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Deep Fx for Moderate Acne Scars - Australia

I thought i would share my experience for anyone...

I thought i would share my experience for anyone maybe living in Australia who would be thinking of getting this done, or just for those who would like an insight into the experience of Deep Fx and the results purely just for acne scars.

Im a 24 yo female from Australia and I had Deep fx on my entire face for moderate acne scars from my teenage years.. i researched, what i thought to be thoroughly, for the experience that was to follow but I was shocked at the aftermath following my procedure.. I am on my 9th day of recovery and thought maybe some people would like to follow my results to see if this is what they should do for their acne scars.

I paid $3400 for my procedure Australia being more expensive compared to the US (In everything!!) - and also because i went under a full general anaesthetic as per my surgeons request which cost me $900 more. Im glad I did as i was in full panic mode- i hate anything to do with hospitals and surgery.

The 1st day wasnt at all painful after i had woke up- they did give me high pain meds before i woke from the general. That night it felt like i had sunstroke needing to fan my face until i fell asleep, i did manage a few hours sleep without pain medication and due to my intolerance for anything higher than paracetemol (as it's called in Aus) i did cope on this ok.

The next few days were absolutely dreadful- i'll be honest. I wasnt ready for the amount of ooze and just general feeling that I had been in a bad burn accident. I couldnt sleep more than a few hours at a time being woken by my face being so hot and uncomfortable, i would constantly have to fan my face and sleeping elevated (as advised by my surgeon) made it hard to sleep.

I'd say the 3rd day was the worst.. they did say it would get worse before it gets better and they were absolutely right. At this point my face was constantly oozing yellow thick fluid and the smell of this or my flesh whatever it was, is something i'd like to forget as quickly as possible (very nauseating). I had to wipe my face with saline solution every three hours or the build up of it would make me feel queezy and the sight of my face in a mirror was horrendous. I just tried to keep a positive thought of why the hell i did this to myself and what i hopefully will feel when i look in the mirror three months or so on from this.

The next few days were a little better and then waking up on the 6th day i was so relieved that i was allowed to have a shower and wash my face, and it had finally stopped oozing the night before. i looked just like i had a bad case of sunburn. I was finally over the hill and on the road to recovery. From that day it has honestly been a breeze and in another 3 days i will be able to go back to work and wear some light makeup they gave me. (Yes!! Normality)

I do have daily progress photos if people are interested that i could post (although they are quite scary).. and i will follow up maybe at one month, three months, six months and a year if people are interested in seeing if the results are worth it. (Fingers Crossed!!)

I live in Sth Australia and recently also had this treatment and I did as much research as I could on trying to find the best plastic surgeon. Have to say the Australian Plastic Surgeon Association is no help. I think all plastic surgeons should be made to record on your invoice what they tell you at your consultation on what they can achieve and what they say the results will be. I think it has been a total waste of money. It cost me $5100 AU. I also had to have a general anaesthetic as requested by my surgeon. No one I know, including myself can see any difference whatsoever. I have raised this with the doctor concerned but have not pushed the point as yet as he has said I will be surprised at 12 weeks when we compare photos. I also took photos and have already compared them and I did not get results. Still I will be very interested in what he will have to say at 12 weeks when it will be obvious at the lack of improvement. I had previously had this done by a cosmetic surgeon, again with little results. I had made myself clear to this plastic surgeon that I did not waste my time or money this time around unless there would be significant improvement in the lines around my mouth. He assured me he could get rid of them as well as the orange peel look on my cheeks and the crepeiness under my eyes. I questioned "all of it" and he said if he didn't remove all of them, it would be most of it. At my 6 week visit he told me there is no way you can get rid of all of the lines around my mouth. I am furious at such a blatant waste of money. I would be interested in knowing who your doctor was Waterlilly009 as you don't hear much from Australia. Also would love to know how you feel about your results now.
Pictures Please! Thank you very much.

I am sorry this has been so hard for you.  Recovery sounds dreadful!!

Yes, please do keep us up to date on your progress as you go.  I hope you are feeling better now.  

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My doctor was fantastic- I did research one of the best plastic surgeons in Australia, if you also live here, i can recommend him.

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