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Hi Everyone - It's great to have such an amazing...

Hi Everyone - It's great to have such an amazing community on here! I have learnt so much about the BR procedure; things the surgeon doesn't tell you, so thank you all :)

My name is Cat and I am 24 years old. I am 5'5 and will be reducing and lifting a size 36GG next week!! So most posts I have read here are starting at the size I will be reducing TO! I am a little scared as it is a massive change. I asked my surgeon to go as small as possible and he said I would probably not be able to go any smaller than DD because of my shape. But to me, that is small :)

There are quite a few reasons I am getting this done of course but the main ones are;
- My back, neck and shoulders
- Being able to buy bra's for a fraction of the price and not having to travel an hour to a specialty shop with every bra costing over $80!
- My self confidence
- Getting back into sport and dancing

I am slightly overweight so I am hoping that I will be able to run without these boobs and get back into shape! Any support from you guys will be greatly appreciated!

I guess my main worry is if they will sag if I lose a bit of weight after the surgery.. Did this happen to anyone?


Hey girl! I'm in NZ, always nice to read a review from someone a bit closer to home :) I also read reviews by women who are starting at the size I hope to be after surgery. I am a 32GG and tossing up between going to a C or a D, going to leave that in the capable hands of my surgeon. I bought a beautiful bra when I was in Sydney in April from Myer, it was on sale for $55, and it was my last hurrah - no more bras until post op! Do you struggle to find bras over there? I thought that Myer really didn't have much that appealed in a size G, considering they have a HUGE selection I left in tears. Life was better when I thought I was a DD ;) (Denial).Good luck next week :)
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Hi There! I would have loved to go to a C but unfortunately my surgeon says I will look quite disproportionate! $55 is cheap for our size!! It is so very hard to find bras here. There is one specialty shop called 'A Cup Above' about an hour away from me and they stock up to about a G with one or two plain bras in GG. I literally have 2 bras and can't wait to be able to go into any old store and get matching lingerie and pay little! And bikinis as well! haha. Yes I was like that too - I can get away with wearing an 18E but the waist is way too big and it just squashes them onto my waist giving me no support or shape! Thank you very much - When is your surgery?
I'm hoping late June, but I don't have my consult with my surgeon until May 24th so really it will be whenever he can fit me in, but I'm paying privately because our govt rarely funds them anymore. I thought I was a 12DD or 14D but I got a fitting and was mortified to be a 10G! You're right, I think if I were to go to a C I might look a bit odd, I'm only 1.55m tall but I'm quite curvy, 55kg. It will be interesting to see what my surgeon says about recommended size. I have seen some beautiful looking DDs on here also, I was deceived because I thought I was a DD for so long so now I expect DDs to be MASSIVE but they really aren't. You'll still fill out a dress nicely, and boy will bikinis be easier to shop for! At the moment I buy all my underwire halter bikinis from and it is torture :( I want an off-the-rack bikini!

It's done!!!

So I just had my breast reduction surgery done on Friday. I am 2 days post op but at home and comfy. My surgery was over 5 hours and I had a very bad reaction to the anaesthetic but other than that, I am going well! My surgeon took a kilo off each breast and I'm feeling the difference already!!
I get my drains out tomorrow so can't wait for that!!

Will post pictures as soon as I muster the energy to stand!!


1 kg off each breast! Holy moly! You must feel so much lighter, your back/shoulders are definitely going to thank you for this. Happy recovery hun
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Thank you very much! I know! The weight has lifted already! Definitely worth it :)
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