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So I have always had pretty much no boobs... Not...

So I have always had pretty much no boobs... Not small boobs im talking non existent! People would always make jokes including friends family members pretty much everyone. I am an outgoing bubbly person so I would always act like it didn't phase me and even join in the jokes so noone knew it was upsetting but as it was something I was already self conscience about it would really hurt. I hoped every day from when I was in my early teens that my boobs would start to grow but at 22 i had to accept the fact that i would never naturally grown my own long so story short I had some forced leave at work coming up and with the support of my boyfriend and best friend I went for a consultation pre opp and surgery within the space of a month! Some people on here would think that that is very rushed but I knew I wanted it I have dreamt about having boobs for years and I knew I just had to bite the bullet and do it!

I finally had my surgery on the 29/09/2012 in Sydney and I am so so happy with the results, while they are still tender and swollen I am completely at ease with their progress and very happy with the support from my ps. I had 520cc textured round hp under the muscle implants and have gone from an A ( barly ) at the moment I am wearing an E cup post op bra but I think they will go down to about a D once the swelling subsides. I was so glad in the lead up and in my first few days post opp to have the support of this site and to be able to look up any of my concerns or sudden random questions to get some reassurance! The only thing I could of hoped for more then what I had through realself is a friend or relative who had been through the experience to actually talk to so for any girls who are thinking about it or doing it from Australia please feel free to inbox me and I am more then happy to chat with you coz sometimes it's nice to be able to pick up the phone or send a quick email and know a response is only a few mins away. So that's it really sorry for lack of detail, my only advise is just do it don't worry about what anyone thinks or says its your body, your self esteem and so long as your doing it for you who cares right?

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It's day 5 and I'm getting real sick of being sore...

It's day 5 and I'm getting real sick of being sore first check up today and getting worried I won't be ready for work on Monday... Bad news as I took this week off as anual leave and didnt tell my boss I was having surgery eeeeek


Good for you!!! I cannot wait until my Date 10/22/2012. I'm so happy for you because I have never had boobs. All of my friends are very chesty and look awesome in everything they would put on. I was the only one w/ nothing. Standing and taking pictures next to them, I would always be the girl in the back row. lol Good luck.
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Welcome to RealSelf! So glad we could be here for you and I'm so grateful you posted your story, too! Monday is still 5 days off and I bet a lot of healing happens between now and then. Don't fret too much yet about work. If worse comes to worst maybe you could call in sick for a day or two? Keep us posted!

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Whoo hoo 1 week and 1 day later and I am feeling...

Whoo hoo 1 week and 1 day later and I am feeling fantastic almost full painless movement of arms and next to no pain at all in day to day activities... Random question did anyone else's posture improve dramatically? My friend thought I was just so proud I was pushing my chest out but truth is that I stand with straighter shoulders and I cant slouch if I try? Not complaining since standing tall oozes confidence and confidence is hot as ;)


On a side note I work with almost ALL men so a bit nervouse about first day back... Conflicting nerves though because I don't want a massive fuss made ( not because I'm ashamed but because some guys are just losers who think implants = slutty and don't want that name for myself) but also nervouse that noone will even notice and I will be like what a waste of 6k lol funny the things we stress about isn't it
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Oh so sorry hun I didnt realise I had comments (new to real self thought I would get an email lol oops) I'm so excited for you!!!!! I totally get what you mean bout mates with big boobies mine have outgrown some of theirs now though hehe! In fact it was a mission for everyone to convince me to take a "before" photo that's how much I hated them! Good luck though for your date as I said in post happy to be anyone's personal go to if you start freaking out its hard when you dont know anyone who has had them!
Oops sorry just realised I had comments :) thanks for your well wishes It is Sunday night here and I have almost full movement in my arms and next to no pain! Whoo!! Back to work for me tomorrow as planned =]
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