9 Years Waiting, 8 Teeth out and Finally Time to Fix my Teeth :D Australia, AU

When I was in high school my dentist informed me...

When I was in high school my dentist informed me that i would need orthodontic work to fix my over crowded mouth. My parents always thought that you should be happy with the teeth you were given- I never was. I have an overcrowded mouth and my upper front teeth protrude out quite far. I don't like to smile and avoid cameras at all costs..

After years of wanting invisalign I finally took the plunge and started looking for providers, as a FIFO worker I never seemed to have the free time. Last month I was made redundant, this meant plenty of spare time.

With the industry on a down turn, you would think that i should save my money... However as i said I have been waiting years for this. So i went to one place, the same place who had completed the work on my sister. He ha a look, after a matter of minutes he said it wouldn't be a problem. I questioned if he needed to remove any teeth- he said not. I though it was too good to be true, so I went for a second opinion.

After a free consult (winning!!) I was informed I was a more difficult case but there was the chance. After the initial consult I returned to have moulds taken, on the third visit I finally met the orthodontist. He said it would be quicker to get metal braces. I am not keen on this approach as my family is accident prone and working away I was bound to have the wire protrude through my cheek while stuck in a remote location.

The orthodontist agreed with my thinking and said I could do invisalign but I would need to finish with metal braces. I was happy with this idea and proceeded. For this approach I would need to have not only all 4 of my wisdom teeth out but also 4 other teeth to make room... Just a little scary!

I returned on Monday just gone to have a digital scan taken. Now to wait for the retainers to arrive.

Before I get the aligners, I need to have all my teeth extracted.

After reading some posts on here I am starting to get nervous. My dental case is quite bad and I'm starting to worry that it won't work.

Has anyone else had so many teeth removed to make room?

Updates and pics once I have had teeth out and received aligners..


Hello and welcome to our Invisalign community!  You will see all kinds of cases here, both braces and Invisalign, with removing and not removing teeth.  In the end, you choose your doctor based on trust and their skill as far as you can ascertain, then trust that they will do what is best for you, which is their job.

Most of the time, when people talk about extractions for orthodontic treatment, they don't include wisdom teeth.  I guess because most people have already had those removed.  So your case is more like removing four teeth, which isn't that unusual.  Doctors are very split on whether teeth should be removed--if you'd like, I can give you a link to some discussion about it.  But since you've already chosen a doctor and a treatment modality, it may be least stressful to just trust your doctor.  

I really hope you can put aside your fear of cameras and take some before photos.  It makes a vast difference when you're trying to maintain that motivation through your many months of treatment and the changes are so slight. :)

Here are some reviews from others with crowding.  Since I can't see your teeth, I'm just guessing at what will be helpful for you, but let me know if you'd like to see something else.  And I'm available if you need help with anything!

HenryZ (had to have one tooth pulled, he's nearly done)
Mil ou's crowding is mainly on the bottom and it's pretty moderate, but there is an overlapped tooth.
humbleoracle has pretty severe overcrowding in the bottom jaw
Dante555 has severe overcrowding on the bottom but nearly none on the top, (and is an Aussie.)
Sunluvva's crowding is pretty severe (and he is an Aussie, too :))
Ceclarlinetlo just joined us but is 6 months into treatment.
AreYouKiddingMe, always has really funny updates.
jbranchfield, is on tray 8 already.
Yangche just started in July.
Ewag2014 should be nearly to tray 3.
shannon1990, aurora1206, and Megastar are our newest.  Megastar is in Tasmania!

mlb502, one of our RealFriends, started with pretty crowded teeth as well, but she's nearly done after a long time.

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