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I am thinking of undergoing laser treatment and...

I am thinking of undergoing laser treatment and have heard that medical grade lasers are better - Candela GentleLASE being one of them. I want to try it however, I, unfortunately, have excessive pubic hair growth (2 centimetres growth from my bikini line). Every time I shave, I have ingrown hairs, red and angry bumps. I haven't worn a bikini in years. I can never get rid of them! Do I need this treated by a doc before I undergo laser treatment? If so, what is the remedy? Help! From...Sufferer! (Please see my photos under the Q&A section of this website).
I just had a meeting with a Candela Laser Safety Officier and there is no such thing as 'medical grade laser'. It is a term that the beauty industry came up with to determine what is functionally better in terms of medical versus beauty. The gentleLASE is a class 4 laser which is based on infrared treatment. There is so many factors that relate to hair growth: hormonal etc.....but my best advice is see someone who does have a laser safety certificate and a laser license to operate. Ask to see their credentials; in queensland this is regulated by QLD radiation health, but it is different in different states of Australia. If they are a good laser technician, they will go through everything with you in a consultation and ask questions! Ask them to explain to you how they are going to help you with before care, after care and care while you are in their hands! Remember, a gentleLASE is searching for melanin, however we do have to be careful with broken skin as we treat around the area.....remember we are literally putting 70 degress C. into the hair follicle, so there is heat to the area, and it's about dispensing the right amount of heat to the hair to destroy it, but not to affect surrounding tissues.
Don't panic lol, I've only met one female whose hair didn't grow outside her bikini line. What you think is excessive is in fact really normal. I had about 4cm and never in my life wore a bikini without boardies. However have just had my second session with a candela gentlelase pro and it has changed my life already. I barely have any regrowth and no more ingrown hairs (yussss!). I'm getting the Hollywood at the moment (all off) and after seeing the results I'm def signing up to get my underarms done next. You should try it at least once and hopefully your results are as good as mine! I actually had a few ingrowns when I went for my sessions and it weirdly seemed to help get those hairs out and the bumps down. If you don't try laser, I used to find that using face wash and exfoliating gloves helped the ingrowns immensely and using a separate razor for that area. I hope I'm of some help :-)
Take heart -- my hair extends from my bikini line to half way down my inner thighs. I used to wax, but I started getting so many ingrown hairs that I had to stop. A dermatologist told me that waxing can damage the follicle making it curved so that the hair curls and doesn't find the opening. Now I get ingrown hairs, red bumps and discomfort from shaving, so I don't even do that anymore. The solution to your problem may be to stop shaving for a while to let your skin heal. I find that the bumps and ingrown hairs take a couple of days after shaving to form, and I think you're supposed to shave just before laser hair removal. Consult with the dermatologist or laser center before your treatment to find out what the best prep would be. Please keep us posted!
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