there is no tomorrow. I do this by holding my left side down and trying to smile (lift) my right side. When I think about it, the nurse who had admitted me had also had jaw botox. I now remember thinking that SHE had a very lopsided face but it didn't occur to me that jaw botox could be the cause! I wish I had seen all the reviews on here by other users! Watch this space because i will keep you updated and there are photos to soon follow. Until then botox (peace) out.


Sorry to hear that things didn't stay symmetrical. :(

It seems like for most people Botox wears off in 3-4 months, so hopefully it will work through your system quickly.

Please do post some pictures. Here is a link from our Help section with instructions on how to post them.


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03/01/13 I went to see the doc again about my...

03/01/13 I went to see the doc again about my lopsided face and he just confirmed everything I had read on here. I just have to wait it out. He thinks the wait could be anything from 3 weeks up to 3 months. I'm guessing it will be the latter. But I have to admit, my face is much slimmer and I do love that aspect of it. So for me, it's worth it because I would rather have a slimmer face and go back to the same doc so he knows where to inject the botox without affecting the muscles that lift my smile.
Here are the photos as promised!!!


Wow, a difference can be seen in the pictures. Personally I don't think that your jaw looked too strong to begin with, but I tend to prefer the look of a stronger jaw.

I'm so glad that even though it didn't come out exactly how you would have liked you still feel it was worth it. Hopefully if you decide to do it again in the future, you and your injector can figure out exactly the amounts needed. :)

Please keep us posted on how things are wearing over the next few weeks!

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Dr Murray

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