He had me at "C cup"- Australia, AU

I am 42 yo and I have booked in for a breast lift...

I am 42 yo and I have booked in for a breast lift and a small reduction at the end of May 2013. I have hated my breasts since the day they started forming. Now since having 2 children and having gained and lost 25kg's 4 times they are now dreadful (in my eyes). I have read many review on this site and watched a few youtube videos on the procedure which has helped me with my decision to have the surgery. My plan is to update you with my experience over the next few months and hopefully you will be able to make a decision on your choice whether to have the surgery done after seeing my results. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.

I forgot to include my details...I am 165cm (5ft...

I forgot to include my details...I am 165cm (5ft 5in) 61kg's (I think that is about around 135 lb) and i am currently wearing an Australian size 12E bra (I can't convert that to US but it would make me a US size 8 in clothes). Any luck in 3 weeks I will be a 12C or 12D. I am 42 yo and have 2 small boys and a gorgeous husband who has encouraged me all the way.

I only have 10 sleeps to go until my surgery and I...

I only have 10 sleeps to go until my surgery and I wish it would just hurry up as it is all I am thinking about. I love this site as I find myself wasting many hours just reading other peoples journeys. It makes me laugh how different some of us are....Me, well I just want to be a C cup and have my nipples put back to where they should be. Others are having the complete opposite surgery to me and are aiming for a cup size that is E or greater. Neither is right or wrong, it is just funny how different we all are - the grass is always greener like they say!!

Nesting...... why do we do this?

Well I have 5 days to go before my BR and for some reason I have decided to paint 2 rooms of my house?? Thru reading other posts it is apparent to me that i wont be able to do a great deal of arm work for quite awhile following my surgery - I started painting the inside of my house when my 5 yo started school in January (I felt guilty only having paid work 2 days a week so i thought i should make myself useful). Anyway I have managed to do most of the house but i left a couple of rooms as it was too hard to move some of the furniture by myself plus i lost my enthusiasm. For some reason on Saturday i decided to finish the job this week... as if I dont have enough stress lol. At least i will be able to rest a little easier knowing that it is done!!

3 more sleeps.....

I only have 3 more sleeps until my surgery and I am sooo excited. This is the first thing I have done for myself since the birth of my children and surprisingly I dont feel too selfish. My bag is packed, the house is super clean and the fridge will be full come Friday. I had my pre-op interview with a nurse over the phone yesterday... my family all have colds a the moment so I asked if I could take any natural medication to try and stop myself from catching one - she informed me that even though the treatments are natural some of the products they contain thin the blood so best to avoid anything but paracetamol unitl my surgery :( I really dont want a cold as if it goes to my lungs before the GA they wont do the surgery!!! No special cuddles for anyone at the moment :)

Operation today

Well I am heading the hospital in an hour. Funnily enough I feel kinda "numb". I have decided to stop thinking so much about it as it is not going to make a difference to the final outcome. It just so happens that this weekend coincided with a Dad's and Kid's camping weekend which i am happy about and encouraged them to go. My husband and the 2 boys headed off last night and wont be home until Sunday night. We haven't told my sons as i don't want the eldest to worry and the youngest, well, he simply wont care!!! All they know is that next week Mummy will have really sore arms and that I wont be able to take them to school or pick them up or do much really - my eldest said that he will do it all...gorgeous! Wish me luck!

Sooo happy

Well it is 5am in the morning the day after my op. I didnt get a good night sleep as i reacted to the pain meds...nothing bad just itchy and hyper-alert. Note to self "ask nurse for a different pain killer" Surprisingly i have no pain, none, I am confused. I have not had any meds for 8 hours.... not complaining though. I have one picture for you to look at. They are small but i dont think they are too small for my frame. i am trying to imagine them on someone else and I dont think they are too bad - i am sooo happy :)

Just got home

Hi All, My DH has just brought me home from the hospital woo hoo. I have told him to go back to work now as I am perfectly ok to potter around myself. I know the rules and I am not going to do much plus I really am fine all I need to do is rest. I really want to look at my new boobs but they are covered in hypafix tape for the next 2 weeks so I will have to wait. In fact I am not allowed to even get them wet for 2 weeks - this is not going to be easy but I will try my best! It's funny some PS encourage you to wash your wounds and others avoid anything that may introduce an infection. My PS has taken a lot away and lifted them right up which is very exciting. I am guessing but I think I am a C cup. I have been trolling this site over and over again looking at peoples results. I have seen some amazing results and I use to say to myself "that is the size and shape I want to be" and I think my PS achieved exactly what I was hoping for. Time will tell :)

Day 3 PO

It's day 3 for me and compared to 2 days ago i am doing really well. I am up and about and not really needing pain medication apart from when I woke up this morning (that was because my back was sore from sleeping on my back all night) and I will take some before I go to bed along with a sleeping pill to help me go to sleep. I am tired but i am not feeling wiped out like I was. My incisions are touchy but only if i do the wrong thing like reaching. I am pretending I am like a T Rex and next to useless arms. I took a couple more photo's but it is still hard to see the results as they are mostly covered.

4 days PO

Not much to report, still doing nothing so that I can heal faster. Next to no pain unless i do something with out thinking about it first. My 5 yo son is sick of me not helping so decided to cut his own hair (it will take more than 1 week to fix the mess he made Lol). Feel a bit like a T Rex unable to use my arms properly. VERY HAPPY

I cant believe how good I feel today

I feel the best today so far. No pain and full of energy go figure. I am that in the days to come I don't do a turn for the worse - so far I have been really lucky and I am not sure why? I am bored doing nothing so I have decided to add stupid images of me which depict how I fell having to NOT use my arms as much as possible. Sorry to waste your time with my ramble!

Dressings off today woo hoo....I think??!

I am off to have my dressing removed today (12 days PO). My breasts are basically covered in hypafix tape so I am really not looking forward to having it removed. When I pull on the edges it doesn't even want to start to lift. Oh well i will just have to suck it up and take it. I cant wait to see them! By the way I haven't had a shower for 12 days either and I miss that feeling - you wont get me out of one tonight if they let me get the girls wet after today!!! I am basically back to normal now - just not lifting anything that is too heavy! Sleeping on my side comfortably ahhhh! I will post a photo tonight!

10 more days of tape...I want to see them!

I just had my stitches and tape removed...YOUWCH! I still have disolveable stitches which will do their magic disappearing act over the next few months. I was sooo looking forward to seeing my new breasts with out the tape but the PS re-taped me. At least this taping I can wet - 10 more days of tape then Bio-oil. I told my PS that this surgery is life changing and he looked at me with a puzzled look - obviously he hasn't had his own large breasts to deal with LOL. When I explained the difference it will make to running, bra/clothes shopping, confidence etc he understood....men! He's a brilliant surgeon though and I couldn't be happier but I don't think he is cut out to be a Psychologist!

11 days PO

Just a couple of comparison photo's! I took a photo of me leaning forward and thank goodness i dont have a before photo as I dont think my lens would have been long enough to fit my girls in. I think I am a 34C or 36B. Woo hoo!

18 Days PO

Well I am back at work and surprisingly I dont feel that uncomfortable considering I use my arms quite alot (not for lifting - just for treatments). I was quite uncomfortable last night at the end of the day but that is mainly due to the fact that my nipples have decided to become very sensitive - just like someone has rubbed them with sandpaper. I think it is my nerves regenerating themselves? I am sticking to my surgical bras as they seem to be the ones that give me less irritation. My breast are definitely softening and move a little when I move - I still think I am a 34C which is perfect for me. I am allowed to take my tape off in 3 days so I will post a few more photo's then - I cant wait to see them!

Tape off today - new pics

My tape was rolling up so I decided to take it off today and see how i go. If I need to I will put some more on later today but hopefully all will be ok? My PS said to use bio-oil 2x day now. My right breast is still a little swollen and bruised but I am still really happy with the results. I am looking forward to the scars softening a little so that the breasts round off a little more.

Ahhhh 5 year olds!

Last night my 5 yo elbowed me with his pointy elbows in my left breast accidently when he was trying to snuggle up for a long awaited cuddle - It was hard to say to someone so small that it was not their fault and its all ok when all I really felt like doing was running away and bursting into tears. I now have a new bruise to match my others! Looking forward to to day when i wake up and don't even think about the surgery anymore...

Attempted bra shopping today.....

I went bra shopping for the first time today - I was very excited when i first entered the store but found myself leaving with nothing because everything is still so sensitive and I really don't know what I am doing :( The assistant asked me if I needed help but I wasn't ready to expose all to anyone yet so I battled on. I was just trying to get an idea of what size I really was and hopefully pick up a more supportive sports bra so that I can get back to higher impact exercise ie slow jogging. The underwire bra's were scary - not sure if was a good idea to try any of them on! I looked around at all the cute bra's that are available and for some reason I felt quite emotional and lost - not sure why? Maybe I am grieving for my lost girls (not that I want to go back to that size ever again but at least I knew what fit me then), I felt quite out of place, strange really. I am going to put my whole experience down to the full moon!

5 weeks tomorrow

I thought I would post some almost 5 week photo's. I am basically back to normal activities (for 2 weeks now) but i am still very aware that I am not suppose to lift heavy objects. My left breast is still a little fuller than my right and I am not sure if this is swelling still or just the way it is going to be. I am currently using a combination of Bio-oil and Mrs Palmers Vitamin E cream 2x day on my scars which are completely healed. I no longer wear a bra at night and that feels nice - no more back constriction. We are going camping this weekend and it is freezing here so I am not looking forward to the feeling I now get when my nipples constrict! Absolutely no regrets!

5 months since surgery

Well it's been over 5 months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. My breasts have softened, my nipple sensation is backs and my scars are flat and no longer sensitive. I have had many bra shopping outings but find fitting an underwire bra still quite difficult (not sure why). I really dont have a cleavage anymore and I really dont care. I am a 12C and totally happy. I am back at the gym doing high impact work and i only need to wear a gym top with a shelf bra instead of a sports bra under the gym top. I cant believe how fast I have healed and how happy I am with everything. i have absolutely no regrets...yes the pain post surgery is not fun but looking back now it went really fast and I came out the other side with a huge smile on my face. I wore a dress on Saturday that was a halter top and I went bra-less - I never imagined that i could do that!!! For all of you who are think about having the surgery, do your homework on the surgeon and then just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Photo's coming.
Dr K

I visited my surgeon for the second time yesterday to book my surgery date and he described my breast as "large and pendular" which what I expected to hear but it still makes to feel a little awkward and embarrassed. He did however say beautiful women need beautiful breasts and that is what he will do for me! He somehow folded my breast in such a manner to show me how it will potentially look after the surgery and it was perfect - he will aim for a cup size that is a large C to a small D which is is exactly what I am hoping for. I am having the surgery done on 25th of May - I am so excited and a scared at the same time.

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Wonderful result, thanks for your story.
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Thank you! Your results were one of the first that encouraged me to go forward :) excellent - is the swelling in left breast gone? I have the same thing or maybe it's because I was bigger on left to start
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Oh my gosh! I will surely be showing my PS pics of yours! They look wonderful! I am currently in a DD-DDD, and would ideally love a big B, but my husband says a C would be ok. lol. I figure he gets to have some say, but ultimately I'll ask the PS, and I'll make the final decision. And I don't think I'll miss mine one, single, itty-bitty, bit!
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Oh! One other question... The nipple sensation? You say you're not looking forward to the feeling when they constrict. Can you elaborate on that? I'm very worried that I will lose sensation in mine.
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I have never had anyone say they want a bust like mine- that made me smile. What I meant by the nipple comment is that if they constrict/harden when it is cold it pulls on the incision lines that the PS makes when he repositions the nipples. To be honest it didn't bother me at all even though camping was ridiculously cold which must mean I am healing well. As far as nipple sensation my right nipple is quite sensitive and my left is quite numb (except for the incision lines) even though it reacts to cold etc. The right is calming down a bit but the left is still numb. It actually doesn't bother me at all - the PS says give it time and things "should" go back to normal. I went bra hunting again today and i am either a 34C or a 36B if the band feel tight on my incisions. My new breast really dont move much at all so fitting bras is really weird as I dont have to lift and make a origami shape with them to make them fit in my bras anymore - it will be nice to wear a push up bra in the future (I never thought I would ever say that lol). Good luck to you - it have been a fantastic choice for me! By the way I sleep with out a bra now (5 week mark).
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Hahaha... I'm glad I made you smile! I saw a woman walking at the baseball field yesterday with her tank top on, and I was so envious :( her ONE tank top on, with her little boobs (I'm guessing she was a small B). I layer everything, and usually it's a tank top under a t-shirt, and under those, is a bra and compression tank! Ugh!!! It's awful... I wore just the compression tank yesterday because it was so hot, and people were staring at me :( I feel like such a piece of meat, lol. But in due time... Hopefully sooner than later ;) Thank you so much for sharing!
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They look great and have healed well. :)
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i went to target to try and buy a cheap bathing suit top to tide me over until the swelling went down and found the experience stressful as well! i dont know why. i felt like i was putting myself under pressure to be a certain size, when honestly i dont care what the bras and suits say cause i love my new boobs. I think i also felt odd because i was with a friend. i dont know. it was a strange feeling i wasnt expecting. Oh well. Hopefully things will go better next time i try!
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I teared up. Lol. I went to get some more easy wear tops so i didnt have to lift my arms at 10 days po and i held some cups up to my breasts but was upset and confused because the uderwire of a c cup wasnt sitting right and the d cup was too big in cup but fine on underwire so i was really scared. I still am a bit but i refuse to look again til im all closed up and can try on a bra without rubbing myself raw or hurting myself when twisting. I saw focus for now on bikini tops because they are soft and lets face it.. We want to buy for these new babies! Im enjoying tops but am said because i dont know whats too revealing and whats not after covering up for so long and im only 21 :( also my partner thinks im crazy because every few days ill have a freak out and think my nipples are too high because i am used to the ones in my 'before' picture when looking down. Its hard to see someone different in the mirror!
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I hear ya. I got the green light to shop too, based on my comfort level...and felt odd looking at bras not knowing where to start or what my new size actually is. I went back to the boutique where I used to shop and she told me I'm a 38E.....I was 36G, so I left feeling like she didnt measure me properly and will try another sales person this week. When you mentioned grieving the girls, I had to comment cause I feel sad some days too. I think we just want to feel normal again, wear proper bras and clothes and do everything we used to do. Everyone says it takes time.....but I want it now
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Thanks JF... You hit the nail on the head - I am ready to feel normal again too.... my recovery has been really good but it would just be nice to have a day where I don't think about my reduction anymore and just carrying on with life in comfort. I am really happy but ready to be me again!
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Great progress so far, happy healing to you :)
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Don't feel bad. My five year old did it to me. Then hw said sorry mommy sorry mommy sorry mommy lol. They don't mean it but are so sweet afterwards. Happy healing.
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Congrats !!
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Looking good! Are the geenie bras really good? Im planning to get some and was wondering. Keep up the good healing.
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Hi Nikki. At the moment I am wearing the surgical bra as it does give me more support. I have worn the genie bra at night but I dont feel it gives enough support during the day. Others find them great but I just think because I am so much smaller now that they are too loose for me. Perhaps if I went down a size it may be better. I have found some wireless bras at Target that have a wide band, back closure and a semi-solid style foam cup which I find really comfortable (they only go up to a C which is perfect for me!). Good luck.
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Thank you so much for the info. I just gore rid of my surgical bra from the hospital today. It had velcro in thwarting front and was awful. Im not used to shopping in the little bra section yet but ur advice has helped me out a lot. Thank you again Charlie.
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Glad going back to work was okay...I was exhausted at the end of the day once I went back too. I think youre right too about nerves regenerating and the sensitivity w/ your nipples I still have to cover mine with gauze bc even to have my bra touch them is uncomfortable. However its finally lessening some :). Glad youre doing well still!
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Thanks Andie2013. I reeally do think I have been incredibly lucky. So far everything has gone really well. Although I would like my tape off I am worried that it will leave my incisions weaker but I will cross that bridge if and when I need to. How is it all going with you, your photo's look like things have improved.
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Wow girl you are rockin' your new perky set:-) And it only gets better .
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You look marvelous Dahlink! Really great.
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Thanks Sweet Cheeks! I am wondering how long it will be before i have something else to think about? All I do is obsess about them which is nice!I am really happy.
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Looking Good :)
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Looking Good :)
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Looking Good :)
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