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I had Emerge Fractional laser done about 6 months...

I had Emerge Fractional laser done about 6 months ago now to assist with Melasma (hormonal and sun damage). I had 2 sessions spaced 2 weeks part as recommended by the beautician doing the treatment.
I was very hesitant initially about any long term side effects that could permanently damage/scar my skin but was reassured that there is no way that this machine could do any damage and that it was extremely safe.
After the first treatment I was really happy with the outcome and thought the melasma had cleared slightly and my skin felt and looked smoother (I assume the swelling contributed to this). 2 weeks later I had my second treatment, again my skin felt much the same as after the first treatment until the swelling came down and I started to notice the tiny holes all over my face (everywhere the laser had tracked).
I started to panic slightly at this stage and spoke to the ladies and skin deep Mullaloo (perth) and asked what they thought about the orange peel texture that came up and they said to just wait and in 3 months as my skin is still healing and this should clear. After 2 months passed and things did not get any better I contacted skin deep again and the owner agreed to meet with me in regards to my worries. The only thing that came out of this meeting is that I am focusing on something that is not there and the laser has improved my skin. She said that my face is also still healing and to wait another 2 months and things should look better.
Once 4 months had passed and I was looking worse than ever and decided to email her pictures of damage the laser had caused due to her not looking at my skin during our meeting (even after 2 requests for her to do so, she would only look at my skin through the camera they use to do the before an after photos which did not show the orange peel texture I needed wanting clarification on).
As you can see from these pictures there is a clear orange peel texture there that I can assure you was not there before. Her response o this email was that I had enlarge pores and what did I need her to do about it. This made me furious that they blatantly refused to acknowledge any damage that the laser caused and that they are still using this treatment on other customers without advising of any long term effects such as mine and many other peoples outcomes from realself.
I beg anyone considering this treatment to find an alternative as there are many.
I have really great skin prior to this treatment (melasma being my only worry), now I am stuck with this pin hole, rough textured skin.
I am very self conscious and do not like being it any sunlight as it shows my skin at its worst ( I stay inside most of the time)
I used to be very athletic an love being out and abut, now I am too shy to and unmotivated to do many of the thing I used to love in life. I don't even let my partner look at me up close and fear being affectionate as I feel ugly.
I hope this post stops someone going through this Pure money making treatment for the salons as it has put a halt on many peoples lives from the stories I have read. I hope that anyone that has been damaged by this laser finds a solution to the damaged caused.
One question for anyone that knows. Pleas tell me. I had a botched laser job in December 13, 2013. When I wake every morning, my pores in my sinus area are large and deep craters. I put cetaphil or other gentle lotions on them they almost disappear. I do not wash it off. They stay small until the morning, I do lubricate with lotion or cetaphil before I sleep. Happens everyday. I reapply lotion they shrink in seconds? Does that mean there is still a chance for regeneration and strengthen them? I read pores do not actually open and close, no muscle. I guess collagen damage from IPL? I was hoping damage oil glands or cellular walls were rebuilding slowly. Hoping they would repair themselves even though I am 10 months post. Is that happening anyone else? Did anyone heal after ten month post, who wasn't on accutane? Or this same everybody? I know not everyone had IPL near the nose. I am one of the unlucky ones. I am afraid all those who have healed do not read this stuff anymore. Is this something that goes on for the rest of my life?
I am having a good experience with emerge fractional, I did my second session at first day my skin is swollen and the next 4 days my skin is with a lot of points. At fifth day my skin back to normal. The interval between session is one month. The problem could be from whom had evaluated your skin, because there a different protocol for which type of skin, number of points per fraction and intensity, they must be determined from dermatologist or plastic surgeon. For my skin the doctor recommended 5 sessions, once a month and the intensity can't be strong. And the doctor prescribe vitamin C for day and pigmentclar by nigth, pycnogenol to take oral.
If you have experienced hyperpigmentation (production of melanin or pigmentation you may need to see a GP for a prescribed 4% hydroquinone or. Kojic Acid to lighten your pigment followed by a 50 plus SPF.
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Very unhelpful and dismissive of my issues

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