Invisalign Experience - Big Teeth! 17 Aligners - Australia, AU

I have always wanted to fix my teeth. My 2 front...

I have always wanted to fix my teeth. My 2 front teeth are too large and my other teeth aren't straight. I originally wanted to get veneers but heard about Invisalign and decided to go with that instead. My orthodontist is amazing and explained what would happen with my treatment. I need 17 aligners in total and will be getting my two front teeth shaved down to make them smaller.

Day 1 tray 1.. ohh the pain!

Alright so iv gotten though my first full day of invisalign! It has been really painful, all my teeth hurt and feel very tight, my mouth is slightly swollen and my lips and tounge are getting sore. BUT it will all be worth it. I have been taking pain killes however, they haven't been helping too much. I have found sucking on ice is really good and takes away a good amount of pain.

They are pretty hard to get out.. took about 10 minutes and a few tears the first time but I managed to get them out eventually!

Day 2 tray 1 - so much better!

Im up to day 2 tray one and I have never been so happy to be out of pain! They are much easier to take out and dont hurt much at all when I do remove them and put them back in. Its just feeling a little tight and rubbing against my bottom lip and tounge making it uncomfortable not painful!!

My orthodontist said I could drink anything with them on as long as it's not too hot. I have been having my morning coffee with them in and just rinsing my mouth out after. He may have said that becusse I am using AcceleDent and only wear the trays for 7 days so it doesn't matter too much if they discolour. I take them out for lunch and dinner and clean the aligners as well as my teeth really well as I am naughty and have a few cigarettes with them in.

On the first day I was in so much pain and couldn't take them out because the pain was so bad. I decided to have soup with them in because hay thats liquid.... I didnt look at the flavor and it was curried soup and my teeth went fluro yellow!!!!! I put the aligners in retainer brite when I got home and it removed most of the colour thank god! Wont be doing that again....

Day 6 tray 1 - Going really well

Can't believe its been 5 days since I got invisalign! The pain is completely gone and has been for a few days now. I'm almost back to talking normally without a lisp. I wouldn't say I dont notice them but its getting more and more like that.
The aligners are really easy to remove now and feel really loose, my teeth must be moving!!

I know the pain will come back when I put the new aligner in tomorrow but at least now I know it only lasts a day or so! hopefully........

AcceleDent is so easy to use, doesn't hurt at all and only takes 20 minutes a day. Very happy I decided to go ahesd with it.

Day 7 tray 2 - hardly notice them!

Its the last day of my second tray! I haven't had any pain this week which is great! Iv gotten the hang of taking the aligners in and out and find it really easy! My front teeth have come in from the side alot and I can really notice the difference. I have put the third tray in tonight and hope the pain continues to stay away!

Progress! Tray 1 vs end of Tray 2

I can really tell the difference in the front teeth, especially from the side, they have moved back a lot in 2 weeks! Can't wait to see how they are after 4 months!

I find that 1 or 2 teeth feel tight at the start of each tray but they haven't been hurting.
Smile solutions

Highly recommended! Amazing clinic I felt like I was in a hotel, really lovely and welcoming staff. Great prices and offer a no deposit payment plans!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Another Smile Solutions person here! Just started on Thursday. I'm going to ask about acceledent!
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I can tell a difference too! I was in the same boat where I was not expecting to see progress so soon, but because it was my front teeth moving, by the 3-4 tray I could definitely tell a difference.
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Can you write an update
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I just can't get over how fast this goes with AcceleDent!  Congratulations on your progrses :D.
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I know!! Well worth the extra money! Thank you!!!
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We may have the same ortho! Martin Poon? O'm at smilsolutions too :)
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I have David Austin from Smilesolutions. I am really happy with him :) Its such a amazing place there doesn't feel like a dentist at all! Is Martin Poon good too?
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He's so good. So accommodating and always sympathises with me and my problems!
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Congratulations!!!  How does it feel the next day?
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Feels really good! Only hurting in one tooth on the top :D
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Good--we know something's happening at least!
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I have been using invisalign/acceledent for 4 days now and the pain is awful. I had regular braces in high school and they didn't hurt like this. Are you using chewies as well? They're the only thing that relieve my pain momentarily, but if i'm changing trays every week and it takes more than 5 days for the pain to go away, then i'm basically just going to be in pain for the next 6 months :(
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Hello.. Sorry I didn't see your comment until today.. Strange That sounds horrible, the pain was shocking on the first day of tray 1 but it has gone now. Are you on day 4 of trey one? I was wondering what those chewies were for, I haven't used them no. I found sucking on ice took a good amount of pain away, I would give that a go and see if it helps. I also took night pain killers to get to sleep at night. Hang in there, I know its horrible but hopefully the second tray improves for you. Just keep thinking that the pain means its working and your teeth are moving. I am a little concerned that mine aren't working as well because I don't have that pain.
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Thanks, the overall pain has gotten better now but I have one tooth that feels like it's being pulled out every time I remove the tray. Other than that, the pain is manageable now. Starting my second tray tonight! We'll see how it goes!!
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Awesome news :) is smoking staining your trays or making them taste funny at all?
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Hello! No it hasn't at all but I wash them a few times a day with toothpaste and I change them every week not 2 weeks!
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this is really exciting news. have not heard about Acceledent or Surluvva.
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Acceledent is amazing :)
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I think that AcceleDent thing is helping you, because one day of pain is short!  That's brilliant :).
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Yes!  I found her :).  brosegr is at Smile Solutions too, though she's far ahead of you in her treatment.  Are you also going to be using AcceleDent?  It seems everyone in Australia is going for that nowadays. :)  And we have a lot of other Aussies as well. Crooky24 and Sunluvva are the newest.

I hope you have time to look around and get to know others in the community!  And I look forward to following your progress :).  If you ever need any help with anything here, I'm the one to ask. :D
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Hello! Thank you for the welcome message! I was looking at all these reviews before I decided to go ahead with it.The progress of everyone on here is amazing :) Yes I am using AcceleDent, it was $1400 or somthing from the orthodontist but I found one on ebay for $500 and just got the new mouth piece for $150 from them. Im only on day 2 so I wont know how good it isfor a while yet!
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Oh, brilliant!  I only know two others who got one used, and one of them is brosegr!  So both of you from the same office :D.  

I read your new update…did you tear the tray?  That happened to me once :-/
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So much cheaper and the only thing you need new is the mouth piece! No no I didnt tear them I just shead a few tears from the pain!
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Oh!!!  I'm not laughing.  Just a little.  I actually tore one of my aligners trying to get it out after I'd gotten my attachments in, so I thought that was what you meant :).
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Hi, and welcome to RealSelf!  I know I've seen someone else at Smile Solutions.  I'm gonna go check.
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