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36 Yr Old Mummy of 2 Bubs. Im Booked in and Ready to Go Tummy Tuck. I'm Absolutely Petrified! - Australia, AU

I'm booked in for my tummy tuck on the 11 of...

I'm booked in for my tummy tuck on the 11 of November 2013. As scared as I am I just want to feel and look normal! My stomach looks like a chewed up lollie ha ha ha and about 6 months pregnant lol. I have a horrible muscle separation that gives me a big bulge that I'm completely over. My babies were big and absolutely destroyed what was a flat skinny tummy, all worth it for my little men but I'm tired of feeling yuk.
As you can see in my pic it hangs low from being so torn and my loose skin is like a hood lol. I laugh about it cause its not worth crying about it, the positive out of this negative stomach is that it held the most precious little people in my life!
Good Luck to you! I will be undergoing a tummy tuck within five business days!
Oh my goodness are you tomorrow? Yay your gonna look amazing. How you feeling today? X
I underwent the same surgery last week (Tuesday 22nd October) for exact same reasons. I too got sick of being asked when I was due. So I did it. I underwent major surgery to be just left alone and to once again feel confident in being me. I'll be honest and I hope that that is what you want. So much pain. So so so much pain for the first 3 days, then it eased and I haven't had pain killers since Saturday night. I am still sleeping in an up right position with pillows under knees and I still can not stand fully up right, but I can tell you I honestly I feel it was worth it. It's hard not being there for my boys. Not being able to play with them cuddle them and chase them like they and I want. But it's going to be even better once I am better. I know that without a doubt. Make sure you have plenty of help for at least the first two weeks and you'll do great. Take loose nighties to wear in hospital and be prepared for the uncomfortableness that is the compression suit. Good luck

So 6 days to go (yikes)

So I'm on the single digits only 6 days too go. My anxiety has been high and I really need to calm down. I keep telling myself the flat tummy the flat tummy! Ha ha ha ha
You are not alone- I am referencing my new look. I have a vision in my mind. I am sure you will start to calm down once the day arrives!
Thanks so much.
You are welcome!

Less than 24hrs per op

So I have less than 24hrs and the nerves are so high it's a horrible feeling. I keep telling myself over and over flat tummy, flat tummy! I'm petrified of the unknown and keep thinking I'm gonna have panic attacks from feeling tight (I know it sounds crazy I'm such a panicker). Then I get all emotional cause my babies won't be with me whilst I'm in hospital (inserts sad face)
Wow these emotions are crazy! I need to start thinking positive any positive words from you beautiful people all over the world.

1day pre op photos

wishing you wonderful results and a healthy recovery
Thinking of you today.  You're probably having your surgery as I'm writing this.  Hope it goes well!  Look forward to your updates.  You're going to look amazing!!!
Thinking of you and sending you girlpower for healing. x

I'm on the flat side yay

So its been less than 24hrs since I underwent my tummy tuck. I'm feeling not too bad very tired but that's from all the medication and sore which is normal.
I am so excited that iv done it and can't wait to keep healing and then wear my new clothes iv stocked up on lol!! Thank you for you support you've all been amazing mwah X

Also I will update pics when I remember too iv just laid back down and can't be bothered getting back up again lol
Congratulations! Well done on being so brave! I'm starting to get those scary feelings for mine on Friday. Whereabouts in Australia are you? Sorry if I missed that already.
I'm from Melbourne. You'll be fine I ain't lie you have pain but its worth it you'll see X

3 days post op woo hoo

So I'm 3 days post op and hopefully tomorrow my drains will be coming out. I'm wrapped iv had this procedure and its finally over and done with... I am still sore and haven't opened my bowels yet but hopefully that'll happen soon, surely it has too lol... I'm really not taking many pain killers bar Panadol as the stronger stuff knocks me about and I hate that feeling. I have a couple of pics but they aren't the best as I couldn't get any closer to the mirror...
In the photo you'll see all the blood from my belly button the dressing will be changed tomorrow and you'll also see I'm still bloated. Can't wait for the swelling to go down.
You're going to be so happy that you had this done. Sounds like you're doing very well. Can't wait to see updates.
Yaye for you darl. You look great already. Dulcolax suppositories are great. They work quick and are gentle. When the poo and wind behind it comes out, the pain and bloating is way less. When I sit on the loo I roll up a towel and place it in front of my belly and lean my elbows on it. Its helps the sore back and it braces your tummy when the compression garment is undone. So happy for you that you are recovering well.
Iv finally gone thank god. I'm slowly recovering and can't wait to update you guys with pics. X

7 days today post op

So today is 7 days post op woo hoo! Im sitting here recollecting the steps one week ago today.
I still can remember that feeling when I woke up at around 7.30pm and I woke up before the morphine had kicked in, my goodness you can imagine the pain I was in. It was excruciating for a good 10 min till it got going, its as though I fight anaesthetic as I remember so much when I woke up instead of being drowsy. I remember the lift going back to my room I remember opening my eyes and seeing 3 nurses who were getting this morphine going lol and them saying Bec you'll be ok. I also remember thinking what the F have I don't to myself this pain is bad (till the morphine kicked in lol ).
I only used my morphine pump till about 10 - 11pm that night before I flaked it.
Every day I have made progress and iv been walking more and more each day. My biggest struggle for me now is looking after my bubs and not being able to hold them. Master 1 (Sebastian) just follows me around walking hoping ill hold him (poor darling) and master 3 he wants to sit on me a lot. Thank god for my mum who's house we are staying at as hubby works so can't be alone with my little men.

I had my drains out 5 days post op and haven't taken any meds bar my antibiotics since 4 days post op.
I am so wrapped iv done this and apart from the pain being excruciating pre meds it really isnt as bad as I thought. Yes I was uncomfortable actually still am lol but for what you get in the end those first few days which are tough are so very worth it for the end result.

Oh and a little note to myself just because I'm healing each day I'm starting to think I can do more than I should. Tonight after my mum bathed my kids I thought I'd stretch my arm to the top of the wardrobe to get a nappy and as I turned to the side (thankfully) the bag of nappies fell and hit my hip right where the drain was. Ouch I dropped to my knees and was in severe pain. Lesson learnt on my end is that I still am healing.

I hope to post some pics after my check up this week with my awesome surgeon.
Love and Peace X
looking great! why is your BB bleeding?
Hi it's great to find an Aussie on here : ) what state are you in? I've got two kids under 6 , I do worry about my kids seeing me in hospital like this. What day did your kids come and how long were you in hospital? Did u have to get drains removed before you left? You must be healing good if you forgot about pain for a minute but my ps said at three weeks I'd feel great but don't lift till 6 weeks po
Hi I'm from Melbourne, Victoria. What about yourself? My kids came in to see me only once as my 3 yr old had a little bug so we kept him away from me. Was so hard not seeingg kiddies for 3 days but it had to be done. If I can do this op anyone can as I'm one of the biggest sooks around lol. I'm 2 and a half weeks pre op and feeling better, you just need to take it easy which is the hardest part for women with this recovery. My drains were removed 4 days post op I was lucky thank god. Good luck and when you booked to go
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