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Hi I'm currently 3wks post op n want to share some...

I'm currently 3wks post op n want to share some pics at this stage
Im 5'2 110lb 28 rib cage pre op 32b
Went with 325cc hp mentor under muscle
Post op 32dd/32e so far depend on brand
Happy so far but mayb shouldve gone bigger... mayb thats just boobi greed talking

Recovery was great currently minimal discomfort tightness n tingles on breast n aerola. As u can see some bruising on right breast near the middle was very dark purple at day 2 n has gone alot better. Hopefully will completely disappear n a week or so.
Would you mind sharing "before" photos? I would really helpful to me. I was waffeling anywhere between 300-350cc Mentor smooth memory gel, mod+ unders. I had just decided 325 would be right in the middle and perfect. I'm an inch taller than you; but weigh 8 lbs less, we're both 28". I'm a full A to small B and I'm using your pictures to help me decide. I understand if your not comfortable sharing; never in my life did I think I'd post topless pics of myself! If not; maybe look at mine and tell me how you think we compare?
I'd like to have that pic too .. I am 47 yrs old .. Gravity and 4 children done no justice.. I want this for me ...
Hi love im without a computer for a week so can't get to my before photos, but will Def post up if it'll help u ladies out!

Pre Op photos

Hi ladies I managed to find some pre op photos on my emails. So here they are... my empty deflated 32b cups. I completely lost volume on top but with a good push up I manage to get some cleavage. .. lol
I will do the same size as yours, I'm 5'2 103lbs Asian , I like to do BA through Areola , my nipple now is bigger than yours but I don't know why my doctor said he could make it through my Areola since it's small but I ve seen your before photo , I know that my Areola is bigger I will ask him to do it , because I don't want scar under my breast ! :) how about your senational !? Do you think you lost it after BA through nipple , I'm worrying about it! Yours look so beautiful ! :)
Thank u I will post updated pics soon. But in terms of nipple sensation I can't really tell as I still have some pins n needles near the incisions. But so far I guess I can tell that I've lost a little sensation
I can honestly tell you being 5'3" 130lbs 28" 14BWD I started with 34B very deflated I got 440 mod unders. And they look small. My avatar is still swollen 1 wk post op in a padded bra. I wish I went bigger. And they say 50cc is like a shot glass so that shouldn't make a difference. But I would go with the larger side if I were you.

4 n half weeks po update

Hi ladies just an update... things are going well my scaring is getting better. As for my boobs well I'm really happy with them! Theres no more pain just sensitivity my ps explained that's is just nerves recovering. I told myself not to go bra shopping until 2 months seeing so many ladies on here saying they had to go buy ones after a few months as they outgrew them due to drop n fluff.
im not sure if I'm going to drop n fluff so I couldnt help myself... there was a sale n they were 70% off so I just had to... n my ps said I'm good to wear normal bras now. But I'm not investing too much in bras yet cos I know I'm still changing n not completely done settling yet..
Hi Ozzi! Your boons look AMAZING! It think 325 cc may be the size for me. I've been thinking 325-350cc in a mod+ unders/in the crease (I already have a scar too but PS says my areola are too small). I wonder what a difference mod+ and HP would make? I'm seeing so many HP that look so natural. So beautiful . Again nice to have a fellow Asian gal! I'm told we're treated slightly different because our ribcage I should smaller. Thanks for sharing! P.s. your scars aren't even notiable!
Thanks so much! Yeah I'm pretty glad my scars are going well. I wish I knew the difference between the profiles too but all the Asians I know got HP so I didn't have the chance to see a mod + in person. In the end I went with my Ps recommendation n I'm very happy. Have u decided when your doing it?
Yes! Pre-op August 19th, BA September 4th. I'm 1/2 Asian (Vietnamese/Caucasian) we have the same rib measurement but we didn't discuss profiles during my pre-op. She showed me 2 pics (1 very natural with little to no upper pole; 1 with average upper pole) so I'm assuming she's giving me a choice of profiles. Like you said before you had more to start with so i should be very happy with 325. One PS said with 350cc I'd be a full C, small D at VS ... I'm not sure exactly what that means compared to other brands. I'm very leary abobe about being a D with what i wear to work on a daily basis. I'm hoping to be an average C.

Gained more cleavage! yay!

Hi ladies
Another update. .. I took a photo today in the same orange top I took at 21 days po. I compared the two and Wow! I couldn't believe the difference a week or so can make! Both pics I took without a bra so I'm super happy, I hope it will keep improving as the weeks go on... but just made me feel so relieved I was so afraid they will remain stiff n that was the most cleavage I was ever going to get .. They are softer now n more natural. So ladies there is hope be patient

see the difference

Sorry I should have posted side by side pics for u to see
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