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Hi, everyone. I have just signed up. This site has...

Hi, everyone. I have just signed up. This site has been so wonderful. Thanks to all the girls who have inspired me with photos and stories and comforted me in pain from afar. I am in Australia and most of you seem to be in the US.
I am 1 week and 2 days post BA today, day 9. ( And this is my first review ever;-)
I am 31yrs old, 4 kids, breast fed all. Height 5'9.5 weight 135lb.
Previously I was a 34B. I really just wanted to fill what I had left of my boobs, I had 2 consults with different drs. The first dr said 320cc under the muscle, infra mammary incision. The second said I could get away with 360cc but recommended the same procedure/ incision. Both said silicone and tear drop ( anatomical) .
I went with the second because he used the implant I wanted/ had been recommended by friends and had great reasons why he wouldn't use the implant type the first dr recommended. I had done tons of research. Maybe too much.
Size was such a hard decision for me. I didn't want the " fake/ bolt on" look, but hey, I was getting a man- made thing put into my body and you never really know what they will look like before hand. They have to work with what you have got for one.
I was very even sized and symmetrical, didn't need a lift and unfortunately didn't take any before photos, a regret now!
I ended up with 360cc ( surgeon really felt I would be disappointed if I went smaller, being so tall and all). I got "brazilian furries" polyurethane silicone implants. They have the lowest rate of capsular contractor. And won't rotate. Think Velcro;-)
I am now a 34D and probably could of gone smaller. I work out and run a lot so I am hoping they don't " get in the way" . All said and done, they are very natural looking and suit my height. And I love them.
Looking back, I feel, day 5 is really when you start to feel yourself, day 7 I stopped pain relief. I have a 18month old chunky boy who I did start lifting in and out of the cot day 4, I did try and get him to help etc. day 9 now I still can't extend my arms fully above my head, doesn't hurt just restricted. I haven't hung washing on the line, washing machine to dryer here at the moment. I haven't vacuumed. But I cook, drive, wash hair etc with no problems. But till day 5- Stay Low!!!
I actually never thought it would be as painful or restrictive as it was.... Don't know why!
Well, I hope I can be help to someone contemplating getting a beautiful set of boobs for themselves;-)
I have converted all measurement to US. ( 61.5kg, 176cm, 12B to 12D, $11,000AUD)

Week 2 + 2 days UPDATE

Well I went back to work at 2 weeks for 2 days, I am casual;-), and I felt good. There are really only a few things I find I am restricted in:
1. Arms fully extended above my head, especially on the left, I have developed Mondor's Cords, just on the left at the moment :-(. It's temporary but it's painful and I thought I had fractured a rib just under my scar.
2. So shaving under my arms is awkward but doable.
3. Opening tight jars.
4. Wiping benches, weird I know but it feels restricted. You must use your pecs a lot for this.
5. Closing the back of my 4WD, it's split and one opens p and one down. Really probably just cause I have to reach and pull down.
That's all really......
It's winter here so I haven't really exposed the boobies to anything or anyone. No one has guessed that I have had it done. I am getting used to them, I feel I should have gone with the 315cc ( PS recommended the 360cc) and I will telling him at my 6 week appt.
The boobies a still highish, starting at armpit level. And they haven't dropped at all so the scars are visible. With a little settling and dropping I think they will be hidden. They are softening slowly, I think. I am a bit to scare to squeeze them too hard. I have feeling in both nipples, yay, was prepared to not have.
Can't believe it has ONLY been just over 2 weeks, time really flys.
Good luck to all thinking, having, had!

360cc- 3 weeks PO

Boobies again

Hi, just updating with some pics.
Still getting used to the boobies. I go from loving them to thinking they are too big. They are dropping a bit and softening.
And how hard is it to take side pics?
Cary Kailis

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I think they have turned out to be lovely! I can't wait to read more of your progression!
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Aprilmay, thanks again for your words of wisdom, I will go smaller, I think I feel comfortable with 335cc. Your results look amazing!
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Hi thanks for your story, I my self have just embarked on my journey, I have had consult, happy with surgeon ( he came recommended) I have agreed on Brazilian furriers, under the muscle round with high profile. I am un sure about size, I felt comfy with 330cc, however it was recommended I could go to 380cc? I am 170cm tall, 57 kg.I don't want to big boobs, and I also like to exercise ? Aprilmay 1234 do you still feel that yours were to big? Thanks Rena39
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Hi Rena39, I actually feel mine are still a bit big and if I had my time over I would go for the smaller size. I fell I tend to pull my shoulders forward sometimes because they look huge if I push my chest put at all. But having said this I realise as sizes go 360cc seems small compared to the all the others that are usually chosen. Up to you!!! Such a big, unchangeable decision, and apparently most wished they had gone bigger. Good luck.
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You sound like me! 4 kids and breast fed. How are you going now? I saw these implants on the morning show a month or two ago, are you happy with them? I wish you had some before shots!
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Hi story I haven't been on here much lately. Yes everything is going well with the boobs. No complications. And I agree on the before shots. Don't know what I was thinking. The dr has some. I was very even, little sag and just lost most my upper fullness. I'll try and get the pics at my next appt.
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Hey I just saw your before pics. I was very similar from what I can see.
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i am still processing winter in july! ;P congrats!! they look really good--hope they become "you" soon once you get used to them!! congrats!!
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I think you look lovely! Congratulations. I am due to go in on the 18th and I must admit I am very scared(although I have wanted this for years). I've nursed 3 babes, and I'm ready for anything more than an A cup :) do you still feel they are too big? I was advised to go with 465 cc gummi bear implants ( I am pretty reserved, and quadruple guessing this size!!!!!)
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i am getting used to the size. its wnter here at the moment so its been jumper etc so tehyve been hidden away really and no one has guess. in a low cut top...WOW cleavage..everyone will guess, even a great bra can't do that! but in bathers in summer it will be totally noticable. good luck with the 465cc, seems huge to me but i have been reading of some 1200cc's and it's alot smaller than them.i found that a front on view looks smaller in photos so if they look big in photos then they are BIG!!
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They look great, congratulations.
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Congratulations! You're not the only Aussie around here so we are grateful for your story! I really like your description of "when" you start to feel better...many women appreciate this detail. Did you have someone to help you with your toddler the first few days? Thank you for sharing on RealSelf!

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             i never heard of those type implants! how different are those from the cohesive gels? 
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Hi, Violet1234, sorry haven't been on much the last week, started work again :-( " Brazialian furries" are cohesive silicone gel just they have a polyurethane foam coating covering them. From my research.
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Your results look good! Are u happy with the size?
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