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After more than a quarter of a century of back...

After more than a quarter of a century of back pain, leers and stares, neck pain, poor posture, hiding in black clothes and wearing uncomfortable bras, I am finally having a breast reduction.

I wanted to wait until I had finished having children and breast feeding before altering my boobs.

So, in just two more sleeps I'll be having my op. I'm really excited but a bit apprehensive about the recovery.

I was really pleased to find this online community. I've found its really hard to talk to my friends about my decision and the day to day misery and challenges of sporting huge boobs.

Lots of the stories and comments here really touched me and helped me to reach my decision to take the plunge.

Thanks to everyone who visits and posts here.


Some pre op pics

Boobs of burden!

Off to hospital!

Just a few minutes until we go to the hospital. Very nervous indeed ...

The other side!

Can't believe it's finally here.
Very tired but quite relaxed.
I haven't seen the results yet so no photos at the moment.

The other side

I have been listening to lots of classical music which has been very soothing. I'm not sure if anyone else has found this helpful?

Doctors visit

PS came by earlier. He took 740 grams or 1.63 pounds. He says I am doing really well but has suggested that I reduce the narcotic pain relief. I have done this but I'm a bit cautious because the anaesthetist told me to keep my pain low.
I am about to have my first shower :)

What is it about drains?

They came to take the drains out this afternoon. The left hand one just popped out. The right hand one refused to budge. PS says he will come by in the morning to remove it. So I am walking around the ward (a little) clutching a hideous drain bag. Eeeuwww ...

Right hand drain

PS came by this morning. He found a kink in the drain. He gave me two shots of anesthetic before he pulled it out. That's a lot of trouble from one little kink but I'm relieved to have it gone.
Love of my life (LOML) and toddler came to fetch me. I sat in the back with the seatbelt tucked under my arm and the toddler holding my hand.
It's so good to be home. LOML bought sushi for lunch. So much better than the hospital fare.
Thanks to everyone here for sharing your comments and stories :)

Some photos

Here are some post op pics from day 2

One week on

I have been resting a lot since my op but two days ago I decided to clean out my wardrobe. I got rid of all of my old bras plus a pile of black t-shirts plus an ugly blue T-shirt that I bought because it was big and hid my boobs.

One of the mums from my kids' school told me that i looked like a twenty year old from a distance. Needless to say, I was over the moon.

I still find myself hunching over my chest in an effort to hide my huge boobs. I have to keep reminding myself to stand tall, that I have had a BR and it has worked. The pain in the left side of my neck is no longer a constant companion and the low grade headaches seem to have gone. The painful spasms on the left side of my back have also abated. I am only taking Tylenol/Panafon before bed so it isn't the painkillers :)

I went to see PS today. He told me that righty is more swollen than lefty but that both should go down over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for being here. The support is wonderful.

Some photos

Here are some photos I took yesterday. Righty is swollen. Hopefully this is the reason that the nipple is sitting higher and that this will resolve in time.

The two week mark

I am so happy to be at the two week point - I always like landmarks!

My wounds seem to be healing well and I am trying to limit how much I eat because I can't exercise much - walking only at the moment. I seem to be able to do quite a lot but then, at the end of the day, I am completely exhausted.

I spoke to PS about one nipple being higher than he other. He assured me that this is due to swelling and that it should resolve within a couple of months. I have noticed that the swelling is worse in the evening and that's when my right nipple is at its highest. Has anyone else noticed the swelling changing through the day?

Today is my last day at home. I have to go back to work on Monday. I am going to a conference, including a dinner. I'm worried that I will be sore and exhausted.

I have watched two excellent tv shows to aid my recovery. One is Australian, set in Melbourne. It is called Offspring. The other one is Suits, set in New York. I am planning to take my new body shopping in Melbourne and in New York just as soon as I can :)

Photos later ...

Body language + an experiment

I have been watching a lot of TED talks both before my surgery and during my recovery. One that really resonated for me was the one on body language by Amy Cuddy. Studies have found that people with domineering body language raise their testosterone levels and thereby boost their confidence. She suggests to the audience that they adopt a 'power pose'. She gets them to put their hands on their hips and push their chests out.
When I first watched the talk - pre-surgery - I tried her 'power pose'. It felt very uncomfortable. I felt like I was shoving a pair of ginormous sexual organs out into clear view. Like so many of you who have posted here, for me, a hunched, slouched posture was how I obscured my 'assets' and defended my body from unwanted gawking and, even worse, touching.
Constant slouching was hurting my back, my neck and, of course my own self esteem. It was probably also effecting the way others see me. Now that I've had my surgery, I won't be flinging two gargantuan boulders at the world every time I strike a power pose.
So, for the next week, I will follow Amy's advice and test the 'power pose'.
I'll let you know how my experiment goes!

Back at work

Well, I have been back at work for a week and a half now. I found the first week exhausting. This week is better.
I have remembered to power pose a few times but I'm not sure ...
I have tried to stop slouching too but I have to try to be mindful catch myself doing it.
A few of my colleagues have commented on my weight loss but no one really makes the BR connection or, if they do, they don't say it!

Righty is still quite swollen at nearly four weeks!

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Going back to work is hard. It's a lot more exhausting than I thought it would be. Its hard to tell if work people notice but don't say anything. I keep thinking maybe I look exactly the same and I just spend a fortune to have a few weeks posture has improved too but I'm like you, I have to be mindful of how I'm sitting so I can sit upright. Happy healing :)
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You still look great! Rest when you can!
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Hi there, how are you? We are almost 4 weeks now! I had the last of my stitches out yesterday wasnt too bad, nothing like having the staples out on day 6. I back to work on 4th sept. Feel very sensitive my boobs are stinging a lot, the left side is larger than the right but hoping that's the swelling. Are yours settling down good? Its been experience that ive enjoyed and I so much happier smaller but its been hard much harder than I thought. I was very nieve thinking it was going to be a walk in the park but ive found it very painful worth it though definitely.. are you still hard and pinky coloured? Mine are. I hope your well x
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Good for you! I really do hope that I get that confidence when all is done, I have never thought I was pretty, or "hot" as my husband calls me, lol. Maybe once or twice when I lost a lot of weight in a healthy manner, but then again, I think I just felt great, health wise, but still very unsure of myself, and hiding the girls because they became much more prominent when I lost weight. Keep us posted about your experiment, I may have to watch one of these videos ;)
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Neat! I just read your comments! Definitely tell us all how the experiment goes. I am curious at how I will feel at work and how I will be perceived. I always slouched when walking and sitting. I am having to retrain myself to have a better posture. I am really curious how your experiment goes :)
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Reading your post about people in work and I am not looking forward to going back I am hoping to get away with saying ive lost weight but doubt I will! It will be a seven day wonder though I expect. My shoulders are rounded and dented I have to do exercises soon when I upto it I have hidden my big boobs for so long 50 yrs, its habit to slouch.
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I don't want to go back either!! Boooo! The reason you just wrote, in that you have slouched for 50 years is why I did the surgery. Granted there is a bonus of looking better in clothes and being more proportionate, I wanted to alleviate the slouching I had. It was pretty excessive and I think hindered me in a lot of ways. I am so happy that has improved already!!
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I love your results! You look great, Don't worry about the uneven nipples, I've seen several posts that state that they eventually even out :) So cute your little one holding your hand on the way home, very sweet. Happy healing!
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Thank you so much. The toddler is very good. PS voiced some concerns that my kids might harm my recovery but so far they have all been very gentle and considerate.
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I just revisited your post and may I say, your breasts look so PRETTY! They are so cute and perky! They make you look so slim! Keep up the good healing, they are going to turn out great :)
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Thank you ... The girls are feeling tender today so I took it very easy. How are you healing?
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I'm doing good :) I just took the steri strips off and the incisions are looking really good. I have a small spot that needs to heal under the right nipple. I let it air dry and it's looking better already. The tenderness and chest muscle soreness is uncomfortable. How is your swelling? Mine swell up during the night and if I do any activities
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Couldn't add pic to yr review so put my pic in my profile space. It just occurred to me that maybe bad idea to put my email address thats what this site is all about talking and sharing all overvthe world. Anyway thats me at post op 6 days. I 14 now actually today I feel quite delicate but I am delighted with result worth every penny would have paid twice as much. Hope your ok. Love exchanging details as we done same day. X
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We do look very different! I agree that it was worth it too. I've cleaned out my wardrobe and later in the week I plan to go shopping. I want to try on tops and dresses I wouldn't have bothered with before my operation. I hope you are feeling a little bit better :)
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Oh sorry to hear that bout the face surgery as well, hope that was the final you have to do with that! Australia is sooooo sunny, I am trying to post a pic to you although weve had same surgery we look very different post op. Bear with me it may take me while to work out.
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Hi again, I'm sorry that your recovery is proving to be a rough ride. I went shopping today to buy some tops with bras incorporated into them. I tried on one in pink but because of my varying nipple heights I couldn't buy it. It was just too obvious. So i resorted to boring black - again! Hopefully I will go from h to d when the swelling goes down. I'm afraid I'm not so young - 43. I also had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my face during my surgery so I look like ive been in a cat fight. I have a black eye and a massive gash next to my nose. Between the face & the BR, I will most likely also need more time off work. Take care xx
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Hi there! Intersesting looking at your pics, I went from f to c my scarring is more than yours but each surgeon is different I suppose. I will try up load my pic for you to see. I am on my 14th day now and although much beta I still in pain. Thought I would be going back to work monday but I just cant so I having another 2 weeks. Sòoooooooow tender on the sides and the nipples, you sound very upbeat and positive, reckon you a lot younger than me, always beta the younger you are. 14 days isnt long really I must learn to be more patient. Will keep reading your progress. You doing so well !!!
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Glad to see that your doing well!
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Hi there, I also had reduction in UK on 27th july, its been 7 full days since and I have had staples and stitches removed, I feel great, still in pain and discomfort but getting beta daily. I can relate to all your story and feel I know you hecause of this. I offwork for another 2 weeks scars are tight and underneath my arms on the sides of the breasts is very very tender but this aside I feel fine. I will watch your blog and I hope you recover well. X
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Thank you for your lovely message. I am trying not to think about the stitches to much. Have you managed to avoid lifting things and exerting yourself. I'm really worried that I will overdo it :)
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Hi there, I also had reduction in UK on 27th july, its been 7 full days since and I have had staples and stitches removed, I feel great, still in pain and discomfort but getting beta daily. I can relate to all your story and feel I know you hecause of this. I offwork for another 2 weeks scars are tight and underneath my arms on the sides of the breasts is very very tender but this aside I feel fine. I will watch your blog and I hope you recover well. X
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Yuck drains! Thank goodness Cindy have those. At least you only have one left. That will feel so much better when they take it out. Get some rest and relax! Can't wait to see your pics :)
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Congrats to you! We both made it! I had y surgery today too. I'm so glad robe done and happy that I did this :) relax and take it easy
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I admit ive bought a couple of maternity tops before, and I wear a medium in pants bottom. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.
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Tomorrow is the big day!! By the way, I also wear maternity bras from my last pregnancy (which ended almost 17 months ago!) along with some maternity clothes sometimes, too. They just fit my chest better. You will be so much freer after your surgery!
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